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A facsimile machine is a device that can send or receive text and pictures over a telephone line. A fax machine comprises a telephone for making the connection, an optical scanner for digitizing images on paper and a printer for printing incoming fax messages.

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What font should you use to fax?

In the 1980s, Adobe Systems did a study on this. They typed up a page of text in many different sizes, set it in a lot of different fonts then faxed each page to see which one came out the clearest. They found Lucida, Lucida Sans and Helveticawere the best, in that order. Times didn't do well.

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What does a fax document contain?

Igore the following names that dont include with the fax:

· The fax needs to be addressed to Don Corblimey

· It needs his fax number in Sicily of 0898-0012 (find out the country code for Sicily)

· It needs today's date

· It needs a sensible title so that Don will know what it is about

· It needs to include the chart from Chimp Andy - well from you really, but Chimp Andy doesn't want Don to know he can't create a chart.

· It needs to include a short summary of what the chart shows - remember, Don isn't well known for his brains.

· Because Chimp Andy can't write, it needs a picture of an angry looking chimp in place of his signature (look for one on the internet).

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What is progressive auto insurance fax number?

800-229-1590 is for Customer Service

DO NOT FAX TO 1-888-316-0107 This is their Licensing Department an can not help with policies

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Is it facsimile number is like a fax?

Fax is short for facsimile. Fax number and facsimile number has numbering format the same with standard phone number. Internet fax number on the other hand is a combination of phone number and extension of the service provider.

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Can you fax from your Iphone4?

Yes you can, using an online fax service for mobile phones, m.popfax.com

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How do you answer a fax machine?

To answer a fax is simply pick up the phone and answer it. No other control not unless you're going to send a fax.

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What causes a total Black Fax Sheet?

Its very unusual for a total black fax sheet to be a coincidence or error. It usually is a black fax attack. This should explain it to you, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Black_fax

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What do you normally put on a fax cover sheet?

It depends on what your faxing? Usually you would use Perfereated sheets and use page protecters. You can use it as covering from spills and if you fax it it will stay on and you can forward it.

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How do you use a fax machine?

Here is what you will need for most fax machines (if possible, read the machine's manual beforehand)

You will need:

- a document that you want to fax

- a fax machine

- a fax machine to send to, as well as that fax machine's fax number (same as a phone number)

1) insert the document into the feeder of the fax machine - the feeder is usually at the top of the machine, and there is usually an icon on it to show which way to have the paper face up or face down

2) done the paper is in the document feeder, enter the number you want to fax to into the fax machine. The number gets entered just like a phone number does.

3) press send. The fax machine will attempt to dial the number. If the other fax machine picks up, the document will begin transmitting

4) watch the fax machine's display to make sure that the fax goes through. When the fax has been sent, you'll get a message saying the transmission is done.

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What are advantages and disadvantages of addressing machine?

There are many advantages and disadvantages of an addressing machine. One advantage is that the writing is very clear and legible.

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How do you connect telephone lines to fax server?

You need a fax modem. I have used a Zoom 3095 56k V.92 USB External Modem in my Joyfax Server nearly 30 days, it works perfectly...

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The Difference Between

What are the differences between GSM fax machine and telephone?

The fax machine is used to relay information that is usually documented from one place to another. A telephone is used to relay audio information from one place to another.

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Is it possible to email to a fax machine?

Yes, if you have the right software. Most business companies have the programs you need to email to fax machines as long as you have the correct number.

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When was the fax machine invented?

The FAX machine as we know it is an outgrowth of wire photo machines of 1920's and 1930's. Same principle. After that was weather fax which is also sent by shortwave to ships today. In all these an original drawing (weather map, newspaper, etc. or a B/W photo) was set on a drum. This was sent to spinning and a tightly focused beam of light was aimed at the item at one end. A synchronizing signal (usually based on 60 Hz power line frequency) was sent and then the light was moved down as the drum was spun, using gears that made picture scan in a fixed speed. A TV picture is produced in a similar but much faster method - the lines are painted across screen then moved down and across, etc. by a beam of electrons hitting the florescent screen. On the old style FAX (facsimile transmission) the light reflected off the paper and hit a photo cell. This generated a weak electric signal - more if white area was lit, less if dark area was lit. This was amplified and was caused to modulate at one. This was decoded at end and drove a lamp that was aimed at photo paper or sensitive flimsy thermal paper or a stylus and carbon paper to reproduce the image.

Flat bed scanners of today have the light fixed side to side, but moves down the paper to give best light where the pickup photodiode is scanning at the moment. The paper orig. document is fixed, while the photo cell is moved and scanned. The light/dark areas produce more or less light and this is converted to digital number stream, which then modulates a multi-tone modem and off it goes down the phone line. The earliest FAX like device was developed soon after the vacuum tube was invented and became generally available in the 1920's.

