Planet Mars

The 4th planet from the sun in our solar system. It is commonly called the "Red Planet".

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What are some myths about the planet Mars?

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The myth is that it had a roman god, and he was always bringing back mercury. SE

What does Capulet mean by and too soon marred are those so early made?

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It's from Shakespeare's Romeo & Juliet. Marred = ruined, tarnished. The conversation is between Paris (a suitor) and Lord Capulet in reference to Juliet. Paris want to marry Capulet's daughter, Juliet, and tries to add to his argument with "Younger than she are happy mothers made" as a persuasive statement. Lord Capulet counters with "And too soon marred are those so early made." This, on its surface, is a rebuttal to Paris' statement. But with Shakespeare it's almost always deep & steeped in meaning. Beyond the obvious, he could also be referring to his own Lady Capulet, a general marring of virginity (those "loved" and then left), and possibly some foreshadowing of the marring that is indeed to come from "those so early made" (Juliet & Romeo). This is just an could go deeper.

How long did it take for the Israelite's to reach Canaan?

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It took forty years until the Israelites entered Canaan.

What is the the period of mars revolutions?

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I don't know. If you know it, then you can change this. Goodbye

Do Mars bars come from Mars?

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No, they are from Earth. The Mars name is the company founder’s last name.

How much time it takes to reach mars on a space shuttle?

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About 260 days. It depends on a lot of things though, but when Mars is closest to Earth, with today's technology we could reach Mars in about 260 days. Note that the space shuttle will not be used to travel to Mars;it is incapable of doing so.

Who was the person who discovered Switzerland?

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No one "discovered" it, archeological studies show humans have been living there for at least 150,000 years.

The country itself was founded in 1291, by the people living there.

How much does it cost to go to UC Berkeley?

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its about 35000 if you live in cali and 53000 if you dont.

Does mars ever get hotter than the earth?

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The temperature is typically about 210 Kelvin (-63 oC or -81 oF). However, the equatorial regions of Mars may occasionally reach temperatures of up to 10-20 oC (50-68 oF), while during the long polar nights the temperature falls to around -120 oC (-184 oF). Suffice it to say, it gets cold.

The mean temperature is −46 °C (-51 °F).

Mars is never what we would call "hot."

It is too far from the Sun, about 1.5 times as far as Earth (on average 142 million miles / 228 million kilometers).

In the winter, Mars can get as cold as 191 degrees below zero Fahrenheit (minus 125°C). In the summer, planetary averages are still below freezing. Just like the Earth, as Mars orbits the Sun, the seasons change. But all the seasons on Mars are cold!


The average temperature on Earth is about 13oC. Highest recorded has been 56.7oC and lowest -89oC. These temperatures are dry bulb temperatures.

Most of the Earth is subject to heating and cooling by the oceans and the atmosphere. Except for extreme locations on Earth (deserts, poles), the temperature range is compatible with human activities, falling in the range between -40° and +40° C (-40° to 104°F).

Temperatures tend to be hotter near the equator, or when it is summer at a given location. Ocean and air currents also affect the range of temperatures. Climate change scientists estimate that ever-increasing levels of man made carbon dioxide could raise global temperatures by up to 6 degrees C over the next 50 years.

So, Earth has the higher temperature.

How is earth's magnetic field like the magnetic field of a natural magnet?

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A magnetic field is induced by the movement of electrons.

In an electromagnet, the flow of current ensures this.

In a permanent magnet; there is a grouping of 'magnetic domains' in which the alignment of the spin of a group of electrons is similar; will produce a permanent magnetic field. In this case the movement of the electrons is their property of 'spin'.

The Earth's magnetic field is generated by the net sum of electric currents generated in the mantle, produced by movement of the hot materials.

Note, that the 'Curie Point' (discovered by the Curies), is a temperature above which a magnet may not hold its magnetism. The thermal disorder takes precedence over the previous alignment of the electron spins.

Because of the Curie Point, there is no possibility of a permanent magnet existing in the interior of the Earth and causing the Earth's magnetic field.

The Earth's magnetic field varies with time, and has reversed its polarity on several occasions. It also varies somewhat with the effects of the charged 'solar wind'. When there is a 'mass coronal ejection' and if it happens to face the Earth at that time, the Earth's magnetic field will be severely disrupted.

In the 1859 'Carrington Event' such a storm caused much damage to the electric circuits of the day. Such an event today could well essentially destroy modern civilization.

One such Coronal Mass Ejection occurred on July 2012, but fortunately was pointed away from Earth.

What formula is used to figure the time it takes a radio signal to travel from Mars to Earth?

