Ninjas, or Shinobi, were covert agents or mercenaries during the feudal Japan. They specialized in unorthodox arts of war and they were often involved in sabotage, infiltration, espionage and assassination. Ninjas were usually compared with the samurai due to their covert method of waging war.

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Who Would Win

Who would win in a fight between a knight and a ninja?

A ninja would win because they are mostly light and agile, while a knight wearing over 50lbs of armor would be slow and open for quick attacks. Knights were very good fighters but became obsolete after quicker and more skilled fighting styles were introduced to mid-evil warfare.


I disagree.

A fully equip knight in late period plate (ie about the same time period as the early Samurai and Ninjas) is pretty fast moving as well as armoured - shape of plate rather than weight being the key - and he has a shield, a longsword (which is a good weapon, designed for fighting on foot or horse and in a long melee), and probably a mace of some sort for close in work.

What removed knights from the top of the food chain wasn't lighter, better troops it was decent projectile weaponry which didn't require long training from childhood to use, ie Guns and Crossbows, and the training and drilling of cheaper more numerous troops, Pikemen especially. This leads to mass armies rather than household troops and the end of the single combat that knights were best at.

They become Heavy Cavalry, drilled soldiers rather than individual heroes, that still have a place in warfare for another 700-800 years. (The last charge of lance armed cavalry in the British army being successfully delivered during the opening stages of the First World War!).

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Where do you get Mikaboshi stones in Ninja Warz?

you have to find it on the battlefield or someone will find it destined for you. its an ultra rare weapon

China in WW2

What armor do ninjas wear?



What did ninjas wear?

Ninjas did not wear the black robes that the media usually portrays. In truth, they would have worn disguises to get close to their enemys to spy on them. Disguises would usually come in the form of samurai, merchants, entertainers, fortune tellers, monks ect


What is a code to activate ragdoll rubber ninjas?

help code the ragdoll rubber ninjas

Gold and Precious Metals

Can you make a sword out of silver?

Yes you can make a sword out of silver and it would be totally useless as a weapon. You could admire it as an ornament, but silver is a very soft metal and it would have no other purpose than decorative.

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What does Strictly for My Ninjas mean?

My crew, My Bros.

State Laws

Are Ninja weapons legal in California?

No but many people tend to break the law

Who Would Win

Who would win in a fight between ninjas and pirates?

An overviewIf you mean physical strength, then most likely pirate. In hand-to-hand combat, however, a ninja would most likely win. Pirates are better with guns and the like, but ninjas are experts at throwing knives. Pirates last longer in a drawn out fight, where as ninjas strike silently and quickly. The victor in a fight would depend on several factors, so in the end it depends. NinjasThe ninjas could obviously kill the pirates without a doubt - land or water battle. The ninjas would sneak onto the boat, or into the camp, and quickly and easily assassinate all of the pirates. The pirates have no defenses against poison darts and shurikens/ninja star flying at their faces/necks at high speed. The ninjas would also win without the element of surprise. If there was a sword battle to take place, the ninjas would win with their greater skill in wielding a blade (coming from a lifetime of practice), their sobriety, and their greater speed (also coming from a lifetime of practice). The only way a pirate might stand a chance against a ninja would be if the pirate were to pull a gun and fire his single shot. So all in all, the ninjas are better - hands down. One major reason: speed and stealth.

Ninjas are probably more powerful than pirates because although pirates have guns and swords, ninjas are stealthy and would never be seen by a pirate in the first place, and then the ninja (like most ninjas) carry out a silent assassination. The pirate would never know what hit him/her. What ninjas lack in special weapons, they excel in stealth and ability.

Ninjas obviously. They know kung-fu.

Ninjas are cool for learning martial arts and studying the arts of jujitsu, kung

fu, martial arts, and karate. Also, Ninjas are trained to fight for self defense and not for evil!

Def. Ninjas they are quiet and stealth like so they could just sneak attack and beat them.

Oh and remember that one word that the ninjas have nothing to fight?

Ninjas did have guns, they didn't like to use them but they did if they had to.

