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Adventure Quest is an online single-player role playing game released in 2002. Ask questions here about game strategy.

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Adventure Quest

Where do you become a dragon slayer in adventure quest worlds?

you must do all the quests in vasilisks lair. you can get there by typing /join lair

the hardest part is u gotta kill red dragon 8 times. if u want help doing that contact me on Aqworlds. my username is guthixnite(rank 5 dragonslayer).

after that you open the shop. it costs 10,000gold to buy.

Adventure Quest

How do you get korin's sword in aqw?

It is his personal weapon that is his exclusive and you cant get it unless you hack or it gets released as a event item for Korins birthday

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Where do you get helmets on adventure quest?

you go to the Guardian arena challenge

Adventure Quest

Where do you buy adventure quest worlds gift card?

For sure you can purchase gift cards from Target and some CVS stores. Other stores that sell a large selection of gift cards may also sell them, but no gurantee on those.

Adventure Quest

Is adventure quest good?

i love it i have been playing for quite awhile now and i don't regret it at all. Even if you don't like it you don't download it or anything all you have to do is make an account. Completely free

Adventure Quest

What is the best race in adventure quest?

a dracopyre

Adventure Quest

Best armor in adventure quest z-token shop?

there is uber armor for every element which u can buy for an outrageous price

Adventure Quest
Psychological Disorders

How do you make someone think they are going crazy?

Have a conversation with yourself in public.

Adventure Quest

Can you become a Drcopyre in Adventure Quest?

Go to your travel map and go to darkovia forest and you'll see a red circle that says DRACOPYRE LEGACY click on it and it will show you a bunch of quests

on the lower part it sais BECOME A DRACOPYRE it will show you 2 characters fighting then you will pop up and talk to them and then it will show them both on each side of the screen with there names on top of them and two ghostly humans in front of the, ignore the humans and click on either NIGHTREIGN or GRACEFANG they are equal just choose the one that looks coolest to you

click become a dracopyre and it will say you need to be lv 70 or higher BUT

you can be a half dracopyre and still get the armor you just don't have all the abilities but u have most keep leveling up and buy dracopyre armor that's your level and when ur lv 70 talk to it again and it will give you full power

(you don't need to use the following info but if you like darkness choose NIGHTREIGN if you like peace and gracefulness choose GRACEFANG)

Adventure Quest

What does support do in epic duel?

INCREASES chance of critical (i believe)

INCREASES damage of certain attacks

INCREASES healing ability

INCREASES chance of going first

INCREASES rate of rage

INCREASES chance of deflection

DECREASES chance of getting stunned

Adventure Quest

What is the weakness of light in adventure quest?


Adventure Quest

How do you beat Red Dragon Island on Poptropica?

Red Dragon Island is the 19th island in Poptropica, and is based on the Magic Tree House book series by Mary Pope Osborne. The island had a sneak peek game (sumo wrestling) beginning in April, 2011, with the opening of the island on June 2, 2011. (Early access for paid monthly members was on May 5, 2011.)

The following solution contains all spoilers.

Arriving on the Island : Frog Creek, PA

There is an entire, mostly unused Main Street set in Frog Creek, Pennsylvania. There is a multiplayer room (Frog Creek Library), a closed music shop, a Magic Tree House product store and two house facades.

1) Go right, past both houses, and click on the gate to the back yard (far right).

2) After Jack and Annie run by, go right and take the tire from the tire swing.

3) Roll the tire left, across all of main Street, and through the forest at far left.

4) At the Tree House, pick up Jack's glasses and return them to him inside.

5) Collect the book "A Journey to Old Japan" and click Use on the card. You say "I wish I was there" and the treehouse is magically transported to feudal Japan.

In Old Edo, Japan (Shogun period)

There are 5 main sections: Lake House/West Edo-Sumo Arena/ East Edo-Fortress/ Edo Bridge/Treehouse

You receive the Magic Amulet from Jack and Annie, who run off.

Imperial Gardens - Bonsai Hut

6) Follow them left and through the garden. Unfortunately, you have no passport, so you are arrested by the Shogun's guards and thrown into jail. Use the magic amulet to return to the treehouse.

7) Head left again, and stop at the Bonsai shop (garden hut) which is now open. The old near-sighted woman will give you a kimono to wear.

(You do not actually have to wear a kimono, only use the costumize card.)

Fortunately, there is a passport in the pocket, which you can use to pass the Shogun's soldiers. Jack and Annie have no passports, and you see them taken away by the Shogun and his guards.