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Radio waves, like all other waveforms in the electromagnetic spectrum travel at what is known as the speed of light. i.e. 3x10 to the power 8 metres per second (300,000,000)

but the distance between the earth and mars varies enormously depending on their relative positions in their orbits around the sun. Anything from approx 35 million miles at it's nearest to about 340 million miles or thereabouts at it's furthest.

So roughly 3 minutes minimum to about 30 minutes maximum.

Can Mars Support Life On Earth?

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Mars atmosheric pressure is roughly the same as the peak of Mt. Everest, Alaska temps in the winter can reach -65F and people climb Everest and people live in Alaska, however Mars atmosphere is mostly carbon dioxide which is poison to humans, and Mars lacks a magnetic field so it is constantly being bombarded by solar radiation so yes we can live on Mars with the proper equipment.

What are two similarites among the inner planets?

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The inner planets are rocky, loaded with minerals, and are fairly warm.

The outer planets are all gas giants . . . they are made of substances not much different than our clouds. They are very, very cold.

How long does it take for earth to spin on its axis?

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Just over 23 hours, 56 minutes and 4 seconds (86164.09054 seconds).

It takes almost 24 hours for the Earth to rotate once. But during this time, the Earth has moved slightly in its orbit, which is why it has to spin more (a full 24 hours) to get back to the same position facing the Sun (a "solar day")


The mean solar day, that is the average time it takes for the Sun to go from its highest point on a given day to its highest point the next day, is 24 hours. If you measure the time it takes a distant star to reach its highest point (the sidereal day), it is 86,164.091 seconds (or: 23 hours, 56 minutes, 4.091 seconds). The difference is the apparent motion of the Sun, which is really caused by the Earth moving around it . Take those 4 minutes a day, each day for a year, and it adds up to one "extra" day, or spin.

The period of Earth's spin (rotation) is just over 23 hours, 56 minutes and 4 seconds (86164.09054 seconds). (This is called the "sidereal day.")

The reason that it takes 24 hours for a place on Earth to be exactly facing the Sun again is that the Earth is moving in its orbit around the Sun at the same time. So it has to spin a bit more to get back to directly facing the Sun.

(This is called a "solar day")


The mean solar day, that is the average time it takes for the Sun to go from its highest point on a given day to its highest point the next day, is 24 hours. If you measure the time it takes a distant star to reach its highest point (the sidereal day), it is 86,164.091 seconds (or: 23 hours, 56 minutes, 4.091 seconds). The difference is the apparent motion of the Sun, which is really caused by the Earth moving around it. Take those 4 minutes a day, each day for a year, and it adds up to one "extra" day, or spin.
It takes the earth roughly 24 hours to spin on its axis.
24 hours
It takes 3minutes 56seconds less than 24hours for the Earth to spin (rotate) once on it's axis.

It takes 365.2422days for the Earth to revolve once around the Sun.
One completer spin takes 23hours 56minutes 4seconds. (rounded)

What is the height of Mars?

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The "Height"? Do you mean the size, or the distance it is from the Sun or from the Earth? it is about half the width of the Earth and about one sixth the volume. When it is closest to the Sun it is about 207 million kilometres from it and when it is furthest it is about 250 million. It's distance from the Earth is very varied. Or, do you mean it's angular elevation when viewed from Earth? This too varies greatly.

What do martians look like?

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There are a number of accounts of bodies of aliens found intact- so one might have something to go on. one goes back to the period of the American Civil War- l864 as I recall and happened in Latin America. the bodies of two Female humanoids- yes, Girl Exploratrices from- somewhere were found in a cave, inside hollowed out rocks that may have been some sort of camping-like quarters. they were about 39 Inches tall, had metallic space suits- and odd helmets with something akin to snorkels which were breathing apparatus, owing to the odd helmets, they were initially thought to be some sort of animals. once removed, well. a similar case of a deceased Female UFo occupant found in a cave in Mexico lying on a sort of heat shield, also in a metallic space suit. the neighborhood was nicknamed the ( Cave of St. Joan) in Spanish. it stands to reason. I cannot confirme either of these cases, all three victims were female, were about 39 inc hes tall, and were, sadly, dead.

What would cause a 1995 F150 4WD to work in low range but not in high range?

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Possibly bad transfer case.

If a GM compact (T) truck, consider a bad 4x4 switch.

If an Explorer you might have a bad contact plate, replace the encoder motor.

Because your transfer case might be shot it could be the locking? get manuals, it costs 100 and u need to get out, but it won't fail you. if electronic 4x4 switch, you need a new switch if manuel linkages, adjust linkages

What are some similarities between Mars and Earth's atmospheres?

