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What is a browser cookie?

Browser CookiesAn HTTP cookie is a packet of information sent by a server to a World Wide Web browser and then sent back by the browser each time it accesses that server. HTTP cookies are used for user authentication, user tracking, and maintaining user-specific information such as site preferences and electronic shopping carts.

Cookies have been of concern for Internet privacy, since they can be used for tracking the browsing of a user. As a result, they have been subject to legislation in various countries such as the United States, as well as the European Union. Cookies have also been criticized because the identification of users they provide is not always accurate and because they can be used for network attacks. Some alternatives to cookies exist, but have their own drawbacks.

On the other hand, cookies have been subject to a number of misconceptions, mostly based on the erroneous notion that they are computer programs. In fact, cookies are simple pieces of data unable to perform any operation by themselves. In particular, they are neither spyware nor viruses, despite the detection of cookies from certain sites by many anti-spyware products.

Most modern browsers allow users to decide whether to accept cookies, but rejection makes some Web sites unusable. For example, shopping baskets implemented using cookies do not work if cookies are rejected.

More Information:

A cookie is a piece of data that can be stored in a browser's cache. If you visit a web site and then revisit it, the cookie data can be used to identify you as a return visitor. It remembers the visited pages in your system each and every time by holding data for a single web session, that is, until you close the browser data.

A cookie is a bit of electronic information that can be placed on your computer when you visit a Web site to track what you look at there, recognize you when you return, and in some cases, track where else you go on the Internet. You can set your online preferences to prohibit, limit, or let you know about "cookies" that a Web site places on your computer.

Most cookies are not bad things - you may get the impression that cookies are spying devices ("track what you view") - but for the most part they are harmless and quite useful; for example, a cookie might store your login information for a website or a forum, allowing you to visit that website/forum without logging in again each time. This is all the Wiki s cookie does.

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Browsers similar to Google Chrome?

The most similar browser to Chrome is Opera. Although is looks different, Chrome and Opera both use the Blink web browser layout. Download Opera @ opera.com

Google Chrome is built on the open-source browser, Chromium. Chromium's UI is almost identical to Chrome's and the performance is also almost identical. However, Chromium is less stable due to its nightly release schedule. If you want to be on the bleeding edge of development and have early access to all the latest features, Chromium's your browser.However, browsers have been moving toward a more universal design language. Consequently you can get extremely similar experiences on most browsers. Firefox, Safari, Opera, RockMelt, Midori, and, yes, even Internet Explorer all offer similar experiences with variations in features and speeds.

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What is the default browser in Windows 7?

The default browser in Windows 7 is Internet Explorer version 8.

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How do you scan a document to email?

You need equipment a scanner, copier/scanner/printer, etc. to scan your doc. The software will ask you where you want to store it on your computer. Then go to e-mail program and click on new mail. After you fill out "to:", "regarding" etc. find the tab for "attachment". That tab will allow you to search your computer for doc you want to attach and send. Then send!

use program RiDoc (a4scandoc.com/en)

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How do you get rid of a virus that links almost every word in Internet Explorer to ntsearch?

Download and run firefox to protect your computer from future spyware attacks and pop ups which are coming in through internet explorer (Trojan downloaders, win32 ).Browser attacks aren't easy to spot because they piggyback on legitimate traffic that doesn't exhibit many obvious warning signs

1. Run Deckard's System Scanner (DSS)

2. Run the vundo and combo fix

3. Run Malwarebytes Anti-Malware

4. Run the anti spyware removal programs spybot

5 Run Superantispyware

6. Run a complete scan with free curing utility Dr.Web CureIt!

I found an uninstaller that gets rid of it at www.ntsearch.com/usage this worked, but it appears to be installed with Kazaa. When I uninstalled it Kazaa would no longer work (said part was uninstalled) but at least I know where the culprit is :) p

Two days I got NT SEARCH problem and at the same time couldn't display many pages due to windows/system32.shdocl.dll/ dnserror.htm .I am not sure if these two problems were connected but Lava ad-aware and anti virus didn't help. I solved both problems by using xp system restore to some previous date and now everything is ok. p.s. Instead of using risky Kazaa it's better to switch to no-ads Kazaa Lite .

