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Developed by Apple Inc., Safari is a graphical web browser integrated in the Mac OS X operating system. It offers several features including private browsing, tabbed browsing, and support for HTML5, CSS animation, and CSS 3 web fonts.

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Is the Safari web browser available for BlackBerry?

No, it's not. Apple Safari Web browser only works on Apple Mac OS X, iPhone OS or Windows operating systems. So the only mobile devices with Apple Safari is iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad.

Internet Explorer and Firefox are available for use with Blackberry devices

Safari Browser

Who invented safari browser?

Safari was created by Apple Inc.

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Why are you locked out of airg chat on your computer for security reasons?

if you use profanities or harass people often you get reported and they "Ban" you for about 15 if you keep using profanities,harassing people,selling stuff,etc they will keep banning you until they reach limit if complaints against you.if alot of people report you for doing something wrong often you will be temporarily locked out for security reasons.meaning they are investigating your account until they feel that's it is ok to let you back on..if you have multiple accounts and are banned they can lock you out for security reasons this means they are investigating your device to find out why & how did you get multiple accounts (airg wants ALL users to have only ONE account) whether you have one or more than one account the waiting process can take up to a few hours or a few might take a month or two depending on how many times you have been banned and how severe you have cursed or harassed someone.eventually you will be able to access airg again whenever they finished investigating you..if you keep getting banned for something severe like threatening to harm someone or for selling sex or nude pictures you may be banned permanently and will no longer be able to access airg with the account that you the best thing to do is to avoid getting banned which means avoid arguing in the rooms or harassing people,or selling stuff,etc

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Where are safari bookmarks stored?

On mac: -Look under address bar, find bookmarks bar

-look at the far left for the little book icon and click to show all bookmarks

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If the address bar disappeared how do you get it to show again?

on your menu at the top go to "View" (on the line with File), "Toolbars," "Address Bar" (click on address bar)

If there is already a check next to the address bar option, it has probably been scooted to the side, so look around and pull it back if that's the case.

Or you might be in full screen so push and hold f11

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How do you keep your browser from being redirected?

Resetting the browser is one option, and if the problem still persists, checking for any potential malware is another good option. This helps most of the problems about being redirected.

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How do you refresh your browser?

There are many ways. In most browsers you can hit the F5 key. In firefox they call it "reload" but F5 still works. For mousaholics there should be an icon on the toolbar near the "home" icon to refresh/reload the web page.

What does refresh mean? For speed purposes, most internet data is cached - meaning it is stored for a period of time on your computer so when you go to a web page you might be seeing an old copy. Refresh tells the browser to go back to the web page and grab everything (every picture, every advertisement, all the text) again. Sometimes CTRL/F5 does a better job than just F5. Especially in internet explorer.

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What to engrave on an Ipod touch?

you engrave your address your full name and your phone number so if you loose it the person will now where to return it to or if it is for a accession say what accession it is like happy birthday merry Christmas

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What is fantages phone number?

it is 1_ 800 9895

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How do you get in touch with a Lacrosse Player?

if you have questions for a player.try there will probably be an answer. you can also join and post your own question.
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How do you restart your browser?

There is no way to restart your browser. You can close the window of the browser. In other words click the x and then start it again. You can also restart your computer.

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How can you recover deleted bookmarks from the Safari operating system for Mac OS X?

1. Go to the 'Finder Icon'.

2. Type in the bookmark's name.

Note: This will search your computer for deleted items, and then you can restore them.

I tried that, it didn't work.

After loosing my mind on the net, looking for the answer, I tried the simple Ctrl+z (Cmd+z), on the bookmark page I was ruining minutes before. It worked... I don't know where from it got back the bookmarks, but it did.

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Can you press charges against a bartender for falsely adding a gratuity to your bar tab after you signed your tab?

Well, it depends. Was there a menu? If there was, it may state somewhere on there that a % gratuity will be added to a bill. If that is printed ANYWHERE in the establishment, you don't have a tab to stand on.

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How do you search a video on safari montage?

Um...Type it in the search box?!?!

LOL that was easy to answer.

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Does the safari web browser need avg?


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Ipod touch is there a way to install flash for safari so you can view videos on the web?

"There is no official release for apples iPod's after an argument between adobe and apple. There are plenty of apps for jailbroken iPods just look around." Who ever rote this does not know what they are talking about

There is a way, you simply download the app called Cloud Browe and it installs firefox onto your ipod. It comes with java and flash. It is just like a normal computer.

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How do you get on airg though a computer?

Access AirG Chat on the Computer
  1. First, AirG users will need the latest version of Mozilla Firefox web browser on their PC. If you do not have the latest version, download Firefox for free on their web site.
  2. Next, download the XHTML Mobile Profile 0.5.3 add-on for Firefox; this add-on helps your Firefox browser read the AirG WAP page properly by removing HTML and rendering the pages properly.
  3. Next, download the Preferences menu item for Firefox, which will allow you to spoof your web browser as a mobile web browser for AirG use.
  4. Once all three elements (Firefox browser and both add- ons) are installed on your computer, launch Firefox browser to continue.
  5. Click "Prefs" on the Firefox menu bar along the top of the browser window, then select "Spoof," then the "KeepOut" radio button.
  6. Finally, enter the AirG Chat web site address as follows:
  7. The AirG Chat site will appear as it would in your mobile browser. Users can then sign in and use the AirG site from their computer and chat as they would on their cell phones.
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What is the definition of tributaries?

a small river or stream ;)

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What are the types of photo effects are there in photo shop?

photoshop is crazily amazing! You can buy exclusive items with other great effects. I shouldn't give away my secrets but buy actions, photo tools, and levels! those are my primary tools! They are definitely not cheap, but I would say it is worth your money!!

You a photographer?

Check out my blog!

hope it helps:))

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Is the use and installation of Safari free?

On Windows pc's, as far as I know, yes. I got it for free when I downloaded iTunes.

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Does AVG work with Safari?

no it does not on vista - im not sure about xp and 7 hope this helped:-)

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What are some types of web servers?

Web servers are computers where web pages are stored. Web servers have high connectivity to the rest of the internet allowing your web site to be accessed by worldwide audience.

The most basic criterion used for differing one web server from another is the operating system it uses. Based on this difference web server may be Windows server or UNIX server. The difference between various types of web servers is very important when deciding on the web hosting provider by which your web site will be hosted. There are also other specifics that result in different types of web servers. More on this topic can be found on

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With the iPod touch can you view videos on safari?

No you cannot,but in 2008 Apple is coming up with a patch so you can download flash player on ur iPod.

Now you can, many iPhone/iPod Touch optimized sites now have embeded mp4 videos into their app sites and now you can view them.

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What is a video montage?

== == It's a video created by combining several pictures and videos together and telling a story.

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Is safari the default browser for apple computers or Microsoft?



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