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Mars has a very thin atmosphere that is made mostly of carbon dioxide.

  • 95.72% CO2
  • 2.7% nitrogen
  • 1.6% argon
  • 0.2% oxygen
  • 0.07% carbon monoxide
  • 0.03% water vapour
  • 0.01% nitric oxide
  • and trace amounts of neon, krypton, formaldehyde, xenon, ozone, and methane.

Its atmospheric pressure is 7-9 millibars, depending on the season. This is only about 1/100th as dense as Earth's at sea level (1013.25 millibars).

The average temperature is about -80 degrees C.

During winter some of the atmosphere freezes into dry ice at the poles.

What is the difference between the weather in mars and earth?

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•Mars and earth both have 4 seasons but a year on Mars is about twice as long as it is on Earth, so the 4 seasons would amount to about 8 seasons on earth.

• The temperatures on mars can be as low as -124.6 degrees Fahrenheit

• Earth's atmosphere is mostly nitrogen and oxygen, where as Mars's atmosphere is made out of 95% Carbon-dioxide

How much does a 9.8 bag of sugar weigh on Mars?

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weight = mass x gravitational field strength W = 2 x 3.73 = 7.46Newtons

What are some names of people born with Mars in Capricorn?

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Thomas Alva Edison, Alexander Graham Bell, Pierre Simon Laplace, Louis Pasteur, Blaise Pascal, Albert Einstein, Konrad Zaharias Lorentz, Nikolaas Tinbergen, Karl von Frisch, Martin Heinrich Klaproth, Maurice Wilkins, Theophrastus Bombust von Hohenheim ("Paracelsus"), Dmitri Mendeleev, Albert Abraham Michelson, Jean Baptiste Joseph Fourier, Henri Becquerel, Werner Karl Heisenberg, E(s)tienne-Jules Marey (physiologist, photographer), Sir Arthur Stanley Eddington, Otto Hahn, Jens Otto Jespersen (linguist), John William Mauchly, George Paget Thomson, Robert Watson-Watt, Friedrich Hund, Corneille Heymans, Philip S. Hench, Hendrik Kramers, Karl Manne Georg Siegbahn, William Henry, Pier Antonio Micheli


Frank Whittle (Jet engine), Alan Parsons, Ferdinand Porsche, Johann Lucas Von Hildebrandt (1668-1745), Robert Mills (1781-1855), Richard Upjohn (1802-1878), Alvar Aalto (1898-1976), David Alter (1807-1881, almost discovered spectroscopy)


Thomas Mann, Bertolt Brecht, August Strindberg, Walt Disney, Khalil Gibran, Γιώργος Πήττας, Thomas Holcroft (1745-1809), Leo Buscaglia, Umberto Eco, Daniel Stern (Marie d'Agoult, Comptesse), Jane Austen (1775-1817)


Francis Ford Coppola, Woody Allen, Steven Spielberg, James Spader, Lewis Seiler, Herbert Wilcox, Joseph Kane, Richard Thorpe, William A. Wellman, Irving Rapper, Rudolph Mate, Sergei Eisenstein, Thorold Dickinson, Fred Zinnemann, Jerry Hopper, Nathan Yuran, Jack Lee, Richard Fleischer, Roy Ward Baker, Dino Risi, Hy Averback, Richard Quine, Daniel Petrie, Stanley Donen, John Schlesinger, Bud Yorkin, Andrzej Wajda, Roger Vadim, Frederick Wiseman Kenneth Anger, David Maysles, Peter Watkins, Michael Winner, Claude Lelouch, Jacques Tati, Joe Camp, Peter Bogdanovich, Wes Craven, John Badham, Joel Schumacher, Andrian Lyne, Wolfgang Petersen, Bernardo Bertolucci, Michael Mann, Mike Leigh, Bill Duke, Michael Cristofer, Takeshi Kitano, Agnieszka Holland, Julie Dash, Michael Moore, Jane Campion, Fred Olen Ray, Walter Salles, David DeCoteau, Eric Schaeffer, Tamra Davis, James Mangold, Bruce LaBruce, Albert Dupontel, Gary Fleder, Kevin Macdonald, Remy Belvaux, Francois Ozon, Spike Jonze, Len Wiseman

Guy Hamilton, Paul Wendkos, Bert I. Gordon, Arthur Penn, Lamont Johnson (the last 5 were born September 1922, 16-30, and all of them are still alive! - except for Paul Wendkos which died last year).


