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Logistics refers to the act of coordinating and managing the transfer of goods from a source to a specific destination. Transportation is a vital part of logistics as it requires the use of trucks or ships in moving the goods.

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Transportation and Logistics
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Full form of kot in hotel industry?

KOT, Keep on Track. KOT, Kitchen Order Ticket (hotel industry)

Transportation and Logistics

How do I get from Oakland airport to fisherman's wharf?

A reliable online source says the estimated Fare & Tip is $74.05.

Estimated using Oakland, CA taxi rates. The trip is 21.0 mi and will take 30 mins. This fare estimate includes a 15% tip, as is customary in this region.

Approximate BreakdownInitial Fare$3.00Add. Metered Fare$58.89Airport Fee$2.50Tip (15%)$9.66Estimated Taxi Fare$74.05*Additional charges may apply.

There is a bus shuttle from the Oakland airport to BART. Take Bart to the Embarcadero station. Exit the station and walk about a block towards the ferry building and catch the F-line (these are the historic street cars that run between the Castro at one end of the Market street, down Market to Embarcadero street to Fisherman's Wharf) The F-line will take you down the Embarcadero past all the piers to Fisherman's Wharf, it makes four stops within the Fisherman's Wharf District, the first being at PIER 39.


Shuttle from OAK airport to the BART station is free

BART from Oakland to the Embarcadero Station can be purchased at the Oakland station with cash, credit or debit card.

F-Line Streetcar is $2 and the drivers do not give change so you need $2 in quarters, or single dollar bills. They will give you a transfer slip that will be good on the F-line for the next two hours.

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How do you plant hay fields?

Planting hay is quite simple, all you need is a tractor and a seed planter. This is a machine that attaches to the Power take off (PTO) on the tractor and will evenly dispurse the seeds. Hay does not need the amount of tractor work other crops do, most hay feilds are natural grasses that are already growing (however, farmers do add in a variety of grasses), hay fields do not need to be sprayed or cutivated pre or post planting.

Transportation and Logistics
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What is freight class 92.5 description?

Usually reserved for used electronics.

Transportation and Logistics

How much is the Ft mchenry tunnel toll?

LOL have been searching online all morning and can't find any site with the info. The MD Transportation site freezes on that link.

"New Tolls are In Effect" is the only posted sign at the tunnel (along with the old $2 rate) and when you drive through with EZ pass it just says paid.

So the new toll is a secret toll.

********************************** UPDATE - just got through online: Rate hike is just for MULTI AXLE vehicles.

New toll rates for vehicles with three or more axles effective 12:01 a.m. May 1, 2009.

New standard toll rates effective 12:01 a.m. November 15, 2003, are as follows: {| ! width="10%" | Class | 1 Two-axle vehicle using a Maryland-issued

E-ZPassSM that includes a Baltimore Region Commuter Plan 2$.402 Two-axle vehicle 2$23 Three-axle vehicle or vehicle-trailer combination with a total of three axles. 3$44 Four-axle vehicle or vehicle-trailer combination with a total of four axles. 4$65 Five-axle vehicle or vehicle-trailer combination with a total of five axles. 5$86 Vehicle with six or more axles or vehicle-trailer combination with a total of six or more axles. 6+$107 Unusual vehicle, regardless of axles (class 7 vehicles are restricted from the Baltimore Harbor Tunnel). 2+$20 |}

Postage and Shipping
Transportation and Logistics

What does the fedEx stand for?

Acronym Definition

- Feet Environmental Data Exchange

- Federal Express

Postage and Shipping
Transportation and Logistics
United Parcel Service (UPS)

What is UPS freight ltl?

UPS Freight LTL is the former Overnite Transportation. UPS purchased Overnite in 2005. If you are looking for LTL solutions contact 1st Priority Services at 608-310-3110. Ask for Steve.

Transportation and Logistics

How do I get from Paris Est to Paris Montparnasse?

There is a direct line on the metro: Line 4, direction Porte d'Orléans, to Montparnasse-Bienvenue.

Transportation and Logistics

What does bonded cargo mean?

Bonded cargo is cargo for which duty has not been paid. It is still under customs control and has to be moved to a bonded .warehouse

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What is the Difference between innovative and creative?

To create is to make something from nothing. To innovate is to progress what has already been created.

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What is per deim charges?

Per Diem means Per Day , it usually refers to what a company will pay to you as in food lodging or mileage for example if you are out of town on a business trip the company you work for may give you 50.00 dollars a day per Diem to help cover your expenses

Transportation and Logistics
Importing and Exporting

When will issue the bill of lading?

