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With its first release in 1986, Dragon Quest (also known as Dragon Warrior) is one of the longest-running console RPG series. The series is highly successful, with releases covering many platforms, as well as having anime and manga adaptations, spin-offs, and even a live-action ballet.

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In Dragon Quest IX how much health does Lleviathan have the second time you face it?

Lleviathan has 1256HP the first time you fight him, and 3520HP the second time.

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When do you get alchemy in dragon quest 9?

When you get to Stornway, you have to defeat the 3rd boss, Morgan, and then visit Erinn, a girl who runs the inn. You meet her at the beginning of the story (she's the bluehaired girl). After you defeat the 3rd boss, she should say something like "Oh, _____, I was dusting...and I found this old pot!" and then she hands you the Alchemy pot. When you want to do alchemy, then you go to the inn at Stornway and talk to the pot.

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Can a paladin in dragon quest 9 attack?

why would it be there if it couldn't

Everyone can attack, but some people's attacks will be less powerful than others. For example, when my friend George (level 98 warrior) attacks a slugly Betsy it does about 240 points of damage but when Marcus (level 92 priest) attacks it does about 40 points of damage.

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What level is goresby-purrvis in dragon quest 9?

bosses don't have levels but if you want to beat him I advise leveling your team up to the middle 40's but if you do beat him prepare before entering the door behind him as there is a even WORSE BOSS BEHIND THAT DOOR!

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Where do you find drackals on Dragon Quest 9?

Drackals can be found at Mt. Ulzuun, and the Khalaag Coast.

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Is there a dragon quest in oblivion?

i dont think so

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When do you get extra people in Dragon Quest 9?

In Stornway Inn, if you talk to Patty you can create characters to join your party.

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Where do you buy a boat in Dragon Quest 9?

you can't buy it you unlock it after you beat the tyrantula in bloomingdale

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Who should eye marry in dragon quest 5 Bianca or Debora?


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How do you get more vocations in dragon quest ix?

There are 6 regular ones you start out with, and there are six that you can get by doing quests, those other vocations that you get by doing quests are Gladiator, Sage, Armamentalist, Ranger, Luminary, and Paladin

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What to do after finishing dragon quest 9?

Anything! ^_^ (advise just play multiplayer)

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How do you defeat morag in dragon quest 9?

You should be on level 13 to defeat morag.When I battled her,I used all of my MP and then did some abilities and then just attacked.If you have Heal,save some of your MP for that.My party was a Minstle,Martial Artist,Warrior,and Theif.I used Crack alot and that got her.You shoud also have some herbs incase if you are out of MP.

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When will Dragon Quest Monsters 2 come out in the U.S.A.?

It came out in the USA on September 15, 2001. Are you sure that's the full title of the game you are referring too?

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Is there an action replay code to get my character's wings and halo back in dragon quest ix if so please tell?

Unfortunately, you'd have to find someone REALLY dedicated to making codes. Otherwise, if you have the all helmet code, you can just have a halo.

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What do the Watcher's wings do in dragon quest ix?

Watcher's wings bring you home from another player's world. :)

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Who buys the mini medals dragon quest 9?

Captain Max Meddlin', who lives in Dourbridge, will take your mini-medals and give you rewards when you've given a certain number. After you give him 80, he then offers a selection of items which can be bought from him using more mini-medals.

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Where did aquila go in dragon quest 9?

You will see Aquila once you have gathered all the fyggs.He will come on the Starflight Express and tell you to give them to him.He will then battle you.(WARNING,YOU WILL NOT BE ABLE TO ATTACK WHEN AQUILA DOES.)After the fight,you fall down and land in Wormwood Creek.The second time you see Aquila is when he tries to kill King Godwyn,he fails and you have to battle King Godwyn.After the battle,Aquila dissapears.Go back to Angel Falls and go to the statue,there you will see Aquila.Talk to him and he will then be on your team.

He will be level 88 Warrior with alot of skill points to allocate.

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How do you get atlas in dragon quest?

You start finding him in grottoes level 40 or above

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Where is the Iluugazar Plains in the game Dragon Quest Sentinels of the Starru Skies?

the area of batsureg

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Where do you save your game on Dragon Quest IX?

Go to a church and talk to the priest, pick confession

You can also quick save from the menu (Menu (X Button) > Misc. > Quick Save) but it's different from a full save in that the game cuts off when you quick save and the data is deleted when you resume.

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Do dragons still roam Skyrim after the main quest is completed?

They do but they are about 50% harder to beat

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Is Dragon Quest 10 going to be for the 3DS or DS?

At the moment, it has only been announced as a Wii game. There is a good chance a portable version will be released too, but there has been no official mention yet.

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When do you get to gleeba in dragon quest IX?

To get to Gleeba, you first have to get the ship after you complete the story in Bloomingdale. After you get the ship, sail North. Gleeba is the land mass with the desert. The actual town of Gleeba is in the middle of the desert.

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Where do you find liquid metal armour in dragon quest 8?

u buy it in the casino in bucratt for 50,000 tokens then u can combine it with orcheliun to make metal king armor well actually, u can do that, but i dont recomend it. I recomend either getting it from princess minnie as a reward for like 100 tokens or either waiting until u unlock dragovian sanctuary, in the cave, theres a chest with the armour in it.

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Where can you find Amos after he runs away from scrimsly dragon quest 6 realms of revelation?

If you told him about his curse, and he has run away from Scrimsley, then you have missed your chance to recruit him. You cannot find him after that. On no account tell him the truth, because he'll run away (you were heavily advised not to tell him, also).

What you needed to do is lie to him or simply not reveal the truth, before you go get the seeds of reason. Only after you get them, with solution in hand, should you tell Amos about it and give him the seeds. He will then join the party.


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