Great Bridge

8) Continue left to the bridge, which needs repair so that the sumo wrestlers can cross it. Beneath the bridge is a fisherman trying to catch the elusive kappa fish. Continue left.

East Edo (Fortress Cliff)

9) Stop to pick up the rotten fish on the steps to the Fortress, just past the Fish shop.

10) Climb to the locked fortress where Jack and Annie are being held. The warrior there says that it would take a master ninja to get inside, and that the location of the one ninja master, Basho, is unknown. You find a parchment from Jack and Annie that says they are captives of the evil and ambitious Shogun. They also suggest that Basho may be able to help. As you leave, there is a paper dragon (five men inside) being paraded in the street. Continue left.

West Edo (Sumo Arena)

11) Pass the Woodblock shop, the store, and the geisha girls, continue left.

Secluded Lake (and Ninja Training Grounds)

12) Pick up the sack of mortar at the lake edge. You can talk to the old poet at his hut, who suggests looking for the ninja master Basho back in Edo. Return with the mortar to the bridge, stopping at East Edo to help the police.

East Edo

13) The soldiers are looking for a fish thief who is one of the five men in the paper dragon. By talking with the men, determine their order inside the dragon and put them in that order (the three with hats are to the right). When you click on a pair, they change places. Swap suspects 5 and 4, then 4 and 1, then swap 3 and 4. The guilty man (the one with a mustache but no glasses) was in the tail, and confesses. One soldier gives you his betting slip on the Sumo match, offering to split the proceeds.

Great Bridge

14) Talk to the elder, then use the mortar. You will simply fit pieces of the bridge into the two columns as a jigsaw puzzle. As the sumo wrestler jogs across, one woman drops her Bonsai scissors. Pick them up.

15) Under the bridge, use the rotten fish to lure the tricky kappa fish. Aim the beehive to block the tree hole, roll the rock over the right side hole, light the campfire, and fire up the paper lantern. This will force the kappa to enter through the lily pad holes, and the frog can block all but the center hole where your net is. Give the fish to the fisherman and continue right to the Bonsai hut.

Imperial Gardens - Bonsai Hut

16) Use the bonsai scissors to carefully trim one of the bonsai trees into the exact shape shown in the drawing. It must match precisely.

17) A buyer purchases the tree for the sumo champion Yokozuna, the wrestler on whom you hold the bet. Go left to the Sumo arena in West Edo.

West Edo - Arena

18) Enter the arena and talk to the promoters. Help the Yokozuna's manager sign the Kanji symbols on cards for his young fans.

19) Talk to the sumo challenger, who is frightened because the champion is very angry today. He asks you to take his place, and you do.

20) Sumo Match - the Yokozuna will try to push you from the ring. You have to jump over him to get out of his way, and also jump when he angrily stomps his foot. If you avoid him three times in a row, he will get madder, turn red, and charge at you. If you are near the side, he will plummet out of the ring, and you win.

21) Soldiers who lost their money question you, but you are saved by the old poet, who is (no surprise) the legendary ninja master Basho. You go to his lake area to train as a ninja.

Ninja Training ( seeing eye, stars, smoke bombs, bo staff, grapple)

22) Put on the Ninja outfit and complete the weapons practice.

(You do not have to change into ninja garb, only select the costumize card)

The claws are always on, but the eye, stars, smoke bombs, and bo staff have to be selected one at a time from the icon at lower left. The ninja eye lets you look around a large scene. To use the items, press the spacebar after pointing the cursor. Run and click to vault with the bo staff. Placing and clicking the cursor on a shiny ring will trigger the grappling hook.

23) When your training is done, repair the wall for Basho and head for the Fortress.

Fortress Climb

24) This is the single longest and most repetitive section of the island. Climb using the claws (jump and click back higher up on the walls). You can use the piston logs as steps near the top.

Fortress Chambers (each of three has haiku section)

25) As you go through a chamber, toss the smoke bombs at the guards, and the stars at any lamps. Climb walls with the claws, and use the grapple where you see a gold ring, to swing across an opening. There are some sections where darts come out of the walls. To pass these, spin the bo staff and then run past when they stop. To reach the tops of walls, vault with the staff by running and clicking the spacebar.

26) Collect the key in each chamber that opens the locked door at the end. In each chamber is also part of a Haiku verse. You need all three parts as the password to exit the third chamber.

