Malta is a small island nation in the Mediterranean Sea. It has been a republic since the 1970s. It became a member of the European Union in May 2004.

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Is there kosher food in Malta?

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There does appear to be kosher food available in Malta. Please see the related links for details. There is only one place that prepared kosher meals ansd kosher food: contact Yigal Maidani on 0035699626200 e-mail
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What does the Maltese Cross stand for?

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The Maltese cross originally from the Knights of St John of Jerusalem ( the Knight Hospitalers)who used the Christian cross as a badge on their shields was adopted by the St. John Ambulance Brigade of today and also the Fire Service due to their object of service. It became known as the Maltese Cross because the Knights were given premission to settle in Malta and it is now the emblem of that country in the Mediterranean sea. B: The eight points of the Maltese cross symbolise the eight beatitudes of Christ's Sermon on the Mount (Matt 5.3-10): The poor in spirit, They who mourn, They who are persecuted for the sake of righteousness, the meek, the peacemakers, they who hunger and thirst for righteousness, the pure in heart and the mercifu. The Maltese Cross is also interpreted as a symbol of the eight chivalric virtues: Observation, Tact, Resource, Dexterity, Sympathy, Perseverance, Discrimination, Explicitness Another theory considers the eight points of the Maltese Cross a symbol for the eight langues of the Order of Malta: Provence, Auvergne, France, Aragon, Italy, Germany, England, Castilia What is known as the Maltese Cross was originally the symbol of Amalfi, a small Italian republic of the 11th century The cross of Saint Florian, used by firefighters is often confused with the Maltese cross; although it may have eight or more points, it also has large curved arcs between the points. C: According to the Princeton dictionary, Maltese Cross has 2 meanings: 1. A cross with arrow shaped arms 2. A Eurasian garden
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What does adt Malta stand for?

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ADT Malta is the Malta Transportation Authority which oversees registration of vehicles being imported into Malta for longer than a six months period. Registration Value, which is used to determine amount of taxes owed, and other requirements for importing cars into the country of Malta will be listed on their official website which also contains downloadable forms.
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Did Malta fight in World War I?

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Yes Malta did fight in World War 1 but mostly on the coastline of the country.
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Napoleon takes Malta without a fight in this year and abolishes the Inquisition?

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1798 ? IMPROVEMENT Napoleon landed on and took Malta on June 10, 1798, overwhelming the weak resistance of its garrison of 1.200 men. Then, during the following 5 days he reshaped every aspect of the way of life of the island. The Order of the Knights of St. John was abolished and all its members, with exception of those who agreed to join the French Army, were deported. Furthermore he set up the guidelines of a new Constitution, reformed the island's economy and created a new system of public education. The treasures of the Order were confiscated and about 7 millions of francs were destined to fill up the coffer of Napoleon's expeditionary force.
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When was Link school of English in Malta established?

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"When was Link school of English in Malta established?" lol this is such great friendly and fun school.. brings back nice memories!!! I think it was first established in 1992... i promise to verify this after my visit back to Malta in July!! xxxxxxxxx
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Who was Governor of Malta in 1900?

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Francis Grenfel
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What is the flight time from Manchester to Malta?

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From UK to Malta, it's usually not more then 3.5 hrs the most.
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Can you use a kindle DX in Malta?

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Yes you can read books anywhere you like.
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What is the capital of Malta?

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Valletta is the capital of Malta.
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What is the national currency of Malta?

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The currency of Malta since 1st January 2008 is the Euro (€).
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Are there snakes in Malta today?

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Yes. There are four species of snake in Malta. Only one species is poisonous however, the cat snake(Telescopus fallax fallax). It has 2 small fangs located in the back of the mouth and its poison is only toxic to very small animals and is of no danger to humans.
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Where is Maltese spoken?

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Malta Malta, and maybe some other Maltese emigrants who still speak their native language even though they do not live in Malta.
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Where is valletta?

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Valletta is the Capital city of Malta. Located in the central-eastern portion of the island of Malta the city has a population of 6,098.
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What is the flight time from gatwick to Malta?

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It will take around the 2 hours and 50 minutes.
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How do you say hello in Malta?

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The language is Maltese, and actually 'hello' is used most of the time rather than anything else. You can say 'Bongu' [Bon-ju] though which is the proper Maltese word. The language is generally said to be made up of Gharab, Italian and English.

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