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A learning theory is an effort to give description on how a person learns, as well as animals, to understand the complex learning process. Learning theories fall on three philosophical frameworks or main categories: cognitivism, behaviorism and constructivism.

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Learning Theories

Which is better classroom learning or online learning?

Depends on understanding skills.. Mostly classroom learning is preferable for any but online learning should be useful for quick learners

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What does fully funded depreciation mean?

This is the amount saved to replace assets at the end of their useful life. [1]

[1] The Financial Management of Hospital and Healthcare Organizations. Michael Nowicki (2008)

Learning Theories

What is an enclave minority group?

An enclave minority establishes its own neighborhood and relies on a set of interconnected small businesses that work together the ground the community economically. Some of the businesses serve the group, while others serve the larger society.

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How to succeed in International Math Olympiad?

I will answer the question in different dimensions.

Succeeding in olympiad requires lot of hardwork, ability to find shortcut in solving the problems,strategic planning and insatiable thrist to solve problems,willing to undergo lot of stress,thinking hard in a relaxed way about the problem all the time.

Formulate your own theory by looking at a problem and extrapolate the concept out of a problem. Do not get obsessed about winning a medal but about a problem.

One thing do not force yourself to study for olympiad. You should love being challenged with in your limits and then expand you limit from start. forceful application will lead to diminshing capability and confidence which will leave a deep mark. You do not have to be a genius but you should some reasonable amount of interest in solving problems.

Do not jump to high level concepts unless you have mastery over fundamentals.

I spoke with olympiad winners personally their main advice is to solve as many problems as you can. Learn the art to be creative and problem strategy.

Do not learn to solve the problem the hard way but rather smart way. But how?. when you are solving a problem ask is there any short cut to solve this problem?.

I would recommend "Solving Mathematical Problems: A Personal Perspective " by terrance tao

"How to solve by it" Polya.

Please look at amazon for books by ravi vakil.

Learning Theories

What is bilateral transfer of learning?

Transfer of a skill learned on one side of the body to the other side. For example, the acquisition of a particular skill involving the left hand is accelerated if that skill has already been learned for the right hand.

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What does physics have to do with engineering?

Everything! Engineering applies the laws of physics to practical ends.

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Difference between mnc and tnc?

Multinational companies are not a recent phenomenon, but it is a fact that today because of modern and fast and efficient means of communications and transportation, companies and businesses find it easy to operate in many other countries apart from their parent country. It is customary to call such companies as multinational corporations. However, there is another word used for similar companies operating in more than a single country and that is transnational. This article tries to highlight the differences between multinational and transnational, in order to remove any doubt in the reader's mind about these two concepts.

There is no doubt that when a company grows at a rate faster than its products or services can be utilized by people in the home country, it tries to internationalize its business in anticipation of greater profits. Thus, when a company invests in another country besides its own and does business with another country, it is termed as a multinational. A single company can have operations in any number of countries. Today we have multinationals referred to as MNC's.

A different word has been coined to refer to corporations having a presence in more than a single country. Transnational is also a business entity having business operations in more than a single country, and many of the MNC's classify to be called as transnational.

The basic difference between a multinational and a transnational lies in the fact that transnational company is borderless, as it does not consider any particular country as its base, home or headquarters. Multinational companies, though having a parent country and a centralized decision making process, adopts a selling strategy that is unique to every other country where it has investments. This strategy is made keeping in mind the requirements of the local markets and the rules and regulations of the government. Often MNC's have to abide by sensitivities and culture of the local people.

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What is an ethnic enclave?

An area where occupied by a group of people that are of a foreign country or maintain the cultural traditions of a foreign country.

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Shapoorji placement papers?

There are two papers in written,one technical paper and other is english.technical paper(civil) has 40 questions(30 mins) and includes mainly soil mechanics,concrete structure,structural analysis,mechanics of materials,surveying,transportation engineering.English paper includes spellings,antonym,synonyms,sentence completion,prepositions.

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What does embraced mean?

-verb (used with object)1.to take or clasp in the arms; press to the bosom; hug.

2.to take or receive gladly or eagerly; accept willingly: to embrace an idea.

3.to avail oneself of: to embrace an opportunity.

4.to adopt (a profession, a religion, etc.): to embrace Buddhism.

