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Where was Tim Lopez from the band plain white T's born?

Santa Barbara, CA ...


What guitar does Thom Yorke use?

Early in his career, Thom Yorke most often played a Fender Telecaster onstage. Recent photos have seen him with a Fender Jazzmaster, a Gibson ES-330, or a Gibson ES-125.

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How good is the bc rich metal master Guitar?

looks cool but its a fancy BC Rich warlock bronze series, if you can get it for under 300$ your getting a good deal.

comfortable, light , very versatile pickups but metal comes from you, so switch the strings and put a low tuning. But honestly though keep saving up, the best warlocks right now that are affordable are the IT series ones, 100$ more online but you will like it 10x more.

metal comes from within though, thick strings, knowing what to play.. those sort of things.

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How long is Herman Li's hair from Dragonforce?

Very long.

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Who played bass on Young MC's 'Bust A Move'?



What is the name of the black guitar-player who has six fingers on each hand - one of his CDs has a picture of his hand on it?

Houndog Taylor did have an extra little finger but he couldn't use it, according to Buddy Guy's recollection. I think you mean "Hound Dog Taylor". If you do a search for his name in Google, you should come up with some fan sites and some interesting photos. Yes, it was "Hound Dog" Taylor and you can find his CDs at Amazon. Check him out here, too:


What happen to Tim Huskinson from framing hanley?

He is no longer in Parabelle. He has a new project My Premonition.

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Who recorded Ghost Riders in the Sky?

"(Ghost) Riders in the Sky: A Cowboy Legend"This song is a country and cowboy-style song. It was written on June 5, 1948 by Stan Jones. A number of versions were also crossover hits on the pop charts in 1949. More than one hundred different artists have recorded versions of this classic. Charting versions were recorded by Vaughn Monroe (with orchestra and vocal quartet), by Bing Crosby (with the Ken Darby Singers), and by Burl Ives. Other contemporary versions were recorded by Peggy Lee (with the Jud Conlon Singers), and by Spike Jones and his City Slickers, with the most recent version of the song being performed by Spiderbait, for the 2007 movie Ghost Rider. AnswerThe most famous version was recorded by bandleader and singer Vaughn Monroe. See related web linksFor a list of many of the 50 artists that have recorded this song. Also, see links for videos of this song being performed. Artists include: Baja Marimba Band, Barrage, Bing Crosby, Blues Brothers, Bob Dylan, Boston Pops, Gene Autry, Bluegrass Alliance, Brothers 4, Bruce Low, California Guita Trio, Captain Tractor, Charlie Daniels band, Chet Atkins, Davie Allan and the Arrows, Deadbolt, Deborah Harry, Dick Dale, The Dixie Dicks, Duane Eddy, Eddie Arnold,Dean Martin, Esteban, The Expendables, Frank Ifield,, Frankie laine, Fred Penner, Gene Pitney, Ghoultown,jerusalem Ridge, Jet Harris, Jimmie Rodgers, Joni Mitchell?, kansas, King Kurt, Lee Press-on and the Nails, Les Jaguars, Lonesome Halos, Legendary Stardust Cowboy, Lorne Greene, The Maladroits, Mary McCaslin, Mary Schneider, Michael martin Murphy, Molly Hatchett, Outlaws, Ozark Mountain Daredevils, Patrick Normand, Pedro Vargas, peggy Lee, Radio Birdman, Ramrods, Rick Devin, Ronnie Dawson, Scary Bitches, Slim Whitman, Vaughan Monroe, Ventures, Vocal majority Choir, Chantays, Johnny Cash, Gary Yogurt, Highwaymen, Concrete Blonde, Marshall Tucker band, Kingston Trio, Jumping Jewels, Impaled Nazarene, Flying W Wranglers, Johnny Horton, Marty Robbins, Damage Done by Worms, Dean Martin, Die Apokalyptischen Reiter, John Denver, Andy Tielman, Brooks and Dunn, Burl Ives, Spiderbait, and many more.
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Who is Guitarist Chit San Maung?

he is the best guitarist of myanmar.

Also he love Jesus

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What is the best guitar solo of all time?

The solo that appears most in "Best Solos" lists is probably "Eruption" by Van Halen.

Other solos that have done well over the years in such polls:

"Stairway to Heaven", Led Zeppelin

"November Rain", Guns N' Roses

"Hotel California", The Eagles

"Free Bird", Lynyrd Skynyr

"Comfortably Numb", Pink Floyd

"Bohemian Rhapsody", Queen

"Layla", Derek and The Dominos

"One", Metallica

"Cortez the Killer", Neil Young & Crazy Horse

"Cliffs of Dover", Eric Johnson

"White Room", Cream

"Highway Star", Deep Purple

"Sweet Child O' Mine", Guns N' Roses

"Alive", Pearl Jam

"Cemetery Gates", Pantera

"Hangar 18", Megadeth

"Heartbreaker", Led Zeppelin

"The Unforgiven", Metallica

"All Right Now", Free

"Black Magic Woman", Santana

"Still Got the Blues", Gary Moore

Black Veil Brides

Who is the shortest in Black Veil Brides?

Jake Pitts he's 5'10


What are the chords for When love is found?

They are the same chords as the song "The Water is Wide."


Can Gibson '57 Classic and classic plus be used for modern metal?