NTsearch publishes a link to an uninstall program at:



To discontinue of using NTsearch please download and execute the uninstall tool located here

the virus process is mslti32.exe. a search reveals it also called x-bot. I disabled it editig the registry and removing the only instance i could find of it, it was in the explorer toolbars. on my system i could find yet the executable.

I had the same problem. It also made many pages in the explorer to look blank.

Deleting a file called SP (without recognized icon) in the Kazaa default download dircetoy solved the problem with this annoying virus!!

I tried System Restore for XP, and it didn't work for me. Perhaps the virus set in at an earlier date than I could restore to! D'oh! Will try the NT Search site to remove it, hopefully that works. I also get the dsn ll error, and "Operation Aborted" windows a LOT! If they are unrelated, does anyone know how to remove them? :'(

Blimmin annoying!! Keeps popping up i don't know where from. Have read these messages and did go to the site and uninstalled. All is go. YAY!! I also had the "SP' file showing up when i did "alt,ctrl, delete" it showed up as running in the background. Have also found that it came back after visiting a song lyric site, and winmx, that now is not working for me. Otherwise, do uninstall it.

"cwshredder" will cure your browser hi-jack. you can get it from here:


Try the following programs-they will stop all unwanted stuff from getting on your PC-I went to www.webattack.com and found a way to remove it by doing the following-clicked on green link at the top of the page stating "FREEWARE",then clicked on virus tools/or you can search on that site for this program-"Avast home edition".It is the best freeware program,that i have ever used and removed the virus in no time.The Funweb A is a Trojan horse virus,and when Avast picked it up was goung under another name-i think that's why everybody have difficulty in removing it,and cant find anything under funwe A ,coz it is going under another name.Avast has also detected and removed 2 other virus infected files on my PC!It is important to do a live update of avast virus deff and to set program to run a full system scan.Do download the full free home adition and not just the computer cleaner.Its AMAZING and kicks budd! : )Thank you so much Avast!!!!Two programs going really well with Avast and also freeware on the same site is Ad-Aware spy detector and Zone Alarm firewall.I have all three and they work together like magic!: )GREAT STUFF!!!!Try it,you wont look back!

This can be done in three steps:

Step 1 : kill sp.exe process running

Step 2 : delete sp.exe from c:/

Step 3 : remove from registry every instance of sp.exe


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Which WeB Software VeDesi.CoM uses?


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How can you get google off your home page?

Depending on your browser it is a little different but go to your "Internet options" or "options" menu and a window will appear then delete "www.google.com" from your homepage and put the page of your choice.

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What is CavalryLogger?

It is a script connected to having the "Like this" functionality on a page. It seems to be related to FB badge.

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Can you trace a phone's browsing history?

It depends on the phone and the web browser being used. Most browsers do support a history function much like what you find on modern Web Browsers for computers.

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Confirm your facebook account to enable the messages service?

when i try to send sms to my friend it says erroe

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What does the main content of a webpage belongs inside?

The main content of a web page normally resides between the <body> and </body> HTML tags.

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What does web mean on web-sterling bowl?

The Web Silver Company originated from Attleboro MA from 1950-present. They are producers of sterling silver flatware, hollow-ware, and novelties.

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What is an example of a URL?

An example of a URL is :http://wiki.answers.com/

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How do you remove everything from your address bar?

Simple answer:right click on the tool bar that it is on and try to delete it from there.

Sorry, I assumed you meant task bar, because nothing is in the address bar except

the URL of the site that was placed there in internet Options.

If you want to delete history of the address bar,then follow what people said below.

