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Educational paradigms may include student, subject and societal influences. Educational philosophies may be progressive, personal, public and other types.

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Educational Methods and Theories
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How does this relate to your knowledge of child and adolescent development and of facilitating learning?


Educational Methods and Theories

What is qualitative education?

qualitative education is new knowledge, new technology and moral values.

Educational Methods and Theories
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What is expository teaching method?

The expository teaching method includes those verbal methods in which some authority or expert presents information without overt interaction taking place between the expert and the learners. Common examples of the expository method are lecture, video or textbook reading.

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An angry elderly woman had twelve toothpicks in front of her She threw one away Now she had nine in front of her How is this possible?

The 12 toothpicks were arranged into the letters N-I-N-E-I,

with toothpicks forming an N (3), I (1), N (3), E, (4) and I (1).

She throws away the one that makes the last I, so she is left with N-I-N-E.

(the letters now spelled out by the remaining eleven 11 toothpicks)

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Educational Methods and Theories

What is meant by nature of the learner?

The "nature of the learner" refers to how each learner learns. For example, most teaching is done through lectures, where the teacher talks to convey the important points. But some students are visual learners; they must see a concept to understand it. Still other students learn best by hands-on manipulation.

To give an example, imagine a person who has never had math classes and was never taught numbers. You could say "2 plus 2 equals 4", but to understand, the person must know what "2" is. Young children usually learn "2" when parents point out that a body has 2 eyes, 2 ears, 2 hands, 2 feet. So, to teach the concept of "2", you might show a person 2 apples. To teach counting (2+2), you'd first show 2 apples, then you'd add 2 more. For hands-on learners, you'd have the person pick up and count 2 apples, then pick up and add 2 more apples, then count each one to see that it adds up to the total of 4.

When teachers pay attention to the nature of the learner, and how the learner best understands, then lessons come much easier.

Educational Methods and Theories

Morale factors affecting quality of work life?

Sleeping and Eating

Educational Methods and Theories
Examinations and Tests

What is enumeration type of test?

ennumeration type of test is more on memory recall.

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Educational Methods and Theories

Is a 1260 a bad score for SATs?

That depends on whether you took the writing portion of the SAT. If you only took Math and Verbal, the maximum score you could achieve is 1,600, so 1,260 would be a decent score. If you also took the writing section, the maximum score is 2,400, making 1,260 a significantly worse composite.

Intellectual Property
Educational Methods and Theories

What are some examples of intellectual needs?

Intellectual Needs are a desire to learn something.

Examples of Intellectual Needs include:

  1. someone getting an education for when they are older so they can have a well paid job
  2. someone needing a way to keep their mind occupied by doing things like reading
  3. a pregnant woman needing to learn how to prepare for a new baby
  4. a student who asks a question
  5. a baby learning to communicate by listening, then responding to voices and sounds around them
  6. a person who has difficulty with verbal communication learning sign language
  7. a person who is blind needing to be able to read school texts having the need fulfilled by learning Braille or using verbal communication methods such as recorded materials
Educational Methods and Theories
History of the Philippines

What are the accomplishments of Emilio Aguinaldo as President of the Philippines?

1869-1964), revolutionary and statesman of the Philippines

Emilio Aguinaldo consolidated a strong nationalist movement against Spain only to face a stronger opponent of Filipino independence, the U.S. government. Though initially aided by U.S. Navy and consular agents, Aguinaldo's provisional government became the primary obstacle to the annexation policy of President William McKinley after Spain capitulated in August 1898. Six months later, U.S. troops drove Filipino militias from and pursued them into the countryside. With his political council divided between accommodationists and die‐hard nationalists, and his regiments poorly trained and ill‐equipped, Aguinaldo's was perhaps a doomed effort. Nevertheless, he used guerrilla tactics and clandestine political organization to resist, retreating from redoubt to redoubt until his capture by Gen. Frederick Funston on 31 March, 1901. Accepting defeat, he swore allegiance to the United States and retired to his plantation. In 1935, he lost a bid for the presidency of the Commonwealth of the Philippines. After supporting Japanese occupation during World War II, Aguinaldo was imprisoned in 1945, but received amnesty. He died in 1964, a tragic but beloved hero.

