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The Pontiac Montana is a minivan manufactured from 1997 to 2009 by General Motors’ Pontiac division. Produced in two generations, this model uses the U-body platform and comes with 4 speed 4T65-E automatic transmission.

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Why would a car accelerate without pressing the gas?

Two things:

The accelerator cable is frayed or sticking. Change it or lube it alot.

Your idle is too high. Have it lowered.

The problem could be some type of vacuam problem. That is what happened to our Explorer. Or maybe a throttle body problem?

if you mean accelerator sticking, I would check the throttle bore. The plate gets heavy carbon build up and should get cleaned every 18,000 miles.

On modern cars, idle is controlled by the Electronic Control Module. An increase in RPM without pressing the gas pedal is called surging. Have the ECM checked for codes and fix the problems it has noted. This should fix the surging problem. On my car, it was the Oxygen sensor. But it could be a number of other things also, including a vacuum leak.

Make sure your floor mat (not even a corner of it) isn't on top of the accelerator pedal. Even the slightest weight can cause the pedal to accelerate enough to be noticeable. The floor mat can slip forward (and has) in two of our new vehicles when we were driving on the highway. It had worked its way off the anchors and slipped forward, causing the vehicles to accelerate.

If it's an automatic transmission, it might be normal provided the engine performance is ok. Auto trannies have a torque converter stall speed. I have a 96 Cadillac Fleetwood and it will move on its own.

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What can cause a power window to not work on a Windstar?

Possible causes:

  • Switch - if the window works with one of the switches, then it's likely the one that doesn't needs cleaning or has failed
  • The fuse is blown
  • The window motor is the problem - sometimes the motor gets stuck, other times they completely fail.

If the fuse is good, the switch is definitely suspect. Take the switch apart and tighten and clean everything.

See "Related Questions" below for more power window info

If none of the windows are working, and the fuses are good, that leaves one more common point: the master switch and wiring on the drivers door.

Check for power getting to the switch - if it is, then likely the switch itself is bad.

Time for a trip to your favorite auto junk / salvage yard.

Additional Info: I have had to replace my 2000 Windstar window lift motors twice and so far, the original master switch is working like new. Before taking a trip anywhere, check to see if there is power to the lift motor. U have to remove the door panel to do this.

Personally, I wouldn't buy any electric or electronic component from a salvage yard. New ones at any of the major parts houses are too cheap to go searching for u exact part at a salvage yard.


My LH window does not work on my 2000 Ford Windstar Van, and I hear a clicking noise. How can I fix it?

You should always check to fuses first, but if your window does not work and you hear a click (after pressing the window switch up or down) and it's coming from a Front Electronic Module (aka FEM, that shiny metal box under the dash right next to the fuse box on the driver's side) then you probably have a faulty window motor and you don't have a bad fuse or bad relay and certainly not a bad FEM.

When the motor goes bad it creates an open circuit and you hear a clicking sound. You probably should replace the window motor, but it's real pain. The other temporary fix (if it works) is to bang on the motor and remove and then reinstall the power clip.

Banging may free up the motor bushings and removing and reinstalling the electrical leads may remove oxidation built up on the contacts. You can try this first and if it works you may be able to put off buying a new motor for a week or a year.

Note: To remove the door cover there are two 8mm screws at the bottom and two 8mm screws on the door handle. There also maybe one screw behind the black cover up high and to the right next to the window, hidden. Just remove the screws and man-handle the door skin upward. Good luck. This process will take 30 minutes or less. But if you have to replace the motor that's a good 1.5-2hrs.

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How do you adjust the sliding rear door on a Pontiac Montana so it will close without having to open the drivers door?

there are bolts on the top and bottom arms that hold the door to the van on the door side of these arms that can be loosened to adjust the door then tightened back but for me the top bracket is bent i will have to replace the arm

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What sensor detects the code P0410?

secondary air injection system malfunction

This can mean a number of things, I have had this code for years and have replaced the injection motor, the shutoff valves (2 ea 1 on each bank of the motor), the 50 amp fuse, and one other item. If you dont have the intake relocation tube for the air injection motor it will just suck water and short out again. There is a TSB on this problem with suggestions to fix.

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How do you repair the motor of the wiper fluid reservoir?

I had to replace one once by removing the dashboard. It was located just below the defrost vent.I just remembered what wires I removed in what order and put the new one on in same fashion. If I had to do it again I would just pay someone else to do it.