The Shogun's Chambers

27) The Shogun warns you not to fight him, because he's hidden the key to the cage with Jack and Annie. But you can just throw a star to cut their cage down.

28) The Shogun tries to use the Wand of Dianthus that he took from them, but only succeeds in releasing the fury of the Red Dragon on the city. It spews burning coals on Edo, and eventually the Shogun agrees to let the three of you stop it.

Mount Fuji

29) The wand transports the three of you to Mount Fuji, home of the Cloud Dragon. Climb to the top and jump onto the dragon.

Dragon Battle

30) In the final battle, you have to fly the Cloud Dragon behind the Red Dragon that is setting fire to the city. The Cloud Dragon spews water to put out the fires on the buildings, and can hit and weaken the Red Dragon. Fly closely behind the Red Dragon, clicking your mouse to hit it when you can (in the head) and also putting out the building fires. You must turn the Red Dragon entirely red before the last buildings are burned up completely.

Two things make this challenging: one is that your supply of water is limited, so when it runs out, you have to fly to the clouds to refill. The second is that the Red Dragon dives out of your view, so it is harder to follow and hit.

31) If you fail, you have the option to try again, or even to use the Easy Mode, which takes away both of the challenging factors: your water supply is always full, and the Red Dragon spends most of its time where you can see it.

32) Defeat the Red Dragon to win the island. Edo is saved and you see a reunion of Basho and the Shogun, who trained as samurai together. The Shogun seems genuinely sorry for his arrogant ambition.

33) Use the amulet to return to the treehouse.

34) If you have not yet picked it up, the second book in the treehouse is "Frog Creek, Pennsylvania - Hometown USA." Use this book by saying "I wish I was there" and you return to the forest where the treehouse began.

25) Jack and Annie give you the Island Medallion.

*(see the related question for a step-by-step fortress solution)


* The game is loosely based on book 37 of the Magic Tree House series: Dragon of the Red Dawn (2007).

* The separate "sumo wrestling" preview was removed from the Island Map.

*Save your costume with the Costume Saver if you put on the kimono. Otherwise you may not be able to get it back by changing out of the kimono.

Adventure Quest

How do you change your mouth in AQW?

You cannot change your mouth on AQW. But if you change the graphics settings, your mouth will look different.

Adventure Quest

Where is the legion arena on epic duel?

it is in fourtune city near hanks weapon shop

Adventure Quest

Where is the suspects in sleuth hound inn in adventure quest worlds?

just check everybody,it might take a long time but its worth it

Adventure Quest

Who was the first person to play aqw?

The first person to play AQW was a staff member called Artix he is the owner of all AE games

Adventure Quest

Is there secret codes in adventure quest?

If you mean Adventure Quest Worlds, yes. They are oicu812 , dragonkhan8234280 , and thirteen1. You can enter these in Battleon Town by talking to Valencia. They may add more codes later on.

Adventure Quest

In adventure quest How do you buy a house guard when you own a house?

go to valencia in the front and talk to her.

Adventure Quest

How do you get free magic keys in adventure quest worlds?

When you become a member, each month that you are a member, goto the Twilly in Battleon , click on "treasure chest?" button, then click the "FREE Magic Keys" button and a member only quest will pop up. Accept the quests, and turn it in. There are no quest items needed for the quest, so once you accept it, you can turn it in right away. 2 Free Magic Keys will drop. The keys are non member and acs, so you can store them in the bank unless you need them or until next month. The keys do stack.

Adventure Quest

Where do you find What person hold a shop to get Dorian and Dorothy ten in adventure quest worlds?

cauldron sister on candycorn hope i help you :D

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English to Thai
Adventure Quest

How do you say 'I would like . . .' In Thai as in what you would like to eat in a restaurant?

We would usually say khoh ขอ or Aow เอา before stating what we want.

Or "Tong karn pai rahn aharn"

Adventure Quest

In runesape dragon slayer oracle tells you to go in a door where is it?

dwarven mines

to be a lot more precise once you enter the mines you have to go down just before the people mining iron ore and then go up in to a little hall way and there is the magic door + you need lobster pot , wizards mind bomb, silk, and an unfired bowl.

Adventure Quest

What is the spell you cast for demon slayer quest?

no spells are needed, all that is necessary is to defeat the demon with silverlight and say the correct words.

Adventure Quest

How do you change your race in adventure quest?

you go to darkanova and click on like vamprie castle for an ex and press become a vamp and your a can also do this for werewolf and dracopyre.


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