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Final Fantasy started out as a RPG video game in 1987. It has since grown into a franchise covering several gaming platforms, music, art books, movies, and an anime series. A few of the older games are now collectible, and can sell for quite high. Final Fantasy is well known for its graphics, in depth play, and memorable characters.

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What is better final fantasy 5 or final fantasy 4?

It actually depends on what kind of game you like, and of course which one is better is based on opinion. If you like a straight forward JRPG with a flowing story and and great character development, although the battle system is dated and the random battles are tedious, go for FFIV.

If you want a game that focusses more on gameplay with a great class system, streamlined battles, and lots of exploration, which also has a good story and good characters, although not as memorable as FFIV, go for FFV. They're both great games, though, so try them both out and see which one you like best.

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What does AP stand for in FF7?

According to the games instruction manual AP stands for Ability Point.

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Does final fantasy x end after you fight sin?

After you fight Sin you learn that Yu Yevon is behind Sin's rebirth.This leads the group to infiltrate Sin's body and battle Seymour and Jecht's imprisoned spirits. This is the end of Final Fantasy X, but there is a Final Fantasy X-2 that continues the story as Yuna looking for clues to Tidus's survival.

Final Fantasy

Why are Cloud Strife's eyes blue?

Why are anyone's eyes blue? All down to DNA.. Unless you mean the slight green glow in his eyes, that's down to increased exposure to mako energy.

he was a Sephiroth clone after all and to my knowledge, Sephiroth had bluey green eyes himself
***spoiler close***

Hope that's the answer you were looking for.

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What happens at the end of Final Fantasy 7?

After finally defeating Sephiroth for good, you get to see some action. Basically, you see Holy fail but then Lifestream comes out of the planet. The Lifestream is basically the thing that rescues the planet from dying. You might notice at the very end of FF7, you see Red XIII run by with two cubs. It is set 500 years later. The planet still exists but Midgar is completely destroyed. If you want more proof, play the game yourself. You can also check out Final Fantasy 7 Advent Children the movie for a much better look on this.

Basically Holy is the white magic the could save the planet from the meteor and all other evils. Near the end Aeris tried to summon it to prevent the planet's destruction but was killed by Sephiroth and "failed". Later you learn that Aeris was actually able to summon Holy but you have to defeat Sephiroth. By then mateor is too close. Aeris who became a part of the Lifestream asks it to save the planet. It does so, and along with Holy, "cleanses" the planet and the meteor is destroyed.

You can also learn more by actually playing the game because there are other parts that you would have to know to actually get it better.

Final Fantasy 7 Advent Children, Case of Tifa, The Maiden Who Travels the Planet, Case of Yuffie and the Case of Denzel all come after (some during) FF7. Those can help shed some light on characters more in depth and give more closure than the game might- that is if you're willing to watch a whole movie and listen to about an hour's worth of audio.

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What is the name of Cloud strife's son and is he adopted?

Denzel, and yes he is adopted.

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Is there such thing as Firaja on Final Fantasy?

Yes, Firaja, the Lv4 Fire spell, is cast exclusively by monsters in Crisis Core and Final Fantasy XII, and can be used by players in Tactics (as Fire4) and the Crystal Chronicles games.

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What does Square Enix make?

Square Enix makes popular games, such as Kingdom Hearts, Final Fantasy, Hitman, and many more. They also make manga (Japanese-version comic books) and anime (Japanese-version cartoons).

Square Enix's game division also owns Eidos Interactive, which retains partial autonomy, which was responsible for the Hitman, Deus Ex, Just Cause, and Tomb Raider series among others.

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Did Cloud forget Zack?

yes He forgot who he was and when he regained his memory he had taken on Zack's life including being in soilder and fighting along side sephiroth it's not until the end of FF VII that he regains his real memory

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Why Does everyone Hate on Final Fantasy VIII?

Final Fantasy VIII's main 'crime' is that it was not like Final Fantasy VII.