There is a gravel guard under the front bumper fascia that mus be removed. (7mm) Then you should be able to reach up under the driverside of the nose cone, and find the motor. It is about 3 inches tall, and just lifts straight up, about 1 inch. When its clear, you can unlug it from the feeder tube, and power (disconnect battery first).

Have fun.

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How do you replace the thermostat located on a 1999 Chevy Malibu LS 3.1L V6?

It should be at the end of the big radiator hose on top of the engine but if your car is over heating its probably the head or intake gasket leaking. look in your overflow tank and see if its bubbling or pushing out fluid with cap of or blowing white smoke out exhaust.

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Can you take the 3 rear spark plugs on a Pontiac Montana out from underneath the van?

you possibly could but theres alot int the way. I took out the engine mounts and jacked the engine back with a ratchet strap. gave me about 4 more inches between the firewall. then took them out from under the hood with long extentions. there a bear to get out but i hat fighting that stuff with tools over my head. A boot remover plier helped alot on that center plug...
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How do you replace the water pump on a 1999 Pontiac Montana?

REMOVAL:1) Remove the plastic belt routing diagram (there is a bolt underneath if I remember correctly)(yep, 8mm).

2) Using a 3/8 breaker bar or a ratchet, insert into the belt tensioner and push toward the back of the engine enough to release tension on the belt with one hand, and with the other hand, remove the belt from the water pump pulley. Then remove the bar/ratchet from the tensioner.

3) Remove the 4 bolts holding the shiny pulley onto the water pump (11mm).

3a) Large catchpan underneath, there's more coolant in there than it looks like.

4) With a ratchet and possibly a short extension, carefully remove the 5 bolts that hold the water pump onto the block (8mm).

5) Pry the water pump away from the block and clean both surfaces so they are free of gasket material.

INSTALL:1) Line up the gasket and *carefully* fit the new water pump onto the block. The holes are very easy to line up wrong because they are almost, but not quite, equally spaced from each other, so be VERY careful you have all 5 holes lined up right.

2) Screw each bolt in a few tuns to make sure they all go in smoothly. If you get any resistance (it will feel like it's crossthreaded), you have the holes wrong, and you need to rotate the water pump so the holes are lined up right. I can't stress this enough.

3) Torque all the bolts down (I can't recall the exact in/lbs - sorry) in a star pattern.

4) Mount the pulley onto the water pump shaft, torque bolts down (an air ratchet helps greatly here as the shaft will try to spin when the bolts start getting tight).

5) Release the tension as explained in step 2 at the top, put the belt back on the water pump pulley & double check to make sure it's on all the other pulleys while you're at it.

6) Bolt the plastic bolt routing diagram back onto the head.

7) Refill the reservoir and bleed the system of air.

That's it! It's an hour or so job if you've never done it before.

Note, if you're not using a gasket, get some water pump gasket sealer and make a gasket around the entire diameter of the mounting surface of the water pump. Remember to make little circles around the bolt holes also.

Pontiac Montana

How do you remove the radio in a 2003 Pontiac Montana?

You first have to remove two screws(7mm)in the back of the storage compartment under the pull out cup holder. Once they are removed pull that compartment out and set it off to the passenger floor side being careful not to break your lighter plug wire. Next you pull out your cup holder and remove two screws up under where the cup holder slides in and out also 7mm. Then while cup holder is pulled out remove two screws one on each side of the cup holder which are back in a little holes Phillips head. After all 6 screws are out using a small flat head screwdriver very carefully pry loose the three tabs which hold the top of the plastic trim ring above the radio. Once the trim ring is removed there are three screws that hold the radio in remove and radio is out

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How do you fix a power sliding door on a minivan that stops responding to the buttons that tell it to open and close?

I agree with the checks below but to get to the motor in the Odyssey van requires a special tool to remove inner panel in the rear of the van. The tool I found is listed in the service manual which is available on feeBay or on line from Helm Inc.). The tool is listed as a Snap-On #A-177A or some variant of the tool. I paid $35 (in spring of 2010) to have it shipped in. You will also need a small floor jack and rags, towels or something to protect the door while it's held up by the jack. I used an old sweatshirt. Sat the jack parallel to the van so

if needed I could slide it back and forth (found I could just leave it in place so a bottle type

jack could also be used.)

Be sure to buy a genuine Honda service manual available on feeBay or from Helm, Inc on the internet. They are worth their price. I bought the electrical manual for it to.

There are three points where you must slide the tool down behind the panel. The pop type fittings are nylon and are spaced along the rear windows. Don't try to use it along the front edge of the panel as it will snap the melt on type plastic cover (it's done during part's manufacture). Be sure to slide the tool down from the top edge nearest the window. Move slowly and carefully. There are only three of the connectors. The rear speaker and it's mounting screws along with a screw that holds the inner panel in place is behind the speaker.

