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Web design and publishing covers the way Web contents – text, sounds, images and graphics – are presented to users. Web publishing is increasingly becoming popular as more people seek information via the Internet.

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Do you have to pay to start a website?

its depends,if you want a small website then you can created your own site using diffrent free softwares but if you want a big website with many function then you need company,and you have to pay as well!! there is a company perth Web media in perth Austraia,they make best web can check them out.

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The Difference Between

What is the difference between www and WWW?

there is no difference between the both

it can be said as www or WWW with capita letters:: or the capital one could be world wide wrestling?

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Which WeB Software VeDesi.CoM uses?


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Database Programming

What is web enabled data warehouse?

See also questions on Data Warehouses.

Adding a web interface to a database provides a standard interface that allows users to query the database using a wide range of very different computer platforms.

It is a low cost development solution, as web interfacing is now a well developed technology with many different vendors offering solutions and development tools.

Anything that a database can do can be controlled or performed through a web interface.

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Create website with netbeans?

Netbeans - go to the Sun Java website

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Domain Names
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What does co mean in a domain name?

Co means that it is being used by Coopration.

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What is the difference between a menu bar and a navigation bar?

Menu bars allow sub-menus, but a navigation bar does not. Use the insert split option in order to create your sub-menus. Play around with it, it's pretty simple. Tabs are considered to be related to each other whereas Navigation Bar is not.

Tabs are generally used to segregate data are somehow related. Like A profile can be displayed in Tabs where it can be divided in Personal, Professional, Education tabs. It is mainly used to show data about the same hierarchy but different in nature and also for organizing the data.

On the other hand, Navigation Bar as it suggests is used for different topics which might not be inter related.

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What does the main content of a webpage belongs inside?

The main content of a web page normally resides between the <body> and </body> HTML tags.

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How do you put a webcam on your website?

There are a number of steps to this.
Ideally, you want a program that will automatically upload your image to the FTP settings. If you want to, you can even put streaming video on your website nowadays, and not just stills!

1) Get a webcam working -- the sort you'd use to video-chat on Skype.
2) Sign up at (free).
3) Copy the "Embedding" code provided by ustream, so you can put a live video window in your website.
4) Add the code to your page.
5) Finally, follow the simple instructions on ustream to "go live."

Everything the webcam sees (and hears) is streaming to anyone who visits your website. Up to 100,000 people can watch the stream at once (providing you're broadcasting, of course). Pretty clever.

Next, when you want to extend your capabilities during streaming, have a look at superwebcam (also free), which lets you superimpose scrolling messages, graphics, etc. on the outgoing video picture. You can also use it to broadcast still pictures or video from your hard disk when you don't want to be seen personally. Ustream also has a Facebook app, so you can embed your live stream in your Facebook Profile page.
To view the live video streaming from webcam on website, a Web FLV player that supports live streaming is needed. You can check the RTMP Stream Plugin from -

This is tutorial -

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What type of laptop would be best for graphics internet web design basic office and making cds?

Essentially what it boils down to is a system that will help you with the type of overall work you're doing and the programs required to achieve your goals for that project.

Mac or PC really doesn't matter anymore, though there are those on both sides who will swear by both. The top design programs are built for use with both Mac and PC, so in the end, what matters is your personal preference, software technical requirements (RAM, Video RAM, CPU, etc.), and of course, what you can afford.

In general, the best type of notebooks for top design programs are going to be those for gaming or high performance. This is because they are specifically built for high-end multimedia use and presentation, and if you compare the technical requirements for such programs, they line up very well with high performance systems, with a little extra for software updates as time passes.

Bottom line - for top performance, check the system requirements of the media design programs you wish to run, be it for graphics, sound, video, animation, etc., double the RAM and VRAM, and you'll be set with a system that should carry you through at least 3 software updates. Always get a system with 2 internal drives, never just one; a single drive severely limits performance when dealing with design programs (e.g., main drive being used as a scratch disk for large files).

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Mac OS

How do you replace the Guestbook icon - the one generated by the Guestbook manager - with your own icon?

The icon used depends on if the web site uses a Favicon image. This is a specially formatted file type with the .ico extension.

You include the Favicon using the HTML link tag with a rel of "shortcut" and href of your image path.


<link rel="shortcut" href="images/favicon.ico" />

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Joomla (software)

Where can you get free joomla hosting with no ads?

There are no ad-free ones. Those hosts have to get their money to pay their hosts from somewhere too.

If you want ad free then you have to pay.

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Which is the best software to create a website?

You can find many free and paid website builders online. GoDaddy offers an affordable, do-it-yourself website builder. It offers simple drag-and-drop design tools and hundreds of customizable templates.

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Credit Reports
Debt Collection

Is there a resource for finding out collection agencies names and addresses for bankruptcy?

Get a copy of your credit report from the three major credit bureaus. You can get one free copy from each per year by law. You can obtain this free copy at (see link below). These reports should have the contact info of your creditors (and collection agencies) listed. Google / Phone book combination is the best.

