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If a player states there is cheat codes please note that Jagex clearly stated themselves there there is no direct and Safe cheats, most macros were made to steal players Runescape accounts, you would seem to think that you are downloading a macro, you would see fake screen shots of it on some site, but that you may actually be downloading is something called a Key-Logger, this will jot down any key stroke you type, the includes your runescape passwords if you enter them in, so for players safety any questions to do with hacking, or cheating on runescape will not be answered, they will end up being moved here, let this be an early warning, it's your time wasted it only takes seconds to merge.

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What are skill levels and types of skills?

skill levels just mean how good you are while playing sport and types of skills are basically the type of skill needed for a particular sport.For example you need spee and agility to do competitive running.

Adventure Quest

Where do you become a dragon slayer in adventure quest worlds?

you must do all the quests in vasilisks lair. you can get there by typing /join lair

the hardest part is u gotta kill red dragon 8 times. if u want help doing that contact me on Aqworlds. my username is guthixnite(rank 5 dragonslayer).

after that you open the shop. it costs 10,000gold to buy.


How long does it take to get a full inventory of magic logs in runescape at 99 woodcutting?

That depends. In a populated world trees will respawn every 2 minutes or so. If you are woodcutting near the mage training area, it will take about 6 minutes.

If you farm a magic tree, you can use the hydra to spawn the magic tree instantly each time it is depleted.

dont forget you get a boost with your 99 woodcutting cape. gnome tree stronghold is a great place to cut magics.


What do hellhound drop in non-members runescape?

Hellhounds can be accessed by non-members, however non-member drops are little to none, being nothing but bones and coins.

For members, Hellhounds drop Bones, Level 3 Clue Scrolls and Charms (commonly Gold Charms), as well as Effigies and Spin Tickets.

Hellhounds can also drop Ferocious rings in Kuradal's dungeon.

Home-Based Businesses

What is the best way to earn money from home?

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Cheat Codes

Where can you download wil ones ultimate hack v1.2?

You can't cheat on Runescape. Period. I'm not lying, haha.


That program is an obvious key-logger/virus..

Please do not post the names of illegal and/or harmful things.


What monsters drop rune gear?

Rune Platebody-Animated rune armour, General Graardor, Kalphite Guardian, Revenant dragon, Sergeant Grimspike, Sergeant Steelwill, Sergeant Strongstack, Steel dragon

Rune Platelegs-Animated rune armour, Black demon, Black dragon, General Graardor, K'ril Tsutsaroth,Nechryael, Sergeant Grimspike, Sergeant Steelwill, Sergeant Strongstack

Rune Full Helm- Aberrant spectre, Animated rune armour, Black demon, Blue dragon, Brutal green dragon,Cockroach soldier, Dark Beast, Gargoyle, Greater demon, Green Dragon, Jelly, Mithril dragon, Nechryael, Steel dragon, Tormented demon, Tyras Guard, Zygomite (level 86)

Rune Med Helm-Abyssal demon, Black demon, Bloodveld, Bronze dragon, Brutal green dragon, Elf warrior (level 108), Giant Mole, Iron dragon, Kalphite Guardian, Lesser Demon, Man (werewolf),Mutated bloodveld (level 126), Mutated bloodveld (level 146), Spiritual warrior (Armadyl),Spiritual warrior (Saradomin), Spiritual warrior (Zamorak), Steel dragon, Tormented demon,Tyras Guard, Waterfiend, Werewolf, Wolfwoman, Woman (werewolf)

Rune boots-Nechryael

Rune sq. Shield-Abyssal demon, Black demon, Black dragon, Bronze dragon, Cockroach soldier, Dark Beast, Fire giant, Giant Mole, Ice strykewyrm, Iron dragon, K'ril Tsutsaroth, Kalphite Guardian, King Black Dragon, Mithril dragon, Mummy, Nechryael, Steel dragon, Tormented demon

Rune Kiteshield-Abyssal demon, Black demon, Black dragon, Bronze dragon, Brutal green dragon,Commander Zilyana, Dagannoth Rex, Fire giant, Giant Mole, Greater demon, Ice Troll, Ice troll female, Ice troll male, Ice troll runt, Iron dragon, Kalphite Guardian, Kalphite Queen,King Black Dragon, Nechryael, Ogre statue, Ourg statue, Spiritual warrior (Armadyl),Spiritual warrior (Bandos), Spiritual warrior (Saradomin), Spiritual warrior (Zamorak), Steel dragon, Tormented demon, Warped terrorbird

Rune Dagger-Aviansie (level 79), Aviansie (level 89), Basilisk, Blue dragon, Cave horror, Dust Devil, Elf warrior (level 108), Elf warrior (level 90), Green Dragon, Kalphite Worker, Revenant cyclops, Revenant werewolf, Terror dog (level 100), Terror dog (level 110), Tormented demon, Turoth (level 83), Turoth (level 85), Turoth (level 87), Turoth (level 88), Turoth (level 89), Zamorak Warrior (level 84), Zamorak Warrior (level 85)

Rune Sword-Black demon, Commander Zilyana, General Graardor, K'ril Tsutsaroth, Tormented demon

Rune Longsword-Black demon, Black dragon, Bronze dragon, Frost dragon, General Graardor, King Black Dragon, Kurask, Mithril dragon, Red dragon, Revenant demon, Revenant werewolf,Sergeant Grimspike, Sergeant Steelwill, Sergeant Strongstack, Spiritual warrior (Armadyl),Spiritual warrior (Bandos), Spiritual warrior (Saradomin), Spiritual warrior (Zamorak),Tormented demon

Rune Warhammer-Arrg, Bronze dragon, Ice Troll, Ice troll runt, Kalphite Queen, Kraka, Pee Hat, Rock,Scabaras Lancer, Scabaras Ranger, Stick, Troll General, Warped terrorbird, Warped tortoise

