Historically, guitars are 6-stringed instruments made out of wood. Today, we also have electric guitars. Guitars are used in many musical genres.

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What is the strumming pattern for Little Lion Man?

Down, down, up, down. All of the down strokes are muted and make sure you cut off the un-muted upstroke with a fast muted down stroke.


Is Guitar master class worth the money?

Playing guitar the right way is important. With the massive number of people that can play guitar, it's still a truth that only a couple of them can play well.

There is actually a correct learning order, a 1st thing, 2nd thing, and even a 3rd thing to learn. The process of guitar learning should be in the right track. Just like skipping rungs on a ladder, jumbling up the learning order causes a lot of unnecessary pain and suffering. It can even lead to bad habits that are nearly unfeasible to break. Some of the awful guitar mistakes here include poor posture while practicing, tensing the muscles and incorrect hand placement. Beginners are usually stubborn, tolerating the practice of having awkward finger placement.

There are guitar lessons on-line that are already designed for beginners. It's highly suggested that new guitarists proceed step by step in proper guidance to overcome guitar learning mistakes.


How does an acoustic bass work?

Just like a guitar. The strings vibrate the bridge, the bridges sends the sound to the back of the guitar, the back sends it to the top and it loops.

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Where do you put a guitar pick holder on a guitar?

Although many people put it near the base of the neck, there is no proper location for a pick holder. Place it where it is most convenient to reach for a pick while playing, provided you can still put the guitar in the case and close it.

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Can you play bass guitar on garageband?

Yes, you can.


What is the value of a Tokai Breezy sound guitar?

I bought one second hand for £190. It was a Japanese model. I think that was a very good price for it though. I think they're worth more around £400.

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How do you play Godzilla roar on guitar?

To play Godzilla roar on guitar, you use the highest string (meaning the string with the highest pitch) in this way. You first put your 4th finger in the 5th box (these boxes are called frets, and will be called that from here onward; they are ordered from the top so the highest fret is the 1st fret), then you do a down scale to the first finger. Repeat this step, and then then do the 4th fret twice, then the down scale, then up, then do a shift so every finger should be up at least 2 frets and repeat.

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What are some good acoustic guitar love songs?

Such Great Heights by Iron and Wine, he/she'll be putty.

Something by The Beatles


About A Girl by The Academy Is... (there is an acoustic version)

Dashboard Confessional plays A LOT of acoustic music, you should check it out!


Pistol - Dustin Kensrue

Of Crows And Crowns - Dustin Kensrue



What year was the model Em 325 serial number 1595 290 Maton Guitar made?

Maton Guitars are made in Australia and to locate this info you may have to contact Maton direct;

Phone 61 3 98969500

They do not have a serial number support system online.


What is the hardest song to play on acoustic guitar?

Through the Fire and Flames...i think.

On Guitar Hero 3, yes. In real life, look up John Williams.

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Is rockburn a good electric guitar?

never heard of it, but a quick google search and you'll see for sure from reviews. BC Rich is my favorite, sure they look death metal for most but they are very unique and everyone (big rockstars) have played them.

May 2013

To the best of my knowledge, Rockburn is just a name slapped onto a Student model Chinese made guitar. Rockburn also sells and distribute drums and other musical instruments. Being a student type guitar the manufacturing process is as much quality as any and since most mfgs are using CNC machines to cut and produce them quickly. So the machining may be nice, but the question lies in the wood used, gluing electronics, hardware and paint. These would be the areas to skimp.

However, as a beginner/student why go pay for a guitar that you may never keep interest in or plain give up. If you accomplish the desire of playing, once your skills improve, go treat yourself to a step up. Many next step guitar companies have affordable lines to choose from. Like Fender, Dean, Gibson, Epiphone, Jay Turser and on and on.

Be realistic in you first guitar purchase and don't spent money unnecessarily.

Have confidence in you skills to constantly improve and be an Artist!


Difference between wah wah and wammy?

Wah is an affect usually obtained through the use of a pedal that literally makes the guitar make a 'wah' sound every time a note or chord is played, and when used properly can sound very cool.


A whammy bar temporarily decreases tension on the strings which creates a different type of vibrato, basically in reverse, again when used properly can make a variety of cool noises.

The tremolo as it is well know does have a whammy bar on it. This is how the guitarist controls it. All tremolo's are spring loaded. This allows the trem to either pull the strings tighter( higher pitch) or back off(lowers the pitch) them. The wah pedal is a totally different effect. Where as the whammy controls pitch the wah controls tone. The wah was accidentally invented and was said to make a guitar talk like a human.


The previous answer is very misleading.

First of all, while some people have referred to the arm on the bridge of certain guitars as a "tremolo bar" or the entire bridge as a "tremolo bridge", that is incorrect.

Tremolo describes fluctuations in volume, such as when a guitarist plays a note or chord and then turns the volume knob up and down quickly, creating a pulsing effect.

The correct term for that bridge on Fender Stratocasters and many "superstrat"-type guitars is vibrato. That bridge allows the guitarist to change the tension of the strings while playing, altering pitch -- which is what vibrato is. That's why when a guitarist pulls and releases the strings on a guitar, that is also called vibrato.

Now, when you say "whammy", it can refer to a "whammy bar" (a colloquialism referring to a guitar's vibrato bar), or it can refer to the DigiTech Whammy effect pedal, which does more extreme versions of pitch-shifting, such as full octaves (eg. U2's "Even Better than the Real Thing", The White Stripes' "Seven Nation Army").

