Skillet (Band)

Skillet is an American Christian rock band that was formed in 1996. Questions on Skillet can be asked in this category.

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Skillet (Band)

Is actor John Kerr from South Pacific dead?

Yes. US actor John Kerr was 81 years old when he died on February 2, 2013 (born November 15, 1931).

There is a website on which he offers an essay, and the opportunity to order autographed photos from a couple of his most famous films.

Skillet (Band)

Why does Skillet have a mummy on the cover of the album Awake?

Their music video for Monster explains it within the first 20 seconds.

Skillet (Band)

Who sings in the Skillet song Awake And Alive?

John Cooper sings the lead singing part in Awake Ana Alive by Skillet, while Jen Ledger sings backup vocals.

Skillet (Band)

Do Muslims like Skillet?

Yes. Some Muslims enjoy the band Skillet.

Skillet (Band)

How tall is Ben Kasica?

Ben Kasica has never stated publicly what his actual height is. None of the other band members have, either, other than Korey Cooper, who is 5 ft 2. Most fans assume Ben is around 5 ft. 6 in. to 6 ft. tall.

Skillet (Band)

Why did Skillet choose rock as a song genre?

Skillet chose rock as a genre because of the music they play. Skillet is a Christian rock band, but that does not mean that they play only for Christians and Christian festivals. As Skillet has a secular label as well as a Christian one, so they can tour with secular bands, such as Papa Roach and Creed. As they have that secular label, they also have rock as a genre.

Skillet (Band)

Who are the original members of Skillet?

Here are all the former band members of Skillet:

  • Ken Steorts, who played lead guitar.
  • Trey McClurkin, who played drums and sang backing vocals.
  • Kevin Haaland, who played lead guitar.
  • Lori Peters, who played drums.
Skillet (Band)
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What is the story behind Skillet's song Lucy?

Quote from John Cooper: "..this week is the very first time that I've ever told what this song is about, because, uh, it's very special to me, but I feel like it's time to talk about it a little bit, so.. listen up while I tell you a story about a young girl and a young guy who found themselves in a hard situation. They didn't know what to do when they found out that she was pregnant; they were young, they didn't have any money, they were scared, they didn't want to tell anybody, they didn't know what to do, and the only option that they could see was to terminate the pregnancy. So that's what they decided to do… they went to a clinic, they had the procedure done, and at first they felt relieved that all their problems had gone away. But then something happened that they did not expect… and that's over the next few weeks, which turned into a few months, they began to feel an intense sadness… and a pain and an agony and a guilt that wouldn't go away. They didn't know what to do, so they finally went to see a counselor; they said look - tell us what to do, we just don't know, and the counselor made a suggestion. The counselor said here's what you need to do - stop acting like you had a procedure, and act like you had a death in the family. So the couple went home and they made three decisions; number one, they decided to have a funeral service for the baby; number two, they bought a tiny little headstone; and they last decision to make was what to name the baby. After a couple weeks they finally decided they would call her… Lucy."

Skillet (Band)

When is skillet coming out with a new CD?

Skillet will be releasing a new album sometimes in 2012.

Skillet (Band)

Who wrote the Last Night by Skillet?

John Cooper wrote the lyrics to the Last Night. However, Brian Howes helped him write some of the lyrics. The rest of the band wrote their individual parts.

Skillet (Band)

Does Skillet's song Monster and Three Days Grace's song Animal I Have Become sound alike?

Yes, most people have agreed that Skillet's song Monster and Three Days Grace's song Animal I Have Become sound alike.

Although Three Days Grace's song Animal I Have Become is a bit slower than Monster, they sound very alike.

To see exactly how alike they sound, people on YouTube have made 'Mushups' of the songs.

Please see related link.

Skillet (Band)

Why is Skillet opening for secular bands now?

Skillet is now opening up for secular bands because Christian artists (like Skillet) sometimes get offered more than their usual pay to open up for secular bands since secular bands are more popular.

While most Christian artists refuse this generous offer, Skillet did not.

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Skillet (Band)

Is crazy girl by Eli young band on iTunes?

Yes, it is.

Skillet (Band)

Where did Skillet get their name?

When they started, they said it was like putting a bunch of different styles of artists in a skillet and seeing what you come up with...

Skillet (Band)

Who sings in Hero with Skillet?

Skillet got a new drummer for their Awake album. The new drummer, named Jen Ledger sings in the song Hero. She also sings on Awake and Alive and the remix of Monster.

Skillet (Band)

What genre is hero by skillet?

"Hero" by Skillet is a Christian rock/hard rock song.

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Skillet (Band)
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What is the best lubricant for drilling in cast iron?

There is a special cutting oil for drilling cast iron. Available at all industrial supply stores.

Skillet (Band)

Does Skillet have any secular songs?

As Skillet is a Christian rock band, most of their songs have a Christian meaning. However, Skillet's songs can also be put in a secular meaning as well. A lot of the band's songs can be turned into songs about suicide, drugs, and relationship issues.

Some of these songs include:

  • The Last Night

The secular meaning of this song is that someone is about to end their life, and someone special to them tells them not to end their life because they'll always be there.

  • Monster

Monster's secular meaning is hating what you have become because of your actions.

  • Should Have When You Could Have

This song's secular meaning is putting in all your love into someone, and the other person does not realize how much you care about them, and they leave you.

Skillet's songs can relate to everyday Christian life, but the band's songs can be put in a secular meaning too, as Skillet tours with secular rock bands.

Skillet (Band)

Where can you buy Skillet band shirts?

You can buy Skillet band shirts at their website, or at their live concerts.

Skillet (Band)

Are all of Skillet's songs Christian?

As Skillet is a Christian band, yes all of their songs are Christian. However, not all of their songs are talking about Jesus Christ. Some of their songs are talking about situations that Christians go through.

Skillet (Band)

What radio channel has the band Skillet?

It all depends on where you live.

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Skillet (Band)

When did acrylic become popular?

Artist's Paint Acrylic paint, as we know it, was first used by artists in the early 1960's and has grown more popular over time.

Skillet (Band)

What is the best heavy metal song by Skillet?

Savior is Skillet's heaviest song that's popular on the Christian Rock radio. Open Wounds and Forsaken are heavy as well. As for the 'best', only the individual can decide that, as that would be based on opinion.

Skillet (Band)

Does Jen Ledger have a significant other?

That is private information that she wishes not to speak on. Thank you.

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Skillet (Band)

What song did Patrick Cote come out to for his fight last night on UFC 74?

it was Linkin Park but I don't know the song. Pleasesoneone let us know


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