Audiobooks are recordings based on printed materials. They are available as CDs, cassette tapes, and in digital formats.

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Where you can download chanakya niti audio book?

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Summary of sudha murty's how i taught my grandmother to read?

very touching story about a 12 year old girl and her grandmother who is illiterate. sudha murthy's grand mom was illiterate. they (granny n sudha) preferred a weekly local magazine called karmaveera which came in kannada lang. and that magazine had a episode story named kashiyatre. granny was fond of it and his granddaughter would read out that story. one day, sudha had to attend a marriage party at her village. as usual karmaveera came but granny was not able to read a word only she could watch the images. when sudha came home, she found granny tear-eyed. she asked her the reason behind it and granny told about what happened when she was in the village. granny asked her if she could make her able to read and write. at first sudha was surprised at this. then, she thought 4 one more time then, she agreed. sudha worked hard and so did her granny to secure their goal i.e. to make granny literate. then, goal secured at saraswati puja time. when the festival was going, granny came and touched sudha's feet and sudha was shocked at her behavior. granny exclaimed her that she was touching her feet as a student not as a grandmother. sudha too bowed her at her feet and touched it. granny gifted sudha a frock. sudha and granny were both happy at this occasion. sudha was the first tutor of her grand mom.


When was the first audio book recorded?

The earliest recorded books I can ascertain are from the 30s, when the Library of Congress began distributing free audio books for the blind.

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What is the socket size of the front axle nuts on a 2004 KIA Rio?



What did the character florence from the book seedfolks do?

florence protected the graden by looking over it.


How many chapters are there in Mockingbird by Kathryn Erskine?

i am pretty sure its 34 chapters........ my little sister is reading it sorry if i am wrong..

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What does a encyclopedia mean?

The word or term encyclopedia means a book or set of books that cover an extremely wide range of topics they a usually sorted in alphabetical order encyclopedias are seen as the most comprehensive reference book ever. ----


Where can we get a free audiobook containing the transilation of the holy quran online?

You can get the whole translation of the Holy Quran (all 30 Chapters, 114 Surah's & 6,666 words of it) by going to this website at: http://www.quranexplorer/quran/ However you cannot actually download the audio-visual of the Quran from that site, as per the following remarks from the site:- "Welcome to where you can Listen to the Quran Recitation and Translation online in Arabic, English, and Urdu. * Arabic audio recitation from 5 famous Qaris * Arabic text with English and Urdu translation * Audio Translations in English and Urdu * Sura, Verse, Juz, & Qari selection options * Easy Navigation and Streaming Audio * Easy to read font with adjustable sizes * Automatically Bookmarks your progress * No programs to download" You will need Internet Explorer 7.0 to access this site. I do hope you will find the site extremely useful, be it for your own personal enhancement of your knowledge of Islam (as a Muslim) Or for further research into the contents of this last Holy Scripture (meant for mankind) sent by Allah SWT to his beloved Prophet Muhammad SAW.


Where can you download an Erin Hunter audio book for free?

you can't. that's illegal. you can buy one at borders, amazon, barnes and nobles, or your local bookstore though.

The person above me is quite right - that is illegal. However, so is downloading free music, and most of the US would be in jail right now if they were caught for illegal downloading. So yes. You could browse the web for hours trying to find the book you're after, but it would be wrong to do so.

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Why roads nd tires made up of black color?

because tyre rubber is mixed with carbon black which is black in colour


Has Sam Elliott ever narrated an audio book?



Where is the best place to download an audiobook?

is the best for that


Where can you find a downloadable audiobook on the novel When the Legends Die by Hal Borland?


How do you find a job as a audio book reader?

How do I become an audio book narrator? The industry is very competitive. There is no shortage of narrators. Getting a job in the industry is just like applying for any other job. Here are a few suggestions: · Have a professional sample/demo (this would be like your resume) that showcases your ability to do male/female voices, different emotions/settings, and different accents/dialects and languages if applicable. The key is to set yourself apart from the thousands of others trying to get in. You won't get in just because you have a "nice" voice. · Send demo to companies you would like to work for - find out who does the hiring of narrators and direct cover letter/correspondence to that person. · Networking helps - go to industry events (i.e., Audio Publishers Association Conference, American Library Association's conferences, Publishers Marketing Association's conference, Book Expo America, Book London Fair) and get to know (not solicit) the professionals involved in the industry.

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What is the best e book reader?

I think all the e book readers out there are excellent. They all have many of the same features. I think the Amazon Fire is the best e book reader for the money on the market right now.


Where can you download old Malayalam songs?

you can download Malayalam song on '' but you may need to sign up first.

you can listen on


When travelling the world without a fixed home address for many months ie no internet subscription how can you access the internet for podcast or audiobook downloads?

'3 Mobile' offer a payg dongle that gives you access to the internet while on the go. You just connect your laptop to the dongle via usb and just pay a monthly fee without a contract.


How many CD's do the Harry potter audiobooks have?

  1. Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone (7 discs)
  2. Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets (8 discs)
  3. Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban (10 discs)
  4. Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire (17 discs)
  5. Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix (23 discs)
  6. Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince (17 discs)
  7. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows (17 discs)
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What is role of computer in English language and literature?

there is no role of computer n literature ........simple

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Free download general English for competitive exams?

WikiAnswers respects copyrighting laws and does not support the free downloading or uploading of material that breaks these laws.

The only legal location to acquire free e-books is through your local public library.


Dama dam mast kalandar runa laila free download?

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Advantage and disadvantage of audio-visual?

advantages and disadvantages of audio and visual method


Anybody know where you can find free audiobook for a passage to India?

Call your local library and ask if it's in their 'audiobook' section or go online to the library and do the search. If it's not there they may be able to locate a copy for you.


How can you get an audiobook without downloading anything?

You can check out audiobooks from the public library for free.


Can you download library books off of your nook?



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