A wah pedal does not alter pitch. It alters the EQ (treble/mid/bass) content of the sound, the "tone". It's still the same note, only now it has a different timbre because you might be emphasizing the low frequencies rather than the high, or vice versa. A whammy effect changes pitch. These two effects are not interchangeable.

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What kind of Fender does Josh Farro play?

custom-built gold-top Telecaster and another Tele with a relic finish that Galuzka beat to hell to capture the essence of Rory Gallagher's famously worn 1961 Fender Strat.

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Most expensive fender guitar ever?

A signed Fender Standard Series Stratocaster became the world's most expensive guitar, fetching a massive $2.8 million at auction in Doha, Qatar. Auctioned to aid victims of the 2004 tsunami disaster, the guitar broke the previous record held by Eric Clapton's $959,500.00 black strat. You can see a picture at

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What company has the most airplanes?

American Airlines has the largest aircraft fleet, followed by Southwest Airlines


What year is your Alvarez guitar serial?

Alvarez guitar serial number 36568


What musical ensembles can the acoustic guitar play in?

Lots of them. The best way is to look at the musical scoring on the websites of the company who holds the rights. The most

popular ones are shown:

Rogers and Hammerstein

Musical Theatre International

Tams Witmark

Samuel French

Theatrical Rights Worldwide

Some musicals with some nice stuff are:

Man of La Mancha (lots of acoustic)

West Side Story (acoustic and or electric - much of it doubles mallet percussion)

Jesus Christ Superstar (both acoustic and electric)

Godspell (both acoustic and electric)

The Wiz (electric)

Bye Bye Birdie (electric)

Grease (electric)

Hairspray (electric and acoustic)

Dream Girls


Many of the newer musicals (many are rock oriented) such as:

Wedding Singer,

Jersey Boys,

All Shook Up,

High school musical






Several Disney shows

There are many other musicals but gutiar is not featured and it often doubles banjo. You might be playing 2 & 4 all night long:

How to Succeed in Business

Anything Goes

Once upon a matress


Me and My Girl


What are the major guitar brands?


  • Gibson
  • Fender
  • ESP
  • Jackson
  • B.C Rich
  • Ibanez
  • PRS


  • Taylor
  • Guild
  • Gibson
  • Alvarez
  • Takamine
  • Martin
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What is the value of Carlos 228 acoustic guitar?

one sold on e bay for 26 dollars plus 30 dollars shipping.


Who invented the guitar?

There is no specific person ever noted in history that invented the guitar, all historians know is that the oldest known guitar like instrument was discovered around 3,300 years ago in a stone engraving. Guitars were developed from early guitar-like instruments so the exact date of the first modern guitar is difficult to determine:

  • Thousands of years ago - tantar and sitar developed in India. The name guitar comes from the original name for sitar
  • 3300 years ago Hittites played stringed guitar like instruments
  • 40 CE the Romans have a cithara which is brought to Spain and combined with the Moorish oud
  • 8th century CE - 6 stringed instruments in use in Europe
  • 12th century CE - 4 string guitars in use, some with central sound holes
  • 15th and 16th century the Spanish have guitar like, but lute-tuned, instruments
  • 1779 CE first six string guitars in Italy - built by the Vincaccia family
  • Modern guitars in place (look, size, tuning) in the 1850's

The name 'guitar' is derived from the ancient Greek 'kithara', traditionally the lyre used by Apollo, the god of music. A lyre is not a guitar, though. The guitar is a member of the necked-lute family, which includes instruments from double-basses to mandolins. A lyre has a frame to attach the strings to, rather than a neck. The earliest depiction of a necked string instrument dates back to the West Semites of the 3rd millennium BCE in Syria; the earliest extant examples come from Egypt in the second millennium BCE.

The earliest surviving depiction of an instrument with the guitar's characteristic hourglass body shape, as distinct from the classic oval of most lutes, is a carving from the first century CE, in Uzbekistan, central Asia. After the 4th century this guitar shape is not seen again until it turns up in Byzantium in the 11th century, and then, increasingly, in Europe.

The Renaissance guitar in the 15th-16th centuries was not unlike the present day ukulele, though double-strung.

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When was the first bass guitar invented?

The original bass guitar was developed by Paul Tutmarc in the 1930s as a replacement for the double bass, but he received little success for the invention. In the 1950s Leo Fender (who, obviously, is the man who started Fender) took the idea and introduced the first mass-produced bass guitar on the market, the Precision bass. This was hugely popular and since then bass guitars have become the norm in all bands, and variations upon the Precision are still made and extremely popular.


What guitar does Thom Yorke use?

Early in his career, Thom Yorke most often played a Fender Telecaster onstage. Recent photos have seen him with a Fender Jazzmaster, a Gibson ES-330, or a Gibson ES-125.


What is a quilt top finish on a guitar?

It's not a type of finish, it refers to the type of wood used on the top of the guitar, it looks very appealing and is normally found on higher quality guitars, a google image search of 'quilted maple guitar' will show you exactly how it looks, it's quite beautiful


Can you replace a stop bar with a whammy bar?

No, a stop bar and a whammy bar are two different things therefore you cannot replace a stop bar with a whammy bar. It woluld make the sound a whole different tune.


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