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Famous for its size, the great white shark (also known as the great white) is considered a predator of marine mammals. It is known for its size, with the largest believed to exceed six meters (20 feet) in length.

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Are there Great White Sharks in Lake Washington?

Well I think mayby but i also think no.Becase i have never heard that a shark would be in a lake Actually, sharks can usually only live in salt water. Lakes are fresh water. Therefore, no, they are most likely NOT in Lake Washington. ...
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What group of vertebrates are great white shark?

All sharks including great white shark belong to a group or class called Chondrichthyes, which is included in super class Pisces . ...
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How do animals adapt to saline environments?

I think what they do is kind of start to "breathe" the water that's close to a saline river/environment, they get used to it, then slowly move towards it. ...
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Is there any scary fish besides sharks?

The lion fish is scary. It is highly poisonous.
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Do sharks eat people intentionally?

Great white sharks don't eat people on purpose. They mistake you for a seal if your on a surf board or if your in a wet suit. Bull sharks on the other hand they don't care what you are, if they are hungry, they will eat you. Bull sharks have the highest testosterone level than any other shark. ...
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How much does a Port Jackson shark weight?

At full size, 5 to 5 1/2 feet, they can weigh close to 100 pounds.
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What is a shark's appendage called?

A shark's penis is called a clasper and it is located between the pelvic fins. ...
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Why do sharks eat plankton?

that's what they choose if their is no more of what they normally eat. they have to adapt or perish or even change their diet. to explain if their's no more of what they normally eat is that maybe something that happened to the ecosystem and affected the dolphin (for example) Sharks dont eat plankton whales do. Sharks are adapted to hunting and scavenging, ...
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Shark can not swim in what direction?

backwards or upside down
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How many countries have banned shark fins?

16 countries have banned shark finning but many people are still illegally long lining or shark finning. If you would like more information go to or ...
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What kinds of enemies does the thresher shark have?

the great white shark, sea lion, squids
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Is Cruel Jaws Jaws 5?

No. Jaws 5 was the international video release title of Cruel Jaws. It has no connection to the storyline of the Jaws movies. The only connection it has to the Jaws series is it uses clips from the Jaws series and the 1980 film Great White. Bruno Mattei thought his 1995 film would be more popular if it was called Jaws 5. He also printed the covers of his movie with the trademark "Jaws Mako" design. ...
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What depth do hammerhead sharks live in?

I think surface to 70 feet. But I'm not sure. You could ask a shark expert about that kind of question. ...
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Do blue sharks have scales?

no they do not
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What is the great white sharks migration route?

Usually anywhere and any direction by traveling thousands of miles
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Are all great lakes salt water?

Huron, Ontario, Michigan, Erie, and Superior are fresh water.
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Why are great white sharks deadly?

They are significantly larger than most other kinds of sharks and swim in similar areas as humans. Their common food choice is seal and humans, especially when on surfboards) are similar looking from the mind of a shark. Sharks often do not mean to kill their victims but only intent to see whether they are seal of not through a process called 'test biting'. However, their massive jaws leave bites too large for humans to survive. This is also why humans...
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What was the strongest shark?

great white Currently, great white. In the past, megalodon.
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How many teeth does a shark have?

Sharks' teeth are arranged in series; when one tooth is damaged or lost, it is replaced by another. Most sharks may have about 5 series of teeth at any time. The front set is the largest and does most of the work. A bull shark might have 50 "rows" of teeth, with 7 teeth in each "row" (one for each series). This would therefore be 350 teeth (approximately, since some rows might be incomplete). ...
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Who is bigger salt water crocodile or great white?

The length of a White shark is approximately 13-17 ft. And weight is 1,500 to 2,400 lbs. Although, they have been known to exceed 20ft and 5,000 lbs. A male salt water crocodile has an approximate length of 13-18 ft. and weigh between 1,300 and 2,200 lbs. However, they can exceed 20ft and 2,900 lbs. Female crocodiles are significantly smaller than males. ...
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Is great white a type of dog?

A great white dog isn't a type of dog, but the breeds Hungarian Kuvasz, Maremma and Great Pyrenee are sometimes grouped with this moniker. The breeds are similar in many ways, and if you can handle one you can handle the others. They are all big, powerful dogs, with white coat and a severe case of intelligence. They are bred to be independent and to beat the crap out of wolves, bears and bandits. ...