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Who is the worship leader of Hillsong United?

Joel Houston, Jad Gillies, and Jonathan Douglass are the worship leaders of Hillsong United.

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Is Haste the Day a Christian rock band?

Yes, Haste the Day is a Christian rock band.

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Who wrote the tune for Jerusalem hymn?

hubert parry, if you are referring to the Blake hymn

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Where was Tim Lopez from the band plain white T's born?

Santa Barbara, CA ...

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Is the Word Alive a Christian band?

No, The Word Alive is not a Christian band despite their name being a reference to the Bible. However, their singer Tyler "Telle" Smith has stated that he is a Christian.

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Did Mandisa win American Idol?

No, Mandisa did not win American Idol, but she did go on to become a popular Christian Artist.

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How many types of christian music?

well that's a tough question, but here's a few in alphabetical order with Band examples:

Alternative Rock - Seventh Day Slumber

Gospel - Gaither Vocal Band

Indie Rock - Deas Vail

Hardcore/Metal - As I Lay Dying, Norma Jean, August Burns Red

Praise and Worship - Hillsong, Desperation Band, New Life Worship

Punk Rock - Relient K

Screamo - Underoath, Emery

Southern Gospel - New Life Choir, Kirk Franklin

Hope this helps


EDIT: Don't forget the electronic music:

EDM - Matthew J. Bentley

Hardstyle - DJ Flubbel

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What Christian band sounds similar to The Killers?

The Christian Rock Band Abandon sounds very similar to the Killers. Abandon is like "The Killers" meet "The Fray".

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Is Clutch Christian band?

No, Clutch is not a Christian band. However, they do have many references to Christian beliefs. Clutch is often described as a thinking person's metal band, so it's fitting that it gives listeners plenty to debate on Blast Tyrant. Hard-core devotees spent much of last year arguing whether or not the release was meant to be a concept album, which is no shock considering characters surface repeatedly, religion is a common denominator, and songs cross-reference each other.

But in a nutshell, no. They are not a Christian band.

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Who sang the song Mary did you know?

Mark Lowry and Buddy Greene wrote Mary Did You Know.

People who sing it:

Mark Lowry


Clay Aiken

Reba McEntire

Kenny Rodgers

And much others I'm sure!

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How does christian music influence teens?

Because a lot of songs talk about struggles we face and how to get through it with God's help. Christian music is very uplifting and it praises Jesus Christ!


(this answer added by Gojo123)

These days music is what most children and teens will listen to so this makes it easier for a demonic song to sneak into 'The A lists' and into the minds of Gods children. There are some artists we may think are of the devil but no one except the artist themselves and God will know for sure. The way these unbelievers think and handle their problems are usually not of God and somehow their ways could be put into the song so when people listen to them they may want to copy the ways of the artists. Some people call some artists their 'idol' but this may just be another way the enemy uses people to stray further and further away from Jesus Christ so that turning their life around -- away from the bad habits and sins -- is a very difficult procedure. Songs that a majority of people listen are about love but in the wrong way; relationships that have gone wrong, lusting over another, clubbing and other inappropriate actions taken to satisfy the flesh. All this because of bad taste of music. Only a handful of people acknowledge this yet nothing is done.

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Who wrote the song Mary Did You Know?

I don’t know

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Who is Nirva Ready?

Nirva Ready is one TobyMac's BGVs.

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Is Nocturnal Rites a Christian band?

No, Nocturnal Rites is not a Christian band.

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Is Hillsong United Catholic?

No. They're Assemblies of God

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Are the Kings of Leon a Christian band?

No, Kings of Leon are not a Christian band. However, some of the members have Christian beliefs.

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Is Lordi a Christian band?

No, Lordi is not a Christian band. Lordi is a Finnish hard rock band formed in 1996.

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Are Temper Trap Christian?

i know that a couple of the members are... the bassist is for sure.. his dad taught at this christian school that i went to

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Is The Offspring band Christian?

No, The Offspring is not a Christian band.

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What are some Thanksgiving christian songs?

Casting Crowns

Life of Praise

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Is the band Deep Field a Christian band?

No, the band Deep Field is not a Christian band. However, a lot of the songs have religious connotations.

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How many children does Matthew West have?

Matthew West has two children. He has two daughters named Luella Jane and Delaney Ruth.

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Is Dream Evil a Christian band?

No, Dream Evil is not a Christian band. They are a secular heavy metal band. However, they may have some songs that have a Christian meaning, but that does not make them a Christian band.

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Is Greeley Estates Christian?

No, they are not a Christian band. Rather, they are a post hardcore band.

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Is The Academy Is a Christian band?

No, The Academy Is... is not a Christian band.


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