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Developed by Research In Motion, the BlackBerry is a popular smart phone common among businessmen.

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BlackBerry Devices

How do you update your blackberry messenger?

sometimes by going to app world it doesnt have the bbm update all u have to is go to the company an get them to update

BlackBerry Devices

Is the blackberry pearl 9100 any good?

Absolutely my friend recently purchased one and it is loaded with new features! I think you would be satisfied with it.

BlackBerry Devices

Can you make your blackberry prepaid?

Yes. You have to call your company to make the switch. Or if you have T-Mobile or AT&T go to Best Buy and they will do it for you

BlackBerry Devices

Does blackberry torch have flash?

BlackBerry Torch 9800 has flash for viewing web pages and also LED camera flash.

BlackBerry Devices

Does the blackberry torch have a camera?

Yes. 5MP with a flash

BlackBerry Devices
Calling and Area Codes

Where in North America is area code 214?

Area codes 214, 972, and 469 serve Dallas, Texas, and suburbs:

Dallas, Addison, Allen, Anna, Avalon, Balch Springs, Bardwell, Blue Ridge, Carrollton, Cedar Hill, Celina, Copeville, Crandall, Desoto, Duncanville, Elmo, Ennis, Farmersville, Fate, Ferris, Flower Mound, Forney, Forreston, Frisco, Garland, Grand Prairie, Hutchins, Irving, Italy, Josephine, Kaufman, Lancaster, Lavon, Lewisville, Little Elm, Maypearl, McKinney, Melissa, Mesquite, Midlothian, Milford, Nevada, Palmer, Plano, Princeton, Prosper, Red Oak, Rice, Richardson, Rockwall, Rosser, Rowlett, Royse City, Sachse, Scurry, Seagoville, Sunnyvale, Terrell, The Colony, Venus, Waxahachie, Westminster, Weston, Wilmer, Wylie

BlackBerry Devices

Can you charge a blackberry with an apple charger?

No the apple charger is too long for a blackberry

BlackBerry Devices
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What are the advantages and disadvantages of mobile phone?


- Ability to make phone calls while away from a land-line phone.

- It can be used as a mp3 player, instead of carrying around your mobile and your iPod or what ever type of music thing you have.


What are the use and abuse of mobile phone - Having to answer inconvenient phone calls, i.e., from your boss.

- You can loose signal in different places depending on how close you are to signal things.

AnswerThere are so many advantages of mobile phone on the human life like connecting people ,GPS,net surfing etc.but , it havs some disadvantages as well like it has pushed people apart from each other e,g instead of going to see the parents just call them and one does not need to go and see them so just to find out how are you is not enough.


cell phones make you financially uplifted,it lessen your boredom,could take photos,easier access to internet,can carry it anywhere,contains many other useful functions like calculator,calender etc.


expensive and you are craved to buy every new model which comes into become lazier as you just talk on phones rather than to meet your relatives or friends,it causes disturbances at your work or school.its electromagnet waves/radiation can cause health problems like cancer.While driving it catches your attention and concentration from driving causing accidents.

that were some advantages and disadvantages of cell phones.don't just read...also act upon it!

BlackBerry Devices

How much is a blackberry curve 8300?

BlackBerry Devices

How do you unlock data plan for blackberry?

yo momma

so go find it somewhere else like google

BlackBerry Devices

Does the blackberry 7230 have BBM?


BlackBerry Devices

Can you use a blackberry torch with boost?

No. At&t owns the exclusive rights to sell the Torch.

BlackBerry Devices

Export blackberry address book to sd card?

no i cant seem to find an easy way yet.

only thing i can find so far is to use blackberry desktop manager

(or your phones deskptop software) to export contacts

to your computer, them copy it to an sd card.

i was looking more for a way to do it solely on the phone itself,

since my blackberry has a sim card and an SD card.

Commercial Jingles
BlackBerry Devices

What song is in the Blackberry BBM commercial a banjo is played in the intro?

Ghostwriter by RJD2

BlackBerry Devices

What is bedside mode on a blackberry torch?

