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Xbox LIVE is the online service for Xbox 360. It is an online multiplayer gaming and digital media delivery service created and operated by Microsoft Corporation. It is currently the only online gaming service on consoles that charges users a fee to play multiplayer gaming.

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Xbox Live

Do you need xbox live to play fallout 3 game of the year edition?

No, Xbox Live is Microsoft's content and community service. You do not need Xbox Live in order to play any Xbox game.

Xbox Live

How can you bypass Xbox live for Xbox?

You cannot bypass Xbox LIVE especially because Microsoft has a very powerful firewall and breaching protector.

Your Gamertag is your sign in/ log in to the online servers. You cannot bypass this step because without it you are essentially hacking the xbox game servers in an attempt to illegally gain access to their systems.

It is worth noting that Microsoft will ban your IP address for illegally for trying to bypass/hack their systems.

Xbox Live

When is Full House Poker coming to Xbox Live?

March 16 is when Full House Poker on Xbox Live will be coming out. It will cost 800 Microsoft points.

Xbox Live

Can you get major in halo reach without xbox live?

I am pretty sure you can, but it would take an extremely long time.

In reference to the offline game play.

The offline game play is a peek for the online players to see whats in store with the higher ranks.

I am not 100% sure, I've overheard a couple of people telling me they've achieved their "inheritor" offline, using firefight.

In the firefight settings you must change your 5 wave settings to all hunters, turn on ALL of the skulls minus tilt and black eye and make your weapons start with a sniper rifle/ rocket/ plasma launcher. Make sure to have unlimited ammo and no reload time. this should make all of your 100-400 kills, hunter kills which are a minimal of 800+.

Do this until you receive 26 MILLION Credits.

Oliver DW: Yep but if you play hard enough

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Xbox Live

How can you change your xbox360 live bio on the computer?

Go to the Xbox website and sign in. Then go to profile settings. Next, at the bottom it will say bio so type what you want then click to save. If your parents set up your Xbox they might have turned on parent settings so that you can't have a bio. If that happens go to your friends house who has a xbox 360 recover your gtag and then sign in to your account and go to cancel setting. It will say change name, profile, pic and then bio. Change your bio to whatever then go on your laptop. It will ask you under change gamer pic to change bio. I know that's a lot but it is worth it to get a cool bio.

If you parents set the controls so you couldn't set up a bio, then it was for a good reason. You should get your parents' permission before changing the bio if the control was set.

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Do you have to pay to play halo 3 on Xbox live?

Yes, you have to pay for Xbox Live for any game

Xbox Live

Will the new wireless u.s cellular broadband work for Xbox live?

Yes it can just have to watch your bandwidth limits and i am not able to get nat to be open for me... maybe something i have wrong

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Where do you get free Xbox Live codes?

You cannot, it is against the TOS of Microsoft's Xbox to tamper with their services. ALL of the sites that state that obtaining free Microsoft points or Xbox Live membership is false. The cards are not active until they are purchased at the register. Anyone claiming to have a code generator for this purpose is misleading and may be just phishing for your email or any other information they can get from you without your knowledge. The chances of generating or guessing a code that's active (which hasn't been redeemed) is basically impossible.

Xbox Live

How do you connect to Xbox Live with a USB760?

You need to get a mobile router that turns your USB760 into regular Internet. Then, you can connect via wifi or an Ethernet cable like you would with regular Internet. Just make sure you stay within the Verizon 5GB data limit. Some of the best USB routers are made by Cradlepoint.

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How much do Microsoft points cost?

This is the most updated prices:

400 Microsoft Points - $4.99800 Microsoft Points - $9.991600 Microsoft Points - $19.994000 Microsoft Points - $49.996000 Microsoft Points - $74.99Or you can buy a code from a store and redeem it

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What does away mean on Xbox live?

It means that the person has been away from their Xbox for at least 10+ minutes.

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Is there a sims 2 on the xbox live?

i wish

Xbox Live

Is call of duty escalation for xbox live?

escalation is out for xbox and ps3 get it soon

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Will Skyrim be Xbox Live accessible?

The creators of the Elder Scrolls have recently said that they will create an Elder Scrolls online, it will be a mix of all the Elder Scrolls. This feature resembles World of Warcraft, and doesn't look like it will have the same feel as Skyrim.

Also, there is a new MOD being created for PC that allows a player to play only Skyrim and does not include the other Elder Scrolls. This MOD looks alot more fun, and more like the original singleplayer Skyrim, except you can do quests with your friends. Unfortunately, this MOD is still being perfected, and will not be completed for some time.

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What do you do if you just got rid of the searchpage problem but now IE tells you it cannot find any websites?

I think that you must enter the complete address of any website. ex. "". Don't forget "http".

I have tried this and it worked.

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How do you play forge on xbox live on halo reach?

You go to custom games, and the map should be uder forge world, in which you should already know the y gametype. Best of luck


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Can you upgrade Xbox live silver to Xbox live gold?


Xbox Live

How can you talk on Xbox live with guest on halo reach?

You can't, the best luck you have is to get the good deaal of 3 xbox live accounts for 99.00 a year

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When will MW3 be out so you can download it on Xbox Live?

Just like black ops a few months like 3 are 4 at the most

Red Dead Redemption
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Can Red Dead Redemption Undead Nightmare be played without being on Xbox Live?

Yes and you don't need red dead redemption to play

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Do you need xbox live for assassins creed revelations signature editon?

Yes, to enable your Uplay account and claim your downloadable content.

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Can more than one person use a x box live account?

The simple answer is yes, assuming the other person has not put a password on the account, and you do not know said password.

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Can red dead redemption undead nightmare be played without having Xbox Live?

yes it can it does not just have xbox and ps3 live it also has offline single player.

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How can you tell if someone has been banned off xbox live?

hi I'm Bungie studio director and people all the time ask how can they tell if someone has been banned. Well for starters they're online status wouldn't say banned It would say offline, and they wouldn't be gold they would be silver.

Unless you work for Microsoft or director of a game company those are the only two way's you' could be sure.

Hope this help's

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What time does 'senthamizh nadenum pothinilae' play on Jaya tv?

Somewhere between 5.30am to 6 am and at 6pm.


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