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Adventure Quest

How do you get korin's sword in aqw?

It is his personal weapon that is his exclusive and you cant get it unless you hack or it gets released as a event item for Korins birthday


Where do you store items in AQ Worlds?

There are 2 places your items can be stored, one is in your inventory, for immediate use. Its the bag you carry around with you all the time. When you get monster drops, and accept those drops, they will go into your inventory. Your default available slots in your inventory is 30.

The other storage place would be the bank. In the bank, AC (Adventure Coin) items have free storage, meaning, if a weapon is AC, you can freely store it into the bank.

All additional inventory/bank slots are 200 AC each.


What is the best non member armour sets in aqworlds?

Ninja is a fairly easy class to obtain for beginners, only costs 15,000 gold and you can buy it in Greenguard West I believe, but the two most powerful classes available to non-members is Vindicator of They, requiring 90 Tokens of Vindication or 2000 ACs and can be purchased from Collection or the class dealer shop,necromancer which you need rank 10 doomwood and creature shard

it could do 1000 for lvl10 and 4000 for lvl 40 and higher

Adventure Quest

Where do you buy adventure quest worlds gift card?

For sure you can purchase gift cards from Target and some CVS stores. Other stores that sell a large selection of gift cards may also sell them, but no gurantee on those.


When will the oblivion's shop open?

only nulgath knows that and there is no proof that oen ever will it is only hope


How do you get shadowspear in aqw?

iits gone rare you cant get it anymore that sucks coz i wanted it too

answerred on 2nd November 2010


How do you get a venom Draconian in AQworlds?

in the place of glanoth you go up and when you reach the top with glanoth go in to the cave at the left and there just fight the green one many times until you have it


How do you make a black sword?

If this is in a game i don't know which game you are talking about!

If your a kid and trying to make a play sword then here is a way to do it!

1.Get lots of cardboard and glue and celetape.

2.Cut out a knife shape with the cardboard.

3.Cut out a rectangle that will fit onto the bottom of the sword

4.Get a toilet roll and paint it and decorate whatever.

5.Stick it to the bottom of the rectangle piece.

6.You now have a homemade cardboard sword.

If you are trying to make a real black sword goto a blacksmith and it would cost around about $150 or £150.


How do you find echerion in aq worlds?

type /join escherion yep its that easy.

If you've finished the Mobius Quests.


Is there a bleach mask on adventure quest worlds?

no there isn't but maybe you should suggest it on the forums

Jail Incarceration

Can you goto jail for hacking in AQWorlds?

Yes you CAN & WILL.

Tooken from there DNs: -- This is an important notice. To create a fair and safe environment for all players in AQWorlds, the game has started automatically permanent-banning accounts of players who hack or cheat. Over 1000 accounts have been banned in the last day. Once an account is banned for cheating it will NOT be recoverable and all items will be lost. To all players who this is relavent to, please do NOT hack / cheat.

The system will be continually adapting, unexpectantly permanent-banning accounts using new hacks as they are attempted. Also, as you may already know our lawyers have begun taking legal action against several hacking sites, their respective owners and the authors of hacks found there.

And some MAY be IP Traced & Permanently Banned from our Websites, and the consequence may go DEEPER. Password Cracker are usually patched once they construct it, & the players who'm create it are known already by us, and will probably get SUED / JAILED sooner or later, if they continue.

I don't think, you'd want that Consequence? I believe NOT.

Cheat Codes

Are there any other games like aqworlds?

Do you mean browser based games? Free games? RPGs? Other browser based games are: Crystal Saga, Runescape, DD Tank, to name a few. Here's a huge list from an MMO website:

Here's a slightly larger more comprehensive list from the same site:

mmohut is a cool site where they describe a game, give screenshots, rate the games, and discuss the pros and cons each game has to offer.


How do you get the great gilead axe in aqworlds?

Go to /join gilead or go to gilead and deafeat earth elemental until you get it

Command and Conquer

How do you get text chat on adventure quest worlds?

upgrade your account OR verify your email and be over the age of 12


How do you kill thrax ironhide on AQworlds?

Ask other players to help you battle him.


How do you get the thief class in AQ world?

