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Telecommunications refer to the transmission of information over distances for the purpose of communication. In the modern age of electronics and electricity, telecommunication includes the use of electrical devices, radio and microwave communications, fiber optics, orbiting satellites and the Internet.

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What does a fax document contain?

Igore the following names that dont include with the fax: · The fax needs to be addressed to Don Corblimey · It needs his fax number in Sicily of 0898-0012 (find out the country code for Sicily) · It needs today's date · It needs a sensible title so that Don will know what it is about · It needs to include the chart from Chimp Andy - well from you really, but Chimp Andy doesn't want Don to know he can't create...
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Att uverse coupons - are there any specific uverse coupons or coupon codes that anyone knows about that will save on uverse tv bundle packages?

HI There are no specific uverse coupon codes, I know since I got the service last month and searched everywhere for codes. However, sites like RicksCouponPicks.com have att uverse promotions on a monthly basis with direct uverse cash back promotions from ATT. You can get cash back promotions on various amounts depending on the month on uverse products but no coupon codes at this time. Hope it helps. ...
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Can you put an ATT sim card into a boostmobile phone?

No you cannot. AT&T uses a GSM network and Boost uses iDEN and the two are not even remotely compatible. The Boost SIM card can be used for international roaming but it will not work with GSM networks in the US. It will not work either way, a Boost SIM will not work in a GSM device and a GSM SIM will not work in a Boost device. ...
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Which line-coding techniques are used in ADSL equipment?

Carrierless amplitude/phase (CAP)Discrete multitone (DMT)
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What is STD in telecommunication field?

STD stands for 'Subscriber Trunk Dialling' - Snakester1962
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Is high cost of capital good?

No. A high cost of capital is very expensive for an enterprise.Shares are a very high cost of capital as shareholders expect large dividend annually. ...
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Optical fiber works on the principle of?

Optical fibre works on the principle of 'Total Internal Reflection'.
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When was the telephone invented?

On 10 March 1876, Scottish-born inventor, Alexander Graham Bell uttered the famous words into the telephone to his assistant in the next room: "Mr. Watson, come here, I want to see you". June 2 1875 The telephone was made in 1905 by Alexander graham bell. :D 1876. It is generally accepted that Scottish-born inventor, Alexander Graham Bell, invented the first practical telephone on March 10, 1876, when, in Boston, USA, he spoke his famous words "Mr Watson, come here. I want to see you." On...
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How is Morse code similar to computer technology?

Both are systems for data/signal transmissions. Morse code uses dashes and dots (long and short pulses), while computers use ones and zeros (on and off/something and nothing) to transmit data. Both are binary. ...
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How do you fix an ATT On problem on a Sony CDX-M630 CD player?

ATT I think is a mute that doesent mute all the way so you can still here it a little. That is what happend on my truck. ...
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How do you use Morse Code with a pencil?

you eat the pencil ^this person obviusley is a smart-ass you just draw out the dots and dashes .... . .-.. .-.. --- Hello .... . -.-- Hey ...
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How do you hook up a DSL connection to your computer?

the actual physical connection is simple, almost every DSL provider will sell/lease you a modem, and probably install it, either free or for a price. The DSL modem connects either to your phone line, a fiber optic line (if your in a large city) or most commonly a coaxal line, just like your tv. That modem, also connected to the power outlet, is then connected to your computer via a jumper Ethernet line, commonly Cat5e. You could also connect a router to...
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What is a Western Union long tie splice?

Put a 90 degree bend on the two wire ends. Interlock the two ends together. Wind the opposite tail ends tightly from the 90 degree bend up onto the opposite wire. This was the old Western Union Telegraph splice that was used to repair broken telegraph wires. ...
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What is DDI telephone?

DDI (Direct Dial Inwards) telephones allow the user to have multiple telephone numbers, without the need to have expensive direct lines. ...
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How much commission does an ATT rep make?

They have pretty much slashed commissions in half for Sales Reps for 2009. In 2008, they were paying a certain percentile of the features you sold. For example, if you achieved your goal for the month in features, they would pay out 60% of what you sold. The more you surpassed your goal the higher a percentage you would keep up to 80%. So in other words....if you sold $3,000 in features for the month, you just put $2400 in your...
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What is Freedom of the Press?

Answer: Freedom of press is the right to print or publish something without governmental interference, though there are restrictions, which lead to punishments if dishonored. The freedom of the press secures the freedom of the mediamen/ journalists to write their ideas, opinions, or point of views....
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What is hotel telephone exchange?

A hotel telephone exchange is the telephone system that allows for calls to be directed to various departments of the hotel staff (housekeeping, room service, reservations, etc.), or to an individual guest room. ...
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What did the internet do for us?

It has given us more time and location insensitive communication, purchasing, finance management, work, and information gathering. Plus greater access to pooled knowledge and increasingly tailored services and products. However, the internet has not completely ruled out the relevance of time and location. While we can now receive and respond to messages from friends and family regardless of where and what they're doing, there are still many things we can only read on paper, like old books. We now have better access to...
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What telephone area is-0207 247?

020 is the code for London, so this number is in London. As the local number starts with 7247, the number was originally allocated to BT's Bishopsgate exchange in the City - although the number could since have been taken to another location or operator by its owner. ...
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Where can you see previous solved BSNL JTO examination papers?

You can get BSLN-JTO papers, models and samples for download online.
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How can you connect both ADSL and cable?

This answer is really dependant on your use. the first answer is clearly easiest if you have only one computer. It doesn't matter. You could connect one USB & one Ethernet, Both Ethernet, Both USB. They have nothing to do with each other so they can be connected however you like. --- If you have more than one device (Most of us do. PC, Xbox, Wii, BlueRay Player, Server, Iphone, Etc...) you will need to utilize an appliance. These appliances use Ethernet, and...