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Domain Names

Where can I find the country specific domain names for Google like for France and for Poland?

The official Google page,

lists all the country specific domain names below their respective country flags.

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PHP Programming

Using FrontPage how do you get a form to submit to email and reset to the original values via one button?

* First of all, you have to inset a new form, Insert>Form. Then, add all the information you need to the form (inputs, text box, check box, etc.) see the HTML code and where it says POST you ofcourse have to direct it to the process page, it can be php or asp as the most known. don't ever try if you don't know what i mean by the process page. actually all this staff with forms requiered an extra programming language which can be php or asp. If you do know, then just add all the items text box etc.. between* I would definitely agree with the answer of PHP and ASP process pages. You must make a process page that will do both at the same time (or in order that you wish) it was easy to just post "" back before security came out hard. I still use perl scripts as a form handler on all my customers pages. it works and you can apply CSS styles to them...

Please note that FrontPage is an obsolete product and was discontinued in 2003. A common complaint regarding it is that it generates bloated and incomprehensible HTML code. You should use a better editor.

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How do you add a 'Bookmark this site' button to your website that - when clicked - will add the website to the user's favorites?

== == Add this HTML code to the website <!-- AddThis Button BEGIN -->

<a class="addthis_button" href=";pub=xa-4a82c0b20e2312c3"><img src="" width="83" height="16" alt="Bookmark and Share" style="border:0"/></a><script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>

<!-- AddThis Button END -->

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How do you add an login box onto your website?

The simplest way I've found of adding a login box to a website is to use User Session Pro. The guys that make it have a short tutorial on how to do it:
( )

I hope that helps.

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Why is it important to add a background to a webpage?

so that is coool

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Why are you not allowed to re post images from the web on your webpage?

Reposting images on other websites and putting them onto your website is a violation of Copyright Laws. In short, Copyright Laws protect people from having their information, pictures, ideas and other forms of media copied. One benefit of copyright allows you, the author, to post your images and text on your website and then later see it on someone else's website and have them take credit for your work.

In order to copy something from another website to yours, you must obtain expressed permission from the website owner/author and correctly cite the sources (that is, you must have a statement in medium from that website owner that you may copy their information, you can't just assume). The website owner/author may also ask that you add more information such as add a link or other text citing the website so that they may be properly recognized.

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What kind of website should i start with?

tis website

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What is a 'personal website'?

A personal website is made for a particular person, or it is not associated with a company or for profit, yes it can be profitable but it belongs to a particular person. For example, A website based on complete details of a famous personality, for a person or a personal classes or business run by self. comes under Personal websites.

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Club Penguin

How do you make free website in easiest way?


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How do you make a hyperlink?

Hyperlink types:

HTML :- <a href="http://yourlinkhere">Anchor Text</a>

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How do you create a website?

Creating your own WebsiteThere are two main options available, either use a service for creating free websites, which is much easier and is usually free, or you can create your website from scratch with your own domain name (such as and hosting.

Note that there are two guides on this page. Please see the related links below for links to services/websites mentioned.

- Creating a Website using a Free ServiceThere are many websites that will handle most of the hard work for you, the most popular sites are, Google Sites (for websites), Blogger and Wordpress (for blogs)

For most of these sites, you create an account, fill in a form about your basic website information, pick a layout, then it's all ready to start adding content!

You will get a unique URL for your website such as "http://******" (asterisks will be the name you've picked)

If you are interested in making your own website and having your own domain name, (eg., you can try to follow the guide just below this one.

Note: Google Sites allows you to buy a domain name, instead of a default. Domains are usually around £7/$12 per year.

- Creating a Website from ScratchFirst, you will need to learn a language called HTML. You can learn it for free at htmldog, google code,, or w3schools (see links below). It is quite easy to learn, you shouldn't find anything too hard.

Second, you will probably want some software to help create your web pages. If you want to be able to make them without looking just at the source code, then you should get a 'WYSIWYG' (what you see is what you get) editor. Adobe Dreamweaver and Microsoft Expression Web are the most popular, but these are not free. Amaya, CoffeeCup and SeaMonkey are popular, free alternatives.

Now you will probably want to buy a domain name. Domain names are what you type into the address bar, but only act as a link to a hosting server. '.com' domain names are about £7.50/$12 from GoDaddy, or $10 from Google Apps, but it can vary greatly.

You can get a free 'domain name' from, but the choice is limited.

Next, find a hosting service. These companies will put your website on the web, and there are quite a few websites that offer free hosting. However, the problem with the free services is that it can be a lot slower than paid hosting, and may contain adverts.

You will have to link the domain to the hosting service, then all you need to do is upload files (the method to upload files varies between which host you picked, but it'll probably be either through a website or by FTP)

As you become more familiar with creating websites, you may choose to learn how to properly use HTML, CSS (W3C standards and XHTML/HTML5) and maybe even more advanced languages like JavaScript or PHP/ASP. You will then be able to make much better-looking websites with the ability to do anything you could imagine!

There is also a step by step process that walks your through the whole process... such as Site Build It. They are not free but they are excellent.


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