The shipper.

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Transportation and Logistics

What is an inbound and outbound cargo?

Inbound cargo is freight that is shipped in from somewhere else. (inbound coming in)

Outbound cargo is freight that is being shipped off to somewhere else. (outbound going out)

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Transportation and Logistics

What aircraft have counter rotating propellers?

The POGO VTOL, the Tailsitter, the Convair XFY, and Lockheed XFV, to name a few.

Ans 2 - All of those were experimental. -Popular working aircraft that used contra rotating props were the British Fairey Gannet, Westland Wyvern , Supermarine Seafire and Avro Shackleton.

Transportation and Logistics

What is the major mode of transportation in Mexico?

Motor vehicles including cars, buses, trucks, SUVs, vans and motorcycles are the most common modes of inter-city transport. Air transportation is also common, but on a lesser degree. Railway transport is common for hauling heavy cargo loads.

Intra-city transport includes all motor vehicles described above, as well as many modes of public transportation such as bus, light railway, subway (especially on larger cities) and trolleybus.

Most import/export items are transported by rail, heavy truck or container ship. Some liquids such as natural gas and oil are transported through pipelines.

Some statistics are provided (2013):

  • Motor vehicles: 33.36 million
  • Passenger cars: 23.4 million
  • Airports: 1,714 (13 receive +1 million passengers per year; 2 receive +10 million passengers per year).
  • Railways: 17,166 km (10,668 mi)
  • Roadways: 377,660 km (234,717 mi)
  • Waterways: 2,900 km (1,802 mi)
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Transportation and Logistics

How many pallets size 72x26x79 can fit in a 53 trailer?

I don't know if I'm reading this right, but, from how you put your dimensions, I gather the pallets are:

72 inches long

26 inches wide

79 inches high

It sounds wrong, but I'm going to go with that notion. If those dimensions are correct, you'd be able to fit 24 pallets in the truck (eight pallets lengthwise by three pallets wide - you only have enough inside height for one pallet).

A typical 53 foot trailer is 53 feet long by 102 inches wide (however, usable floor space may only be 96 inches), and has an inside height of 110 inches.

Transportation and Logistics
Importing and Exporting

Where to find world average TEU rates?

According to, the average is around 10,610 for the larger vessels

Transportation and Logistics

What is the freight class of a bicycle?

class 250 is for bicycles!

Transportation and Logistics

What is volume in shipping terms?

For domestic shipping we would normally refer to the volume as being a number of units of a product shipped and volume would not normally refer to cube, but in international logistics terms we might use the number of CBM (cubic meters) or TEUs (Twenty Foot Equivalent containers). International shipping is almost always performed in Metric Units - cbm & kgs. A TEU is 20 ft long by 108" wide * 112" high international shipping container.

When products are loaded into an international container, they may weight out - reach the allowed over the road weight when mounted on a chassis or they may cube out, if you are shipping a low density item such as pampers or cornflakes.

A good logistics planner will attempt to mix products to simultaneously cube & weight out, but as customers rarely order items in such a wonderful ratio, this nirvana is rarely reached. However, it should be noted that most international shipments are shipped in 40 ft standard containers that weight out with a tare weight around 67,000 pounds. With the container weight this will amount to 71,000 lbs and on the chassis pulled by a tractor, the weight limit is 80,000 lbs, distributed in a defined manner across the vehicles axles.

From this we can deduce that a 40ft standard container=2 TEUs, but the TEU may weight out or cube out or neither. So the volume does not necessarily reflect either cube or weight.

Transportation and Logistics

What is the freight class for carpet?

Class 100

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Transportation and Logistics

Is there an abbreviation of logistics?

The abbreviation of logistics is LOG

Transportation and Logistics
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Who should be the Shipper on a Bill of Lading?

The company that is PHYSICALLY shipping the freight (the company whose dock the freight is leaving).

Transportation and Logistics
Henry Ford

Where was ford founded?

Founded on June 16, 1903 in Dearborn, Michigan

Transportation and Logistics

How can you get a DAC report?

Transportation and Logistics
Importing and Exporting

Why you use 3 original bills of lading?

BILL of lading 3 original meant for one is Reserve bank has to confirm that your shipment went thru proper channel

second one is your bank authendicate that shipments get money to your a/c .

third one is meant for clearing the documents to your buyers from their destination port


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