Ninjas would win because they're usually sober and stealthy unlike pirates. For more proof ask if us ninjas wear underwear. That will be all . . . ninja out ninjas wear underwear?

Ninjas, of course - pirates massacred. They're not that agile compared to ninjas ya know. Ninjas are trained assassins and experts in their own cohort plus pirates use huge scary weapons easy to dodge....

PiratesGood question but a pirate would be stronger because they have determination.

Pirates are way better for these reasons: They get the girls, they have guns, and the drink a lot of rum. What more can you ask for?

Plus pirates get booty. Although, while most of that is true, you must keep in mind the fact the pirates are out at sea for years at a time...with lots and lots of men.

They are cool if you are all for the blowing up others ships, and stealing because there are still pirates till this day and they live in the Atlantic ocean and that is all they do.

Pirate. Let me break it down for ya: Ninja=Martial arts, Dazzling moves. Pirate=Flintlock pistol.... Nuff' said.

If they were just walking along and ran into each other the pirate would win. Ninjas are based more on stealth well, as we all know, Pirates are more hand-to-hand on a normal basis. The Pirate would kill the ninja.

The fact is that no real ninjas exist in fairyland (pirates still do, by the way). Look in the news. How often do you hear about walloping kangaroos in the news? And what about pirates? All the time antidisestablishmentarianism is on the rise. And no one can dodge a hamster; that's just plain dumb. A bullet flies at over 1 mph a fat human being could never move that fast. It is physically impossible.

Hello are you nuts? Do you know what ninjas were? They were petty thieves they have all that stealth training because they waited in the bamboo forests for caravans to come and they would ambush them. So morally they are no better than Pirates so the whole good not evil thing is horsh crap. And Hello Pirates have lived on there ship for years! They know every nook and cranny, so then while the ninjas wandered around the pirates would be the ones hiding and sneaking up on the ninjas!

Pirates would win because they have guns and swords and Ninjas don't have anything except there karate moves.

GUNS!And there still are some ninjas out there today; they are called... the FBI! (Just kidding). There are still ninjas out there somewhere. Summary...Whether one is better than the other, or if they are equal in prowess, is just personal opinion.

How can nya be the green ninja in Lego ninjago?

Well because people have been saying that it might be Jay because of his Nunchuks of Lightning but his Eyebrow has a line threw the middle and the Green Ninja doesn't and Nya can be the Green Ninja beacuse Zane is soon going to be the Pink ninja and Kai and Cole have more Bushy eyebrows. But one thing that i do not get is: "How did Nya Then Learn Spinjitzu?"

None of them is Its Loyd.


Activation code for rubber ninja?

This code should work just be sure to erase any spaces if they come up.

The easiest way to put in the code is to copy and paste it.

this is the code


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What is meant by ninja economics?

1. A covert agent or mercenary of economics specializing in unorthodox arts of economics. The functions of the ninja included espionage, sabotage, infiltration, and assassination, as well as open economic combat in certain situations.

2. A passive-aggressive economic policy.

3. To travel in disguise to other economic territories to judge the situation of the economic enemy, they would inveigle their way into the midst of the economic enemy to discover flaws, and enter enemy economic system to disrupt the system, and carried out economic model assassinations, arriving in secret.

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How do you get 1000000 karma in ninja warz?

LOL DUDE!!!! Not Possible... A Great way to get Karma is to log on Ninja Warz every 4 hours and claim bonuses,Find Good Allys that are over level 40 to send you any gift from the gifts and ask them to send you a Learning rope (+100000 Karma a day) and work your levels using the Karma you earn from the level not for +1 Karma... And Every time you level up look in the Relic shop... there are 3 stones i know below level 22... Pure Anthmyst (+2 Karma a day,+1000 gold a hour...20 Karma), Weak Karma Stone (+2 Karma a day...20 Karma(Lower level than Anthmyst)and Amythest Mason (+2 Karma a day...15 Karma)and if you have those three and rope if you wait a year youll have 1,000,000 Karma =) Cheat!!!! click yellow dude and type(without +) up+up+down+down+left+right+left+right+b+a+enter


How do you use ninja stars on poptropica?

