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Christopher Maurice "Chris" Brown (born May 5, 1989) is an American recording artist and actor. Brown has been compared to renowned R&B artists such as Usher and Michael Jackson, citing both as large influences on his music.

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Chris Brown
Celebrity Sexual Orientation

What is Chris Brown's sexual orientation?

Chris Brown, the American singer, is heterosexual. His public relationships have included Kelly Rowland, Lisa Ann, Lil Mama, Keshia Chante, Rihanna, Rhea, Simply Jess, and Karrueche Tran.
No, he is attracted to women

Celebrity Relationships
Chris Brown

Who is Chris Brown dating?

Chris Brown is not dating anybody right now. He is single.

Chris Brown

Is Chris Brown a Satanism?

No he's not He believes in God and gives Him praise whenever he can. And another side note whoever came up with that really needs to get a freaking life and stop trying to ruin his because he's worked hard enough to prove himself to his fans and I think it's about time that we flip and let his fans prove themselves to Chris Brown! Da Dun Dun!

Chris Brown

Who is the model in Chris Brown's deuces video?

Brittany Dailey

Celebrity Fan Contact Information
Chris Brown

What is Chris Brown's official fan mail address?

Fan Mail Address:

Chris Brown

BuzzLoop Marketing, LLC 6301

Mechanicsville TPKE

Mechanicsville, VA 23111


Secondary Address:

Chris Brown

The Tina Davis Company

96 Linwood Plaza

Suite 454

Fort Lee, NJ 07024


To request an autograph if you are in the US, send a self-addressed envelope (at least 8.5" x 4" in size) with sufficient postage with your request letter and a photo. You may include a piece of cardboard to keep the photo from bending during shipping and also write "Do Not Bend" on the envelope. There is typically over a 3 month wait for a response.

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Chris Brown

What are the lyrics to deuces by Chris Brown Tyga and Kevin McCall?

All that bullsh**'s for the birds

You ain't nothin but a vulture

Always hopin for the worst

Waiting for me to fu** up

You'll regret the day when I find another girl, yeah

Who knows just what I need, she knows just what I mean

When I tell her keep it drama free

Ohohohohohohohoh… x2(Chuckin up them(deuces)

I told you that im leaving (deuces)


I know you mad but so what?

I wish you best of luck

And now im fintna to throw them deuces up

[Chorus and CB sings]

Im on some new sh**

Im chuckin my deuces up to her(dueces)

Im moving on to something better, better, better

No more tryin to make it work

You make me wanna say bye bye, say bye bye, say bye bye to her [x2]


Uh, Use to be valentines

Together all the time

Thought it was true love, but you know women lie

Its like I sent my love with a text two times

Call cause I care but I ain't get no reply

Tryna see eye to eye but its like we both blind

Fu** it lets hit the club, i rarely sip but pour me some

Cause when its all said and done,

I ain't gon be the one that she can always run to

I hate liars, fu** love Im tired of tryin

My heart big but it beat quiet

I don't never feel like we vibin

Cause every time we alone its a awkward silence

So leave your keys on the kitchen counter

And gimme back that ruby ring with the big diamond

Sh** is over, whatchu trippin for?

I don't wanna have to let you go

But baby I think its better if I let you know

[Chorus abd CB sings]

Im on some new sh**

Im chuckin my deuces up to her

Im moving on to something better, better, better

No more tryin to make it work

You made me wanna say bye bye, say bye bye, say bye bye to her [x2]

[K Mc]

Look, my shorty always on some bullsh** like Chicago

So I flip that middle finger and the index finger follow

Deuces, we ain't got no future in tomorrow

I'm a di**, so it shouldn't be that hard to swallow

The other chick Im with never complain

She make wanna leave the one im with Usher Raymond

Probably didn't register, don't trip, later on it will

Shorty full of drama like gangsta grizzles

I finally noticed it, it finally hit me

Like Tina did Ike in the limo, it finally hit me

I got a new chick, and she ain't you

She paula Patton thick She give me déjà vu

And all that attitude, I don't care bout it

But all that sh** I do for her, you gon hear bout it

Breezy rep two up, two down

But im just puttin two up, chuckin up the deuce now

[Chorus abd CB sings]

Im on some new sh**

Im chuckin my deuces up to her

Im moving on to something better, better, better

No more tryin to make it work

You made me wanna say bye bye, say bye bye, say bye bye to her [x2]

Chris Brown

Who killed chris hanni?

William Johnson and xavier mckenzie they work together to set him up

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Celebrity Fan Contact Information
Chris Brown

What is Chris Brown's official fan phone number?

You can call Chris Brown on his official website via SayNow. See the related link below.

Chris Brown

Should Chris Brown rap?

In some ways yes, although his rhymes are not like gangster rap, he puts me in the mind of just a singer that just wants to flow in his music...he does his voice very well in his rap songs by changing his tone...Check out his recent mixtapes:

In My Zone

In My Zone 2

Chris Brown

What year did Chris Brown make his first album?

