Vampires are human-like night creatures who often rise out of coffins to bite people on the necks in order to "suck their blood."

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Why are vampires afraid of wolves?

There is no folklore to back this up. In fact, according to Stoker, Dracula had not only an affinity for all wolves, the wolves in Transylvania answered his command.

In the real world, vampires and werewolves are a fundamentally different kind of creature. They are near-opposites and this makes vampire-werewolf relations difficult. Behavior, lifestyle, eating habits and other characteristics can be drastically different between werewolf and vampire. Werewolves can be prone to violent outbursts if they smell a vampire nearby and some vampires avoid werewolves for that reason.

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To elaborate on this further, according to many old European legends, a vampire could either turn into a wolf himself, or command wolves to do his bidding. I believe there is a bit in Stoker's novel about Dracula wherein the vampire does become a wolf while in London. As for "werewolves", they were a different sort of creature from an ordinary wolf. Werewolves were born when a human is either cursed by a witch, or is scratched or bitten by a werewolf. The original werewolves could only transform during a full moon, and during the rest of the time, they were vulnerable human beings like everyone else. Once transformed into their wolfish form, that human being would no longer have any control over the wolf's desire to hunt and kill.

Part of the confusion here stems from the fact that old vampire and werewolf legends have morphed quite a bit in modern popular culture. Nowadays, you see stories about vampires that walk during the day, have babies, and all kinds of things the original vampires could never do. This is true for the werewolves too. This kind of change got started during the Hammer Films period of vampire movies when Christopher Lee played a vampire that was more romantically involved with his victims. Prior to his films, vampires were only violent killers who were sometimes exceedingly ugly or frightening. Then, in the 60's, along comes Barnabas Collins, a man who was cursed by a witch to become a vampire. During the Dark Shadows TV soap opera he appeared in, he also had a lot of interaction with Quentin Collins, who was a werewolf. Both characters were far more romantic and angsty about their afflictions and their love lives than most of their predecessors.

In most older story mythos, the vampires are considered the top of the monster heap when it comes to power. One modern example of an old style vampire is in the British TV series called "Being Human", wherein the vampire character "Mitchell" struggles to contain his powerful and murderous vampire nature, and his apartment mate, "George", is a werewolf who turns on the full moon. To contain the wolf and the destruction it causes, George locks himself in a cage for the night of a full moon. He and Mitchell never go head to head, but there is a secondary story arc about werewolves and vampires hating each other and fighting. Later on, we meet the vampire "Old Ones" who look down on werewolves, referring to them as dogs, or even puppies. This, of course, hacks off George to no end.

Another example is the movie series "Underworld", wherein vampires and werewolves have been at war for ages. Vampires are depicted as more powerful, but werewolves are fast and vicious enough to be a real threat to them.

To date, the "Twilight" series of books have taken the most liberties with changing both vampires and werewolves away from what they originally were. In fact, Edward really doesn't qualify as a true vampire according to those old tales. He is something else entirely that resembles a vampire in nature. Same thing goes for the werewolves. The wolves are probably more accurately described as "shape-shifters", since they can control their dual natures.

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What happens when a werewolf scratches a vampire?

If a werewolf scratches a vampire, the vampire becomes mortal and begins to look their age.


Are vampires afraid of cats?

No they actually like cats and are one of a few animals they can call on for help or to feed on so they can survive.

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Why are vampires afraid of crucifixes?

Vampires are afraid of crucifixes because it is said if they look at them they will die. This is because vampires are believed to cheat death, which is dishonoring God.

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Where can you download clips from The Vampire Diaries?

You can watch The Vampire Diaries on Youtube by tiping in the name of the episode and season. You can buy the searies 1,2 and 3 of The Vampire Diaries (at well known super markets such as Tesco,Asda and movie shops)and you can then download them to your laptop/computer.


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What scares vampires?

They are scared of garlic, a branch of wild rose and hawthorn plant is said to harm them, and in Europe, sprinkling mustard seeds on the roof of a house was said to keep them away because they get distracted from counting the seeds. Other things vampires are scared of are a crucifix, a rosary, and holy water. Apparently pure water can make their skin melt, and they cannot cross running water. Mirrors have also been used to ward off vampires when placed facing outwards on a door. Some also hold that a vampire cannot enter a house unless invited by the owner, although after the first invitation they can come and go as they please. They are also weak to sunlight. Another way to get rid of them is to stake them in the heart (but you have to behead them afterwards or they won't stay dead). I also advise to wear jewelry with crosses on them.

Also, it helps to put a fishing net over your door because then they have to count the knots.


What happens if you bite a vampire?

That depends on who wrote the story. In most legends and modern treatments, though, biting a vampire (presumably in the fashion they bite you... to get blood) is part of the transition from victim into Vampire.

In the Southern Vampire series, though, Vampire Blood has specific, valuable traits that make it a powerful drug and healing agent.


Why do vampires have widow's peaks?

Vampier's most likely have widow's peaks because it adds an effect to the eyebrows, adding to the eyes. It also makes them more symetrical, and most people consider symetry beauty.

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What color eyes does raven have in vampire kisses?

Purplish blackish


Do all vampires have bat wings?

Another one for which we can thank Mr. Stoker. In his story, the Count takes the form of a bat on more than one occasion, lending to the idea that ALL Vampires can shapeshift into the night flying creatures. He also changed shape into giant wolf.

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How can a vampire die or be killed?

Stab in the heart and head cut of in the day,that's how Dracula died!

To prevent a person by turning into one hang garlic around there room.

