The Kindle is a slim, portable, electronic reading device used to download e-books wirelessly and read them. This cool and innovative piece of technology is a great match of hardware and software. The product is manufactured and sold by

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Does the kindle have password protection?

yes,from where you select an item book audio book or what not push the menu key go down to settings tis on page 2


How do you buy a kindle 3 if i m in China?

  1. just order it from there of come to cali
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Who is the manufacturer of the Kindle?

Short Answer: A lot of companies contribute to the Kindle.

The Answer: The Kindle was originally designed by Amazon in California. The Kindle itself is manufactured in Singapore, Taiwan and China through a joint effort by Foxconn and China Mobile. The E-Ink technology is courtesy of E-Ink (Cambridge, Massachusetts). Which was purchased by Taiwan-based Prime View International (now E Ink Holdings, Inc.)in mid-2009 for $215 Million. The CDMA Chip is from Qualcomm. The microprocessor was made by Freescale Semiconductor (Austin, Texas). In some models, WIFI is provided by Marvell.

All parts are then assembled at various factories in the region for pennies on the dollar.

According to a Harvard Business Review Article, the total cost to make the Kindle is about $185.

Sources: in the related links.


How do you get films onto a Kindle?

A standard Kindle has a very good refresh rate for an electronic reader, and will display books beautifully, but it can't show you video. You would have to get the upgraded Kindle Fire, which has more tablet like functionality. I am adding to this answer, I have a Kindle fire original and hdx and they both stream movies from Amazon Prime and Netflix and You Tube, there is no room or need to have the video in the Kindle memory when so many are available online as long as you have a WIFI connection avaiilable


How do you get any book for free on Kindle?

"Any" book is a tough question, but you can definitely enjoy your Kindle or Nook with free ebooks. They are often made free for a limited time and can be added to your library for reading at your convenience. You may visit here for free kindle books- justkindlebooksdotcom


Is Kindle useful for a college student?

Yes because you don't have to bring a ton of books to college instead you can buy them on the kindle

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Where can you download the book 'How to Rap The Art and Science of the Hip-Hop MC'?

You can purchase and download the ebook from the Kindle Store found on Amazon's website for a good price (approximately $7 to $8 USD).


How do you create a collection on your Kindle?

First of all, you have to have the Kindle3 or, if yours is an older one, make sure it's updated.

For the Kindle2:

On your Home screen, go to the book you wish to add to your new collection. Push your 5-way-controller to the right. You'll be taken to a menu, and the first option is "Add to collection". Click on that, then choose "Create New Collection". Name your collection using the keyboard. Click Save. The book is now in the new collection. Click Done (on the lower side of the screen).

You can add more books in the same way, except instead of creating a new collection you can simply add them to the one you already created.


Can the kindle be used while flying in an airplane?

You can use the Kindle, but I believe it'd have to be with the wireless off, and you may be asked to turn it off during takeoff and landing.


Is a kindle better than a regular book?

I would rather read a book however the kindle is a great tool when you don't want to carry around a bunch of books. I have a kindle and its very convenient especially when traveling and vacationing.


How lo load book from PC to kindle?

Just plug Kindle to PC, It will be showed up as USB drive. Just drop your books to Book Folder


Can you read kindle in the dark?

Yes you can. You can change the brightness settings on it too.

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What are the dimensions of the kindle 2?

203 × 135 × 9.14 mm

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Does Google Docs work on kindle 3g plus wifi?

It works on Kindle WiFi, but it's nearly unusable. You can check your documents and make small mods, but actually working on them is a real pain.

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Why is a group of kittens called a kindle?

This word is derived from an old English word 'kindelen' referring to the young of some animals such as kittens and rabbits. An even older word 'gncynd' also refers to these offspring


Why are there keys on a Kindle?

Because it has a web browser, and because you can make annotations on any passages in the books you read. So you need to be able to type. there is a keypad that pops up when you touch a place that you need it, very easy to use.


Who manufactures the Kindle?



Who owns Kindle?



Will a Kindle 1 fit in Kindle 2 case?

Depends on the case design, but it will not be a snug fit since the K2 is a bit larger. Have you tried looking at some of the smaller manufacturer of Kindle covers? I've dealt with Joe V. Leather before and they custom fitted my K1 into one of their cases. Turn around was decent and price very affordable.

Not unless it's a very loose case (in which case, why bother?). If you look at pictures, the K1 and K2 are different in shape and size, so I'd say don't try.

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Why can't you buy Harry Potter books for your kindle?

J.K. Rowling released the Harry Potter books as e-books in March 2012. You can buy them on the Pottermore store, the link to which is in related links. The eBooks at Pottermore are Kindle compatible.


What should you do when your Kindle screen is blank?

  • Step one: Is it on???
  • Step two:When my kindle freezes i simply plug into a usb port which may help.
  • Step three:I had a problem where it would not load the words on my books but everything else. I kept turning it on and off until it restarted(wouldnt suggest this but it worked!)!
  • Step four: When my kindle fell and it the corner of the table i simply called amazon. They said they understood and shipped me a new kindle! If your doing this you may lose your books!!!

How do you remove books form kindle?

Just plug it in PC with cable and delete books on Kindle USB drive


Can you buy Spanish books on the kindle?

Spanish titles are available for the Kindle.


Can you download apps using a kindle?

The Kindle eReaders do not have apps, but the Kindle Fire does.


Does your Kindle light up?

No, unlike a computer monitor it has no backlight, though there are accessories you can purchase from Amazon etc that clip to the kindle to make it easier to read in the dark.


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