Five different species of baboons exit in the world today and all live in Africa or Arabia. Baboons are the world's largest monkeys. Like other Old World monkeys, they do not have prehensile (gripping) tails.

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How do you startup and drive a car that has two brake pedals and a stick shift readout of 1 2 3 4 5 then R as opposed to P R N D 2 then L?


Leopards and Panthers

Why do baboons kill leopards?

To cut down on competition for resources and to prevent future predation.

A baboon would be hard pressed to kill a leopard. Leopards often prey on baboons, and a baboon, in spite of its long canines, and fierce temperament, would have little chance against the leopard.


Do all vampires have bat wings?

Another one for which we can thank Mr. Stoker. In his story, the Count takes the form of a bat on more than one occasion, lending to the idea that ALL Vampires can shapeshift into the night flying creatures. He also changed shape into giant wolf.


Why baboons have red and blue bums?

It is to attract mates. Females mate more frequently with males with brighter, more colorful rumps. There's a study in which the researchers painted the genitals of baboons in Tanzania and studied the female responses; they found that the more turquoise the more the females were attracted. Furthermore, in geladas (closely related to baboons; sometimes called gelada baboons), the amount and intensity of the red marking on the chest is directly proportional to testosterone levels, so it is certainly in the realm of possibility that the rump coloring is also related to testosterone levels. So from an evolutionary perspective, if coloring corresponds to testosterone, a male with more coloring is likely more capable of defending a female and her offspring, making them more appealing mates.

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When is Drake Bell and Josh Peck's birthday?

Drake's birthday was June 27, 1986 and Joshe's birthday was November 1st, 1986 cool right?


Do baboons eat birds and what kind?

they eat the rhino bird, canarie bird, and the trundra bird.

the birds are founded in places like, humid areas.


How do amphibious animal respire?

lung, skin and gills.

by dinesh singh bhadouria


What a group of baboons is called?

Every other site I have looked at says it is called a troop.


How long is a baboons teeth?

there fangs are big there teeth are rather lardge


What is the name of blue or red faced baboon?

it's called a mandrill.

Drake and Josh

Where does the actor Drake Bell and Josh Peck live?

San Diego


Are baboons violent?

Baboons aren't known to be exactly violent, but very dominant. They would even often beat the young or female groups if disobedient or too slow.


Can baboons spell?

You might be thinking of the famous chimpanzee 'coco' - she could spell hundreds of words in sign language.

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Can a property in two names be forced to sell under a one name personal guarantee?

No. One co owner of a property can only mortgage their own interest in the property. If they default, the lender can only foreclose on their interest and not on the interest of the other owner who did not consent to the mortgage.


Baby faye baboon heart?

she reviced the first baboon heart and sadly die after 20 days.

Animal Behavior

Do Pygmy Marmosets shed?

Yes I do think so.

Canaries (birds)

Why do baby canaries die after 10 days?

They usually don't , If they do there could be many reasons.

Perhaps the mother is not feeding them enough or the father rejects them. It's not abnormal to have one or two babies die out of a clutch of eggs. Some get less nutrition than the rest and die from the others weight crushing them.

If they all die something is really wrong. You may not be supplying the parent birds with the correct foods. No matter how good the mother or father may be at the end of the day they can only feed the youngsters the food you give them. I breed birds and it's something I'm very careful about. Imperial440

Also remember that like all babies, they need to be kept warm and out of drafts. It's very easy for birds to "catch cold" even when they are older.

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Is too much 100 percent fruit juice bad?

Too much of anything is bad. The human body is designed for a variety of foods and food groups. 100 percent fruit juice is much better than soft drinks or drinks made with less than 100 percent juice (those make up the difference with water, sugars, and sometimes flavorings). One to two eight ounces servings of 100 percent fruit juice per day won't be bad but more than that may be more calories than you need and your vitamin needs will have been met or exceeded, the rest just passes through your system unused.

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Element name of radioactive gas that can accumulate in houses?



What words can be used to describe stars?

Twinkle, shine, glow, sparkle, pretty, dazzling, bright, gleam, glitter , full of gas.


Are baboons dangerous?

Yes, they can be dangerous.

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How much liquid is 500 cc?

500 cc is the same as: 500 ml, .5 litre, 16.9 ounces, or 2.1 cups.

Drake and Josh

Why did drake bell and josh peck retire?

Bell appeared in the film Jerry Maguire as Jesse Remo in 1996, and had a small role in the Seinfeld episode "The Frogger" in 1998. In 1999, he acted in a commercial for Pokémon Red and Blue and in the movie Dragon World: The Legend Continues. In 2000, he was nominated for the Young role as Cage Redding in the made-for-television film The Jack Bull. During the early 2000s, Bell was a featured performer on The Amanda Show and made a guest appearance on the series The Nightmare Room, before being cast as Drake Parker alongside real life best friend and former Amanda Show costar Josh Peck on the Nickelodeon series Drake & Josh, which began airing in 2004. During this time period, he made a guest appearance as himself on Nickelodeon's Zoey 101 and won the first of three consecutive "Blimp Awards" at the Nickelodeon Kids' Choice Awards in the "Favorite TV Actor" category. In 2005, Bell co-starred alongside fellow Drake & Josh actress Miranda Cosgrove with Dennis Quaid in Yours, Mine and Ours. In the spring of 2008, Bell had a starring role in the comedy spoof film Superhero Movie. In August 2008, he co-starred in the comedy College, which was shot on location in New Orleans. Bell has signed a producing deal with Virtus Entertainment and will star in The Miracle of Santa Rosa. Bell will also be in another Virtus Entertainment production, this one a mini-series titled Flying Tigers. Bell recently starred in Merry Christmas, Drake & Josh alongside Josh Peck, which began production in July 2008, and premiered on December 5, 2008. He recently guest starred in the online webseries titled I Heart Vampires.[6] In 2010, he made a cameo appearance in an iCarly episode entitled "iBloop".

He will star as Timmy Turner in the live-action TV-movie adaptation of its hit animated series The Fairly Odd Parents, A Fairly Odd Movie: Grow Up, Timmy Turner!, to be released in 2011.


What family of primates do gelada baboons belong to?

the Cercopithecidae family


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