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Video game system released in 2001. It was then succeeded by the Xbox 360 in 2005 which makes use of the Xbox Live service.

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Is there more games like smeet?

Meez chloe12985's answer: if your looking for stuff like that try habbo and imvu but there not that good :) ...
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Is Reaver in fable 3?

***Spoilers*** Yes! Reaver (voiced by the legendary Stephen Fry) has returned in Fable III. ...
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What certificate is Call of Duty Black Ops?

Call of Duty: Black Ops has been given an 18 certificate. It is for Strong Language Blood and Gore and intense Violence and varies with the rating board for the different countries whether the age is 15 17 or 18. Age does not really matter in Call of Duty.yes age stops you from purchasing the game not playing it I am not saying Call of Duty is bad, but you will encounter many people in Call of Duty that are below 18...
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Does anything in Fallout New Vegas spoil anything in Fallout 3?

Nothing in New Vegas spoils Fallout 3. They take place in 2 completely different corners of the country. And New Vegas can not spoil anything for Fallout 3, as New Vegas takes place before the events of Fallout 3. Hope this helps! Also Fallout 3 is not a sequal. But lets pray for a Fallout 4 ...
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How can you play HP Games without Wild Coins?

Yes remove it system restore and reinstall and there you go!
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Does Skate 3 Work With Xbox Kinect?

Unfortunately, no, Skate 3 is not compatible with the Xbox 360 Kinect.
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Can you turn a PlayStation2 into a Xbox 360?

No, you can't each system is different and have different key parts needed for it to operate correctly. ...
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Is dead space 2 a first person shooter?

No. Dead Space 2 is a third-person shooter.
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Can you install HyperCam on a Xbox?

A computer program cannot be installed onto a gaming system so, no. The only way to achieve something similar to the HyperCam would be to use the Xbox Live Vision Camera. ---improved answer--- You cannot use HyperCam on your Xbox 360 or Xbox One but if i were you, i would check out Roxio ...
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Where can you find sugar bombs in Fallout 3 New Vegas?

there is an abandoned house in Nelson and from old lady Gibson and in the NCR food bank in Freeside Fallout 3 and Fallout: New Vegas are different games. Which one do you mean? In Fallout 3, if you purchase the "pre-war" house theme from Moira in the Craterside Supply (Megaton) there will be SEVERAL sugar bombs on the shelves in your home. ...
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Are Microsoft point generators actually real?

Yes They Are!..but the growing demand for Code Generators leads to the creation of FAKE Code Generators. And sadly this creates an illusion that would rather suggest that there's no such thing as a legitimate code generator which i would gladly deny. Anyway, try this site in the Related Links. I have been using it for 3months now. They offer a wide variety of services including code generators. :) To gain a credited currency without properly converting your own real money to gain...
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How does the wireless Internet work on laptops?

In simple terms, you have two hardware devices that make up wireless connections. First, you have a Wireless Access Point or AP or WAP. A wireless access point is simply a wireless hub. An AP has antennas for sending and receiving the wireless signal to other wireless devices and it also has a cat 5 connection for connecting to the network. The other device is a Wireless NIC. Wireless NIC's are manufactured for both desktop and laptop applications, however, the laptop NIC's are more...
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Can you play halo firefight solo?

well it depends what halo it is, if it is ODST then it should be simple and you read the manual and follow those instructions or do not sign in another controller. for REACH you just turn off all controllers sign in and it should take it from there If you are speaking of playing in Reach's firefight Solo, there is a selection in the main menu called "Firefight" choose this rather than going into "Matchmaking". ...
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What is the install code for oblivion?

it should be on the back of the little booklet but as far as i know all install codes are different for each disk ...
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How do you play halo reach without live?

Make firefight your own,being a helljumper in campaign,and jumping to your death in forge. Just put the disc in and start the game, you can play campaign, firefight, forge and custom games. You can not play matchmaking offline as that is multi-player only. ...
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Can you stop your xbox restarting when you change the input to your screen connected to xbox and comp from the dvdi- comp to HDMI-xbox when both the HDMI and the composite cable are connected to xbox?

You can not sadly. The reason is that when you switch from HDMI to your computer input, and you have a composite plugged it, the Xbox detects that the HDMI is no longer in use and it will automatically switch over to the composite, however the Xbox restarts when it does this. ...
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Can playing Xbox increase your electricity bill?

Yes and no because, every hour wastes only a small amount
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How do you get Microsoft points awarded to you?

Xbox is always having promotions check on for any upcoming promotions. There was one that if you reffered a friend you got something, but it has ended. Microsoft's Xbox has a rewards program here They are however temporary points and will expire if not used. ...
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How do you find the gateway address and subnet mask?

You are able to find your gateway address by typing into the command prompt ipconfig. Your gateway address is also your routers IP address. ...
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Can you play a broken 360 game if it is instaled in your hard drive?

No, the only benifet of installing it onto the hard drive is presemably shorter loading times for the games. But for the majority of games it only affects it by seconds, if at all. The game disk is still required for gameplay. ...
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How much does modern warfare cost?

$20 for Call of Duty 4 Modern Warfare $30 for Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 $60 for Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 This is Gamestop pricing on June 1 2011 Nintendo Wii Modern Warfare Reflex Edition was $20 at Nintendo DS Modern Warfare Mobilized was $19.29 at ...
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How do you find out your subnet mask and gateway for a Windows ME computer?

First go to start, programs, accessories, MS-DOS Prompt. In the window type 'ipconfig /all' without parentheses, then press enter. First you determine the class of your network then, use the appopriate subnet mask for that network, a. Class A b. Class B c. Class C Get IP address of the host Example: Using the ANDing process, get the subnet mask. ...