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Includes questions related to the comprehension, usage and identification of the parts of speech that express an action or existence.

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Is questioning a verb or noun?

"Questioning" is the present participle or gerund form of the verb "question", but in a sentence, the single word "questioning" or a phrase introduced by this word usually functions as a noun element (for the gerund) or an adjective or adverb element (for the participle.) ...
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How do you use the word collaborate in a sentence?

The word collaborate is a verb, meaning to work jointly on an activity, to work together to produce or create something; to cooperate with an enemy occupying one's own country. Example sentences: If you collaborate with a song writer we can put your guitar music on an Album. He was imprisoned for collaborating with known felons. Both men must collaborate in order to get the task done. Wiki websites such as this one allow users to work together and collaborate. When the budget committee collaborates with...
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How you convert word solid into verb?

Solidify is the verb (to make hard/solid or stronger)
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What is the noun for proclaim?

The noun forms for the verb to proclaim are proclaimer (the one who proclaims), proclamation, and the gerund, proclaiming. ...
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What is the past participle of sail?

Sail is a regular verb so add -ed to make the past and past participle. They have sailed to Canada. ...
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Is transmission a verb?

Transmission is a Noun. The verb form is transmit.
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What is the verb for patience?

Patience does not have a verb form, but you can describe a person as being patient, or waiting patiently, or as having a lot of patience. ...
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What have you that has not been given to you?

The Answer is Shining in Your Eyes Remove the scales from your eyes my brothers - you can't do it alone! 1 Corinthians 4:7 - For who makes you different from anyone else? What do you have that you did not receive? And if you did receive it, why do you boast as though you did not? What you have you did not earn but was given to you by God. You think you are perfect --- you are not, and neither am...
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What is the past tense of last?

The verb "last" is regular; therefore, its past tense is "lasted".
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What is the past participle of am?

"Am" is the first person singular present indicative form of "to be", for which the past participle is "been". Fundamentally, only infinitive verbs have past participle's; therefore "am", which can not be a proper infinitive, does not have any past participle. ...
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Is caused a linking verb or action verb?

it can be either, depending on its usage... in most cases however, it is an action verb, even if it is in a progressive tense... e.g. "She was caused to school by her plantation owner when her first year of ownership had come caught by a suprise Negroe teacher at the local school" (yes, they used to write that way.) In this case, "caused" would be an action verb in a past progressive tense. Note: I don't intend to offend anyone by...
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What is the function of an action verb?

action verb is also called a 'doing verb' and they describe what someone, say 'bob', is doing. ex. Bob is playing with his friends. playing is describing what bob is doing, so it is an action verb ...
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What is the past participle of avoid?

The past participle of avoid is avoided. It means to shy away from, steer clear of. (See Related questions below) ...
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Will be run or will be ran?

will be run
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Is to fight a verb or a noun?

The word fight is both a verb and a noun. Example uses: Verb: Jeff, please don't fight with your brother. Noun: The fight at school resulted in someone's suspension. ...
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Is the word had an action verb?

Yes, had is an action verb; had is also an used as an auxiliary (helper) verb (I had broken my glasses.). ...
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What is past participle of want?

The past participle is wanted.
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How do you use advertise in a sentence?

Advertise is a verb in any sentence. I would like to advertise my products on the front door of your market. If you advertise your yard sale, it will bring a lot more people to spend their money. The current ban to advertise tobacco on TV will soon include billboards. Be careful about what you advertise. She lets others advertise the fact that she is a genius. Be wise; advertise! ...
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What is the verb for broad?

The verb form is to broaden.
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How can you tell if your wife lies about where she's been and what she's doing?

Vague question...leads to vague answers. Aside from the physiological changes associated with lies - it is tough. If you're married, you're more than likely going to pick up on some tell-tale signs that are out of place - but if you're really concerned: you can hire a private detective to track her. If you're expecting an affair to surface, you can do things like: Check milage on her car in the morning and then ask what all she did... add up...
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What are the 3 final sounds of regular verbs in their past form?

-d - when the last sound before -ed is a vowel or a voiced consonant (e.g., "oo" in glued or "g" in begged) -t - when the last sound before -ed is a voiceless consonant (e.g., "k" in asked) -id - when the last letter/sound before -ed is "t" or "d" (e.g., wanted, demanded) ...
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Is better a noun verb or adjective?

Better is an adjective. It is the comparative form of the adjective; good, better, best. Example sentence: I'm going out to buy a better car. ...
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What is the past participle of abide?

The past participle is abode.
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What is the present participle of catch?

Catching is the present participle of catch.