It was in 2006, and was named "Chris Brown".

Chris Brown

Why is Corrine Brown famous?

she is a united state represation

TV and Movie Music
Chris Brown
Music Awards and Events

When are the Grammy Awards?

2014 Grammy Awards:

The 56th Annual Grammy Awards are on Sunday, January 26, 2014. The show will broadcast on CBS at 8:00 p.m. ET/P.

Chris Brown

What are all Rihannas hits?

SOS; Pon De Replay; Take a Bow; Disturbia; Umbrella; Hard; Rudeboy; We Ride; Run This Tow;

these are just ones that spring to mind there's probably more :)

Kendall Schmidt
Hip-Hop and Rap Music
Chris Brown
Lil Wayne

Who had the first rap song and what year?

The first rap song is generally considered to be 'Rappers Delight' by the Sugarhill Gang which was released in late 1979. It was however, preceded slightly by 'King Tim III (Personality Jock)' by The Fatback Band.

Another answer:

The first rap song that was ever recorded was 'Kinesiska Muren' With Swedish artist Evert Taube which was recorded in the 1920's. which this video

it appears to be rap about the great wall of china [1]

Another answer:

The first rapper to sign a major record deal was the legendary Kurtis Blow under the management of Russell Simmons. He released his first single titled "Christmas Rappin" January 1, 1979 with Mercury Records.

The Sugarhill Gang's "Rapper's Delight" was the first hip-hop song to see commercial success and reach any sort of music chart. It is generally considered the "first rap song", followed by Queen's "Another One Bites the Dust" and Blondie's "Rapture", though Rapper's Delight influenced much of rap to this day.

Another answer:

The first rapper was Al Jolson in the 30s followed by Jimmy Dean in the 50s with 'Big John'.

The first rap song of the 70s was by Fat Back's "KIng Tim III Personality Jock" in 1979.

The first rap song was "King Tim III" and "Rapper's Delight" was next. Read "The Origin of Rap Music" or listen to "Rapologist Speaks '94" for clarity.

Another answer:

Most believe the first rap song to be "Rapper's Delight" by the sugarhill gang

or "the message " by grandmaster flash and the furious five

However, Rapper's Delight was merely the first rap song to enter the Billboard Top 40. A claim can be made that The Last Poets were the first rap group, and their 1970 piece, "New York, New York" was influential in the subject matter of rap music, as it dealt with the stress of growing up poor and black in New York City during the late 1960s. The background of the piece is a simple hand drum with a repeating chant, "New York, New York, the big out" while the words are spoken in a style that combines the beat poetry of the 1950s and charismatic black church preaching.

James Brown's heavy funk beats would soon enter the rap/hip-hop scene. Brown frequently didn't sing his lyrics, but would shout them rhythmically, as in "The Big Payback." As such, some consider him to be an early proto-rap artist.

The first rap song to hit the top 5 in Billboard was the collaboration between Run-DMC and Aerosmith, "Walk This Way."

Chris Brown

Is chris brown going to be in step up 4?

There is rumors going around that he will be in Step Up 4 if there even is one which is another rumor. But if he is he's sure to make it a blast!

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Chris Brown
Gordon Brown

What is Chris Brown's official fan email address?

A public fan email address for Chris Brown is not known at this time.
WikiAnswers does not disclose personal information about persons famous or non-famous alike, due to privacy regulations and WikiAnswers policies.

Chris Brown

Why is Chris brown still famous today?

i think its because some people out there think its cool to beat up a women

Chris Brown

What is Chris Brown's grandpa's name?

Otis Brown

Sentence and Word Structure
Chris Brown
Example Sentences

What is the compound subject and predicate chris and his older sister helped their mother around the house?

Helped their mother around the house

Chris Brown
English Spelling and Pronunciation

Where did Chris Cringle come from and how do you spell it properly?

Khris Kringle is another name for Santa Claus.

See attached link


There are different ways to spell it. Kris Kringle, Christkind or Christkindl. He's also known as Santa Claus, Saint Nicholas, Sinterklaas, Nikolaos of Bari, Father Christmas or simply Santa.

Saint Nicholas of Myra is the original "Santa" originating from present day Turkey. He was a Greek Bishop known for giving gifts such as placing coins in the shoes of people whom left them out for him.

Chris Brown

Does Chris Meloni have a brother?


Chris Brown

What is Chris Brown's lucky number?


Chris Brown
Celebrity Births Deaths and Ages

How old is Chris Brown?

R&B singer Chris Brown is 28 years old (birthdate: May 5, 1989).

Australian veterinarian Chris Brown (Bondi Vet) is 38 years old (born September 11, 1978).

Chris Brown
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Who is Chris mcgahan?

Chris McGahan, Is a Motorcycle Racer and Wall and Floor Tiler now domiciled in the Isle Of Man. He is also known as Will O The Whisp. He used to live at Stone Street near Sevenoaks Kent and now lives in Peel IOM.

Chris Brown

What shoe size is chris brown?



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