An award winning American television series that follows the lives of 4 sisters, Prue, Piper, Phoebe, and later Paige on their journey as powerful witches destined to do great things.

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What episode of Charmed was Phoebe not in?

Phoebe was in all episodes; however, Alyssa Milano was not. Actress Lori Rom was initially cast as Phoebe Halliwell. The 'original unaired pilot' filmed with actresses Holly Marie Combs, Lori Rom, and Shannen Doherty as the Halliwell sisters. Soon after the pilot was complete yet unaired, Lori Rom left the series for unknown personal reasons. This allowed the casting of Alyssa Milano as the youngest sister, Phoebe Halliwell.

After Lori Rom backed out of the series, all film footage of Phoebe's character required updated filming with Alyssa Milano in the role of Phoebe. The completed footage prior to Phoebe's arrival was usable though all interaction between the sisters that included Phoebe (Milano) required new film footage as well.

*Factoid: The 'original unaired pilot' had another change in casting of supporting character Inspector Andy Trudeau. Chris Boyd was initially cast in the role but by the end of filming the updates with Alyssa Milano, the role of Inspector Andy Trudeau was played by Ted King (T.W. King) by the time the unwrinkled fresh pilot was ready for Prime-Time. The new pilot aired for the first time on October 7th, 1998, with the title, "Something Wicca This Way Comes".

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Is Drew fuller related to Rick nelson?

They are not related.

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When is glee season 2 part 2 coming out?

February 6th, after the Superbowl. The full season comes out on DVD on the 13th of September.


What episode of charmed does phoebe get shot in?

It was season 3. "The Good, The bad And the Cursed". However, she was not shot directly. She was acctually just linked with another person named Bo.


What episode of Charmed where Prue had a stalker?

Season 3 episode 5 "sight unseen". X

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Is there a new teacher on glee season 2?

yes there is her name is holly holiday.

she stars in the episode the substitute


Who sang the song Courage by the Tragically Hip on the TV show Charmed in the 2002 or 2003 season?

Courage was sung by Sarah Polley and it comes from the soundtrack for the film "The Sweet Hereafter".

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Is the show charmed a good one for a guy?

I don't see why not.. although the majority of the fan-base is female, there are still guys that watch it.

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Does Jesse reappear in season 2 glee?

He will appear in a couple of episodes after January.

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Does Kaley Cuoco has Skype?

I think not ;p

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Is the house in Charmed a real life house located in San Francisco California?

Yes. It is located at 1329 Carroll Avenue in Los Angeles, California.

It was also used in the movie "Deuce Bigalow: Male Gigolo" It is where the gargantuan woman/client of Duece's lived.

You can see pictures of the house here:


Who played grown Wyatt on Charmed?

Wes Ramsey


What episode of charmed was bif naked featured?

murphy's luck, season 2, episode 16


Will there be a charmed reunion?

I believe that they should have a reunion. I miss the show very much. I never missed an episode. I love every part of the show.


In Charmed Which episode do Phoebe and Dex get married?

Phoebe and dex accidentally get married when billie casts a spell on the two of them but when dex finds out she's a witch their marriage is annulled. :(

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When does glee season 3 premiere?

They said it was coming out in September.

<3 Leah <3


Is there a season 3 of Wayside?

yes but not now

sometime later

with the rest of characters


Why does TNT not show the second half of the continued episode of Charmed where Prue died?

The last episode of season 3 ended with Prue and Piper being thrown through a wall and Doctor Griffiths through the window. Shax leaves and closes the doors. There was never an episode that started right after those events because Shannen was already fired. Season 4 started off with Piper trying to bring Prue back and throughout episode 4x01 and 4x02 it is explained what happened between 3x22 and 4x01. This is how it all went: "Leo orbed with Phoebe back to the Manor after battling demons in the Underworld, the left Cole behind. But Leo and Phoebe were to late by the time they arrived. Leo had only enough power left to heal Piper but it was too late for Prue."

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Name one archipielago?

== == A group or cluster of scattered islands.

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What was the last episode of full house called?

well it was called "michelle rides again (part 2)"

it was in 1995


What episode does piper go back in time to save phoebe and paige?

A Witch in Time is the episode in which Paige and Phoebe were killed by Warlocks. Piper was able to travel back in time to save them.


What is charmed ones dad real name?

Victor Bennett Played by Tony Denison (season 1), James Read (seasons 3-8)
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What is the episode where phoebe vanquishes cole in charmed?

either season 4 episode 20 or season 5 episode 12

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How can you wtch tv episodes online?

You can go to this site and find there link for episodes. There are all eps... Easy to find and free :)) ... - copy the URL and have fun...

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What happens to Jack in the last episode of Lost?

Last Episode of Lost Season 5In the last episode of Lost, Season 5, Jack, Kate, Sawyer, and Juliet go to the Dharma Initiative Station, "The Swan". This is the place where they were drilling to get to the electromagnetic energy which could be really dangerous if it's released. This is the reason why the plane crashed in the first episode as well. During the final moments of the episode there is a gun battle between the Dharma Initiative and the survivors. It's difficult to say what happened to Jack because the last scene shows Juliet, who had fallen into the drilling site, detonates the atomic bomb which hadn't been successfully detonated before. So Season 5 ended with the massive explosion.

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