Once these are removed the panel can be carefully pried from the bottom edge. I started

near the tail gate and worked it forward. (I did the right side on mine)

Behind the panel there is a nylon piece that is the drum for the cable that opens and closes the door by winding the cable one way or the other. There is a handle sort of peice that must be pulled out to release the drum so you can rotate it manually to loosen the cable to provide enough slack in the cable to remove it from the sliding bracket (on the outside of the van behind a cover plate over the center channel) which has the rollers (2 nylon and one metal [nylon ones always break]). The outside bracket is held on by one bolt in the door frame (you have to manually slide the door open to see the bolt). The rear light must be

removed to get at the two phillip screws on the back edge of the cover plate. The rear light

has two tabs that must be flipped up to expose bolts that hold the light on. The tailgate must be raised to see the tabs in the channel of the tailgate. A thin screwdriver fits into tiny slots in the black plastic of the light. Once the two bolts are removed the light must be "popped" rearward. Use electrical tape on a flat blade of a screwdriver to help slide the light out of the mount. There is a nylon pin that sits in a rubber grommet on the front leading edge of the light that holds the light in place (it can be tough the first time it's removed [when reassembling the tailight I used silicone spray on the nylon pin to help it come out easier the next time]. There are wires leading to the light that go through a rubber grommet. The grommet must be removed carefully to find the connector for the light's wires. I put fresh dielectric grease on the female side of the connector when I put it back together to keep it from corroding later.

You will need a small jack to hold the door level while working on the slider. I used an old sweat shirt to keep the door from getting scratched.

Check the fuse first. Then check for power at the motor when switches are operated, then check for power at the switches, then for power at the fuse. look closely at the wires at and near the motor and the switches and as far as you can follow them, look for obvious problems, loose connections, look for frays where the wires take a bend or go through a hole or are near anything moving. Your problem can have many possible causes such as a poor ground, loose connection, frayed wire, bad switch, blown fuse, faulty relay, blown motor, or possibly even a problem with the mechanical aspect that opens the door. Be careful when working on these parts as you could easily scratch the door or inner panel.

There are three large bolts that hold the bracket onto the sliding door. You can reach them

when the door is open. I was able to slide the bracket toward the rear of the van to work on it. Might want to place some protective tape (painter's wide tape) on the bottom side of the center channel to keep from scratching the paint. The cable has small drum like pieces inside the bracket the cable must be slack enough to slide the drums out of the bracket. They are a lot like the ones you see on bicycle brake handles or motorcycle clutch cables. There is a slot for the cable to be slid out of position. Don't kink the cable.

The bracket with rollers can be found on the net from Majestic Honda in RI, for about $70 (spring of 2010 price). I found the local dealer to charge $95 for the same part and I would have had to pre pay and drive to pick it up. These brackets are known to need replacement. Dealer wanted nearly $200 plus parts to change it out. I took about 2-3 hours to do the job. I'm not a fast mechanic but I did get the job done myself.

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How do you Replace front wheel studs on 2000 Montana?

You replace the wheel bearing hub assembly - it has studs, bearings and wheel speed sensor around $100 part

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Can 22 inch rims fit on a 1997 Grand Marquis?

Yes. You have to use the lowest profile tire and wheel available currently. I believe at this time you would want to go with a 22" wheel with a width of 8-8.5", and use a tire sized 245/30-22. The only company, to my knowledge, that has a tire available in this size is Pirelli. Good luck.

well that's not the only thing you can do cause I'm from FL and I seen all the way up to 26"s,you may want to thing about getting a lift on your car mainly upgrading your springs a 2" lift would be just right I have a 99 merc on 24"s deep dish,only got it lifted about 3.5" front 3" rear with no scrub no rub

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Why would the check coolant light come on in a 1999 Pontiac Montana?

Hey Leonard, Either it is low on coolant or the sensor needs to be cleaned. GoodluckJoe Also it could be a leaking intake gasket. To check for this look at your oil cap and see if it is white and also checkjust below the valve covers to see if there is any coolent and or oil on the sides of the engine the light will come on when, rad. fluid is low due to a leak, )many causes.) due to a bad hose ,loose clamp,a leaking water pump, or you are loosing fluid into your engine. check you oil and look for rad coolant fluid in it. you may have a blown head gasket. i just went through the same thing with the only exception being when i did notice the temp gauge went up past the normal running range i immediatly pulled over waited for the motor to cool down. When the teardown was completed we found not only was the intake leaking but i had a blown head gasket as well, best of luck to you. With the closed pressurized systems, the coolant can boil off if the gasket on the radiator cap gets old and hard. Replacing the cap is inexpensive. If it doesn't solve the problem then further investigation is needed.

