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Microsoft's popular webmail services (Live/Hotmail) and their email management software (Outlook) provide two different ways to handle a common form of communication: email. Questions about these services and programs belong here.

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What is acresso software manager agent?

It is a software management tool provided by certain software manufacturers. These style of tools tend to allow the manufacturer to add software updates and whenever those software publishers provide updates, it will signal an update to install.

It is used to connect to the Internet to check for software updates for the following software applications: Roxio, DragonNaturally Speaking, Corel Draw, Acronis, Articulate, and other programs that make use of the service FLEXnet Connect.

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How can you contact Mattel via email?

Use the contact form on their website - see the link below.

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How do you make your own email account?

You can go to any email providing site and follow the prompts to open a free email account. Examples:

  1. (Gmail)
  2. (Yahoo Mail)
  4. if you have an aim screen name, it comes with email (

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How can you bypass a Smartfilter to access your Hotmail account from work?

:You should not, the Smart Filter is there for a reason and if you attempt to bypass it you will most likely be violating policy which could lead to negative action being taken against you.
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How did Hotmail get its name?

Stated in Wikipedia: The name "Hotmail" was chosen out of many possibilities ending in "-mail" as it included the letters HTML - the coding used behind all web pages (to emphasize this, the original spelling was "HoTMaiL").

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Could I make a 3 way conversation on msn?

yes of course you can, at the top of the conversation box there is an option of adding someone to the convo, click that, then a list will come on of all the people who are logged on, check all of the people you want to add and click ok or add

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Dose MSN Hotmail messenger work on apple mac computers?

Microsofts MSN Messenger and HotMail will work on Apple Mac computers. (See links below)

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How do you make a Bing email account?

Bing does not provide email accounts. Bing is owned and developed by Microsoft, so you could get a Hotmail and it would still be from Microsoft.

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How do you block contact requests in Outlook Live?

-When you find your "Home" page of live.mail, click on "Your Privacy" in the drop down menu under the "Home" button.

-On the bottom right it says "Profile Privacy" and click on "profile privacy settings".

-Under "My Current Settings" click on "View Current Settings".

-Go down almost all the way to the "Who can contact me" section and move the slider for "Friend and Group Invitations" from "Everyone (Public)" to "My Friends and their friends" or "No one".

-Go all the way to the bottom and click on the "Save" button.

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Purpose of Windows Live messenger?

te kam shum gjan zejnepe rexha

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How can you highlight in Gmail?

keep your left mouse button down and drag across area you want to highlight,if you cant highlight then its problem with email you received,maybe its set (content of message) as background image in that case you can not highlight

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Using Outlook Express 6 and Windows 98 Outlook Express will not open and when Ctrl Alt Del is used the message 'Msimn does not respond' appears how do you fix this?

in processess tab click on the outlook process and clikc 'end process' button.

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What is the POP server for Hotmail?

As of March 12, 2009, POP3 access is available free to all Hotmail users worldwide.

POP server: (Port 995)

POP SSL required? Yes

User name: Your Windows Live ID, for example

Password: The password you usually use to sign in to Hotmail or Windows Live

SMTP server: (Port 25 or 587)

Authentication required? Yes (this matches your POP username and password)

TLS/SSL required? Yes

Microsoft offers Windows Live Mail, a desktop application which allows for downloading of Hotmail, MSN and Live mail accounts (free or premium), but this is not a POP service, it uses a different protocol Microsoft call DeltaSync which enables you to seamlessly sync your folders from hotmail on your desktop but you can create new message rulos on this app you still have to do it on the web-based version

Another solution would be to use Mozilla Thunderbird with the webmail add-on -- but it requires you to install the (free) Hotmail retriever. It also works with Yahoo Mail.

You can also use a free alternative as a gateway and forwarding service which converts Hotmail accounts into a regular POP3 mailbox. One such gateway is "Webmail Retriever" Another is IzyMail.

From JE: Note that these products are not really free. They have a free trial version. IzyMail is $18 a year. It may be reasonable, but it's not free.

Another alternative that may be good enough for some users would be to forward all their Hotmail mail to another email address that does support POP3 (this may not be possible: it is restricted to Microsoft based accounts). Some users would prefer not to combine their inboxes like this, but most POP users would probably not mind, since POP is mostly a service that facilitates importing all of one's email to one convenient place.

Email forwarding is one of the few features that Hotmail and Live Mail do support, and it can be accessed by navigating to Options->Manage your account->Forward mail to another e-mail account.

