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Is Jeff Green related to AC Green?



Does derrick rose have his own house?

uhhh yea he makes $40 million a year why wouldn't he?


What relation are Rio and Anton Ferdinand?

Rio and Anton Ferdinand are brothers.


Is john terry right footed?

No, he is left footed.


What part of just wright is rajon rondo in?

When McKnight (Common) is at his birthday party, in the scene after Morgan walked away you can see rajon rondo standing to the right


Is Josh Hamilton a switch hitter?

No. Josh Hamilton is a left handed batter.


What minor league team did Buster Posey play for?

He played for the Class A San Jose Giants in 2009 before he was called up to the team's AAA affiliate, the Fresno Grizzlies, in July 2009. He made his major league debut with the San Francisco Giants in September 2009 after he was called up when rosters expanded to 40.

He spent the early 2010 season in Fresno before his return to the parent club on May 29, 2009. He played several games at first base until he became the Giants' No. 1 catcher after the trade of Bengie Molina to Texas in July.


Who is Kevin Durant's brother?


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Pittsburgh Steelers

Did Troy Polamalu shave his head?

No, he likes his hair.

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How many marriages did Terry Bradshaw have?

Terry Bradshaw has been married and divorced threetimes.

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How fast is Arjen Robben?

He runs a 3.89 Forty: I'm not so much improving what I think is an honest and correct answer, but I thought any track fan would be interested to know that in Usain Bolt's Record 100M dash of 9.58, his split time at the forty yard mark was 3.85. The only thing is, track experts have researched enough to be sure you can subtract .2 seconds from a 100M split because of the strategy used in both sprints. In the 100 the runner remains low out of the blocks for nearly 20 yards/meters before slowly rising to a near erect stance around 30 to 40 yards into the race. In the forty yard dash he/she would rise much faster in order to reach their top speed asap obviously because of the shorter distance. So, if we were to apply the experts findings to Bolt's split time in his unbelievable 9.58 100M record, it means Bolt is capable of running a 3.65 forty yard dash (I once placed a bet that I could run 5 yards pass first base in under 4.0, 35 yards, I made about $375., not one of about 20 guys bet on me, after running a 3.85, but to think Bolt would have been 15 ft. ahead at that point is mind blowing), and his coaches think he's capable of reaching the 9.4's. Considering how slowly the 100M record has been bettered, sometimes as little as a few one-hundreds in of a second in a year or two over the past century, one can only conclude that Usain "Lightening" Bolt, who was the first to break the 9.7 barrier, and a year later the 9.6 barrier, already could easily be called the greatest athlete of the century, and not worry one bit that someone else will come along in the next 88 years and set times more mind-bending, in such a short amount of time, or hit 100 HR's in a MLB season, average a 100 points a game in the NBA, or score 50 TD's in an NFL season. It doesn't seem that long ago when the juiced Canadian sprinter, Ben Johnson shocked the world with a then unheard of, 9.79 in 1988. After finding he cheated, it took Maurice Greene of the US. 11 years to tie that time. Green is also the last American to hold the 100M world record. Gatlin and Montgomery have broken his time, but not without finding they too had used drugs. Since then the two greatest Jamaican sprinters, Asafa Powell and Bolt have taken turns holding the title of "Fastest Man Alive." The unluckiest sprinter in history has to be Tyson Gay of the US. He's the US. 100M record holder with a very respectable 9.69, but to think he'd have to better his best by .11 seconds just to tie Bolt must give him chest pains. While researching this subject, I discovered that my personal times in a few races are still competitive even though I was a 1972 high school graduate. I would have finished second (my best of 6.39 would have been embarrassed by the new record holder) in the National High School Championships in the indoor 60M, and I'm sure my 4.23 forty (eventually called unofficial because I was only wearing gym shorts, great, new track shoes, and run on a great cork track) is still very competitive from viewing the college football combines. But I saw one high school record that astonished me. The national record is down to 10.00 in the 100M. When I was a senior in south suburban Chicago's (sorry.LOL) High, the 100M winner that year won with a 10.6. That's why I'm just amazed at todays times and accomplishments. One last prediction: the two longest running track records (both now broken) was Lee Evans 43.5 400M record at the '68 Olympics, and Pietro Miena's highly controversial 19.74 or .76 200M record (whatever it was. It was held in Italy with quite a wind, so you assume anything you want, but LOL, Bolt ran an official 19.31) both stood for over two decades. If Bolt breaks his 9.58 again, I'll bet it could stand for 30 years or more. Thanks for your time. You may all take a nap now.


Is Ryan Palmer Related To Arnold Palmer?

No, American professional golfer Ryan Palmer is not related to American professional golfer Arnold Palmer.

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How many World Series rings does Josh Beckett have?

Josh Beckett is a two time World Series champion, winning in 2003 with the Florida Marlins and in 2007 with the Boston Red Sox. He was also the 2003 World Series MVP.


How many white NFL players are married to black woman?

Considering 70% of them are black id say around 40%-50% are married to black woman, however you know some like dem white girls and some are just players and will never marry.


Where Rajon Rondo lives?

700 Ygnacio Valley RD

Suite 330

Walnut Creek, CA 94596


Darrell Waltrip

How old are Darrell Waltrip's kids?

Darrell Waltrip has two daughters. Jessica was born on Sepember 17, 1987 and Sarah was born on August 25, 1992.


What kind of car does cam newton drive?


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Who is Ed O'Bradovich?

Edward O'Bradovich (born May 21, 1940 in Melrose Park, Illinois) is a former American football defensive end in the NFL. Drafted by the Chicago Bears in the seventh round (91st pick) of the 1962 NFL Draft, he spent his entire ten-year career with the Bears. He attended Proviso East High School in Maywood, Illinois and the University of Illinois. He currently co-hosts the "Jiffy Lube Post Game Show" after Bears games, alongside former Bear Doug Buffone on WSCR in Chicago. He currently lives in Palatine, IL. O'Bradovich played himself in the television movies Brian's Song, starring James Caan as Brian Piccolo, and Coach of the Year, starring Robert Conrad as former Chicago Bears player Jim Brandon


How much do derrick rose ankle brace cost?

The best ankle brace is the Zoom Ankle. It has this cool soft shell technology that is really comfortable and supportive.

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Is Jim McMahon divorced?

Yes. Cook County, IL records a dissolution of marriage petition was filed in September of 2009 and finalized about a month or so later.


How did tony hawks dad die?

lung cancer


What is Ronnie Coleman's biceps size?



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