It's like a preset profile that you can set your phone to whilst you're sleeping so the flashing reception indicator (if on) is disabled or ringtones are silenced for example. Myself personally, I have the options set to disable the phone reception when I switch on bedside mode at night so I won't be disturbed by any phone calls without switching off the phone. I can still use the wi-fi in this mode as well as alarm clock. If you have the phone reception disabled along with bedside mode, you must remember to 'Exit Bedside Mode' otherwis you will be left wondering why your phone has no reception despite being able to do other things.

BlackBerry Devices

Can blackberry messenger be traced?

Any phone can be traced if you have the right equipment with you, would you want to, depends on the reason, oh eager one.

BlackBerry Devices
Lactation and Breastfeeding

What age can girls breastfeed?

When they get pregnant

BlackBerry Devices
How To

How to retrieve pictures on blackberry bold?

If you need to get pictures off of your phone, connect it to your computer. Your Blackberry will display a message asking how you want to proceed. Select "Media Sync Mode" and unlock your phone to allow your computer to connect to the phone. You will be able to move pictures from your phone onto your computer.

If you are trying to retrieve pictures that have been deleted, the lost pictures can be retrieved provided that they were stored on the external memory of your BlackBerry Bold. If you saved them on the internal memory, then there is no hope.

If you need to recover pictures from the microSD card, you can use a picture recovery software to see if they can be recovered. Wondershare Photo Recovery is such a such photo recovery program which can recover lost pictures, videos can music with both Windows and Mac versions.

Step-to-Step Instruction:

1. Download and install the trial version on your computer, then connect your BlackBerry memory card to the computer (I assume you are using Windows). Start Wondershare Photo Recovery and select the drive letter that assigned to the memory card.

2. Then choose the file type (all, photo, video, music) click "Star Scan".

3. Now the scanning process will start automatically to look for the deleted items. You will then get a list of all recoverable ones.

4. Preview the found photos. If your deleted ones are found, then you need pay to get the activation code. And click "Recover".


1. Take the free trial version before you buy.

2. Before your deleted pictures are recovered, do not take more photos or videos with the same memory card of your BlackBerry.

BlackBerry Devices

When you try to reset your blackberry 8520 you go on options security options general settings menu wipe handheld then it says enter your blackberry what's this?

Unless they have recently changed it it does not say "enter your blackberry" it says "enter blackberry" and it wants you to type in the word "blackberry". No quotation marks, just the word blackberry. It may ask you to confirm it and you will want to type it in again.

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Will the web browser on a blackberry torch work without a sim card?

No it will not. Without the SIM card in it there is no account access and with no account access there is no BlackBerry data plan access. If there is no BlackBerry data plan access then the device cannot connect to the RIM (Research In Motion) server to allow browsing.

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Can you use the tmobile blackberry phone with another network?

If you get the device unlocked you can use it on the AT&T network, or any other GSM network.

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Owner of micro max mobile company?

Leo cuciz

No. this Leo whatever owns Micromax Design and Consulting Inc which has nothing to do with making mobiles in India. Rahul Sharma is the managing director and founder of Micromax mobile.

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Safari Browser

Is the Safari web browser available for BlackBerry?

No, it's not. Apple Safari Web browser only works on Apple Mac OS X, iPhone OS or Windows operating systems. So the only mobile devices with Apple Safari is iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad.

Internet Explorer and Firefox are available for use with Blackberry devices

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Can you use orange sim in blackberry 8800?

If the Blackberry 8800 is already unlocked, then yes, you should be able to use the phone on the Orange carrier. If you want to use the Blackberry data service, then you would need to register the device for a Blackberry Data plan as regular data plans do not work on Blackberry phones.

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BlackBerry Devices

How much does a megabyte cost?

Well as of August 2010 1 cent would get you 122Mbs so that's 0.0081 cents per Mb, and the per gigabyte cost was 8 cents. Hard drive capacities tend to double every 6 months so, you can do the math on that.


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