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What is Rockhopper's password in Club Penguin?

Judging from the number of questions WikiAnswers gets asking for Rockhopper's Password, it is something many people are interested in. Because of that, it needs to be answered.

Here's what we know about Captain Rockhopper. He's a Penguin that sails the seas and shows up on Club Penguin every other month. He's very elusive and hard to find, which might be the reason so many are asking for his password. The trouble with that is passwords are personal and meant to protect an account.

Hacking is the only way we know to get a password unless the owner of the account gives it to you, and hacking an account and/or password is illegal and serious legal consequences can result if you are caught.

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Where is the barrel on Club Penguin?

There are barrels outside the lighthouse and recycling center.

Club Penguin

Where do you get a Club Penguin aquarium?

You can find it in the 'Igloo' Catalogue. But Its not always there.

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Where is a fish that is in the air for Club Penguin?

on the dojo top leftside bottom fish hope this helped
Its on the dojo on the building.

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Can you swim in club penguin without a rubber ducky?

You cannot swim properly but you can stand on the water. You can swim at the Cove or in the swimming pool (underground) hidden under the nightclub, but you can get other items to swim with like a lifeguards top and stuff like that in the catalogue.

Club Penguin
Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2

Has the secret room glitch in estate on mw2 been patched?

Indeed it has

Club Penguin
Mission Statements

What is old town white coffee mission and vission?

Old town goal

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Vision & Mission

To be Asia Pacific's Leading White Coffee Producer providing high quality products to customers globally.

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As a Market Leader, we take pride in distinguishing ourselves to be ahead of the pack. By setting precedence, we have made a standard that equals excellence, pushing other brands to do the same.

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We strive for continuous improvement, incorporate innovations and technology in our commitment to create customer value in our both products and services.

Aligned with transparent policies and achievable targets, together with our core values, we are able to move forward as one responsive team and deliver our best.

These continuing efforts maintain and reinforce our market leader status and move us forward to become a leading white coffee producer in Asia Pacific.

Our Core Values

Consistency, continuity & growth: to uphold the Oldtown's brand reputation as "the earliest … and yet the best" by delivering our product - consistent in their performance and trusted for their quality so as to ensure continuity and growth.

Originality & creativity: to spearhead breakthroughs and set the precedence in the market by developing line extensions and create new products to cater to customers' changing needs.

Respect diversities & traditions: coming from a country and corporate culture with diverse races, languages and traditions, we respect each others' unique differences and embrace their individual qualities, their rich culture and heritage.

Ethics and integrity: we take pride in our work, and conduct our business with integrity. We embrace good business practices, adopt international standards and demonstrate professionalism so as to earn respect and trust.

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Can you shop on club penguin Herberts revenge?

No you can not shop on club penguin herberts revenge. I have the game and the game gives you stuff you cant choose or buy anything.

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When did Club Penguin start?

It started for beta testing in March 2005 and opened to the general public on October 24, 2005.
Club penguin was created by a company called Rocket Snail. It was originally called Penguin Chat. PC (Penguin Chat) was originally released in a very early beta mode to the public. At this time, Disney did not support PC, so the servers running PC were somewhat basic. The max players could only be about 100 before the game would crash. Once the game was created, a lot of users complained about how many features were lacking, suck as the dojo and pet shop did nothing at all. Once Disney stepped in though, they built it into a great game that we see today. You still can see Rocket Snail's website here:

Hope this helps.

Club Penguin

How do you get the welding mask for your black puffle on club penguin the computewr game?

You have to buy the club penguin DS game and get the "flare" code. :D oh ya baba


The Welding Mask comes with the Black Puffle automatically. In order to get the Elite Black Puffle, you must purchase the Club Penguin Nintendo DS game, which is the "Elite Penguin Force" or "EPF" for short. It could be purchased online through different online stores, such as Amazon and Ebay. Once you receive a code, you can use in in the Real Live Game, by logging in in Club Penguin and then click the "Unlock Items Online" button, and then type the code.

Have fun gaming!

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How do you fast forward time on club penguin?

You do..

You cant..

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How do you deactivate your nick club account?

you x out, then you make a new person

Club Penguin

How do you drag the book into fire on club penguin mission?

Take the book from your Inventory and then click on the fire pit

Club Penguin

How do you make a penguin when typing?

You use 1 hand for typing and the other for the mouse.

Club Penguin

How many pairs of socks do you own in club penguin?

If you are referring to a PSA mission..

Its different every time actually..

It depends . You should manage to find the answer out in the mission

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How do you get sunglasses in Club Penguin?

You can get sunglasses in the Gift Shop situated in the town. You shall have to be a member to purchase them through 'Coins'.

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How do you find a digger in club penguin?

It used to be in the Gadget room. BUT if your looking for a mini digger for your penguin, it's next to the hidden lake go in there and near the entry on the left there will be a jackhammer. Click on that and It will Say "have found a hard hat. Do you want the keep it?,". Say yes. Finally wear nothing but the hard hat and dance

Club Penguin

How do you make an ice cream icon on club penguin?

press w-e or w-q

Club Penguin

Where are the water hidden things on club penguin?

the first one is at the stadium where the snacks are, its next to the pizza,the second one is the white coffee mug on the small table at coffee shop,the third one is the goldfish bowl at pet shop near the black puffle and the dog houses,the fourth one is at the cove,its the water bottle in the shack,the fith one is on the table with the lamp at the book room,the sixth one is in dance lounge,its near the soda can,the seventh one is the sand bucket at the beach,and the last one,the fish in air,is at the dojo,top left fish. Hope I helped!

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How do fix the boat on shore in club penguin?

click the long piece of the side rail, and put it on the side of the boat. do the same with the other one. put the light wheel in the front side, dark in the back. put the big metal box in front of the boat but inside, put the smaller one on top of that. next put the green bucket in the middle. put the pole on top of that. then the thing with the blanket on that goes on top. the steering wheel goes behind it all. to get in and go off, u have to be a member and buy a jacket. then step inside the boat and go off. when u get to brown puffle island, enter the cave, click the small note on top of the puffle o's on the top left. the bottom of that note says "Adopt" and you get a brown puffle that u can name!

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Cheat Codes

Do you have any charm girls club cheats?

I have some friends codes: 46fadbcd 9aa4aef6 b427922a a9ac8164 9b16bad0 96d6653a 9406ba96 537319af c6772b62 945e5364 5bd10c17 16bad90d 50f66f3e

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What are virtual worlds like poptropica?

Try things like: (download)

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AOL Mail and AIM IM

When aim chat free chat coming back?

It's never coming back!

Club Penguin

Is there a catalog on club penguin game day?

Yes but it only has green, blue, red and yellow team clothing and a referee costume and a medal.


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