You aim with the mouse and press the space bar to shoot.

Martial Arts

How do you become a Ninja?

Ninjitsu is a martial art that was practiced by Japanese ninjas. However, it does not always employ wearing black and killing, as the stereotype often suggests.

There are some martial arts schools that teach Ninjitsu. Look in the Yellow Pages and call different schools to see if there is someone in your area. You can go to classes and get better and better.

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What are the names of all nine akatsuki?

Sasori, Deidara, Itachi, Kisame, Pain (Nagato), Hidan, Tobi (who also masqueraded as Madara Uchiha), Zetsu, Kakuzu and Konan.

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How did the ninja vs pirate debate start?

No one is really sure but it should have started from the point when nerds have accsess to computers. First of all people pirates in media are more accurate to ninjas in media how? you ask

First of all mostly white/western people know nothing about Ninjutsu or Ninja and they decide to make up something stupid n post in the internet or make a show out of what they know about ninjas(nothing).

It use to make me mad how like spinjutsu(the art of spinningO_oWtf) in Ninjago, SuperNinjas or any other show like that when stories which really did happen about a secret agent, mercenary assassins back then in during olden day Japan would make a way better movie/tv show. The only exeption that I like is TNMT they actually use Ninjutsu

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How do you use blender software?

There are a lot of ways to start this great Software. Many start by using the Blender: Noob to Pro Wikibook :

There are many more tutorials for Blender out there. The Blenderwiki has some of the best:

Also, Blenderwiki has a bunch of links to Tutorials off their site:

And, Blenderartists is a Great Blender forum to discuss or ask questions about blender :


When did the history of ninjas start?

The ninja or shinobi started in Tang Dynasty when china started to fall from the invasion. Some generals escaped by boat over the sees to the Iga mountains of Japan. Later some Chinese monks settled in as well. One day a samurai met with a monk. Later on the samurai asked him to teach him the true ways of fighting. He replied "The art will make you be able to move freely and become invisible and undefeatable" the art was later then called Ninjutsu the art of invisibility. Some monk thought it to some peasants to protect him then it secretly spread. Ninjutsu is a mixture of dim mak (pressure points), samurai sword techniques, Buddhism philosophies, arm locks, spying and more. Ninpo was the code of the ninja while it was against the code of the samurai (bushido) any samurai who follows ninjutsu must be killed. The art of the samurai was death but the art of the ninja was to do what ever it takes to survive, get the job done and win. This made a greater advantage. Ninjutsu the most deadliest form of martial art...

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How do you get the rainbow blade in fruit ninja?

In th gutsu shop at the dojo there is a fruit called peachy times wich gives u extra time slice six of these fruits in a single zen mode game. Hope this helped. ;)

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Why is your transforming ninja star not working?

I don't know but it's a shuriken


Why do ninjas use throwing stars?

Because the way the blades are shaped made it aerodynamic, accurate, and since they were so small a skilled ninja could throw many in succession making it a deadly weapon. Plus, they were easy to conceal.

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Is there a Shotokan dojo near Tournai Belgium?

Fudoshin Karatedo Club Tournai (N


How do ninjas exercise?

Well, thay ARE ninjas...ninjas are ALWAYS exercising! It's pretty much their job. They do ninjitsu all day long so they never have to worry about exercise. Ninjas train like any other martial artist. Stretches, kicks, blocks, rolls, kata and partner drills. Originally it was all done in secret, now you can find schools that will teach you various arts. There is much controversy over which ones are legitimate and teaching true ninjitsu and which ones are 'fake' or teaching stuff from other arts and just use the name ninjitsu to attract students. Observation: Ninjitsu is wrong. The real term for the ninja art is Ninjutsu, using the kanji NIN (persevere) and JUTSU ( art or techniques). The Jitsu part was invented by persons from the U.S. that couldn´t spell Jutsu.

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How is a katana forged?

The katana is a jacketed blade. To review an accurate and descriptive article on the smithing process, use the link below.


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