About POP3:

POP3 (Post Office Protocol 3) is the most recent version of a standard protocol for receiving e-mail. POP3 is a client/server protocol in which e-mail is received and held for you by your Internet server. Periodically, you (or your client e-mail receiver) check your mail-box on the server and download any mail, probably using POP3. This standard protocol is built into most popular e-mail products, such as Eudora and Outlook Express. It's also built into the Netscape and Microsoft Internet Explorer browsers. POP3 is designed to delete mail on the server as soon as the user has downloaded it. However, some implementations allow users or an administrator to specify that mail be saved for some period of time. POP can be thought of as a "store-and-forward" service.

An alternative protocol is Internet Message Access Protocol (IMAP). IMAP provides the user more capabilities for retaining e-mail on the server and for organizing it in folders on the server. IMAP can be thought of as a remote file server.

POP and IMAP deal with the receiving of e-mail and are not to be confused with the Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP), a protocol for transferring e-mail across the Internet. You send e-mail with SMTP and a mail handler receives it on your recipient's behalf. Then the mail is read using POP or IMAP.

The conventional port number for POP3 is 110.

Please refer to the related links for more information.

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Ovi Mail settings for outlook express?

These are the settings

Incoming email:

User name:

Password: *****

Incoming mail server:

Mailbox type: IMAP 4

Security (ports) SSL/TLS

Port: Default

Outgoing email:

My email address:

User name:

Password: *****

Outgoing mail server:

Security (ports): SSL/TLS

Port: Default

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How do you Convert OST to PST Manually?

The process to convert OST to PST manually seems to be complicated for non-technical users. Even a mistake can cause irrecoverable loss of the database. Still you can try utilities like scanost.exe. But in case if you want simpler OST file migration option then choose something like eSoftTools OST to PST Converter Software. You just have to provide OST file, its items and then resultant file as PST. A free demo is also provided to all users. Explore more by copying and pasting the following:
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How can you make every letter received by Outlook automatically sent to your email?

In Microsoft Outlook, open up help. Type in "Autoresponder" (without the quotes). Outlook Help should now show you how to do it. It is also known as rules wizard: - Tools - Rules Wizard - Click "Create New Rule". The Wizard should help you with the rest.

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Why can't you connect with the Earthlink outgoing mail server even though the settings are correct?

Recently, and mainly to fight SPAM, email servers have changed to require SMTP authentication for outgoing mail. Often the server address settings are correct, and everything has been working up to now, but suddenly stop. In Outlook Express, for example, go to Tools, Accounts, then the Properties of the affected account, and on the Servers page, under Outgoing Mail Server, there is a checkbox for SMTP Authentication, put a checkmark in the box. This was a monthly occurrence for me. I could never remember what their tech support told me to do last time, so I would have to call again. I'd fix it, and then the proble would recur with no changes made on my part. I came to realize there were as many different explanations and fixes as phone calls I made. I fixed it by changing ISP's.

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Hapja e nje facebook-u?

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In Outlook Express how can you fix error message a timeout occurred while communicating with your server error number ox800ccc19?

Solution #1

Try to use ping to see if the mail server is ok. If it answers ping then check the availability of smtp (port 25) and pop( port 110) services by using "telnet name_of_mail_server 25" (or 110 depending on what service requires verification). If you receive for smtp an answer like "220 name of isp some data ESMTP" (only 220 matters which is a code for service ready) then smtp works. For pop u have to type username: nameofuser and afterwords password:something... i do not know the exact steps (i used it only once or twice). Then... if it's all k, it can be outlook express that's faulty. Usually, this means the inbox file is damaged (inbox.dbx) and the program can not receive mail because it cannot repair inbox and write into it the new messages. Also... sent items can be damaged... u get the impression that u can't send mails... because outlook automatically tries to write into sent items as you send your message and since it can't it will abort displaying crappy error message that doesn't mean anything. Use the menu to create 2 sub new folders under "Local folders" - old inbox and old sent items. copy any message into them so that corresponding files are created in the folder where outlook stores it's messages and memorized in folders.dbx (use find *.dbx to get that location). after that... u can delete first the 2 files... old inbox and old sent... rename inbox.dbx to old inbox.dbx and sent items.dbx to old sent items.dbx -> remember names must coincide with the names of the files deleted. now u have a folder that has only old inbox.dbx and old sent.dbx, but no inbox.dbx and no sent.dbx because the original files were renamed. that's k. when crappy email client starts... it will recreate these files... and hopefully everything will go back to normal. wish you luck... and remember... before anything you do... make a backup copy.

Solution #2

Sometimes a simple cleansing of the registry cleans the problem. There are many utilties available that supply such a service.

There are 3 step to repair outlook express ox800ccc19 error

If you got outlook express ox800ccc19 error then there is a 94% chance that your computer has registry problems. To repair outlook express ox800ccc19 error you need to follow the steps below:

* Step 1 - Download a outlook express ox800ccc19 error repair tool,install this error repair tool.