(Actors, Poets, Painters, Composers, Musicians, Singers, Dancers, Entertainers)

(Musicians, Composers, Singers):

Darryl Way, David Sylvian, Patti Smith, Tim Booth, Steve Kilbey, Steve Wynn, Justin Sullivan (NMA), Graeme Edge, Buffy Sainte-Marie, Bob Marley, Sandy Denny, George Harrison, Polly Jean (PJ) Harvey, Marianne Faithfull, Rod Stewart, David Bowie, Warren Zevon, Denny Zager, Florence Mills, Frankie Vaughn, Fats Domino, Tom Jones, Nacio Herb Brown, Gilles Servat, Carlos (Yvan-Chrysostome Dolto), Marvin Gaye, Robert Wyatt, Den Palmer (music production), Domenico Scarlatti, Franz Liszt, Gustav Mahler, Henry Mancini, Mauricio Kagel, Dionysis Tsaknis (Διονύσης Τσακνής), Katsimihas brothers (Χάρης Κατσιμίχας & Πάνος Κατσιμίχας), Demetra Galani (Δήμητρα Γαλάνη), Marios Tokas (Μάριος Τόκας), Manos Loizos (Μάνος Λοΐζος), Eleni Vitali (Ελένη Βιτάλη), Dimitri Mitropoulos (Δημήτρης Μητρόπουλος)

(Various artists):

Giovanni Battista Guarini (1538-1612), Jean-François Gigoux, Frida Kahlo, Jim Carrey, Will Patton, Shannen Doherty, Sharon Stone, Nicholas Cage, Mia Farrow, Julia Roberts, Catherine Zeta Jones, Courtney Cox, Petra Yared (or, Jared), David Kelley, Katharine Hepburn, Gene Hackman, Alain Delon, James Fox, Brad Pitt, Michael Hutchence, Cameron Cooper, Bibi Andersson, David Birney, Robert Goulet, Linda Lavin, Marian Mercer, Frances Sternhagen, Michael Learned, Ron Leibman, Kenny Loggins, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Barbara Mandrell, Rita Moreno, Michael Moriarty, Ann Reinking, Peter Scolari, Tom Selleck, Will Smith, Jo Stafford, Richard Stahl, Donna Summer, Kathleen Turner, Reni Santoni, Lee Majors, Dusty Springfield, Marty Wilde (Reginald Leonard Smith), Terence Hill, Ali MacGraw, Louise Lasser, Jean Houston, Harvey Keitel, Selena, David Tennant, Allan Houston, Ewan McGregor, David Coulthard, Joelle Morin, Bridget Moynahan, Barrett Blade, Caroline Corr, Jason Kidd, Peter Andre, Balthazar Getty, Mia Kirshner, Sara Gilbert, Natalie Imbruglia, Claire Goose, Drew Barrymore, Gotham Chopra, Dustin Diamond, Orlando Bloom, Shakira, Ned Brower, Katie Holmes, Sarah Larson, Mike Vitar, Mia Tyler, Akiko Yada, Estella Warren, Holly Madison, John Legend, LaToya London, Brody Dalle, Erica Hubbard, Jeph Howard, Bipasha Basu, Sarah Polley, Cash Garner Warren, Angela Lindvall, James Scott, Young Dro, Trent Ford, Aaliyah (singer),

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Caracalla (b. 188 A.D.), Ronald Reagan, Ariel Sharon, Dora Bakoyanni(s) (Ντόρα Μπακογιάννη), Akihito (Emperor of Japan), King Abdullah II of Jordan, William Lloyd Garrison (1805-1879), Steve Biko, Buffy Sainte-Marie, Eli Pariser


Nancy Kerrigan, Katerina Thanou (Κατερίνα Θάνου), Fernando Muslera, Chris Webber, Beth Phoenix, Ashley Cole, Jose Raul Capablanca (chess master), Dinara Safina (tennis), Rafael Nadal (tennis), Usain Bolt (3 Gold Medals in 2008)


Socrates Gyoljas (Σωκράτης Γκιόλιας, murdered), Larry King, David Frost


Aleister Crowley, Kim Kerrigan, Charlotte Casiraghi (princess of Monaco), Tanja Dexters, Allegra Versace, Shawn Fanning (Computer Programmer)


Sextus V (Pope), Joseph Smith (Latter Day Saint movement, The Mormons), Saint Francois d'Assise


Ron Hubbard, Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, Marcilio Ficino (Mars at 30 degrees Capricorn if not at 0 degrees Aquarius), Søren Kierkegaard, Heraclitus (Ηράκλειτος)


Carol Devine, Orion (b. Oct. 9, 1858)


Edgar Cayce.


Henri Dunant.