I know EMG's are the standards for todays modern metal bands. I have nothing against them but I want to have a little different sound than what everyone else is playing. I've read several great reviews on these pickups however not much on if they are good for metal or not. They will be going into an Epiphone Les Paul Studio if that makes a difference and I also use a Metal Muff pedal for distortion.

it should be fine if you just tune your guitar to the song tuning it also help full to have a amp to set it to metal with this should make your playing sound great if you have this most electric guitars will be good for any genre of music but you must have good pickups you can get these with a good brand guitar


Where did randy rhoads die?

Randy Rhoads died at the Flying Baron Estates, (31017 Airway Rd Leesburg FL).

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Is Billy Duffy lead guitarist of the Cult married or single.?


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In the Andy Griffith episode The Guitar Player who is the real guitarist playing the Jim Lindsey guitar part?

I wrote to James Best and he told me he faked the guitar playing, and did not reveal who the musician was.Listen to the last, long riff at the end of the first guitar segment of episode #31, Jim at Sheriff's office with Andy & Barney,(available on youtube): Fast, jazzy & technically superior. Someone's hands are shown close-up, playing the riff, but not the face. The shot is edited in & out, not panned to & away from, ie: not James . Episode #3: The actor's hands are avoided by the camera. Being a major CBS show , this was probably the network staff session player, (they don't have those anymore), who was probably a well known jazz man, too. Still a mystery, though.

If my memory serves me, the guitarist is Herb Ellis. His name appears in the credits after the show. To those unfamiliar with the name he is a world class jazz guitarist and as with many of them, played on many rock n' roll era recordings. UPDATE: It turns out there is also an -actor-,(not the guitarist), named Herb Ellis, and Mr. Ellis plays a character in that episode. When I discovered this, I continued my search for the soundtrack's actual guitarist. After checking the credits of various player, it turns out that Howard Roberts is the only one who lists the Andy Griffith Show. This also makes sense musically, as Roberts was one of the few who played jazz and rock 'n roll with equal authenticity. Howard Roberts, absolutely.

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Is James Hetfield of Metallica a Republican?

He is a Libertarian. He was also listed on the Arkansas Projects's list of Republican Rock Stars.

Jimi Hendrix

How much was Jimi Hendrix worth when he died?

Jimi Hendrix is PRICELESS. He played for the love of music. Simple as that.

I think you would need to know the value of his "estate" which would be all his worldly goods and monies he was due to at the time of his death, his estate is probably worth far in excess of what it would have been when he died with all the royalties from record sales since his death

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Where to buy diy guitar kits in Australia?

DIYGUITARKIT.COM.AU sell the best guitar kits in Australia. They are at


How does Paco de Lucia play guitar so quickly?

Paco is the only flamenco guitarist in the world who uses three fingers to play picado.Picado is rest stroke with i,m,a fingers.Important to note that it HAS to be rest stroke,free stroke would make it TREMELO and sound soft and lack attack.

not true

: Paco plays over 95% of his picados with only 2 fingers-- index and middle. Gerardo Nuñez often uses all 3 fingers for his picados, so the idea that Paco in the "only" player to do this is completely false. Paco achieves his speed with consistently flawless technique, slow exercises, confidence, good circulation, painstakingly filed fingernails, and on top of this, an incredible talent for moving his fingers quickly and accurately. Back in the 1970's when I was taking Flamenco guitar lessons there used to be speculation about whether the great guitar players used three fingers for picking. The few people who I knew who had seen Paco or Serranito playing always claimed they had never seen them use anything other than the first and second fingers. Now we've got YouTube you can check it out. I remember talking to a guy who met Paco when he was performing in Australia with the Luisillo dance company. His picado was just as fast then, when he was about fifteen, as it was when he started making records. He says himself in a documentary about him called Light And Shade, that he spent many hours in his room with the guitar in his early teens and some people say his father was extremely intent on making him a star, so he imposed a disciplined routine on Paco. Just as an interesting aside, the only guitarist who certainly used anything but the usual fingers was Manitas De Plata who used the first and third fingers for picado. He was a Basque gypsy with a very rough technique but very popular with the public. He taught that technique to a friend of mine and the theory behind it was that because the first and third fingers are more or less equal in length, it's easier to pick that way. I used it myself for a couple of years but eventually went back to the normal way.

Jason Aldean

Does Jason aldeans guitarist have girlfriend?

Yes. And he screws her every night thinking, "I'm not dating YOU. That girl was so ugly!" I'm joking. I don't really know if he has a girlfriend. :-)

^That made me laugh really hard! I bet your right whomever asked this question in the first place is probly ugly. most girl aldean fans aren't very cute! except me of course. ;-) Anyhoo - sorry to be the bearer of bad news but jasons guitarist Kurt is most definetly married. jasons other guitarist jack is also married. and his bass player tully is married as well! i think the only single guy in the gand is jay the steel guitar player. good luck! ha ha


Where does paco de Lucia live?

Most likely in Spain, where he was born (1947).

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What is Paul Pesco's sexual orientation?

Paul Pesco, the session guitarist has not stated his sexual preference in public. WikiAnswers will not speculate on what is personal and private information to any individual.

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What is the KEY ID for guitar pro 5.2?

Guitar Pro 5.2 is actually a piece of downloadable software which assists with guitar tuition. Each individual user is assigned a unique key ID to unlock the package.

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Who plays the guitar in one direction band?

Niall Horan! He plays on Stage at some of the concerts!


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