Rolex is a luxury line of Swiss watches. The company was originally founded in England in 1905, but moved to Geneva in 1919.

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How do you set time on a Timex 1440 sports watch?

We found this watch to have the wrong manual and no manual on Timex's web site. However, here are some instructions that seem to work:


1. Press and hold MODE until HOURS digits flash (you'll be in Alarm Mode) Press MODE again to enter TIME mode, SECONDS digits will flash.

2. Press ADJUST to set SECONDS to zero.

3. Press START/STOP to select MINUTES.

4. Press ADJUST to change.

5. Repeat to set HOURS, MONTH, DAYS, and DAY of WEEK. Go through 12 hours to set AM or PM.

6. Press MODE when done.

7. To display DATE from Time display , press START/STOP.

8. With DATE displayed press and hold START/STOP, then press ADJUST to change display between DATE-MONTH and MONTH-DATE.

9. With TIME displayed, press and hold ADJUST, then press MODE to switch between 12-and 24-hour format.


1. Press and hold MODE until HOURS digits, DAY, and A or P (for AM or PM) flash.

2. Press ADJUST to change HOURS digits. Go through 12 hours for AM or PM.

3. Press START/STOP to select MINUTES.

4. Press ADJUST to change.. Press MODE when done.

5. Press and hold ADJUST, then press START/STOP to turn chime on/off. Press START/STOP again to turn alarm on /off. Release START/STOP when done.


1. Chronograph will count up to 24 hours. Lap times are not stored. After 40 minutes chrono display changes from seconds to minutes.

2. With time displayed, press MODE to select Chrono Mode.

3. Press START/STOP to start.

4. Press ADJUST to view lap time. Press again to sesume lap timing.

5. Press START/STOP to stop timing . Press ADJUST to reset chrono to zero.

6. Repeat for successive laps.


How much does the average Rolex cost?

somewhere in the neighborhood of 4-8 thousand dollars.

It depends on the model and the age of the watch. Daytonas go for about $10K, AirKing about $3K, so it depends on how much you are willing to spend.


What is in blue Rolex ecstasy pills?

Blue usually is mescaline a hallucinogen derived from peyote cacti all x is cut half with MDMA or molly so it is half mescaline and half molly

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Your automatic watch runs to fast how do you slow it down?

There are two basic cases for a mechanical watch running fast, and determining which case it is depends on how fast it's running. Of course, like anything, the two overlap. If it's ahead by less than 20-30 seconds a day, then this is something which can be corrected by regulating the balance. If it's running faster than that, then you're in to the second case, which is that something is wrong with it.

So, if it's running not more than 30 seconds a day fast, you can adjust the regulator with a few simple tools. You'll need a way to open the case, which may be held on with screws, or may be a one piece setup that screws into the main body of the case, requiring a special wrench. And, in most cases, you'll need a good quality small screwdriver to do the adjustment. Typically you'll use a .80mm screwdriver for this. On a fairly typical ETA movement, like the widely used ETA 2892, there will be a regulator screw on the balance part. On a watch with a display back, this should be easily visible. It's a small screw, with a sort of "V" shaped bracket around it, and a series of hash marks on the balance part, with a "+" at one side, and often a "-" at the other. The screw can be turned, using the orientation of the slot lined up with a hash mark, to either plus or minus directions to make it gain or lose time as needed. How this works is that the screw is asymmetric, and rotating it slightly changes the position of the "V" shaped bracket around it, which in turn rotates a collar that moves the curb pins around the hairspring, effectively shortening or lengthening the hairspring, which gives it a slightly shorter or longer return on the oscillation. Older watches will often have a small lever that accomplished the same purpose, and in most cases it simply slides one way or the other. Some will have a screw set in the side of the balance part which pushes on this lever, along with a guard spring that pushes against it the other way, allowing the lever to be very accurately fixed in place through the dual action of the screw from one side, and the "swan's neck" spring from the other. Old Omega movements often have this sort of adjustment, and it's considered a very high quality feature.

So, if you're running close to accurate, and the regulator system isn't already set a maximum slow, then you can slow it down this way. The exception is what's called a "free sprung" balance, which does not have a system for altering the effective end location of the hairspring and instead relies on adjustments of the balance to retain accuracy. Don't attempt to regulate these yourself unless you're a skilled watch maker. I believe all current Jaeger-LeCoulter models are free sprung, as are Rolex, and the new Omega Co-axials, as well as many other high quality watches. Generally speaking, a free sprung balance is a superior system since, once set up and regulated professionally, it's not going to change. But, it requires more skill and time during manufacture or repair to get it properly dialed in to begin with.

Very inexpensive watches, such as low cost Chinese made automatic movements, will usually lack a mechanism to easily move the curb pins, but will often, inexplicably, have "+" and "-" marks on the balance cock where there isn't a regulating system. Those which do have a provision for moving the curb pins will generally just have a sliding lever such as was common on low-to-mid range Americans and Swiss watches of the 40s-70s. For ones without a regulating system you must move the curb pins manually, using a steady hand and being careful to not touch the hairspring. There are two tabs sticking out from the center of the balance cock. One is the anchor stud for the hairspring, and the other is the hairspring curb pins. The curb pin tab can be identifies by the two small gold colored studs visible on it. What you're looking at is the back of the curb pins, which are set directly into the tab. This tab should slide around the end of the balance cock, with a total range of movmement of about 30 degrees. Moving it towards the other tab, clockwise, will slow the movement, and moving it counterclockwise will speed it up.

