Latitude and Longitude

Longitude and latitude are descriptions of where places are located on Earth using a map.

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Latitude and Longitude
North America

What North American city is 61 degrees N and 150 degrees W?

Anchorage, Alaska.

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Latitude and Longitude

What is the central line of latitude called?


Global Warming
Climatology and Climate Changes
Latitude and Longitude

Does climate and vegetation vary with latitude only?

No, it is also determined by Elevation

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Latitude and Longitude
Tropic of Cancer
Tropic of Capricorn

What are the parallels halfway between the equator and the poles?

Answer #1:

I believe you mean the Tropics of Cancer and Capricorn, but they are not half way (ie 45 degrees north and south) they are 23° 26′ 16″ N and S respectively.


Answer #2:

I believe you mean the parallels halfway between the equator and the poles,

since that's the way you worded the question.

They are the parallels of 45° North latitude and 45° South latitude.

Latitude and Longitude

What imaginary line is halfway between the north and south poles?

The Equator is the imaginary line halfway between the North and South Poles and is at zero degrees latitude. It divides the Earth into North and South Hemispheres and is equidistant from the North Pole and South Pole. The Sun appears directly above the Equator at the Autumn and Spring equinox.

The equator.

the equator.

Latitude and Longitude

Are you closer to the equator in northern Argentina or in southern Spain?

Assuming that YOU were in either of those locations:

Northern Argentina is closer to the equator. The latitude of the equator is zero. Latitudes increase as you move farther from the equator, both north and south.

The northernmost point in Argentina is near 21.8° south latitude while the southernmost point in Spain is about 36° N near Gibraltar.

There are Spanish islands closer to the equator, the Canary Islands, at 27.6° N, but even so northern Argentina is closer to the equator by about 6° of latitude.

Latitude and Longitude

What is the Latitudinal and Longitudinal extent of Russia?

Russias huge, why you would want the exact coordinates is beyind me but here they are

Latitude: Approximately 43°N to 82°N

Longitude: Approximately 27°E to 165°W

It crosses the International date line

Latitude and Longitude

What city is located at 33 N 84 W?


United States of America
Latitude and Longitude
United States

Where is 39.95 latitude and -75.15 Longitude?

That point is in the block bounded by Market St., Chestnut St., S. 5th and S.6th St.,

in Philadelphia, PA. It's the block immediately north of Independence Hall.

Latitude and Longitude

What city is in 39N 95W?

Kansas city

Latitude and Longitude

What is the highest land form in Florida?

The highest point in Florida is Britton Hill, Lakewood Park in Walton County, in the

Florida Panhandle. Britton Hill is only 345 feet above sea level.

Latitude and Longitude

Which continents does the equator pass through?

The equator passes through South America and Africa, and through Asia in Indonesia.

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Latitude and Longitude

What is the prime meridian?

The prime meridian is the arbitrary zero (0) line of longitude. It extends from the North Pole to the South Pole through Greenwich, England. It divides the Earth's surface into the Eastern and Western Hemispheres.

The zero line of latitude is a given, in the form of the equator. But for longitude, the line was agreed on at an international conference at Washington DC in 1884. The conference chose a line that had been established in 1851, and had become widely accepted internationally. France, however, continued to base its longitude on the Paris meridian until 1914, and still does on some maps.

It is the line of longitude (running North-South) at which the longitude is arbitrarily defined as 0° (zero degrees) longitude. It runs through the Royal Observatory at Greenwich and GMT is based from this meridian.
The Prime Meridian (zero degrees) is a line of Longitude, that passes from the North to South Pole, passing through the Greenwich Observatory, London, UK. All other meridians (lines of longitudes) take their degrees to West and East of the Prime Meridian. It is important in navigation, and along with lines of latitude, helps to pin-point accurately any spot on the Earth's surface.
the prime meridian is at 0 degree.longitudes are defined on prime meridian. prime meridian also divides the sphere, e.g. the Earth, into two hemispheres.

Latitude and Longitude

Which states southern border is latitude 35 degrees n?

Tennessee is close. West of Pickwick Lake, it's southern border is about 16 seconds

south of 35N. Beginning at Pickwick Lake, the border flips to about 26 seconds north

of 35N, and slopes steadily southward as you move east. It crosses 35N in the town of

Five Points and continues to slope southward until, at the North Carolina border, it's

about 41 seconds south of 35N.

Also, from the southeastern corner of Tennessee and eastward, North Carolina's

southern border stays within 1 minute of 35N for about 70 miles.

Latitude and Longitude

Which direction do lines of latitude run on maps and globes?

The lines of latitude tell the angle between a place and the Equator - the

imaginary line which runs east/west around the globe - at right angles to the

line connecting the north and south poles.

All lines of latitude are parallel to the Equator, and so they also run east/west

or west/east.

An easy way to remember the difference between latitude and longitude is

longitude has the word long in it. they go north and south or you may say up

and down and seem longer than the latitude lines which go left and right or

east and west. i dont think the lines actually are longer but they appear to be.

so think of it as longitude longer up and down. latitude the opposite, shorter,

left and right.

The lines of latitude on maps and globes 'run' in the same direction that

the marks on a ruler do.

Los Angeles
Latitude and Longitude

What is at 34 degrees north and 118 degrees west?

34 degrees north and 118 degrees west is located on the block bounded by Athel Dr., Edgeridge Dr., Skyline Dr., and Descending Dr., on the north side of Workman Hill, in Hacienda Heights,

California, about 15 miles southeast of downtown Los Angeles as the crow flies.

Latitude and Longitude

What city is 95 degrees north and 115 degrees west?

There is no such geographic coordinate as "95 degrees north". The greatest possible

latitude coordinate is 90 degrees.

You can't be any more north than the north Pole, located at 90° North latitude, and

you can't be any more south than the south Pole, located at 90° South latitude.

Latitude and Longitude

How do you measure your latitude at sea looking at the celestial pole?

At night in the northern hemisphere, measure the angle above the northern horizon of the star Polaris. The elevation of Polaris is, within three-quarters of a degree or so, your latitude.

If you also have a watch and a copy of the Nautical Almanac, you can apply a simple correction to calculate your latitude to whatever accuracy you can read your sextant.

Polaris isn't a particularly bright star, and a little mist at sea can prevent you from seeing it. A somewhat more useful observation is the "local apparent noon sight", measuring the altitude of the Sun and the exact time when the Sun is highest in the sky. This can give you an amazingly accurate one-observation "fix" of your position, and is the most common celestial observation. However, this does require an ACCURATE watch.

Latitude and Longitude

How do you describe a places relative location?

Relative Location is a places location in relationship to another place example: My house is by the theatre or, It is by the McDonalds, it could even be, The bug is by the pond, so there are some examples for you hope you enjoy ^.^

Latitude and Longitude

What are Greece's latitude and longitude line?

380 0' 0" N, 230 43' 0" E

Latitude and Longitude

What city is located 45 N latitude 93W longitude?

That point is 100-ft southwest of the intersection of Polaris Pl and Cowern Pl E,

2 miles west of the I-694 loop, in the NorthwoodPark/Hillside Park neighborhoods

of St. Paul MN.

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Latitude and Longitude

Are latitude and longitude lines curve or straight?

They curve with the curve of the Earth.

Latitude and Longitude

What meridian is west of 45 degrees?

If you start at 45 degrees and travel west, you can reach any meridian at all.

Latitude and Longitude

What time is Ghana's capital city 0 degree when it is 12 noon in Jamaica 77 degree W?


Latitude and Longitude

Is Oregon boundary on 49 north latitude line?

No. Washington, Idaho, Montana, North Dakota etc. are.


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