Fire does kill them but they will kill you first.

The only way to make sure it is really died is a wooden stake through the heart.

I hope this is helpfull.

First off the terms 'die' or 'kill' is inapplicable to vampires as they are already dead. The proper term should be 'destroyed'.

A vampire can be destroyed by anything that totally reduces their structure. For most a simple hacking apart suffices however there have been thoroughly dismembered vampires that have reassembled themselves and carried on.

A stake through the heart does not kill a vampire. This is only to pin them down in their coffin so they can't get out. When the stake rots away the vampire is free again.

The best thing to do is burn them thoroughly.


What are some best sexual vampire movies?

Vampires have always been popular, but they've just recently exploded onto the scene with a new found popularity.

Thank you, Twilight.

So to better answer your question, there isn't any to my knowledge. Not any that should be mentioned on this site anyways. TruBlood would be good for you.

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What did Count Dracula wear?

When Dracula first appears in the novel by Bram Stoker, he is described as "...clad in black from head to foot, without a single speck of colour about him anywhere."

He is also described by Jonathan Harker as wearing a cloak "...spreading out around him like great wings" when the Count is seen crawling down the wall of the castle.


Can vampires come out in daylight?

Some vampires can come out in daylight like the ones in vampire diaries using jewellery that witches have put spells on. Other vampires in The Vampire Diaries burn in sunlight. It really depends what TV show/Book you watching/reading. Some are cursed to stay hidden and only come out at night. In Twilight vampires just sparkle in sunlight.


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What diseases do Bats carry?


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What kind of plant is Count Dracula repelled by?



Where can you read vampirates tide of terror?

The library

the other option is to buy it

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Who killed Elena Gilbert's parents?

In the TV series their car came off a bridge and they died but Stefan saved Elena. But in the books when Elena's parents were at college they had agreed to a guardian to take Elena away when she was 11 and turn her into a new creature but they didn't want to let her go so the guardians tried to take her but ended up killing her parents instead.

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Do vampires exist?

Literary Answer:

Since "Varney the Vampire" was published in 1847 there has been an endless number of stories about vampires in print and in movies, each being more outrageous than the one before it. The classic example is Dracula by Bram Stoker and the modern cinema incarnations of Twilight and the Vampire Diaries.

Scientific Answer:

No scientific evidence has ever been provided to support the existence of human vampires. Repeated studies into the subject by parapsychologists and monsterologists have revealed no factual basis whatsoever. Actual biological vampires do exist: parasites such as mosquitoes, ticks, fleas, bedbugs, leeches, and the vampire bat of South America (Desmodus rotundus).

However, the absence of an actual pathology has not prevented historical and continued belief in such creatures. This includes the allure of romantic fiction and many cases of psychological/physiological identification with the concept.

Input allegedly from Cal Tech: Perhaps apocryphal, the legend of medical indications lending themselves to the appearance of vampirism were bandied about the Cal Tech bars in the 1990's, as reported by Joseph Wambaugh. The basis for this was the way an uncommon genetic disease called Porphyria works. Porphyria is a hereditary disease that relates to the way your body generates heme -- part of the respiratory pigment, hemoglobin. Heme is a porphyrin, over-produced in this disease.

  • Porphyria, being genetic disorder, may occur with greater frequency in small, enclosed populations. Places like Transylvania come to mind...
  • Porphyria induces a photo-dermatitis which can cause terrible blisters to appear, which look like burned skin, and this in turn generates a justifiable fear of exposure to sunlight.
  • Drinking blood slows porphyrin production, so it's conceivable that victims who knew this would seek blood sources. Wambaugh suggests cows but..
  • Garlic appears to block an enzyme that inhibits or removes porphyrin, hence the negative reaction to garlic (quinine does this too -- so never give a vampire a gin and tonic!).
  • Porphyria attacks sometimes manifest with significant personality changes. Also, blood pressure often drops, which might explain the pale countenance.
  • Don't give this rather fascinating speculation too much credence :}
  • Citation, Delta Star by Joseph Wambaugh, and the NIH pages on Porphyria.

What do vampires drink to control themselves from drinking blood?

You are confusing fact with fiction.

Vampires are entirely fictional creatures. What they may or may not eat or drink is controlled by the author of the story.


Do Romanians believe in vampires?

Yes and no. As in any country, there will be some people who believe in vampires and others who don't.

But there's a historical person around whom some vampire stories circulate. He was Vlad III [c. 1431-December 1476], Prince of Walachia. Walachia is part of modern day Romania. The prince was nicknamed 'Vlad the Impaler'. Indeed, he was known for impaling his enemies and those whose behaviors and beliefs didn't fit in with his. Stories spread at the time that he liked to drink his victims' blood.

The Vampire Diaries Book Series

Where can 'Vampire Diaries' be read in e-book form?

The Vampire Diaries Book Series cannot be read online for free legally.

They can be purchased in eBook forms. See the related links.


What are cool vampire names?

Well, a vampire could have any name, seeing as in folklore it is believed to have once been human.

Some fictional vampire names:

Thistle (Night World)

Lexi (The Vampire Diaries)

Carlisle (Twilight)

Some other names that may suit a vampire:

Delilah (Female)

Elijah (Male)

Ephriam (Male)

Jezebel (Female)


What weakens a vampire?

Garlic and bright lights.... i am pretty sure of it...


Do vampires nails grow when their teeth grow?

There is no evidence of the existence of vampires, other than vampire bats. Most people consider them mythological creatures and, as such, do not exist.


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