For a lot of people, Final Fantasy VII was their introduction to the series, and they knew nothing about the games that had come before it. They did not realise that the settings and often the game mechanics were changed drastically from game to game - some had Job systems, FFIV had characters who mostly did not change. FFVI allowed everyone to learn magic, and FFVII had the Materia system.

So a lot of people got Final Fantasy VIII expecting a lot of the game mechanics to be the same. They were not, and as a mark against FFVIII, the learning curve was very steep, you were given a lot of information to absorb right from the beginning.

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What are games like Final Fantasy?

These types of games are called role-playing games, in which you take control of an already existing character, or make your own, and change that character's attributes/abilities by progressing through the game. You usually have the ability to alter the outcome of the game based on your actions.

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Why can't you save in Final Fantasy 3?

You need to find a save point, or go to the outside map.

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Where is Odin in Final Fantasy 3?

First you need to have the airship, Nautilus. Dive so you access the underwater map, then you must then head southeast from Saronia to find the Saronia catacombs. Odin is here.

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Can the ps2 slim play all final fantasy games for the PS1?

yes it can


i have them all on my ps2

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Can you unlock Vincent Valentine on final fantasy 7?

Yes by doing the following: In the shinra mansion in nibleheim find a safe the code is: 36, 19, 59, 98. A boss will appear defeat it and then take the odin materia. Also take the key inside the safe, take the key to the basement and find a door open it and open the coffin Vincent will be inside he will ask you a question say something about sephiroth keep talking to him no matter what until he asks you to let him sleep leave the mansion by going back upstairs but then Vincent says he will join you to fight sephiroth now he joins your party!

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What is Final Fantasy XI Customer Service Number?


9AM-5PM (PST) Mon-Fri. Closed weekends.

Just called them because of my own issues, figured I'd share :)

You're supposed to get it through Square Enix's Q/A system, because they want you to have a ticket number before you contact them, However, they don't agree with some situations requiring phone support, So I make BS tickets so I can get the number when i need it.

Good luck :P

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Is Final Fantasy IV any good?

Yup, it's very good. Fun battle system, great character development and story, quite a few side-quests to do... I really recommend it, in my opinion it's better than FF3 if you have played it, where all the people are pretty much boring zombies...

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Final fantasy sonic x 7?

i think he wont make another sorry if he does I will surely play it

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What does the GK stand for in 'Ark Angel GK'?

The letters after 'Ark Angel' is for the creature's race.

EV = Elvaan, HM = Hume, GK = Galka, MR = Mithra, TT = Tarutaru.

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How do you heal Final Fantasy I characters?

Items such as Potion heal characters in Final Fantasy I. The white mage spell Cure and it's evolved forms also heal HP.

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What's an A-Ability is on Final Fantasy Tactics Advance?

An A-Ability is an Action ability. Action abilities are abilities that become available as actions in battle. For example, Steal Gil is an A-Ability for the Thief job class.

A-Abilities are different from R-, S-, and C-Abilities (Reaction, Support, and Combo abilities).

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What do you do after you beat jecht in Final Fantasy x?

You fight Yevon, who takes control of all your summons, so if you are like me and did not work on your summons then it should be a pretty easy fight. Oh yea it is impossible to die on that fight. If you die your whole party is brought back to life.

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What are the types of greens in Final Fantasy 7?

GreenLocationPriceSpeed Increase?Intelligence Increase?Stamina Increase?SylkisChocobo Sage5000 GilYYYReagenChocobo Sage3000 GilYNYMimettChocobo Ranch1500 GilYNYCurielChocobo Ranch1000 GilYNYPahsanaChocobo Ranch800 GilNYNTantalChocobo Ranch400 GilYYYKrakkaChocobo Ranch250 GilNYNGysahlChocobo Ranch100 GilNNY

I found this and thought it might help =]

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Does Final Fantasy 3 work on action replay?

Yes. You Have to have the right GAME ID # for it to work.

The GAME ID # is:


Put that into your Action Replay DS and it will know what game you are inputting.

Then add your cheat-codes and your done.

UR welcome!

Whats the code for the ps2 version jackass.....

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How much will Final Fantasy XIV cost when it's coming out?

it will be online... it will cost 20 dollars month....


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