GTA IV Project
Emilio Aguinaldo y Famy born into the local elite of Cavite on the Island of Luzon.

When the U.S. declared war on the spanish Aguinaldo realized a possibility that the Philippines might at that time achieve its independence. Aguinaldo returned to Manila on May 19, 1898 and declared Philippine independence on June 12 1898. Aguinaldo was proclaimed president of the Philippine Republic and on February 4, 1899 he declared war on the U.S. forces in the islands. He was captured and forced to swear allegiance to the U.S. His dreams of Philippine independence came true on July 4, 1946. He died in Manila in 1964.
emilio aguinaldo's achievements is he declared the philippine independence.
Kasi TANGA siya.
(March 22, 1869 - February 6, 1964). He was 29 years old when he became Chief of State, first as head of the dictatorship he thought should be established upon his return to Cavite in May 1898 from voluntary exile in Hongkong, and then a month later as President of the Revolutionary Government that Apolinario Mabini had persuaded him should instead be instituted.

Aguinaldo's presidential term formally began in 1898 and ended on April 1, 1901, when he took an oath of allegiance to the United States a week after his capture in Palanan, Isabela. His term also featured the setting up of the Malolos Republic, which has its own Congress, Constitution, and national and local officialdom -- proving Filipinos also had the capacity to build.

Aguinaldo is best remembered for the proclamation of Philippine Independence on June 12, 1898, in Kawit, Cavite.

Emilio aguinaldo's achievements is he declared the Philippine independence.

Emilio Aguinaldo y Famy born into the local elite of Cavite on the Island of Luzon.

When the U.S. declared war on the spanish Aguinaldo realized a possibility that the Philippines might at that time achieve its independence. Aguinaldo returned to Manila on May 19, 1898 and declared Philippine independence on June 12 1898. Aguinaldo was proclaimed president of the Philippine Republic and on February 4, 1899 he declared war on the U.S. forces in the islands. He was captured and forced to swear allegiance to the U.S. His dreams of Philippine independence came true on July 4, 1946. He died in Manila in 1964.

He was the first and youngest president of the Philippines.

proclamation of Philippine independent.

Educational Methods and Theories

What are advantages and disadvantages for you in early childhood?

maybe the advantages here as a teacher is you can share knowledge to every children,as a child they explore their self,motivating and socializing to everyone.The advantages is they are very naughty and not much pay attention to the class, always chating and playing with their classmate.

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What are the basic objectives of operations research?

Planning, control, apt, databases, stains, porter, ganado

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Children's TV Shows

How a bill becomes a law rap lyrics?

"I'm Just A Bill" is not a rap. It was a an educational spot on Saturday morning television as part of the Schoolhouse Rock program.

The Boy: Woof! You sure gotta climb a lot of steps to get to this Capitol Building here in Washington. But I wonder who that sad little scrap of paper is?

Bill (singing): I'm just a bill.

Yes, I'm only a bill.

And I'm sitting here on Capitol Hill.

Well, it's a long, long journey

To the capital city.

It's a long, long wait

While I'm sitting in committee,

But I know I'll be a law someday

At least I hope and pray that I will,

But today I am still just a bill.

Boy: Gee, Bill, you certainly have a lot of patience and courage.

Bill: Well I got this far. When I started, I wasn't even a bill, I was just an idea. Some folks back home decided they wanted a law passed, so they called their local Congressman and he said, "You're right, there oughta be a law." Then he sat down and wrote me out and introduced me to Congress. And I became a bill, and I'll remain a bill until they decide to make me a law.

(singing) I'm just a bill

Yes I'm only a bill,

And I got as far as Capitol Hill.