Thief class is also: Pirate/rogue thats the thief class

Adventure Quest

Where is the suspects in sleuth hound inn in adventure quest worlds?

just check everybody,it might take a long time but its worth it

Cheat Codes

What are some cheats and hacks for AQworlds?

If you have accessed this page, then you have probably asked a question about how to cheat or hack on AQworlds. If it is a mistake, please re-ask your question or search the topic without the words hack or cheat. If problems still occur, please contact a supervisor for help.

There are no hacks or cheats for AQWorlds. But if you're looking for hints, there are related questions linked for you to find tips for playing AQWorlds.

If you're attempting to cheat or hack, this is what the staff of AQworlds said about it:To create a fair and safe environment for all players, the game has started automatically perma-banning accounts of players who hack or cheat...Once an account is banned for cheating it will not be recoverable and all items will be lost...

To all players who this is relevant to -- I beg you not to use any hacks or cheats... even ones that promise that your account will not be banned. The system will be continually adapting, expectantly banning accounts using new hacks as they are attempted. Also, as you may already know our lawyers have begun taking legal action against several hacking sites, their respective owners and the authors of hacks found there.

If you are a free player and were automatically perma-banned, your account will not be reinstated. Please DO NOT email us over and over again because the answer will be the same. I do hope this is a lesson learned, as we do our UTMOST to make our game safe and fun and cheating and hacking is against this belief.

If you are a current Member, then you have a good chance you will have your account reinstated as a one-time only exception. Again, this is a ONE TIME EXCEPTION. If you do hack or cheat in our game again, your account will be perma-banned and your upgrades will no longer be accessible.

Again, please please please please don't hack or cheat. It may seem like a good idea, but it is not. Why waste your time to level up and get AWESOME gear and then decide you want to level faster, use a hack or cheat and then get your account perma-banned? We love all of our players and want you to have the best possible gaming experience. So PLEASE, keep the game fun, safe and FAIR for everyone and DO NOT break our rules.


How do you become a lucky type in Aqworlds?

Lucky enhancements are available from Cysero in Yulgar's Inn. He is the man wearing green and sitting in the bath with his clothes on.


Are there ranged weapons in AQWorlds?

There are weapons we would expect to be ranged like guns and bows, but unfortunately they can't be used as range weapons; they're used as melee weapons for some reason. It's possible they may change this in the future, and we sure hope they do. There are at least ranged class skills.

Adventure Quest

Is there secret codes in adventure quest?

If you mean Adventure Quest Worlds, yes. They are oicu812 , dragonkhan8234280 , and thirteen1. You can enter these in Battleon Town by talking to Valencia. They may add more codes later on.


Is rust bucket class good in AQWorlds?

Even if you reach rank 10, Rustbucket has limited functionality and is not as versatile as other classes like Ninja or Healer(to name two), which can restore mana and incur status effects upon your enemy. Rustbucket only does damage except for a single ability which lowers the amount of damage a player suffers.


What is Vindicator Of They in aqworlds?

it is a class that is soon to be rare after the aqworlds 3rd birthday. it is very powerful and can get by using 2,000 ac coins.


How do you get the blue undead legend armor shop id?

The blue undead legend armor was what the 2nd ICAN has MOD contest winner picked as his wish. It appeared next to Dage the Evil for 24 hours on Wednesday, December 7. The armor is now rare and unobtainable


How do you get archery equipments in Adventure Quest Worlds?

There is a ranger class which utilizes bows but the bows must be obtained separately. Furthermore bows aren't used the conventional way, instead they are used like melee weapons and fire no arrows unfortunately. The ranger class requires rank 10 rep with Sandsea, which is like 300,000 rep points.

There is:

Falconer's bow, which is members only and costs 25k from the good shop in SwordHaven castle, and also requires rank 10 good.

Plasmid Bow, one of the few non-member bows. Dropped by Swamp Thing which can be found in the areas Mountain, Lab, and Fire River.

Festive Holiday Bow, non member, can be found in Quibble Coinbiters shop in Battleon, and costs 5000 gold. Available only seasonally around Christmas if they choose to offer again.

There's a few more.


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