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Role-Playing Games RPGs

Why in RPG Maker XP when you download the free trial does it say that you need to activate it?

It is because when you download the "free trial" you are downloading the full version of the software and when you activate it you are entering a key that allows you to have access to it for 30 days. This allows you to purchase it without re-downloading the software. In short: it's for convenience.

Role-Playing Games RPGs
Dragon Quest

In Dragon Quest IX how much health does Lleviathan have the second time you face it?

Lleviathan has 1256HP the first time you fight him, and 3520HP the second time.

Role-Playing Games RPGs

How much is Jagex Inc worth?

Hi, its worth is 30 Billion Brittish Pounds.

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Role-Playing Games RPGs

Are there any online xbox 360 role play games like world of warcraft must be an online multiplayer please?

Phantasy Star Universe.

It, like WoW, requires a monthly subscription that comes with a fee of about $10.

Role-Playing Games RPGs

Where is the energy weapons bobble head in fallout 3?

Unfortunately, it is deep within Raven Rock, but it is not to hard to find if you follow the path out (as long as you don't miss it because you won't get another chance at it after you escape).

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Where is the endurance bobble head in Fallout 3?

You will find the Endurance Bobblehead in the Deathclaw Sanctuary near the entrance of the cave.

Role-Playing Games RPGs
Dragon Quest

Can a paladin in dragon quest 9 attack?

why would it be there if it couldn't

Everyone can attack, but some people's attacks will be less powerful than others. For example, when my friend George (level 98 warrior) attacks a slugly Betsy it does about 240 points of damage but when Marcus (level 92 priest) attacks it does about 40 points of damage.

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Role-Playing Games RPGs

Is there a Starcraft channel in American cable tv?


Role-Playing Games RPGs

In Icewind Dale 2 how do you navigate the maze through the forest in chapter 3?

1.Take the north east exit.

2.Take the north exit.

3.Take the east exit.

4.Take the east exit again.

Role-Playing Games RPGs

Is Feral Hearts Free?

Yes, Feral Heart is free to download.

Role-Playing Games RPGs

What are some wildcat RPG games?

Well there's [url=]Warrior Cat[/url], and [url=]Yowl[/url]. Those are the two best games in my opinion.

Role-Playing Games RPGs

Is there any wild animal role playing games?

Yes there is. The animal role playing game is animal jam. Now you get to be a wolf, tiger, bunny, koala, and for members a seal.

Role-Playing Games RPGs

What games are played with a net and no ball?

  • Fishing
  • Badminton (uses a "birdie")
  • Discus
  • Ice Hockey (they use a puck)
  • Boxing (if you count the ring as a net)
  • Table Tennis (if you don't call the ping-pong a ball)
  • Deck Tennis or 'Tennequoits' (uses quoits)
  • Hammer Throw
Role-Playing Games RPGs
.NET Programming

Free NET Framework v1.1.4322 download?


Role-Playing Games RPGs

How do you make a cat in warriors RPG?

Role-Playing Games RPGs

How do you get the sewer key in stick RPG 2?

you have to go to the fourth land at night and by the poolish place are a bunch of sewer people. Fight them and win and you get the key to the sewer.

Hope i helped :)

Hugod:Go to the 4 world at night, Then click the Sewer King,U Win 2 Get Key(Warning, It Is A Combat Zone)(I Beat It)

Role-Playing Games RPGs
The Elder Scrolls
The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

What age rating is Skyrim for bbfc?

It is rated '15' by the BBFC.

It is the 5th installment in the Elder Scrolls series.

Unlike the ratings from the ESRB in North America, which are only advisory, the BBFC ratings are enforceable by law, and UK retailers may face hefty fines if they sell to anyone under the age of 15.

According to the BBFC the rating is because of the "strong violence" the game contains.

It is for a PC but we can be sure it will be the same for both 360 and ps3.

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The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion

How do you get weakness to disease spell in oblivion?

There isn't one. There is only weakness to fire, frost, shock, magic, and normal weapons spells in oblivion. There is a weakness to disease spell in Morrowind, i think.

Role-Playing Games RPGs

How do you get infinite money in stick rpg 2?

First you get $1000 or more and then go to the bank. Deposit all your money and walk outside, then use the time cheat or sleep over and over again until your money has increased massively.(There is no infinite money but from doing this I now have over $3000,000.)

Role-Playing Games RPGs

What does hair wax do in Maplstory?

It makes your ambition level go up.

Role-Playing Games RPGs

Where is Statue of Peace in twilight's eve rpg?

The Statue of Peace is located at the Owlkins place. It has a slight resemblance to Lesheraq.

Role-Playing Games RPGs

Stick rpg 2 ice ceram tester?

yes you can be a ice cream tester but only if you have 900+ good karma i worked alot and bought loads of police id cards they give 25 karma each but the ice cream testers rubbish you only get 13$ and free ice cream.

Dragon Fable
Role-Playing Games RPGs

How do you set doom knight as default armor?

Buy a house first. then get the armor closet and click on it. keep going east (right) until you get to it. click on save and your all set!

If you have a Dragon Amulet account, go to Falconreach, go to the tower, when you get inside, go to the right, there should be a griffin pen with some hay in it, go up the stairs and talk to the lady near all the bookshelves AFTER you put on all of the items you want to be equiped every time you log on. you can change this as many times as you want at any time you feel like. Best thing is: its free! no house needed for this method!

Role-Playing Games RPGs
World of Warcraft

How do you do the WoW quest 'nature's reprisal' quest?

When you get the quest, go to the cave north of Dolonaar. There will be Rascal Sprites and Shadow Sprites, which you need to kill by using the rock you get on them (target sprite, right-click rock).

While the quest text refers to "Grellkin" which is the name of these creatures as a race, the specific creatures you need to kill are called Sprites.

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Role-Playing Games RPGs

What is the fastest way to get tokens in Lords of Range's Cape?

i think its those guys in the token area get the quest and kill both of the monsters beware they have 300000 health and if u kill them both and then turn the quest in u get about 1k tokens


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