Well, now I'm stuck in committee

And I'll sit here and wait

While a few key Congressmen discuss and debate

Whether they should let me be a law.

How I hope and pray that they will,

But today I am still just a bill.

Boy: Listen to those congressmen arguing! Is all that discussion and debate about you?

Bill: Yeah, I'm one of the lucky ones. Most bills never even get this far. I hope they decide to report on me favorably, otherwise I may die.

Boy: Die?

Bill: Yeah, die in committee. Oooh, but it looks like I'm gonna live! Now I go to the House of Representatives, and they vote on me.

Boy: If they vote yes, what happens?

Bill: Then I go to the Senate and the whole thing starts all over again.

Boy: Oh no!

Bill: Oh yes!

(singing) I'm just a bill

Yes, I'm only a bill

And if they vote for me on Capitol Hill

Well, then I'm off to the White House

Where I'll wait in a line

With a lot of other bills

For the president to sign

And if he signs me, then I'll be a law.

How I hope and pray that he will,

But today I am still just a bill.

Boy: You mean even if the whole Congress says you should be a law, the president can still say no?

Bill: Yes, that's called a veto. If the President vetoes me, I have to go back to Congress and they vote on me again, and by that time you're so old...

Boy: By that time it's very unlikely that you'll become a law. It's not easy to become a law, is it?

Bill: No!

(singing) But how I hope and I pray that I will,

But today I am still just a bill.

Congressman: He signed you, Bill! Now you're a law!

Bill: Oh yes!!!

Pet Insurance
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How do you become a pet insurance agent?

Becoming a Pet Insurance Agent
  • I believe that you can find the answer to this question at Petcare. It also appears to me that you have to be a P&C licensed insurance agent. There is also a link to check and see which states offers licensing.
  • You need to get a property and casualty insurance license. After you do this, you can contact the companies which offer pet insurance and get appointed with them. To locate a P&C school near you, you can either contact the Department of Insurance in your state or try and locate one online.

There are a few companies out there that allow you to sign up quickly and easily.

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How is homeschooling better than public schools?

PART 3/3 >>>WANNA ALL THE FANCY STUFF ON YOUR RESUME?: Perfect! There are these fancy advanced dimplomas that are really easy to get when you're in homeschooling. Public schools make it a whole process, but in Homeschooling, it's so much easier! Do it! Guys, I had my assoiciates degree from college when I was 17 years old. I'm not that smart, I just worked my way up fast. >>>COLLEGES *LOVE* US: I could ramble on for four pages, but I won't. IVY leage schools? They. Adore. Homeschoolers. Universitys of all kinds? Yeah, them too. Do a quick google search and you'll find that homeschoolers have a pretty good rep when it come s to college applications! I could go on, but I'm not going to. If you have any specific questions or points you wanna hear about, please ask and I'll do my best! There are some ways that Public Schooling can be better, but please please please, if you are considering homeschooling, you your research! It is the best choice we ever made. Let me know if I can help with anything else, I'm an open book! ~River (overly enthusiastic and passionate about homeschooling, and not to mention, doing some hardcore procrastination right now)
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Literary Terminology

What is the Purpose of a memoir?

It is an accounting of a person's life, significant events that happened to them, and a self-acknowledgment of their life. You would usually hope that they would do it with some kind of awareness to demonstrate some wisdom.

Educational Methods and Theories
All India Engineering Entrance Examination AIEEE

What is the ranking of uiet chandigarh?

its over taking Pec definitely :P

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What is the meaning of acronym tle?

The meaning of the acronym TLE is technology and livelihood education.

US Presidents
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Why did the president put vegetables in his blender?

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Famous Quotations

What are some smile quotes to keep kids smiling at school?

Don't worry. Be happy. Like Lembit sang you know :) x

"Good job!"

"You're doing great; keep up the great work!"

"Have a great day."

"Let's be friends."

"I can help if you're having any difficulties."

"You smile is pretty."

"You're a really nice person."

"Your (dress/pants) are pretty."

And anything else you can think of.