* Step 2 - Click the Repair All Button.It will scan you PC for Free.

* Step 3 - Then click the Repair All Button again and your done! It is very easy to repair outlook express ox800ccc19 error.

Here are the URL of outlook express ox800ccc19 error repair tool:

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Why does my Office Outlook 2007 look like the 2003 version?

They did not add the Ribbon changes in Outlook 2007 for the Applciation window. However, you should notice that the Ribbon was added for Mail, Calendar, Tasks and other such items.

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What is a file that keeps replicating itself and is labeled with only a tilde using Outlook Express or the address book?

This is a problem with how address are handled in Windows Outlook Express. Go to Windows and update your system. This will eliminate the problem. It is not anything to worry about. Just delete the file. It will return until you get your system updated. Be sure and install SP2. Do not download from the internet. Order the free CD from Microsoft and install with the CD.

More Info on this issue.What is the Tilde (~) file that appears on Desktop

What is this ~ file? The file appearing on your desktop with the filename ~, commonly known as a tilde, is a backup of your Windows Address Book. It is appearing as a result of the April 2003 Cumulative Patch for Outlook Express (330994). The patch is installed for Outlook Express 5.5 or 6 in response to a vulnerability that could allow an attacker to run code of the attacker's choice on a user's machine. To exploit the vulnerability, an attacker would have to be able to cause Windows to open a specially constructed MHTML URL, either on a web site or included in an HTML email message.

Unfortunately, there is a bug in the patch.Whenever you make a change in your Windows Address Book file (*.wab file), Windows makes a backup of this file. Generally this backup is called user name.WA~ , however after the patch is installed the backup gets renamed to just ~ instead and saved in the directory where you start your Outlook Express. Most of the time, people start Outlook Express from a shortcut on their desktop, so the backup file gets placed there. This is how the tilde (~) file arrives on your desktop.

Is the File a Virus and will Spyware or Anti-virus Utilities Find it?

Because the file is simply a backup of your Windows Address Book, spyware searching utilities or anti-virus products wont flag it as anything suspicious.

Can I Delete the ~ File?

The simple answer is yes, the file can be deleted. However if it is deleted, you wont have a backup of your Windows Address Book if a virus or something else corrupts it or you accidentally delete the information in the address book. So I wouldn't necessarily delete the file without backing it up first. Personally, here are the steps I would take to remain safe in case you need the file again.

Right click on the file and choose Rename

Type in a name for the file and add the .wab extension to itFor Example, you might want to rename it to addressbook.wab or something similar

Now, put a blank, formatted floppy disk in your floppy drive and right-click on the newly named file

Choose Send To, Floppy Drive (most likely A)

Now the file is backed up in case of emergency, right-click on the file on your desktop and choose DeleteEach time you make a change to your address book, this file will reappear so its a good idea to keep that floppy drive around and make a backup each time you make changes. This protects you from losing valuable email addresses in case of a disaster.

An alternative to this would be to change the Start in option for Outlook Express.

Find the shortcut to Outlook Express and right-click on it Click on Properties Make sure Read-only is unchecked on the General tab Click on the Shortcut tab In the "Start In" field, change it to an alternative path where the tilde file will appear, for example C:\ Click on Apply

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How can you check last login on your hotmail account?

You cannot do this!

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What is the age limit for children to create a gmail account?

It is suppose to be 13! But if you live Outside the "United States" Google dosedoes not ask for your age so you might just have to be 13 in the "United States".

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How do you fix error code 80048823 on msn?

ihave trouble w my msn its give m code80048823

Answer :

Listen up ..

The 2 most common types of problems one can possibly face in MSN messenger are automatic logouts , and that stupid error that happened with pretty much everyone who was forced OFF WLM 8.1 to lame WLM 8.5 beta , followed by WLM 8.5 (14.0.8089.726 is the current default) ..

Ulitimately , WLM2009 is coming around ..

The 2nd error am talking about is clarified right here

In other words , most people (did / are going to) face the very same type of crap due to MS security claims ..

I was so (guinea peg) like , that i actually tried everything even Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 debug engine ( It's okay if you havn't heared of it , it's a Developer Studio for Programmers / Developers


The working solution (for me) was

1) Change your country/region ( no joke i moved myself to California lol)

2) A tiny MSN virus removal tool ..

3) Restart your PC

There are certain types of viruses/malwares that affect MSN's behavior and screws it up

here is what i used and it worked like a charm , it solved the 2 problems actually ..

the error message , and the automatic logout .. just gone :)

GL and hope it works fine for you as well

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