The cello is a bowed string instrument with four strings. It is a member of the violin family. It is a very conman string instrument and used in most orchestras.

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Who is Dominicus Montagnana?

He was a violin maker from the 18th century in Italy.


What do you play the cello with?

Most cello pieces make use of a bow, which is is used rather like a violin bow to vibrate the strings. However, like a violin, it is also possible to play pizzicato i.e. plucking the strings two thirds of the way down the fingerboard with the tips of the fingers with your thumb on the side of it.


What is fingering for 2 octave F major scale on cello?

G 1 3 4

D 0 1 x2 x4

A 0 1 2 4

4th 1 3 x4 Harmonic

4th 4 2 1

A 4 2 1 0

D 4 2 1 0

G 4 3 1

A D G is in first position 4th is in 4th position of the A string.

Hope this helps!




What is sixth position on cello?

In short, sixth position on cello is when a cellist's index finger of the left hand sits on the note "G" on the "A" string. When playing the cello, you place the fingers of your left hand on the string to create a pitch that is different from the pitch of the open string. The most basic position is called "first position," where the first (index) finger plays a pitch exactly one whole step above the open string (on the A string, 1st finger in first position would play "B" natural, on the D string, "E" natural, and so on and so forth). Cellists determine the numbered name of a position based on how many scalar pitches (in the key of "C" when measuring on the A string) above the open string the first finger sits. To find 6th position, simply count 6 scalar steps above the open "A" string (in the key of C) to determine on which note your first finger should sit. Where "A" is 0 (because it is an open string and requires no fingers), B is 1st, C = 2nd, D = 3rd, E = 4th, and F = 5th, G would equal 6th position. When your first finger is sitting on G on the "A" string, your left hand is in 6th position. Note: even if you play a different finger, you name the position of your left hand based on the location of your first finger.


How do you play A sharp on a cello?

Do a backwards extension on the A string.


How do you play d flat on the cello?

There are many different D flats on a cello and several different ways to play them. Here's how to play the first three D flats in first position: The first D flat is a low first finger on the C string. The next D flat is a high fourth finger on the G string. The next is a regular three on the A string. Check with a piano or tuner to make sure that you are in tune.


What does the inside of a cello look like?

The inside of the cello is hollow. There is a sound posts (wooden dowel) that presses against the treble side of the front and back of the cello, to help with the sound. There is a bar that is glued to the top which strengthens the bass side. There are 2-6 blocks, one to support the neck, one for the endpin and 4 for the corners on most instruments.


How much does a brand new cello cost?

My friend is a great cellist and her first cello was $1,000. However, you probably shouldn't go any lower than that, as it will affect the sound quality. A decent, beginner's cello goes for around two and a half grand. If you're keen on starting with the cello, you're probably going to get lessons, so find a teacher and he/she will tell you. I don't know if you're at school, but you can ask a music teacher at your school, or if you live anywhere near a university, I'm sure there will be music students or professors who can answer your questions.


How much does a cello cost?



How do you play middle c on the cello?

Middle C is a second finger in first position on the A string. It is also a fourth finger on the D string in fourth position.


How low can a cello play?

With normal tunings a cello can reach the C two octaves below middle C, which is one octave below the lowest note for a viola.

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Can Cello use trombone music?

Doesn't matter which music is used. The instrument doesn't dictate the playable music, the PERFORMER plays the music, not the instrument. As a professional Trombonist, I play music written for Trombone, Cello, Trumpet, Clarinet, Kazzoo, Kitchensink, whatever.....I'm not bound by what the music may be "listed for".


Where can you find duet sheet music for flute and cello?

Lots of baroque music for flute and continuo of flute and figured bass works well with just flute and cello - eg Handel flute sonatas. Also, I've written and arranged a lot of pieces for flute and cello, which you can find on the sibeliusmusic website. Either go on to www.scoreexchange.com and search for Tim New, or go to


which should take you to my homepage, where you can open the folder flute and cello duets. The level of difficulty is from moderate to quite tricky. There are about a dozen duets listed. Try the Andante in A minor, which is baroque in style, or the Lullaby for flute and cello

Tim New tim.new@hotmail.co.uk


Where can you get sheet music of crazy train for the cello?

on a place that teach music


Where can you get the final countdown sheet music for cello?

I don't think there is any music for it. Sorry.):)


Have you any information about Haydn's 'Cello Concerto in D'?

If this is the Cello Concerto No. 2 in D Major it was composed in 1783 for the cellist Antonin Kraft.
It consists of three movements- Allegro Moderato, Adagio, and Rondo- Allegro. The overall mood is peaceful with a number of key modulations to A and C major in the 2nd Movement and D Minor in the final movement.


How is an electric cello different to an acoustic cello?

Well, it's a bit like asking how an acoustic guitar is different to an electric one.
An electric cello is shaped very differently to an acoustic one; it looks kind of a stick with strings and knee rests, if you can picture that. And, of course, it plugs into an amplifier, so the sound is a lot louder. This makes it good for bands and large music groups, because in situations like thee acoustic cellos tend to get drowned out. I'm told an electric cello is more difficult to play than an acoustic one.
Oh, and electric cellos only come in full size.


Does the bass play the same notes as cello?

No. The bass is tuned differently than the cello, and plays much lower - in orchestral practice, commonly an octave lower. The upper range of the bass and the low-mid range of the cello overlap, however. But the same passage played on both will sound a lot better on the cello.


Where can you find anime sheet music for cello?

I get most of my sheet music from http://ichigos.com/

But i play flute so I'm not sure if they have a lot of cello sheet music if your interested in Zelda sheet music there is a whole bunch on that website :3


What should you wear when playing the cello?

I could be wrong, I don't play but I'm going to take a guess when I say 'whatever you feel comftorble in.'but like I said I have no idea


What is the cello made out of?

Most of the time it is made from wood. However, carbon fibre and aluminum are also sometimes used.


Pitch range of cello?

C, under the base clef - A, 3 above the treble clef But if you're thinking of composing for the cello, don't write anything too far above the treble clef; these are just maximums.


Why is plural of cello not celloes?

cello is short for violoncello which is an italian word that is masculine, and when pluralised the ending changes to -i according to Italian grammar.

Hence; one cello, two celli

don't say celloes. you will sound like a fool.



Where is an analysis of Bach's cello suite no 5 in c minor?


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