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This category is for questions about the the King of Pop, Michael Jackson, who died June 25, 2009. Some of Jackson's most popular songs include 'Beat It', 'Billie Jean', and 'Thriller.'

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Michael Jackson

What are the names of Michael Jackson's children?

The Jackson 3

These are the names of the late Michael Jackson's children:

son - Michael Joseph Jr known as Prince (b. 1997)

daughter - Paris- Michael Katherine (b. 1998)

son - Prince Michael II (aka Blanket) (b. 2002)

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Michael Jackson
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When did Michael Jackson die?

He died of a drug overdose in 2009. No cancer.

Michael Jackson
Elizabeth Taylor

Where did Michael Jackson meet Elizabeth Taylor?

I believe they met at an AIDS benefit.

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Michael Jackson

Was Michael Jackson richer than the Beatles and Elvis?

Yes, Michael Jackson is the richest Musician to ever exist. Within a week of his death he had erased over 500 million dollars of debt. After This is It was released his family made 600 Million Dollars, One Year after his Death Michael Jackson had made well over 1 Billion dollars, more than any other Musician in History.

The Beatles have made hundreds of Millions of Dollars as well as Elvis but neither were around when so much money was in the Music Industry.

Besides Michael Jackson owned the Beatles Catalogue so basically any money to be made in their songs was going to him. The Catalogue's worth has increased dramatically due to its previous owner making it worth an extra 2 Billion Dollars

To this day Michael Jacksons empire is worth over 12 Billion Dollars

Michael Jackson

What kind of monkey did Michael Jackson have?

Chimpanzee named bubbles i think he also had one named alice if i am not mistaken

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Michael Jackson
The Muppet Show

Was Michael Jackson ever on the Muppet show?

Not that I'm aware of; however, he was on Sesame Street.

Michael Jackson

Why did Michael Jackson write earth song?

Jane Goodall suggested Michael write song about rainforest's being cut down and chimps to help raise awareness of their plight, that song turned into Heal the World but he kept his word and later wrote Earth Song but instead of going by the original idea he turned it into a song about how people treat the Earth.

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Michael Jackson

How much was Michael Jackson's bodyguards were paid per hour?


Michael Jackson

Is Skye Jackson related to Michael Jackson?

No they are not related.

Michael Jackson

Who lives in Jackson's Gary Indiana home?

According to the Huffington Post, the house sits empty.

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Michael Jackson

Was Latoya Jackson shunned from Jehovah's Witnesses?

Witnesses do shun people. Watchtower 15th Apr '88 p27 says, '' Such shunning would be appropriate, too, for anyone who rejects the congregation''

It is always up to that person if they decide to leave and if Latoya Jackson was baptized (I am almost 100% positive she wasn't) and she did something that Jehovah despises and was not sorry for what she did, then she would be what we call disfellowshipped. Many may view this as mean, but it is really a protection so that other people don't follow their habits. So Witnesses shouldn't talk to them because this way they will hopefully learn that what they did was not right. But, after a while, if that person realizes what they did was wrong then they could be reinstated, which means the friends could talk to them again.

Michael Jackson

Is Michael Jackson dead?

Yes he's really dead.

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Michael Jackson

Who is the girl in Pharrell' s 'Frontin' video and NERD's 'Maybe' video?

Lanisha Cole

Michael Jackson

How long did Michael Jacksons marriage last?

Michael Jackson's marriage to Lisa Marie Presley lasted only 20 months and his marriage to Debbie Rowe lasted 3 years.

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Michael Jackson
Jackson 5

Why did Michael Jackson's skin color turn white?

Michael Jackson's White Skin

Michael Jackson's skin was white because he had a rare skin condition called vitiligo.

Vitiligo is an inherited genetic disorder. It is a condition in which you lose melanocytes (cells that give color to the skin). This results in smooth, white-milky patches in the midst of normally pigmented skin. In the case of African-Americans, this discoloration is very prominent, although any age, sex and race can suffer from it.

Michael Jackson

How did Michael Jackson die?

On June 25th 2009 police received a call at 12:30pm from Michael Jackson's Bel-Air mansion. Paramedics rushed to the scene and found Michael Jackson in a coma, not breathing. He was rushed to UCLA Medical Center in Los Angeles, CA.

"The King of Pop" died the same day, June 25th 2009 2:26pm, due to cardiac arrest (heart stoppage), at the age of 50.

Cardiac arrest is different from a heart attack, when you have a

heart attack, your heart still beats, at least initially, sending

blood/oxygen around the body. Blood flow to the heart itself is blocked, and this can damage the heart. A severe heart attack can

cause a cardiac arrest. When you go into cardiac arrest, your heart

stops completely. Most adults who are not resuscitated after around

ten minutes will die due to lack of oxygen flow to the brain.

On August 28th 2009 the cause of Jackson's cardiac arrest was reported as a combination of the potent drugs propofol, lorazepam and midazolam. The death was classified as a homicide, and law enforcement officials were investigating the actions of his personal physician, Dr. Conrad Murray.

Michael Jackson

What Roosevelt was mentioned in a Michael Jackson song?

Franklin D Roosevelt, a picture of him flashes up in the prison version of the video when Michael sings that line.

American Idol
Michael Jackson

Is American Idol's Randy Jackson related to Michael Jackson?

The Randy Jackson from American Idol is not the same Randy Jackson who's the brother of Michael. Michael did have a brother nicknamed "Randy," but this is not his real name. Randy Jackson, Michael's youngest brother, actually has the first name of Steven.

Michael Jackson

What age did Michael Jackson stop homeschool?

Well, Michael joined the Jackson 5 around the age of 5 and was famous by the age of 8 so when he was about 9 he started home school and probably had a tutor until he was probably a senior in high school.

Michael Jackson
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Did Michael Jackson play piano?

Yep!! And he was very good at it!!

Michael Jackson

What were some of Michael Jackson's biggest obstacles being a celebrity child?

Not having a childhood

Michael Jackson
MTV Video Music Awards

How many vma's did Michael Jackson receive?

He won seven VMA's;

Thriller (1984);

Best Overall Video Performance

Best Choreography

Viewers Choice Award

Leave Me Alone (1989);

Best Special Effects

Scream (1995);

Best Choreography

Best Art Direction

Best Dance Video

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Was Michael Jackson influenced by The Beatles?


The Bible
Michael Jackson

Can Muslims read the Bible?

Yes. In fact, Muslims regard parts of the Old Testament to be congruent with their faith. Abraham is a patriarch in Judaism, Christianity, and Islam, for example.

However, most Muslims, as a matter of course, do not read the Bible because they believe that it has been corrupted from its original form. It is also next-to-impossible to find Bibles in Muslim countries that do not have a large Christian population (because of supply and demand).

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Where can you download Michael Jackson video for free?

You can find a lot of Michael Jackson videos on the large music portals, like Yahoo Music. See related links below.

Install Bit Torrent on your PC and search for Michael Jackson videos, you'll get loads of them.


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