The violin is the smallest member of the strings family. It is the most commonly played string instrument and features largely in orchestras. This category contains questions about the violin.

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How do you fix a broken violin string?

Although you absolutely should buy a new one my uncle fixes his strings, since he fletches his with a knife and plastic he just uses hot glue over it and fletches again (it is perfectly in tune).


Note that he's practiced for more than half his life to be able to do this so its better to buy a new one.

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Why is the violin more famous than the viola?

The violin is lighter, can create higher pitched notes, and is cheaper. I prefer Viola's myself, but maybe I'm just prejudiced. And it is the instrument that allows more technically challenging peaces, which gives a composer a bigger scope of compositional techniques to apply

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What is fingering for 2 octave f major scale on violin?

There are several possible sets of fingerings. This is the most common one.

Start on the D string. 234, then go to the A string. 12, then shift up to 3rd position and play 1234. Now go to the E string (still in 3rd position): 12, then shift up to 5th position 1234.

On the way down: 4321, shift down to 3rd position 21, over to the A string (still in 3rd position) 4321, shift down to first position 21, then over to the D string 432.

Congratulations! You made it!

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Why are there so many violins in an orchestra?

Individual string instruments are much quieter than the other families of instruments playing in an orchestra. So the string section has to reinforce their sound by having multiple instruments playing the same part. It is also true that the lower in pitch the range of a string instrument is, the louder it is (to human ears) thus the violins need more instruments per part than the violas, who need more instruments per part than the cellos, who in turn need more instruments per part than the double basses, who only need a few more instruments per part than the remaining instruments of the wind and brass sections

Also, there are 2 parts or 3 different parts, first violins, second violins and sometimes and rarely 3rd violins but usually instead of 3rd violins there are violas. The two parts play different notes causing a different variety of music than a few violins would provide.

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Which is better trumpet or violin?

Depends on what you want to do with it. You can't play violin in a marching band.


Each instument has its place in an orchestra. The violin is mostly for the melody of a piece of music, while the trumpet is used as a sort of fill in along with the other instruments, together they make up the whole of the piece. Years ago the trumpet played a big part in what we call The Big Band era i.e Glen Miller , Joe Loss, Benny Goodman and so on.

When you hear a quintet of trumpets the sound can blow your mind with their brassy notes. While the same number of violins, each playing its assigned notes is heaven sent. As played as solo instuments each has its own attraction for the listener. Each has the power to please the ear.

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What are the violin notes for can can?


The lower case is d,c,and b on the a string and the capitle ones are open A and open D and g,f,e

hope you like it =) lol


Violin chords for canon in d?

The Violin will not be able to play chords, since it is a melodic instrument that usually only plays one note at a time. (Unless using the double stops technique, which would be impractical in Pachellbel's Canon.)

The chords used in the continuo (played by keyboard instruments and doubled by any bass instrument like the cello) would be:

D - A - b min - f#min - G - D - e min first inversion - A


^this sounds quite correct but worldwide chords can mean a group of notes for any instrument.

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Who is the creator of the violin?

Andrea Amati was credited with the invention of the violin.


When was the first Stradivarius violins made?

Most likely it was made in 1668

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What are people called who makes the violin?

Violin makers. I don't think there's a specific word for it.

They are called luthiers. Luthiers make and repair string instruments.

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Can you play two notes on a cello like you can on the violin?

Of course one can, drawing the bow across two strings simultaneously will produce two notes easily.

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What vibrates when you play the violin?

The bow makes the string vibrate. The vibrations are transferred through the bridge to the instrument top. Vibrations are transferred from the top to the back side through a sound post. So, pretty much the whole body vibrates.


Song ji hoo plays on violin?

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How much is a Violin-Uke worth?

Depends on the manufacturer, condition and what comes with it. I've seen some go for upwards of $200 on ebay and others with starting bids of $20.


How old is the violin that is labeled Anton Becker copie Antonius Stradivarius no. 105 Germany?

Dont know if this helps.. but I got one that written 105 on the right bottom in 1984/85


Student violins made in Germany from the 1950's thru the 1980's.

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What is ragtime?