Regulating this way is best done will small adjustments, and a day of running in between to get an accurate idea of what the adjustment has accomplished. Bear in mind that other factors, such as how fully wound the watch is, whether it's been left overnight sitting face up, or on its side, will change the run rate, too, so there will always be at least a few seconds a day "slop" in there, even on a good quality Swiss made chronometer grade movement. But, with patience and small steps, you can get a mechanical automatic regulated to run quite well. Wear and general condition of the movement will alter the run rate, too, and as long as it's minor and can be accommodated by the regulation system, the watch can be brought back in to an accurate running state using this method.

However, beyond this 20-30 second a day zone is where you're looking at an actual problem. More often than not, it's simply a matter of the watch needing a thorough cleaning and re-oiling. General dirtiness of the movement will make the watch run faster by robbing power out of the system. This may seem counterintuitive that less power running though the system would make it run faster, but the explanation is simple. The balance of the watch is an oscillating system, a wheel with a spring which returns the wheel back the way it came if it's rotated. The escapement kicks the wheel through the impulse jewel, which applies force to the hairspring, which then reverses the direction of the balance wheel, which then comes and kicks the escapement on its way past. During this time, the escapement has the mechanical system "locked", so the balance is controlling the rate at which everything runs by unlocking the escapement at a predictable rate, and that rate is determined by the oscillation behaviour of the balance wheel-hairspring system. Every time the escapement gives the balance wheel a kick, it locks, and every time the balance wheel spins back past center, it unlocks, gives the balance a kick along its way, and locks again, and this action repeats around 28,800 times an hour for most movements. If there isn't enough power being delivered by the escapement, the balance doesn't get too far before the hairspring returns it, resulting in a low amplitude oscillation that happens more than 28,800 times per hour, and the watch runs fast*. In the case of an extremely dirty and gunked up movement it can run up to several minutes per hour fast.

So, running fast beyond the 20-30 seconds per day window means it's time for a cleaning, and possibly some replacement components. This is best left to a professional, and requires a few hours of highly skilled labor, at the very least. You can certainly learn to work on your own watch, but it will take a lot of practice, a lot of mistakes made, a lot of patience, and some specialized and expensive tools to be learn to clean and rebuild a watch correctly.

High magnetic fields can also cause strange and erratic running, including running amazingly fast. So, if you've handled powerful magnets, or worked around strong magnetic fields, this is also a possibility. This causes a watch to run fast for much the same reasons that being dirty causes it to run fast. Attraction between magnetized components robs power from the system, and below a certain power threshold the balance begins to oscillate in a low amplitude way, with a faster beat than it should have*. In this case, a watch can simply be "degaussed" and will return to its usual accuracy. Degaussing involved passing a varying magnetic field across the item to be degaussed such that magnetic domains in ferromagnetic metals and alloys become randomized again, instead of being aligned, which can be caused by exposure to strong external magnetic fields. It's possible to do this at home with a strong magnet, such as a fair sized neodymium magnet, but it's also possible to make things much worse by trying to do this. Degaussing in a purpose-built degaussing machine is much easier and more reliable. A watchmaker will have one of these, and can degauss our watch for you, either alone or as part of a general overhaul.

If cleaning and degaussing don't do it, then there is probably something worn somewhere in the mechanism, which is again causing drag on the whole device, robbing power and making it run fast. This is too long of a list of possibilities to go through, but suffice to say that your watchmaker may discover worn parts in the course of a regular service. Typically it takes decades of running for a good quality watch to start needing parts, especially since modern watch cases are generally very dust proof, so unless it's a vintage watch, it probably just needs a good cleaning and oiling.

* A pendulum retains the same frequency no matter what its amplitude in the absence of friction, so this isn't strictly correct. More likely is that grime adds friction/tension to the system, limiting motion and effectively shortening the length of a pendulum to increase the frequency.


Is it illegal to wear a fake Rolex?

Only in Switzerland. You can be arrested ans sentenced to up to a month in prison for possessing a fake Rolex watch.

Although it is trademark infringement, the fake Rolex yatchmaster I'm wearing right now is perfectly legal to own in any other country as long as you do not try to pass it off as the real thing and sell it. They are a great $100 alternative to the $8000 watch. Try out for the best prices on the best quality watches.


What is a rolex president?

The Rolex Day-Date (President) was introduced in 1956. Nicknamed the "President" when Rolex reportedly gave the watch to then-president Dight D. Eisenhower. The flagship of the Rolex brand, the Rolex Mens President features a calendar mechanism that displays not only the date but the day using the self-winding Oyster movement entirely engineered and manufactured by Rolex.


What is a 2005 rolex submariner worth?

