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Microsoft Xbox 360

An advanced console developed by Microsoft that is able to play your favorite movies and music.

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Is dead to rights 4 coming out?

most likely it wont because of poor sales and reception of the latest game retribution No i just don't think so . ...
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Is there nudity in mass effect 2?

Nope, there is no nudity.
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Will the Percy Jackson game come out for xbox 360 when it's made?

As of right now the game has not been released on any other platforms besides Nintendo DS and DSi. ...
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Why won't your xbox 360 wireless racing wheel turn on?

If it happened to get unplugged and stored for longer than a few hours, you must plug it in and it recharge for about 2 hours before use, regardless if you're using a battery pack or not. ...
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Can you turn a PlayStation2 into a Xbox 360?

No, you can't each system is different and have different key parts needed for it to operate correctly. ...
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Is there a Nerf game for Xbox 360?

I don't even know how you could play one on Xbox 360 without a device similar to the Kinect. But to answer your question, not at the moment. ...
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Can a Xbox catch your house on fire?

Any electronic device that is required to plug in whether for charging or use, brings you the hazard of over-heating and possibly a fire. All you need to do is make sure you don't leave it on before going to sleep, play for a long period of time without a fan on or window open with circulation to release the warm air. ...
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What happens in the end of mass effect 2?

If you have done every ship upgrade and have all of the loyalties of your squad members, then at the very end you destroy the collectors and end up having to run out of the collector ship before it explodes. Shepard is the last to jump, and if you did everything correctly he should make. Then as they head back they discover that a massive armada of reapers, are on their way to destroy the galaxy, and as Shepard looks out...
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Why do xbox 360 games go up 1080p and ps3 games only go up to 720p?

The Xbox 360 games are actually 720p however they are up-scaled to 1080p on the Xbox thus they are not native 1080p games. The PS3 does run games at a native 1080p though in some cases that can be to much for the hardware of the PS3 and it can cause lag. ...
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Can you restart combat training on Call of Duty Black Ops?

I don't think you can, but you can exit combat training and start it again. ...
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Can you stop your xbox restarting when you change the input to your screen connected to xbox and comp from the dvdi- comp to HDMI-xbox when both the HDMI and the composite cable are connected to xbox?

You can not sadly. The reason is that when you switch from HDMI to your computer input, and you have a composite plugged it, the Xbox detects that the HDMI is no longer in use and it will automatically switch over to the composite, however the Xbox restarts when it does this. ...
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How do you get Microsoft points awarded to you?

Xbox is always having promotions check on for any upcoming promotions. There was one that if you reffered a friend you got something, but it has ended. Microsoft's Xbox has a rewards program here They are however temporary points and will expire if not used. ...
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Do you have to reformat your hard drive when installing a new motherboard?

Usually you do not have to wipe the hard drive. Most operating systems will let you boot up from a hard drive regardless of which computer/mother board it's running with. However, I have heard that Windows XP will not allow the operating system to boot up if you move the hard drive to a new computer. I guess when you register it with the license key, the OS records information about the hardware as well. If that hardware changes, then XP fails...
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Can you play a broken 360 game if it is instaled in your hard drive?

No, the only benifet of installing it onto the hard drive is presemably shorter loading times for the games. But for the majority of games it only affects it by seconds, if at all. The game disk is still required for gameplay. ...
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How do you turn off blood in cod 4?

I'm not sure about PS3 and XBOX360 but I know on PC you may turn it off by going to the options in-game, clicking game options and turning "show blood" off. additionally by opening console via the ` key you may type set cg_showblood "0". As for console I think it asks you on you're first boot up "would you like to enable adult content .e.c.t" and if you click no blood will not be enabled. There's no way to get rid of...
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Which is newer the turtle beach X41 or the XP500?

The Ear Force XP500 is the newer of the two, as it hasn't even been released yet. ...
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Are they making a scooter game for Xbox 360?

yes they are it should be out in a few months
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How does the Sony PlayStation 3 compare to the Microsoft Xbox 360?

The question of whether the X-box or the PS3 is "better" than the other is a matter of opinion. Determining which one is "better" depends on the person using the game console, because each console offers a wide variety of differentiating features - some will love one console, and others will hate it. To figure out which console is better for you, you can easily go to each platform's website and compare specs. Get the one that offers you what you need,...
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Can a Xbox 360 with 256MB play a game?

Only games you buy from the arcade but you can buy an extra hard drive at like Gamestop so you can play games like Modern Warfare or Little Big Planet. ...
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What is OEM?

What is OEM? What is an OEM product? What does OEM mean? Why buy OEM? OEM generally means "original equipment manufacturer." Sometimes it is referred to as "bulk packed", "white box", "brown box" and "gray market". Almost all PC component and software vendors make two versions of the same product based on a difference in the distribution channels. Retail ("distribution") is the main consumer channel, whilst OEM (to various systems manufacturers) is another. The retail channel typically uses colourful retail boxed products, with installation manuals,...
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Can you hunt and sell in Red Dead Redemption multiplayer free roam?

You can hunt, but you can't sell as there are no vendor npcs.
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How do you update rosters on NBA 2k11 for xbox?

Update it through the internet...update rosters or living rosters.
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Can you play games on the regular kindle?

No, u can only play games on the kindle fire
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How do you level up dead eye on red dead redemption on xbox 360?

There are three levels of dead eye in red dead redemption. The first is in slow motion. The second is in slow motion with automatic aiming and the third is in slow motion with manual aiming. To level up dead eye you must complete the single player missions. The third stage of dead eye is unlocked when you first meet Lendon Rickets in Mexico. ...