Ragtime music is the rhyme of how people danced and played when they where back in the 1800s. The Jim Crow Era was a post of the civil war Ragtime Music The main instrument used is the piano It was most popular between 1897-1918 The most famous rag-time composers were: Scott Joplin, Joseph Lamb, James Scott. Different styles of ragtime The Cakewalk, is an traditional African American form of music. This type of music was originally known as chalk-line music. Lots of the slaves would dance to this type of music. It gets it's name from on the plantations they held competitions the best dancer would get cake. Two-Step, is a dance with two steps in the same direction Slow Drag, it is associated with early ragtime, quite a lot of rags are slow drags Coon Song, it is a ragtime in a vocal form Ragtime Song Folk Ragtime Folk Rags Classic Rag Fox Trot Novelty Piano Stride Piano Was first introduced in America Scott Joplin's Maple-Leaf Rag inspired lot of other composers to write their own ragtime pieces. This sparked a nationwide craze. If you are in 9S please don't use this for music seeing as this is my work.


What is the difference between a violin and a fiddle?

When a violin is used for playing country-style or folk music people just nickname it as a "fiddle".


A fiddle is sometimes tuned differently than a violin. The instrument itself is pretty much the same though.

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The shape of the bridge is sometimes flatter to allow for easier triple stops, and fiddle players are more likely use steel strings than violinists.

That said, many good fiddlers use high-end synthetic strings and have bridge set-ups that are the same as the classical players use.

See the Related link for a Youtube video that has a good discussion of the difference between a violin and a fiddle, and includes a variety of styles of fiddling.


The difference between a fiddle and a violin is nothing! People just nickname a violin a "fiddle" when the violin is used for country or folk music.


Violins are used in classical music, fiddles are used in country music, etc. Sometimes they are exactly the same instrument, there is just a different playing style.


A fiddle is sometimes tuned differently than a violin. The instrument itself is often the same though.


What is the most important part of the violin?

Well I think the strings are as you cannot play the violin without the strings. from the belt man. Also the sound post in the violin is a major player in the sound making process


Why are old violins better than new violins?

There is much debate over this. Some would say that they aren't, that new, carbon-fiber violins can out perform any violin. Others dismiss this saying that even though the tone of these new, high tech fiddles is louder and they are much more stable and resilient, their tone is less desirable to wooden violins. By "Old Violins," I assume that you mean the Great Masters Stradivari, Amati and Guarneri. It has been theorized that the wood these instruments was carefully selected from timbers that grew on the north side of mountains and also grew during years that were particularly conducive to very close, tight growth rings which make for greater resonance. Suffice to say that these masters knew how to select and season their timbers. Additionally, the varnish used may have had special properties, possibly a secret formula which has been lost. it has also been theorized that they may have had special techniques for seasoning the timbers which have also been lost. However, one should also realize that these instruments have also been altered over time. The bass bars and sound posts in these instruments now are not original and the strings and bows used were also much different to say nothing for the aging effects of centuries which some say is not unlike that aging of fine wines.


The questioner stated a fact not in evidence. It is a fact however, proved in a double blind test a few years ago, using great master instruments against the finest modern instruments that several modern ones surpased the masters.

Dave Lashof


If you can play a violin what other instruments can you play?

Many students change from violin to other stringed instruments like viola, cello, or string bass.

The mandolin is tuned the same as the violin, so it's often easy for violinists to pick up.

If you have been playing violin for some time, you may find it difficult to change to transposing instruments.


Where can you find a picture of the first violin ever made?

The first violin made was by Andrea Amati in 1555. There are a few violins of his from that year that would be the actual first violin. A search of "violin Amati 1555" would give you pictures of these instruments.

Interestingly, the first instrument in the violin family was not the violin. It was the viola!


What is a substitute for violin rosin? soap


There is no substitute although hyper allergenic versions are available. SuperSensitive also makes a synthetic hydrocarbon resin. These are all still called rosin and no, soap is not a substitute.

Dave Lashof

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How has the violin changed over time and why?

One significant change was the addition of the chinrest. In the early era of music (e.g. baroque era), the violin was placed somewhat below the collarbone. Gradually, as violin technique changed, the chinrest was added so the violinist could hold the violin between his chin and shoulder.

Other changes include the shape of the f-holes in the violin, the shape of the body of the violin, and the curvature of the violin bow.


What does the first violin look like?

A normal one


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