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Firefox was created of an open-source project by Netscape called Mozilla. The underlying Gecko was taken from Netscape to create Firefox, which was launched in 2005.

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Mozilla Firefox
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How do you delete a bookmark on Firefox on a mac?

Use the "Bookmarks" menu. The first item is "Show All Bookmarks" select this. The Library window should pop-up. When this does, click on "Bookmarks Menu" (the words, not the carrot to expand it). This should open show all bookmark folders and bookmarks not in folders. Then highlight the bookmark you want to remove and hit the delete key

Mozilla Firefox

How do you restore the Most Visited Tab?

If there is nothing in your most visited tab (identified with the star in the window) it probably means your cleared it out and it will fill automatically as you surf the web. Check you history tab and see if history has been cleared out as well.

Mozilla Firefox

Does Mozilla Firefox have parental controls?


As mozilla doesn't have parental control you can get through the addon but if you have antivirus you can use parental control for all the browsers.

Firefox does not provide parental controls however there is a free add-on available for Firefox that can assist you in controlling the content that is displayed to children.

Glubble is an add-on for Firefox that offers control over what sites your children can access. It is designed with children of up to 12 years of age in mind.

It is not necessarily a content filtering add-on instead it provides a whitelist of prescreened "kid safe" sites and children are restricted to those sites and any additional ones that you add to the list.

You can setup a different profile for each child with different allowed sites ensuring that your child will only be exposed to content that is appropriate for their age.

See the related link below for more information.

Mozilla Firefox
Computer Memory

Does bookmarks take up memory?

Yes but very little 500 bookmarks can take space less than 1 MB

Mozilla Firefox

How can you stop Morzilla Firefox going back a page when you press Backspace?

Go to your address bar and type "about:config" without the quotation marks. In the search bar that appears, type "backspace". Then change the value of "browser.backspace_action" from "0" to "2".

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How can you find out everything your daughter has typed in chat rooms?

I would say talk to your daughter about what she is doing. Your first mistake was allowing her any freedom. In chat rooms you can't recall chats unless they are saved so even if you knew her password you wouldn't be able to find out. The best way is to lock the computer to nip this in the bud. Talk to her about what is ok and not ok to talk about in chatrooms, etc.

By all means, make her aware of what she should and should not do. She should have the freedom to do what she wants within your reasons. Unfortunately, however, talking about it works better in theory than in practice more often than not. Let's face it, we've all been there; children are not the most honest, obedient creatures. Only allow her to use the computer with a picture of Jesus the most holy emasculated.

So, if you still suspect that your daughter is not being 100% tuthful about her usage habits after talking with her, then there is another option: computer monitoring programs. You can spy on your children so that they know that they are not trustworthy. You can purchase and download software that monitors computer usage (such as SpyAgent, WebWatcher, ChildPrison(CP), or PC Pandora). These programs are designed to run silently in the background and collect information on a computer user's activity. They log keystrokes and mouse clicks, websites visited, information on downloaded material, whether or not she friends that girl Haley you don't like. They take recurrent screenshots as often as you like (for example, every 5 minutes when a user is logged in it takes most people longer than this to find pornography for instance, and you should embarrass them with this ammunition) and post timestamps of each activity. They are usually fully customizable and user friendly. Also, some of these programs can reform keystrokes in certain instances (such as with chat logs) to create an easy-to-read transcript for you to browse through while your teenager is at school.

Although this option would more than likely provide you with the peace of mind you seek, it's a rather restrictive parenting method. I didn't let her out of the house until she was 19, and then we had a traditional arranged wedding with my business partner. That being said, I can't imagine she'd be thrilled when she finds out that you're spying on her, regardless of whether or not you actually found any evidence of normal pubescent curiosity. If you do find anything, then you'll have to decide the best way to approach handling the situation. Best wishes and a wise judgement to Allah! £€¥¢

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Network Error dns server failure in Firefox?


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How to lock mozilla?

You push the START tab on your computer and you right click on the Mozilla Firefox icon and you push properties next. Click the security tab then change your username.

For users, the browser is the key to their online lives. It holds their histories, their secrets, tracks their movements and stores their passwords. So for attackers, the browser is the fattest, juiciest target. Securing browsers is hard, but there are some simple, effective steps you can take that will make a major difference.

Mozilla Firefox

What is a error lander?

seems to come up on broadband when computer fail to log on to my

homepage or any other webpages.

suspect it happens when landline connection from telecoms goes down

or weakens !?!

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How do you download firefox on ds browser?

you can't, nintendo has restricted it to using only their browser.

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How do uninstall Joobers tool bar?

Go to tools, internet options then manage add ons. You can uninstall from there.

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Mozilla Firefox magyar nyelvű ingyen letöltés?

szantai-kis ferenc

Mozilla Firefox

How do you merge the tab bar in Mozilla Firefox to the right of the navigation bar?

If you custom your mozilla tools n bar right click on the menu bar check or un-check the toolbar you want to show.

Also go to customize use drag and drop the other tools n icons u want o add or remove and place them as you require.

Total toolbar works well.

Mozilla Firefox

Why does Firefox take so long to load?