If it has been properly maintained, and has been confirmed real by a certified Roles dealer, it is worth between $4,000-$8,500 depending on what color the bezel is and the whether it is gold or not.

Are you trying to sell or buy the Submariner? To sell you can get about $2,800 to $4K for it but to buy you can get it for about $4,500 to about $9,500.

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What is the serial number for Mystery Case Files?

The serial number would either be on the back of the CD case or within the documentation that came with your software when you purchased it. You will know it is the serial number because it is a mix of numbers and/or letters separated by dashes, usually 20 characters long.

You can't install this software without the serial number. Follow the on screen instructions during installation. One of the instructions will come up asking you to enter the serial number - put it into the white boxes - and the installation will continue. You can't use the software without installing it.

Contact costumer services at Mystery Case Files' company by mail, email, or phone. They will probably need proof of purchase such as original receipt, bar code on package, or some other form of identification. They will instruct you on what is needed and will then give you a new serial number if necessary.

Downloading proprietary software is illegal (except for trials). This is called piracy. Using serial numbers that you did not purchase is also illegal, even if you purchased the software and lost your serial number (see above for obtaining a new one in this case). It is also illegal to use key generators (keygens) which provide serial numbers as well as cracks to bypass expired time trials or entering a serial number and no-CD cracks which enable you to use the software without the original purchased CD for the software.

WikiAnswers will not provide serial numbers or links to serial numbers. We will also not provide information or links on where to obtain pirated software, serial numbers, keygens, or cracks. If you are caught doing any of these, you may be blocked from using WikiAnswers as well as reported to the proper officials and/or the company who created the software.

Note: This is a catch-all question. Neither it nor its alternatives should be deleted or removed. It should also remain protected so that illegal information cannot be posted.


Are genuine rolex watches handmade?

Genuine Rolex watches are handmade by a team of watchmakers in Switzerland since 1908. Rolex watches are known for their high quality and high price.


How can you tell if your Rolex is real?

If the word ROLEX is in capitals then it is real... that's what i heard


What does a fake Rolex look like?

Uh, exactly like a real Rolex LOL.


Does Rolex make a quartz watch?

Rolex has a line of watches called Oysterquartz, they had a date model in steel and a day-date in gold. Google it for more info


How do you remove the back of your knock off rolex to change the battery It has a ribbed back plate?

Take it into a jeweler and they will have no problem removing it for a small fee.


How much is does the least expensive Rolex cost?


The least expensive ROLEX is the AirKing model for men. It should set you bad somewhere around $3500 USD. A nice alternative is to buy pre-owned. Check out the sales corner and

You should be able to pick up a good condition vintage (1960 - 1970) Date-just in stainless steel for about £600 - £650.

Where can you buy Trump Watches?

Trump Watches are available online at,,, and QVC.

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How many pennies are made each year?

AnswerIt varies quite a bit depending on demand. Production can range from 1 or 2 billion to as many as 14 billion. AnswerEach year the US Mint produces a different number of cents. It is necessary to know which year you are asking about before an exact answer can be given.

In what business are 'angle irons' and 'rolex'?

The Answer is:

A) dentistry


How much do cheapest rolex cost?

Cheapest? well the quality will be cheapest too :P

Recommend you buy those middle price replicas, good quality, and looks more real.

Local replicas market is never a good option, they charged way too much!


Are invicta watches any good?

I think it depends on what type of watch you are looking for. They offer a huge assortment of modern watches for both men and women and they are priced competitively. I wouldn't buy one expecting it to be like a Rolex, but they offer quite a lot of features and designs and they are pretty affordable. It's definitely worth trying out if you find a watch you like.


Is it illegal to purchase a fake watch like a fake Rolex?

It would not be illegal to buy it, but if you represent it as a real Rolex when you sell it you will be violating international copyright laws as well as the Hobby Protection Act. No, but it is illegal to be the one selling a fake rolex or fake anything.

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How do you make a fake lightsaber?

Try some EL-wire. Look here I would find the thickest stuff they sell (probably 5mm) . In the handle you could put a battery powered inverter. You could find a big plastic tube with a cap and attach on end of the EL-wire to the cap so it stays in the center. There might be something you can spray on the inside of said tube to make it a certain color. If you can find that type of spray paint you could put a regular 1.5V flashlight in the base.

Actually they sell EL "Tape". You could glue paper towel rolls (empty of course) and adhere that tape to the outside and make yourself a handle out of something.

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What does a fake check look like?

That depends on the skill of the counterfieter, but most likely it will look a LOT like a real check.

show me a picture so how


Is buying a replica rolex on the internet for personal use illegal?

If the product is a replica but uses the brand name Rolex, then yes it is illegal in some countries - it all depends where you are. In the USA it is illegal to buy or ship counterfeit goods, and if caught you can prosecuted (can cost you $1000s). In the UK it is not illegal to buy, only to sell.


Is a rolex better than a breitling?

Well, you can't make a comparison between those two kinds. Because it depends on your style. If you are a person who cares about his sporty look than Breitling it is. But if you are a guy that looks like a buisness man and you wear suits than get the Rolex.


Is rolex serial number x41900 real?



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