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Where is the transmission drain hole on a Pontiac Transport mini-van?

There is not one. Just unloosen all the pan bolts If you're going to take all the bolts out, you'll need to buy six quarts of DEXTRON III transmission fluid to replace the lost fluid. Since you've got the transmission pan off anyways, you should go ahead and replace the filter and gasket. ($12.99 @ Autozone) Also, clean the magnet that is attached to the pan itself.

Steering and Suspension
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How do you replace a wheel bearing on a Montana?

first remove the wheel,then remove the brake caliper,then the caliper mounting bracket.then you need to remove the rotor which should just slide off.then you need to remove the axle spindle nut which is in the center of the rotor,then you need to separate the strut from the back of the spindle by removing the two bolts holding it.once you separate the spindle from the strut then there are three bolts that hold the hub in place that you need to take out from the back side of the hub.you will have to slide the axle in a little bit in order to reach these bolts.once you get these bolts out you will have to gently tap on the hub from the back to get it to come free of the spindle housing. then do the reverse to put it back together.

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Will 20 inch rims fit on a 1996 Chrysler cirrus?

Probably not. The car would require extensive modification to the suspensiona nd possibly the fenders. Sure they would fit... But you would have to get custom tires and they would be less than and inch around.. there would be no point, you would hit bumps and trash the rims, unless of course you wanted it for a show car. There would be no point in driving something with that small of tires.

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Where is the stage 1 O2 Sensor on a '98 Pontiac Montana?

the stage 1 sensor, actually called the pre-converter sensor, is located in the exhaust system before the catalytic converter. the post-converter is after the catalytic convertor.

AnswerI have a 2003 Montana but I believe it's the same. Official service manuals describe a procedure whereby you disconnect and rotate the entire engine forward, then remove various bits from the top of the engine in order to reach the stage 1 sensor from above. I gave up on that and was able to do it by jacking up the front of the van (please use wheel blocks and appropriate jackstands!), and reaching up from underneath the van along the exhaust pipe. The stage 1 sensor is screwed into the top side of the exhaust pipe, facing slightly rearward, about 3/4 of the way up. Go get a real O2 sensor socket (has a slot on the side for the wire). I guarantee that sensor will be seized up VERY tight, so use the largest socket wrench you can fit up there to get enough leverage. It was a tight fit, and I had to do most of it by feel, but it IS possible. I'm a big guy, 6 foot and I don't have skinny arms, and I was still able to reach up there. Definately use some anti-seize on the new sensor threads!

Make sure that you know which O2 sensor your van needs: the California emissions sensor or the Federal emissions sensor. If you get the wrong one, you won't be able to plug it in (beware of plugging the wrong kind in backwards and thinking that it's done correctly!). Remove the old sensor first and take it with you to the parts store, that way you'll be able to directly match the old plug with the new plug. You can distinguish plugs by looking first at the color of them (Gray was California emissions for me), and then **most importantly** by looking inside the plug itself. There are two differently sized plastic pieces in the plug in the California sensor, and only one in the Federal sensor.

Also, you'll need to buy an O2 sensor socket, and there were two at the auto parts store I went to. Only the short one worked for me. The tall one wouldn't let me get a socket wrench on it without hitting the firewall.

Good luck!!

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You got 1999 Pontiac Montana and it well not start it trying to start but it dont and its getting gas and sparks good it sounds like its backfire in the intake when you hold down on the pedal.?

first off did you recently do any other work to the montana? like change plugs or wires? if you did you may have mixed up the firing order or have the wrong wire on the wrong plug, i did this once and after fixing the wiring it started and ran great for another 10 yrs. Try rhis,,,form looking at the engine radiator side cylinder should be 2-4-6,,firewall side 1,3,5 next is the coil pack id ,same view side near you ( coil pack close to firewall) First terminal 5,2 , second term 3,6, last term 4,1, hope this helps

first off did you recently do any other work to the montana? like change plugs or wires? if you did you may have mixed up the firing order or have the wrong wire on the wrong plug, i did this once and after fixing the wiring it started and ran great for another 10 yrs. Try rhis,,,form looking at the engine radiator side cylinder should be 2-4-6,,firewall side 1,3,5 next is the coil pack id ,same view side near you ( coil pack close to firewall) First terminal 5,2 , second term 3,6, last term 4,1, hope this helps

Forgot to add on are you getting any trouble lights, check eng ? this will have to have the code read by a tech to determine the exact problem

Air Conditioning and Coolant
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Where is the low temperature valve in a 1999 Montana in order to add air conditioning refrigerant?