5.to take in with the eye or the mind.

6.to encircle; surround; enclose.

7.to include or contain: An encyclopedia embraces a great number of subjects.

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What is half of 3.50?

The anwer is 1.75

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What is bigger a kilometer or a mile?

The mile (1 mile = 1.609 km)

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What If your teacher gives you erections?

[it depends on how he gives them too you :P]

In a sense yes... That does matter. But truth of the matter is... It improves your chance of getting both, high marks/grades and an STD. Hope that helps!

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What is the strongest martial arts technique?

There is no such thing as the "strongest" technique. "Strength" exists in the muscles, and condition of the body. Martial Art techniques have "power" which is determined by the "force" that is applied to a target or opponent through scientific principles such as equilibrium, leverage, inertia, acceleration, momentum, reaction force, and both physical and mental concentration.

These attributes are not inherent to any one system of Martial Art, but shared by all of them since the Martial Art is a concept and educational format that relies on utilizing the laws of nature, and advanced knowledge of tactics and strategy in applying those laws. Each system of Martial Art promotes a preference and priority as to how and when to utilize the techniques, but most legitimate systems includes all of them to some degree.

Constricting holds, and leveraging pressure on joints and limbs can cause debilitating damage, unconsciousness, or death to a person. Throws and projections can likewise seriously injure or kill an opponent. Striking techniques with the knees, elbows, hands and feet have a measurable applied force that can far exceed what is needed to break bones (also boards or bricks), and can render an opponent unconscious or kill them with a single strike. A rapidly accelerated kick (such as a spinning hook kick), or the well reinforced thrust of a side kick (skipping or spinning), when properly executed, would physically generate the greatest net force, thereby resulting in the most damage to a given target.

However, even the most powerful technique is useless if it does not connect with the target as required, so what ultimately works is the ideal technique applied accurately at the optimum moment in any given situation.

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What does class discipline mean?

It's discipline in the class. please improve this answer

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What is artificial inoculation?

Artificial inoculation is a technique to induce a fungi or disease into a living object, it is normally for identification of susceptibility of the object towards the induced disease.

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What is the full form of at commands?

advance text.

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What is ontological empiricism?

Ontological Empiricism is the belief that all knowledge comes from the senses, or "Experience" in a metaphysical (which is sort of like.... "Thinking about thinking") manner. Ontology is the study of "being" or "existence" and Empiricism is the concept that all things are derived from the senses.

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What is data matrix used for?

It is a set of computer data represented as a bar code.

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What are the disadvantages of demonstration as a teaching method?

The disadvantages of demonstration as a teaching method include the fact that not everyone learns well with that method. Some students have difficult with demonstration learning.

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How long does it take to become a pediatric nurse?

A person can qualify as a licensed practical nurse in one year. Registered nurse programs take two, three, or four years. Specializing for nurses is largely a matter of experience rather than formal education. However, a nurse can take a Master's Degree in a specialty, such as pediatrics, and then be designated a "Pediatric Nurse Practitioner." Requirements for nurse practitioner status vary from state to state. It's best to check with a local college or university that has a nursing degree program to get information for the state where you live. It is my understanding that you have to have your RN degree (usually 2-4 yrs) then you can get a job that specializes in pediatrics to get your training. I was told that basically RN's are trained to be able to do anything in the healthcare setting, but you get your specialized training hands on.

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What are the four modern teaching methods?

Four Modern Teaching Methods

The four modern teaching methods are: Constructivism, Comprehensive learning, Conceptual Pedagogy,and Internet

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Social-learning theory and catharsis?

Catharsis in social learning is when you witness aggressive behavior, it lowers your anxiety towards aggressive behavior, making you less aroused by it - i.e. watching a football game will lower your aggression

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What does contextual mean?

when u read something and understand it by how its written.... for example a person who reads the bible from a contextual apporoach intrepets the bible from the dates and chronological order the bible put it in

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What is the law of variable proportion in economics?

Sometimes referred to as variable factor proportions, law of diminishing returns states that as equal quantities of one variable factor are increased, while other factor inputs remain constant, ceteris paribus, a point is reached beyond which the addition of one more unit of the variable factor will result in a diminishing rate of return and the marginal physical product will fall.


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