You should make a shortcut of Internet Options on your desktop so you can delete your browsing history when done surfing the net.

It would be better if you used firefox as a browser,it is safer then Internet Explorer.

You can try it and if you don't like it just uninstall it.

You always delete your browsing history, this is where malware hides.

When you ask a question you should post what OS you are using and which

version of what you are asking about,this will help you get the best answer.

All the other information is below this


First, you can just type something in the address bar, then delete everything in the autocomplete by hitting the delete button.

Alternatively, you can getting a cleaning program (like CCleaner), to clean out your autocomplete/browing history.

just go in your internet browser >> Tools >> internet options , at General >> browsing history press delete (delete or delete cookies or temporary files ....)delete all of them wait little till finishing and check your browser (no web sites)

Assuming that the address appears when you first open up the Web Browser(for example Internet Explorer or Netscape Navigator).

In Internet Explorer: go to Tools> Internet Options...

In "Home Page" section, remove find-everything.com & replace with another address (such as www.yahoo.com).

I'm not sure if this is the same in other web browsers.

Hope this helps! :)

click tools internet options then delete browser history and its all gone.

"> "> ">

You can remove every thing from the address bar by following these steps .

1 First of all try to open intenet explorer

2 Go to the Tools > internet options .

3 Under the General > Temporay internet files .

4 Under the Temporay internet files , click on the Delete cookies , Delete files .

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Has anybody recently noticed a facebook 43 or another number on the title bar of your browser?

It means you have 43 notifications

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Why are you locked out of airg chat on your computer for security reasons?

if you use profanities or harass people often you get reported and they "Ban" you for about 15 minutes.now if you keep using profanities,harassing people,selling stuff,etc they will keep banning you until they reach limit if complaints against you.if alot of people report you for doing something wrong often you will be temporarily locked out for security reasons.meaning they are investigating your account until they feel that's it is ok to let you back on..if you have multiple accounts and are banned they can lock you out for security reasons this means they are investigating your device to find out why & how did you get multiple accounts (airg wants ALL users to have only ONE account) whether you have one or more than one account the waiting process can take up to a few hours or a few days..it might take a month or two depending on how many times you have been banned and how severe you have cursed or harassed someone.eventually you will be able to access airg again whenever they finished investigating you..if you keep getting banned for something severe like threatening to harm someone or for selling sex or nude pictures you may be banned permanently and will no longer be able to access airg with the account that you have..so the best thing to do is to avoid getting banned which means avoid arguing in the rooms or harassing people,or selling stuff,etc

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Is the DSi web browser come free with the DSi?

You must go to the shop app (check to see if you have internet connection) get points by buying them at stores or using an ATM card or click on free and yhere will be two apps

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What are some funny websites you cant close or get out of?


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Why would a certain website keep appearing on your internet browser and desktop?


my idea is that it's a form a browser-hijack. I suggest you try cwshredder.exe, you can find it at: http://www.spywareinfo.com/~merijn/downloads.HTML or directly: http://www.spywareinfo.com/~merijn/files/CWShredder.exe

Taken from the website: "The latest and greatest nuisance on the Internet, the browser hijacker that won't stop, the Trojan from h**l.. name it what you want, but fact is that a company naming itself 'Coolwebsearch' (CWS) is producing a quickly growing strain of trojans that exploit a hole in the Microsoft Java VM, and change your homepage.

And by changing your homepage, I mean lodge itself onto your system in almost two dozen different ways, change your start page, search page, search assistant, redirecting you to p**n sites from other p**n sites or even search engines, popping up p**n ads and sometimes even carrying a payload. "

When that happened to me I had a backdoor Trojan and had to wipe my hard drive and re-install.

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What does ovi stands for?

OVI means door.... it's not an abbreviation is Finnish (from Finland of course)! The land where Nokia was born.

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What is the advantage of maxthon?