Football - American
Educational Methods and Theories

Why is it important to create a goal that is measurable?

Measurable goals allow you to judge your progress toward achieving them as well as to know for certain when you have done so. In psychological terms, measurable goals are more motivating than are more abstract goals.

Educational Methods and Theories

Do you need to change the way you shoot a basketball if the 'wrong way' works for you?

Definitely not. Just because you shoot 'differently' doesn't mean that the shot doesn't work. Now, if you are getting blocked often or it takes a while (as in about 2-3 seconds) to release the ball, then maybe, but you said the shot works for you, so ignore everybody else and continue practicing your shot. If you try to change your shot, you will only get worse. Trust me- it messes up your shot, as you will be in between different types of shooting styles and will be unsure of yourself. Stick with your form

Absolutely not. You are obviously doing something right. The idea is to be accurate and consistent, not look pretty doing it. Your coach is just trying to help you, which is great. Listen to the advice and, who knows, maybe it will help your shot even more, but don't change anything drastic, especially during the season.

I don't think so. It's what makes you feel comfortable when you shoot. At this point your shot could get worse.

Also being 14 years old and having people tell me to change my shot I beilive that you should try to do it, but not in the middle of the season. In the summer get up early every day and practice the "right way to shoot". Keep practicing and really try to learn.

Well, if you plan to play NCAA Div I basketball, you should seriously work on changing your form.

If you're going to be playing pick-up games at the park, it won't matter.

There is reason why nearly all NBA players shoot more or less the same (from the field, that is). It works.

Tiger Woods changed his shot a few years back at a huge risk... but it panned out.

free throws don't matter but if you have a line drive shot or slow release then you should consider changing...shots like this can be easily defended by good competition.

Yeah --- I've seen you play, though a year ago, or so; I've talked to your father. I like your game, and believe you have a good future. I'm always reluctant to change a player's shot - if they shoot for a high percentage, and don't get it blocked. However, in general, the best techniques, over time, yield the best results! I think you were just there, but, if not, check out the website Good luck - and, work hard.

if the wrong way works stay with it.look at nba great Larry bird who started his shot with his hands almost behind his head.also peja stojokavik of the Sacramento kings who is a right handed shooter but starts on the left side of his body

I know the answer is stupid but its worth reading it, worked for me and now my shooting has increased and becomed better. Play any new basketball video game, make a great shot, see the replay in slowmotion and then as you saw in the game do the hand movement without jumping and you'll see how you improve and practice everyday.

The only reason that you are comfortable with your shoot is because you are use to it. You learned to shoot the basketball the way that you are most comfortable with. (it is common that people do not like to do things that feel awkward or uncomfortable.) Having played basketball for a while, I have learned there are many different ways to shoot a basketball, but only one way that works (Classic Micheal Jordan style). You can get the ball off fast and accurately (once you get use to the shooting style). With practice, using this new shooting style, you will notice tremendous results.

I agree with all of these though when you look at Shaun Marion he has the worst form ever and is a good shooter and has made a difference in the NBA

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MA education RESULTS?

m.a. edu. 1st year

Educational Methods and Theories

What age does cheerleading usually start at?

All-star levels allow children as young as 3 to compete.

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Electrical Engineering

What is the principle of 3 phase induction motor?

When three phase supply is given to the three phase stator winding of the induction motor,a rotating magnetic field is developed around the stator which rotates at synchronous speed.This rotating magnetic field passes through the air gap and cuts the rotor conductors which were stationary.Due to the relative speed between the stationary rotor conductors and the rotating magnetic field,an emf is induced in the rotor conductors.As the rotor conductors are short circuited, current starts flowing through it.And as these current carrying rotor conductors are placed in the magnetic field produced by the stator, they experiences a mechanical force i.e. torque which moves the rotor in the same direction as that of the rotating magnetic field.

the induction motor can't run at the synchronous speed because at synchronous speed the induction motor can not develop any torque to move the rotor from its stationary position.


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