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How do you enter Gaiaonline and chat with people?

Well, first you need to make an account, then you can go to the forums, or the towns, or any of the games, or, if you want to go the extra mile, you can find profiles and, either comment on them, or, they have a "contact me" thing and you can PM them.~scrunnchy

Tickets Points and Auto Insurance Rates
Rules of the Road
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If you get your learner's permit 3 months before you turn 18 do you still have to wait a full year to get your driver's license?

In California, if you get your Driving Permit after the age of 17 1/2, you only have to wait until your 18th birthday to get your regular, adult, non-restricted driver license.

Not Necessarily. First of all, dont worry because as long as you had insurance (if it was your fault) an accident usually makes no difference as far as delay of your license issuance, at least in Nevada it dosen't.

In most states, if you turn 18 three months after your first permit as long as you pass the driving test you'll be issued a full unrestricted license as Graduated Licensing Programs (GDLPs) are for juveniles and rarely ever apply to adults.

Take my suggestion, go ahead and GET LICENSED AS SOON AS YOU CAN!! 20 years from now I guarentee it will be quite literally impossible and remember no Auto dealers in the USA will sell you a car without it!! Good Luck, Matt

You need to call the local DMV to answer that question due to laws vary state by state . N.C. laws let you get your license at 16 if (if) you have had a learners permit without any accidents , and you are still a full time student , one full 12 month year after you get your permit . A friend of mine has a wife 36 years old that just got her license after a 3 month permit , but it varies state to state . The local dmv will be more than happy (sometimes) to answer your question .

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Is Son Zack the richest on Gaiaonline?


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How do you get a black puffle bed?

u go on the puffle houses page and click on the P on the heading

Gift Giving
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Faith Hill

What is the address for Boots at Merry Hill?

The Merry Hill Centre Brierley Hill West Midlands DY5 1SY GB Unit 62 for lower level Unit 172 for upper level

Online Dating
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What are some online dating sites for KIDS AGES 13 and up?

yes. and

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Where do you get a Free Members NaughtyAmerica Com Password?

Naughty America is the only adult site that will let you try their site FREE!

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Call of Duty Black Ops

How do you get rich quick?

Get Rich QuickIf you want to become rich, you need to hang around rich people and associate with how they think and live their lives. One way to becoming "rich" in any "rich" persons mind is to have enough passive income from an asset (1. business, 2. real estate, 3. stocks) to cover any and all expenses and still have enough money to save, invest in further deals, go out and play, and leave for your children and grandchildren.
  • Start with a single penny double it every day for thirty days and your rich.

Ex. 1st day- 1, 2nd day- 2, 3rd day 4, ETC.

In other words, chances are great that you're not going to get rich quick. Best thing to do is invest the money you have wisely. Investing your money wisely can be the difference between a comfortable life and possibly moving up or staying right where you are.Quick is relative, and it depends on how quickly you want to get rich. A realistic quick would be five to ten years. Probably the best way to start making money is to become an Internet Entrepreneur.

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If you buy a gaia cash card online will you get the code instantly?

Well, The cash card online is for gifts and such, it'd be for efficient if you just got the Gaia Cash itself, even though you don't get the cool prized the Gaia Cash Cards have. I suggest if you REALLY want those prizes, get it at a Rite-Aid, CVS, Best Buy, Target, or where ever they sell the cards. > >; Oh and hope they have the Updated Cash Card. > >;

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Where you can find tiano in monster galaxy?

You can find Tiano on the third island called Gemini. Tiano is located in the Black tower, the boss level. It really sucks because you are unable to catch Tiano, so you only battle Tiano not catch him. I hope this helped :)

Suzuki Sidekick
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Why do people text so much these days?

because its cheap that's why! calls are getting expensive

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Earth Sciences
Planet Earth

Where did Fuller's earth get its name?

Fuller's earth derived its name from the ancient practice of using earth to clean wool--a process known as "fulling."

Social Network Websites
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Gaia online How can you gift an item from market place?

If you have an item that you want to gift, click on your avatar and then go to Full Inventory. Find the item that you'd like to send and then select 'Gift Item' [this will only work if the item is not in use or if it is not soulbound]. It will take you to a form that you will have to fill out by selecting a wrapping paper, subitting the reciever's username, and typing an optional message. This way will also give you the choice if you want to gift it anonymously or not.
Another way to gift an item is by sending it through a trade. If both you and the other person have a trading pass, you may go to the Marketplace [under Shops], and click trade [which is the little link in the top right corner]. Next, just type in that person's username and you can send up to 12 items at a time as well as gold.