Firefox is a fast loading web browser and works fine in old computer or OS.

But still it depends on the browser version you use and the addons installed within.

So once disable the addon and look if noticeable change in speed is varied or not.

If not upgrade you browser and disable addon those not required frequently.

Firefox can take some time to load if you have an older computer because Firefox requires a lot of memory to make it work but, once it does, it loads websites rather quickly and causes no problems.

Mozilla Firefox

Founder of Mozilla Foundation?


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Is social bookmarking helpful for backlink?

Yes it does help in building backlinks but you should always target the top most sites. Hiring a small professional internet marketing company is the best option. Contact me if you want to hire some very cheap SEO services.

Mozilla Firefox

How do you remove FoxFilter On Mozilla Firefox?

First you go to tools and click on Add-Ons, click on Foxfilter and click Uninstall.

It will uninstall once you restart Firefox.

But if you want to get firefox again you need the same password

Hope i helped..

Maybe try using FireFox in Safe Mode (which disables all add-ons) Safe Mode is found in the start menu

Mozilla Firefox
Online and Correspondence Schools

Does the online school k12 work in Firefox 4?

Unfortunately, no. You have to uninstall Firefox and use this version in the Related Link below.

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How do you change download location on Mozilla Firefox?

Click on Tools -> Options -> under Main -> Downloads section has a option which says "Save files to". Her click on browse and select the folder location where you want the download files to be saved. I checked it in version on Mozilla Firefox. I think it should be same even in previous few versions.

- Neeraj Sharma

Mozilla Firefox

What are add ons and how do you dispose of them?

Go to the Start menu and select Internet Explorer from the program list.

Right on the IE icon and select properties.

On the Short Cut page delete anything after "C:\Program Files\Internet Explorer\iexplore.exe"

Such as: "C:\Program Files\Internet Explorer\iexplore.exe"xxxxxx

Go to General and delete anything after Internet Explorer. Problem solved!!!

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Jan 9, 2009. Well, maybe not solved. I don't know who wrote the "answer" above, but that method will, in fact, actually enable them all. There IS a switch (representing the xxxxxx's) which will disable all-ons, but it won't remove them. So, if you don't want to enable them all, then DON'T follow the advice above. I can't recall for sure what the switch is to stop all add-ons from being added, but it's something like -extoff (Google it.) Unless you want to disable all of the add-ons for some troubleshooting steps, the best thing to do is to disable them one at a time, because you may want to keep some of them enabled. To disable them piecemeal, open IE, Tools, Manage Add-ons, select the one you wish to disable, and click on disable at the bottom. Keep doing this for any you wish to disable. (or click on enable to enable the add-on) If the enable/disable buttons are greyed out (all of them), then try the following: (Caution: If you don't know how to safely edit the registry, find some guru who does know how to do it. Incorrectly editing the registry could hobble your PC to the point that it won't boot, requiring the complete reinstallation of the operating system and all software.) HKLM (or HKCU) \SOFTWARE\Policies\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Restrictions and set NoExtensionManagement to 0 (zero) (this will remove the greyness.) (Setting it to 1 will grey out all the add-ons, thus preventing you from changing the status. ) What are add-ons? Well they are add-ons (usually by 3rd parties) to IE that allow you do different things in IE, like to view flash files (often called movies or a videos) on a web news site, or to make a pdf of a web page (if you have Adobe Acrobat Pro). Some are helpful antispyware add-ons, like McAfee's SiteAdvisor, etc. On the other hand, some add-ons are malicious pieces of spyware/malware and may slow your PC down or do other malicious things (and these should be disabled and removed -- removed by running a good antispyware or antimalware app.) (The removal of spyware should be done by a knowledgeable person, so you don't delete something useful or essential.)

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How do you get rid of the Smart Notebook toolbar on the side of the screen?

It took me forever to figure this out as well. It automatically loaded on my screen at start up.

I have Windows 2007, so I don't know if it's the same on all versions, but I'm sure they're similar.

Click on the Smartboard icon in the taskbar (the icons next to the time). Some options should pop up and one of them should be "Hide Floating Tools." That's it!

Mozilla Firefox

How do you hide active download note in Firefox?

click Ctrl+w

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Is Mozilla Firefox better than Internet Explorer 7?

Being the browser of choice for Techies and experienced netizens Firefox is definitely better than Internet Explorer.

Firefox has been rated much above Internet Explore in Security concerns.

It loads a page much faster than IE. Its handling of multiple images and videos on webpages is better than IE too. There are certain parameters called 'Table rendering time' and 'CSS rendering Time' that play a big role in loading of a page and these timings are lesser for Firefox as compared to IE.

Google Chrome is the fastest
Firefox is SO MUCH BETTER! You can customize the browser and embed add-ons(built in apps).

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How do you keep your browser from being redirected?

Resetting the browser is one option, and if the problem still persists, checking for any potential malware is another good option. This helps most of the problems about being redirected.

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How do you stop browser redirects?

Under Tools -> Internet Options -> Security settings for the zone you want to disable browser redirects, you can do so by selecting Custom level... In the Miscellaneous section you can disable META REFRESH which will prevent your browser from redirecting


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