Janet Jackson

Sister of the late Michael Jackson, Janet Damita Jo Jackson is an American actress and recording artist. Her first album was released in 1982, and it peaked number six on the Billboard hot R&B chart.

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Who is worth more Mariah Carey or Janet Jackson?

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mariah Carey is worth more but some people say Janet Jackson On Forbes most riches wemon mariah was ahead or Janet
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Does Janet Jackson lip sync?

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No. She is one of the few artists that dance and sing live at the same time.
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Who sold more albums Janet Jackson or Beyonce?

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Janet Jackson between 140-150 million Beyonce solo 15-20 million Beyonce with Destiny Child 50 million Janet Jackson sold more, with Beyonce and Destiny Child Combined.
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Does Janet Jackson Have any children?

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No, Janet Jackson does not have any children.
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Is Janet Paschal deceased?

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Answer Not only is Janet Paschal alive and well, she has also returned to touring this summer after a well-fought battle with breast cancer. Check out her website: www.janetpaschal.com
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Who was Janet vogel rapp married to?

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Janet Vogel Rapp was married to a cop named Terrence Rapp. The couple had three children, Gavin, Marlo and Kip Rapp, who were just children when Janet committed suicide on Feb 21, 1980 from Carbon Monoxide Poisoning at the age of 37. Randy Bridges Columbus, Ohio
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How did World War 2 affect the music of the time?

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I do not claim to be an expert on this subject, but here are some of the impressions I had concerning music during the war. 1. A dance called "Jitter-bug" became popular. From my view point is Judo set to music. It involves a lot of energy and tossing a girl around. 2. Since so many men were gone off to war the movies were filled with musicals. These featured many girls, usually singing. 3. Female vocalists were common, and popular. One of the most famous were the "Andrew Sisters." (3 of them.) 4. Song became very sentimental, filled with thoughts of love, memories, faithfullness for those far away. Well those are my memories. Not much, I'm sure someone connected with music could be more helpful, perhaps a music teacher in a school. Hope this is of some help, John
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Who is older Janet or latoya Jackson?

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Latoya is older; she is 53 and was born on May 29, 1956 and Janet is 43, born onMay 16, 1966.
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What is Janet Jackson's net worth?

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Janet Jackson's net worth is 150 million.
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What are the names of Michael Jackson's brothers?

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The names of Michael Jackson's brothers are Jackie, Tito, Jermaine, Marlon and Randy. Jermaine La Jaune Jackson Steven Randall Jackson (Randy) Sigmund Esco Jackson (Jackie) Toriano Adaryll Jackson (Tito) Marlon David Jackson
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What was the net worth of Michael Jackson?

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Estimates of his personal net worth while alive were as high as $1 billion USD. (an estimate of the liquid assets alone as of 2007 was $236 million USD). After all debts are settled, his estate is worth about $500 million, but with nearly unlimited future earning potential.
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Is Janet Jackson Shakayla Jackson's sister?

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No she doesn't have a sister called Shakayla.
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Did Janet Jackson go to college?

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Did Janet Jackson go to college
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Did Mahalia Jackson have any children?

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when she was married to her second husband he had a daughter from a previous relationship so mahalia was a stepmother..but due to a medical condition called fibroid tumors she had to undergo a hysterectomy..before her surgery she was told she would not be able to bear children..mahalia Jackson did not have her own biological kids.
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Where were the Jackson's born?

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They were all born in Gary, Indiana.
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How has Janet Jackson's music helped or influenced the world today?

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Janet's Music Helped The World By Her Positive Music In The World.
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How high can Michael Jackson sing?

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Michael Jackson's vocal style descended from boy Soprano to High Tenor. This means that Michael's is the highest male vocal style within the modal register.

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