You mean the low pressure line. Open the hood, look straight down between the radiator and engine. You should see a metal line with a quick-connect fitting on it. Might be a screw-off cap on the fitting. That's it.

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Where is the thermostat located on a Pontiac Montana?

On a 3.4L engine there is a metal adapter bolted to the engine that the upper radiator hose attaches to. It is on the right side and is a nightmare to get to. Many parts must be removed to get the adapter off. The thermostst is inside the adapter.

Headlights Tail and Brake Lights
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Why would the headlights on a 1999 Pontiac Montana keep getting moisture inside them eventually causing the bulb to blow?

The glue used to join the clear and white plastic section of the lens (front and back, respectively) is of very poor quality. The glue comes apart with time and if you use a screwdriver you can actually separate the lights very easily, this is why water can get it and cause moisture.

You will have to go to a local auto shop and buy black or grey gasket maker, it comes in a silicone like caulk tube.

With a flathead, pry the lights apart around the merging point, if they are old they will come apart really easily. Clean the seam path and apply new glue in the tracks, it should be about 1/8" of glue in the channel.

You can now press the two pieces together and let them dry for 24 hours to fully cure inside the house. Make sure the bulbs are removed so the glue can dry properly or else it will smoke when turned on.

Im a headlight retrofitter so i have dealt with all sorts of housings, believe me this will fix the problem for many years to come.



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What is fault code p0131 in Chevy?

Trouble code P0131 means:O2 sensor circuit low voltage (Bank 1 Sensor 1)

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How do you replace front hub bearing 2003 Montana?

First you cannot replace the bearing, it is sealed and you MUST replace the the entire hub. I would recommend replacing both hubs at once. Also before you loosen the spindle lock nut make sure you have new ones to replace. The Lock nut MUST be replaced!

1. Disconnect the battery cable from the fuse box under the hood. 13mm

2. Loosen the wheel nuts. Jack the vehicle up and support it with a jack stand.

3. Remove the wheel nuts and the tire.

4. Remove the caliper from the disc. (2bolts)

5. Remove the disc.

6. Loosen the spindle lock nut.

7. The hub has three bolts that can be removed from the engine side of the hub. Three bolts.

8. Remove the spindle lock nut and dispose. You must use a new nut.

Assembly is reverse.

Heater Cores and Blower Fans
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How do you replace the front blower motor on a 2000 Pontiac Montana 6-cylinder?

First you need to disengage the SRS airbags on both the driver/passenger side. On how to do this, first remove the SRS fuse located inside your fuse box probably either on the side of the front passenger seat or inside the glove box. Next you have to remove the sound covers underneath both the driver/passenger side. Simply pull out the plastic tabs and the covers come off. Next, you need to find the YELLOW airbag connectors with a safety clip on them. Their is only one connector for each airbag under the driver/passenger side. Remove the safety clips on both connectors and then disconnect the connectors. Now the SRS airbags are disabled. Now, underneath the passenger side instrument panel you can see the round shaped blower motor. First, disconnect the wire connector attached to the motor. There are 3 bolts holding it together so they need to be removed. Once removed, carefully lower the motor and the ventilation tube that is attached around the motor. Installation is the reverse for the new motor. Don't forget to slip back on the ventilation tube that goes over the existing tube, which is mounted underneath the panel. Tighten the 3 bolts and reconnect the wire connector. Connect the SRS airbag connectors back together, remembering to put back on the safety clips. Then reinstall the sound covers underneath. Then put back in the SRS airbag fuse and put back on the fuse cover. Start up the engine and check to see if your new motor works. AVOID SITTING IN FRONT OF THE AIRBAGS WHEN YOU FIRST START UP YOUR VEHICLE IN CASE THEY COULD ACTIVATE!!

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Where can you find a DIY repair manual for a 2002 Pontiac Montana?

Auto parts store. The Chiltons and Haynes manuals sold at Autozone, Pep Boys, etc. are of questionable value at best. Spend the extra money (or sometimes less; check eBay) and get the much more complete GM service manual for all "U" Platform vans. You will thank yourself. Sorry I can not find at any part stores a 2002 service manual. try this web site ,,it will cost a little but it is good info http://www.alldatadiy.com/


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