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How do you complete the Petz 5 Asian Temple Mini Game?

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You can just drag your petz through the poles to win that one, the platform can be won by putting a treat out on it and petting the animal to sit and stay quiet. The hoop one can be won by holing the hoop up and wwiting "til the animal sarts pawing at it then it wil fall to the floor and then pick it up again and the animal will jump through it The last one, I'm afraid, is really hard.

Edit: To pass the Yin Yang table, the hard final one, set your pet on the table like you do with the balance beam. You keep your pet still and silent on that table by petting it. After a minute of silence, let your pet jump off the table and you should pass that one.

Where can you play Off The Hook on fantage?

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It is at the School. 2nd floor in the Gym.

What is the lock code in final fantasy 7 crisis core?

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Digit 1 : The number of books that are not in the shelf. This

includes the ones at the top of the shelf. But usually only the books at the top (Knowledge OVER-flowing).

Digit 2 : The number of monsters in one of the locked rooms on

the first floor. They disappear and reappear so have patience.

Digit 3 : The total number of apple juice and dumbapples.

Digit 4 : The number of chairs in one of the locked rooms on

the first floor.

Hint: Always Zoom and Unzoom when you look through the locks, it actually widens the view, so you'll count the things needed right!

Once you open the safe, a Cactuar will come out and you will

get a mastered VITAL SLASH materia inside.

Is Final Fantasy X-2 two player?

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It is not a two player game, but there are more than one players that you can battle with.

Where do you put the cat bowl down for the cat on poptropica?

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the bowl is in the house and the milk is from the lady in ther hair coloring place. if you have more questions on hte milk and bowl, email me at

How can you change your clothing color on fantage?

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In the shopping district, go to the dye shop, which is the house with a paint bucket (or a brush, if I'm wrong). In there, just select whatever you want to change color to and then choose the color(s) you want to change the item into.

Can you delete your Fantage account?

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You go onto the fantage homepage and then you click membership.

At the top of that page there should be a blue bar, and one of the links should say manage your account. Click on that and one of the options should be Cancel Your Membership.

How do you become a super builder on secret builders without paying?

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You say convert shills to super shills and you say become a super builder and then you send the money to the po box and your account will have both shills and super shills

Is gems rare?

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Rubies are very very rare

Who was the highest level on fantage?

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According to the Hall Of Fame, Pinkstardust has the highest level. There's a possible chance there is someone with a higher level then her though.

How do you copy Fantage avatar?

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When you login you type your username and password but don't click play yet cuz you click the box with a shape of a boy or a girl and click on it i will make a vid on youtube so you could see it if you don't really understand this.

Who dies in Final Fantasy 9?

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The main characters that "die" in Final Fantasy XIII are Vanille and Fang but you would have to view the ending for yourself to decide if they are really "dead". It is implied that Cid dies, I say implied because it is just a little questionable but he almost definitely dies. Early on in the game it appears as if Sazh kills himself as well but you find out later that he didn't.

What is the game id for Final Fantasy x?

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try either 0110001101 or 62259243

its YF4E99358F97

How do you catch a bubble?

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You put soap in your hands, rub vigorously, then you open up your hands, and blow,

and make sure you make your hand into a circle

What is a really fun websites to visit?

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Some really fun kid games like Fantage are...

  • Club Penguin

  • Woogi World

  • McWorld

  • Panfu

  • Bin Weevils

  • MyDinos

  • DizzyWorld

  • WeeWorld

  • The 39 Clues

  • Poptropica

  • Whyville

  • YoVille

  • Zwinky

If you like to play games or like to play in arcades, then these might be some websites you might look forward to visiting...


  • Agame

  • Miniclip

  • Games for Girls

  • Games for Boys

  • ArcadesTown

  • Addicting Games

  • Games for Kids in The Stacks |

  • School Games

  • Fun Science Games for Kids - Free Interactive Activities Online

If you like stuffed animals, dolls, babies, or cartoons, then here are some websites you really might want to see.

  • Webkinz

  • Stardoll

  • Nickelodeon

  • Barbie

  • Cartoon Network

  • Baby: Playing Games with Your Baby

  • BabyTV

  • Bratz® Dolls | Fashion, Toys, Girls, Games, Blogs, MGAE

If you are wanting some educational and learning websites, then these might be something that you will consider looking at...


  • Welcome to the Learning Center! | The Learning Center (recommended)

  • :: e-Learning for Kids ::

  • Learning - URJ


  • Johnnie's Math Page - Fun Math for Kids and their Teachers

  • Dositey Educational Site

  • Dr Mike's Math Games for Kids

  • Mathematics Learning

  • Starfall

  • Education World® : Special Theme: Reading Fun

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  • Creative writing activities for kids, teachers and parents by ...

  • Fun For Kidz Writer's Guidelines

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  • Once Upon a Time: Creative Writing Fun for Kids | Questions

  • BrainPOP | Social Studies

  • K-12 Lessons, Sources...Social Science/History Sites


  • Science Kids

  • - Great Sites for Kids - Science Sites

  • Special Projects Home

How do you get eCoins on Fantage without being a member?

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You can buy eCoins even if you are not a Premium Member.

How do you defeat barthalmus in final fantasy 13?

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It depends on wether it is the first time you fight him or not. He is slow, and most people cant beat him due to not leveling up properly. If your having trouble trying equipping different armor too see if it defends against his poison attacks or go back and level up all the stages in your crystarium, it may take some time but he will go down easy. oh one more thing try leveling up your weapons.

Is there a game called fantage?

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Yes it is a virtual world where you can dress-up, play games, and it's very fun. It's mostly like a world where your living in except that you look totally different.You can buy things to but some things are for premium members but you can still get member things by using ecoins!

How do you login to Fantage?

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Can't Change UsernameYou cannot change your username on Fantage.

How do you send a kiss to someone on Facebook?

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what you have to do is :-* <---------- that

What is a Fantage username?

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A UsernameA username is your name on Fantage. Like someone's name could be buggybug123, that would be their username, and if you want to login, whatever your password is, enter it and enter your username on the top entry thing too. Remember, your USERNAME is your name that you pick for Fantage!

How do you get into the top models vip room on fantage?

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click the top of the stairs then press the home button exactly when you get to the top. ive tried it! it really works.

Is there a free membership on Fantage without paying?

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No you don't you just have to pay to become a member. I say you should play because to be a member for a year it is $4!! Join it! My user is:mileysways! ;D Good Luck! (Hope this helps! Again ;D!)