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Questions about a large ocean predator which has the bad reputation of having the most human attacks.

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Are tiger sharks mammals or fish?

Fish. they have gills. Answer All sharks are fish.
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How much cost for baby tiger shark?

The baby Tiger Shark can be purchased for 26,000 dollars. Before you are sure that this animal is right for you, do some research. You will also need to know the costs of the aquarium, food, and the basic needs for this amazing creature of the sea to withstand live as we know it. (Or you can illegally obtain this beast by finding one in the ocean and brig it home) GOOD LUCK! ...
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How do animals adapt to saline environments?

I think what they do is kind of start to "breathe" the water that's close to a saline river/environment, they get used to it, then slowly move towards it. ...
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Can you eat tiger sharks?

Of course you can. You can eat anything. Try it tonight - put something in your mouth, chew it, then swallow. Voila!! ...
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How much does a Port Jackson shark weight?

At full size, 5 to 5 1/2 feet, they can weigh close to 100 pounds.
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Do tiger sharks eat clown fish?

Only if it's a particularly un-funny clown fish.
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Is Cruel Jaws Jaws 5?

No. Jaws 5 was the international video release title of Cruel Jaws. It has no connection to the storyline of the Jaws movies. The only connection it has to the Jaws series is it uses clips from the Jaws series and the 1980 film Great White. Bruno Mattei thought his 1995 film would be more popular if it was called Jaws 5. He also printed the covers of his movie with the trademark "Jaws Mako" design. ...
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Do human eat shark food?

Shark Food is scraps of human food like fish bones and mashed up body parts, if you are asking if humans eat sharks, yes they do predominately in Asia ...
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What do puffer fish eat?

Puffer fish are a carnivore, and tend to be nocturnal hunters. They have to eat hard-shelled, meaty food in order to survive, including crabs, clams, snails, oysters, crayfish, cut up prawns and shrimp. They do not eat humans. ...
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What does the epaulette shark eat?

epaulette sharks eat polychaete worms, crabs, amphipods, small teleost fishes and shrimp ...
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What was the strongest shark?

great white Currently, great white. In the past, megalodon.
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What can eat tiger sharks?

Somthing that likes the taste and can kill a tiger shark
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What time of day do sand sharks eat?

They tend to eat after a light work out or when they become hungry, say about breakfast time, lunch or dinner time. Scientific research has shown that sand sharks like nothing more than a nice donner kebab when they leave the pub; say about 02:55. They cannot abide chilli sauce though science has proven! ...
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How do sharks communicate?

Sharks communicate using their body language, things like how they swim also comes into play. Usually shark communication is bahavioural eg. they arch their back & swim in an aggressive S pattern when aggrovated. Also their Pectoral fins (the bottom fins) point downwards when they are unhappy about something. ...
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What kinds of Squids do Tiger Sharks eat?

The slow kind... But seriously folks: Fishes- all fishes, even sharks- forage, or 'hunt for prey'; at the ocean's depth at which they live. The Tiger sharks range from 900 meters (3,000 ft) deep, all the way up to the surface, occasionally coming up into shallow reef areas hunting for food. Sometimes they mistake humans such as Bethany Hamilton for their regular prey. While considered to be 'Near Threatened' by the IUCN, (reported) attacks on humans are surprisingly low. They have been known...
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What eats a tiger shark?

== answer The most common mammal that is known for eating the commonly known tiger shark is most types of whales including Killer Whales ...
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Do sharks eat seaweed?

Actually, sharks do eat meat, but they like things like fish and seals, not humans. When a shark attacks a person, it is almost always because it mistakes the person for a seal or a different type of prey. But no, they do not eat seaweed. ...
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Will there be a hungry shark 4?

there is not gonna be hungry shark cos it is almost tooo good. I love the part when the shark eats the humans and penguins and turtles. ...