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Is there a virtual chat game that's for adults?

Try oz world, age range from 15 to 47.

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Windows Media Player

How does online media's use of photography differ from that of other media formats?

Online media can have unlimited use of photography.

Tattoos and Body Art
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How do you thin tattoo ink?

You can dilute it with either Witch Hazel or distilled water.

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What other sites are like tinierme?

Gaia Online is quite similar in terms of the items available, however one difference is that you can buy cash items from other people for gold, whereas you cannot do that in Tinerme.

English Language
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Reference Books

What are some free online etymology dictionaries?

Here are some sites with free online etymology:

  • Online Etymology Dictionary - a unique source of over 26 thousand detailed and distinct etymology entries
  • Wiktionary, The Free Dictionary - a collaboratively produced dictionary with over 2.3 million English definitions from over 400 languages -- not all entries have etymologies, but many do
  • Oxford Dictionaries - bills itself as the source of "the most trusted dictionaries" and includes over 107 thousand distinct entries, many with eymology information
  • Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary - the online edition of this leading American dictionary has over 113 thousand entries, many with eymology information including when a term was first used
  • - hosts Webster's New World College Dictionary and American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language, 4th edition for a total of over 135 thousand entry pages and over 92 thousand audio pronunciations generated by speech synthesizer. Both sources have etymology information
  • MSN Encarta U.S. English Dictionary - this site appears to no longer be actively maintained but it's none the less a useful resource with over 105 thousand entries and many of them with brief etymological information

But my personal favorite site is memidex which brings all the above sources and their etymologies together.

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How can you delete your topics on gaia?

no but u can sell them to others who want it

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How do you play gaia online?

Type in your Address bar after doing so you can look around the site for a bit, maybe just to get aquainted with it. If you like what you see then you can register and in doing so you must choose what your avatar will look like choosing from anything between the gender of your avatar, the skin tone, the eye shape/color and your hair style/color. It can be a little hard to choose a name since there are so many people already on the website but after you do that everything just runs smoothly. Once your avatar is completed you must activate your account. You do so by going to your email and clicking on the link that says 'You have made an account on blah blah blah'. After that you will start off with about 400 gold. You can buy clothes, accesories, different hair styles/colors, body art, furniture for your home (which you also have to buy using the Gaia gold that you aquire by surfing the site, playing games and posting in the Fourms or Guilds). In a way it's a miny economy. Very fun and quite addicting everything is 'free' in a sense that you don't need to spend real money or use your credit credit cards except for the Monthly letters. You can either send $2.50 to Gaia to buy one or save up your 'gold' to purchase one from the Market Place or exchange. Prices vary because they rise and lower so much.

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Can you chat on gaia online?

Yes, you can. All you have to do is go to the towns or to one of the games like rally. Also, on the chatterbox section (if the poster's rules say you can).

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Were is the church of Satan located in Ghana?

The only Church of Satan is in New York, U.S.

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Where can you find gaia gold generator?

There is not a Gaia Gold Generator that works. Most codes that promise this are attempts to hack your computer, so make sure to avoid them.

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Any cool sites for your gaiaonline profile to be better?

go to

they have a range of profiles and many more tools available~

Salary and Pay Rates
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Do haz-mat workers earn a lot of money?

Yes, but not as much as you might think. Since the industry has built in so many safety measures it's not as dangerous as it might be. (Dangerous work pays well!) Here are some stats from the U.S. Department of Labor: Median hourly earnings of hazardous materials removal workers were $15.61 in 2002. The middle 50 percent earned between $12.37 and $22.18 per hour. The lowest 10 percent earned less than $10.29 per hour, and the highest 10 percent earned more than $26.60 per hour. The median hourly earnings in remediation and other waste management services, the largest industry employing hazardous materials removal workers in 2002, were $14.92 in 2002. According to the limited data available, treatment, storage, and disposal workers usually earn slightly more than asbestos abatement and lead abatement workers. Decontamination and decommissioning workers and radiation protection technicians, though constituting the smallest group, tend to earn the highest wages.


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