Here are some key features of Maxthon 3:

Online Favorites Service: Access your Favorites content anywhere with Maxthon Online Favorites Service. The encrypted stand-alone Favorites file format can protect your privacy on a shared computer.

Mouse Gestures: Hold right mouse button and perform the gestures to access common features such as Back, Forward, Refresh and Close Tab.

Super Drag&Drop: Type the keywords in Address Bar then press Enter to perform a search. Or simply drag & drop a keyword with your mouse.

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Why does Internet Explorer take more than 200MB of memory?

The term "Explorer" can be reference in several ways, as the Windows operating system uses three individual types. 1. Internet Explorer - The obvious web browser 2. Windows Explorer - For listing the contents of the hard drive 3. Explorer - the actual GUI (Graphical User Interface) which provides the graphics and "point & click" functionality while running Windows

As 200mb seems an excessive amount for any program to be using, this very likely could be a result of a possible virus, spam or unnecessary programs running in the background.

Try this if you haven't yet done it.

There is a fantastic system utility, called Faber Toys. It's mainly developed for power users who want to know what programs are running in the background and the processes as well. It's very similar to clicking CTL-ALT-DEL on your system, but also informs you of what those programs are used for. You can download Faber Toys here: http:/wwwzperiodzfaberboxzperiodzcom/fabertoyszperiodzasp

After determining which programs are not needed, you can then prevent those from starting up automatically by unchecking them in MSCONFIG. MSCONFIG is a system configuration utility in Windows. 1. Go to (start),(run),(type msconfig), (start up tab). 2. Uncheck all programs that start from a fresh boot. 3. After making those changes you, must restart Windows. 4. Check to see if the explorer.exe memory usage is the same. If it seems back to normal after that, go back and check the programs you want running at start up one by one to see which program is guilty.


I doubt it is 200Mb, as that amount would surely overload most pcs. You may mean 200K, but never the less it is a large amount. Run a virus and spyware scan. Also try the disk cleanup utility as cookies and websites are stored onto your computer, eventually eating up a lot of space.


Explorer alone cannot take more than 200MB of memory, unless a version of Windows Explorer is corrupt. Or, you are using several Windows Explorer related components (like Internet Explorer) that take more than 200MB memory total. Check your Internet cache settings as well.


Internet Explorer may use a large amount of memory if you have many web pages open at once, or large pictures in the web pages.

Ask yourself:

Does it still use a large amount of memory after closing it, then reopening?

Does it still use a large amount of memory after rebooting the computer?


1: Create restore point and take registry backup.
2: Delete all temp files.
3: Delete all unwanted software and security software using add and remove program.
4: Disable all unwanted services from the startup and then remove from registry.
5: Reset Internet Explorer, then register all .dll files.
6: Scan with spyware removal, hijackthis and trojon removal.
7: Check Windows Update, if updates are found, then download and install them.
8: Restart the computer, and then check it.

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Logmein is an example of a?

remote access service for mobile devices.

It can also be used by technical support agents to remotely take control of your computer, with your permission, to troubleshoot and fix problems on your computer.

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How to lock mozilla?

You push the START tab on your computer and you right click on the Mozilla Firefox icon and you push properties next. Click the security tab then change your username.

For users, the browser is the key to their online lives. It holds their histories, their secrets, tracks their movements and stores their passwords. So for attackers, the browser is the fattest, juiciest target. Securing browsers is hard, but there are some simple, effective steps you can take that will make a major difference.

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How can you keep your browser page from being hijacked?

If you update your system on a regular basis with the newest security software updates and do safe Internet browsing, then you are invariably doing quite a lot to ward off the hijackers. However, if you are already a sufferer of a hijacked browser, the antivirus and antispyware software helps you in order to prevent and find out malware. If any malevolent program does manage to bypass your security system, antivirus and antispyware software will help in taking out that potentially unsafe software. You can check out the other possibilities of protection here- webexpertsblog.wordpress.com/2014/08/28/ethical-hacking-over-unethical-hacking/


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