Rune battleaxe-Abyssal demon, Black demon, Black dragon, Bronze dragon, Brutal green dragon,Cockroach soldier, Commander Zilyana, Dagannoth Prime, Fire giant, General Graardor,Giant Mole, Ice Troll, Iron dragon, K'ril Tsutsaroth, Kalphite Guardian, Kalphite Queen, King Black Dragon, Mithril dragon, Nechryael, Ogre statue, Sergeant Grimspike, Sergeant Steelwill, Sergeant Strongstack, Steel dragon, Tormented demon

Rune Defender-Cyclops (level 56), Cyclops (level 76)

Rune hatchet-Dagannoth Rex, Desert strykewyrm, Iron dragon, Kalphite Queen, King Black Dragon, Steel dragon, Tree Spirit

Rune pickaxe - General Graardor, Rock Golem, Sergeant Grimspike, Sergeant Steelwill, Sergeant Strongstack, Warped tortoise

Rune 2h-Abyssal demon, Black demon, Black dragon, Bronze dragon, Chaos Elemental, Dagannoth Rex, Dark Beast, Fire giant, General Graardor, Giant Mole, Ice strykewyrm, Iron dragon, K'ril Tsutsaroth, Kalphite Guardian, Kalphite Queen, King Black Dragon, Mithril dragon,Nechryael, Ogre statue, Ourg statue, Scabaras Lancer, Sergeant Grimspike, Sergeant Steelwill, Sergeant Strongstack, Steel dragon, Tormented demon

Tell me if im missing something.


How do you repair statius armor in runescape?

Statius Armor cannot be repaired. Once it's degraded it turns to dust (gone forever).


How can you stay logged in on runescape?

In game, with no interaction with anything, you will be logged out to the lobby in 5 minutes. Clicking anywhere or interacting with anything will rest this timer. In the lobby, you have 1 hour of no interaction I.E (personal messaging friends, talking in friend or clan chat, switching worlds, or simply clicking anywhere) until you are completely logged out.


What is the cheapest armadyl item on runescape?

Currently, the cheapest armadyl item on the grand exchange is the armadyl croiser, priced at 14K gold coins.

Of course, prices on the grand exchange continually change, so the answer that is given is only completely accurate now (April 19, 2013).


Can you play Runescape on a tablet PC?

As long as it has a fully functioning web browser with flash / java capabilities, i.e not iPad

if you tell me the specific one your thinking of that would be more useful


How do you change your hair color in Runescape?

You may change your hair by going to the Hairdresser in the Falador barber shop located just north of the west most bank.

You may also change your hair by using a dresser in a bedroom of a player owned-house.


Where is the Temple of Paterdomus located in RuneScape?

Near east of falador take the west bank north and walk straight until u see a magic tree


What is the best fighting melee set in runescape?

A "melee set" in RuneScape means armor pieces that come together to fill all armor slots (head, shield, legs, chest, and sometimes boots/gloves).

So of the offered "sets", 'best' can mean many things. With the barrows sets (70 def), Dhroks hits the highest with capable hits of over 1000 Constitution points. As Guthans (also barrows) doesn't hit as high or hardly as often, but can heal the player equal to points hit.

For lower leveled players, full rune (40 def) is a good alternative, or dragon (60 def) if you have coins to spare.

For high leveled players, the Nex set Torva is extremely effective and seen by most as the 'best' as it has the highest defence stats (melee) in the game.

The 'maxed' possible melee defence gear are as follows;

Torva helm, Torva Chest, Torva legs, Steadfast Boots/Torva Boots, Goliath gloves/Torva gloves, Amulet of fury, Onyx ring (i), Divine spirit shield, Aegis aura activated, Staff of Light (special activated) and a steel titan summoned.


Where is RuneScape headquarters located?

They are located in Cambridge in the United Kingdom, Jagex (the company that made RuneScape) is an English company.

DVD Players

Why can you only play RuneScape in HD now?

Go to options on the log in page and you can choose Min, Low, Mid, High, Custom and under Custom you can choose Safe mode, Software, OpenGL®, DirectX®.

Min or Low should take you out of HD but safe mode is the lowest graphics you can go on the game.


Where do you find wooden planks and steel nails on runescape?

You would be best off to buy them through the Grand Exchange. But if you insist on doing it the hard way...

Planks: You can get logs exchanged for planks at the sawmill (for a fee).

Steel Nails: You can make nails through Smithing. You will need a steel bar and a Smithing level of 34. One steel bar will yield 15 nails.


Can you download RuneScape for offline use?

Answer: No

Answer: No. The whole point - or an important part of - RuneScape is that you interact with other players. This requires a connection to a central server.

EDIT: Yes you can download Runescape and play it offline the program to download is called "Moparscape" however this program is probably illegal for copyright infractions and requires some programming knowledge to run


How do you get flowers in runescape for non mem?

The only 'flowers' you can get in RS for non-members, is the Lily of the Valley, which only last for a month or so. There are wieldable flower but are only available to members.


How do you get ancient effigy on runescape?

Its a rare drop from certain monsters and requires level 91 of the skill to use.


Why do zombies walk funny?

They are undead creatures and their legs don't work well. Their ligaments and tendons have detiriorated and faded away. Thus the reason they walk funny


In runescape what monster gives you a corrupt dragon scimitar?

Their is no monster that drops one but if you kill another player in the pk worlds sometimes they will give you a scimmy drop if your lucky enough.


Where are hobgoblins in non member worlds on runescape?

they are in the wilderness 30 something mine, the area south of the crafting guild, and the dungeon with the hill giants.


What us a good runescape private server source?

Running a Runescape private server is illegal. Just enjoy the game for what it is.


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