I have read of crude, experimental devices in lab work even earlier. This was just before the earliest crude TV system was developed (separately) by Dr. Lee De Forest (the inventor of the first amplifying vacuum tube - the triode - which enabled the entire electronics world; his last lab assistant was one of my mentors) and Philo Farnsworth out in the High Plains (ND?) in the 20's and early 30's. TV was broadcast in late 30's in a very limited way around NYC and a few large cities just before WW2. Radio, radar and electronics advances in WW2 brought the explosion of TV as we know it in early 50's.

Here are more opinions and answers from other FAQ Farmers:

Actually, the first fax machine was invented in 1842 by Alexander Bain who patented it in 1843. It consisted of a pendulum moving across that created an electric signal to another pendulm in sync with the first one that transmitted the signal to chemically treated paper.

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How do you send a fax?

On a conventional fax machine, you load the document into the fax machine, dial the fax number (dialed exactly the same way you would dial the same telephone number from a landline telephone at the same location), and press Send. Some newer fax machines may allow you to scan the document into memory before dialing the number. You may also be able to send a fax directly from your computer without printing it on paper, using the same process as printing, but selecting the fax machine instead of a printer. You will be prompted to enter the fax number. Lastly, some Internet fax services allow you to scan a document or otherwise create a digital image of a document and send it through the Internet.

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What was communication before the fax machine was invention?

the phone

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What does transmitted mean when faxing?

Went through successfully.

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How could your retrieve a fax confirmation on a canon fax machine?

shines the sun by day,and moon by the night

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Do the prongs of a nasal cannula face up or down in the nostrils?

Wear a cannula so that it causes a minimum of discomfort. The nasal cannula is a small piece of plastic tubing that is attached to a larger tube which, in turn, connects to the oxygen container. The cannula has two small prongs that are inserted into the nostrils. If the prongs are curved, they should point downward inside the nostrils.

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Has email replaced the need to have a fax machine?

Assuming that the recipient has a computer, email has largely replaced the need for a fax machine in most office environments as most documents can be scanned, emailed and then printed out by the recipient as needed.

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How To

How to use a fax machine step by step?

Step1 Check the fax machine plug. After you check the fax machine power supply, check to make certain that its telephone cord is plugged into a phone jack.

Step2 Insert the document that you wish to fax into the "outgoing" fax tray. Machines differ, but there will usually be an icon or picture directing the user as to where to place the outgoing document. Most fax machines require the user to insert the documents face down, but check your specific machine.

Step3 Dial the phone number to which you wish to send the document. In some offices, you may need to dial a number such as "9" for an outside line. You may also need to include the area or country code.

Step4 Wait for the receiving fax machine to "answer." You will hear a sound like a computer modem: a series of high-pitched squeals and static-like noises. Depending on your fax machine, you may have to press the "Start" button to send your fax, or your model may automatically start sending the fax by itself.

Step5 Look at the fax machine display console. It shows if pages have gone through successfully or if you need to resend a fax due to an error. Generally, when a fax has gone through successfully the machine will beep or display a "success" message.

Step6 Stock your fax machine with plenty of paper in the "incoming" fax tray. That way if you receive a fax, it instantly prints on the paper provided. Even if you are out of paper, your fax machine will keep received faxes in its memory, and it will print them when you finally do stock the machine with paper.

Step7 Note whether your fax machine has its own dedicated phone line. If so, it should receive faxes automatically. If you use one phone line for both your fax machine and a regular telephone, you may need to press "Start" to process an incoming fax. You can recognize an incoming fax easily; if you pick up the phone, you will hear the same modem sounds as when you are sending a fax.

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How many CMSAs are there in the U.S.?

The United States has twenty CMSAs, with New York, northern New Jersey, and Long Island being the largest.

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Is a fax cover sheet required?

In general, a cover sheet is not required for your faxes, although it is a good idea to include one. Often, a business will request that you do include a cover sheet anyways. Having a cover sheet ensures that your fax will get to the right recipient and everything gets there. Blank cover sheets are available online.

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How do change the fax settings on a canon laser class 810 fax?

To Set the Time and Date:

1. To open the USER SETTINGS MENU. Open all three of the One-touch speed dialing panels. Then press the button labeled "How_do_you_set_time_on_Canon_Laser_Class_3170_FAXRegistration".

2. Press the "SET" button 2 times until you see: USER SETTINGS - 1. DATE & TIME.

3. To open the DATE & TIME Menu. Press SET.

Use the buttons on the numeric keypad to enter the current month, day, year and current time. Just enter the new numbers over the old numbers.

To set the year, enter 08, 09, etc.

Use the 24-hours format to enter the time (e.g. 1:00 p.m. would be entered as 13:00)

You can also use the cursor buttons to move the cursor without changing a number entry.

To restore previous entry, press CLEAR.

Press SET to "lock in" the Date and Time.

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Do most fax machines generate a cng tone?

reference: ftp://ftp.faximum.com/pub/faqs/fax/fax-faq unfortunately CNG tones are only required if the fax machine is working in 'autmoatic mode'. If a person is manually faxing the standards do not require a CNG tone to be generated by the fax machine. This causes problems for some voice+fax services that rely on detecting the fax tone to switch their system to fax recipt mode.


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