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This category is for questions about the Online RPG game, DragonFable. Dragon Fable was released by Artix Entertainment in 2006.

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How do you travel in Dragon Fable?

go to Falconreach and find the griffin, if you go up, left, left, up you should get to a floating island (may not be right directions, something similar though if you find a blue swirly portal, then you should be on the right track if you are going upwards, you should find some knights sparring and from there you go right and you should find a griffin, you click on that and go travel, either that or you can click on the ground where you want to go and that is another way of transportation.

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How do you set armor in dragonfable?

you need to have the orb of saving for your house (20,000 gold and over 7000 gold a saving) alternatively you can use the Armor Closet. (1000 DC and no saving cost)

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How do you make color custom evolved dragon lord class your main class in dragon fable?

you either have to pay for dragon coins to buy the armor closet (1000 DC) to save your gear or save up gold to buy the orb of saving (20,000 gold/over 7000 gold per saving) which allows you to save your current armor. (Current equips must be saved seperately in the Guardian Tower in Falconreach)

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Where do you get shining blinding light of destiny?

You need 28000 gold coins to buy a doom axe from the guy west of falconreach. After that go to artix in necropolis and do his quest to merge it to the blinding light of destiny

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Where do you write dragon amulet code?


I recommend playing free OR buying a dragon amulet.

When my friend used the hack he computer id was totally banned...

Dragon Fable

What can you make with a chaosweaver carapace in dragonfable?

I don't think you can make anything with it, but you can sell it for 500 gold.

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What are Dragon fable cheats?

They are cheats that will raise levels and get you dragon amuletsgo to the pet shop and click on the pet is hiding behind the barrel AND lO!YOU SEE A CATLOCK IN A BAG

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Where is lady celestia in Dragon Fable?

Lady Celestial can be found by accessing Sunbreeze Cove via the portal near the guardian tower. She can all be accessed by clicking the treasure chest, clicking the second option, and searching for Sunbreeze cove

Edit: This is only a previous location, please complete the War Quests from Elysia for more details.

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How do you set doom knight as default armor?

Buy a house first. then get the armor closet and click on it. keep going east (right) until you get to it. click on save and your all set!

If you have a Dragon Amulet account, go to Falconreach, go to the tower, when you get inside, go to the right, there should be a griffin pen with some hay in it, go up the stairs and talk to the lady near all the bookshelves AFTER you put on all of the items you want to be equiped every time you log on. you can change this as many times as you want at any time you feel like. Best thing is: its free! no house needed for this method!

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How do you download a cheat engine?

You don't, and you get smart, and do the game the right way.
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How do you get different soul claws in Dragon Fable?

The soul claws are effected by the element of the weapon you have equipped.

Dragon Fable

Where is crossroads in dragonfable?

There are none.

Dragon Fable

How do you become a dragon rogue in Dragon Fable?

To become a Dragon Rogue, your base class must be a Rogue and you must be a DA. If you meet those conditions the class can be found in Dragesvard, by heading outside.

Dragon Fable

How do you get to fable heaven in Dragon fable?

You can't, all you can do is get closer to achieving and going to it

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Why do you need dragon amulet for classes?

There are multi DA only classes in Dragonfable such as Dragonlord, but DA owners can also gain more skills on ingame armors such as Soulweaver has half of it's skills (the best half) accessible only by a DA owner.

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What are cheats of dragonfable?

the only true cheats are from a cheat engine likely to get your account banned

alternatively try finding easy quests that dish out high money and/or exp.

Download CrashOverride, it gives you cheat for damage, stats, gold, exp, instant finishing quest, & DA. i used it for 3 years and my account doesn't get banned at all. If you don't believe me, fight me. my id was 25265585.

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Do you need a dragon amulet in dragonfable to get a dragon egg?

well on one hand yes on the other hand no.you will need a trainer then go to player hacks then click the get a dragon egg button then go to twilly watch the hatching and go to sunbreeze then u can buy dragonfoods but don` customize ur dragon as it it needs a dragon amulet and even if hacked and got a dragon amulet it doesn`t work if u want dragonamulet u have to play in a trainer it will be permanent but u have to play in trainer because it requires a dragon amulet to summon to feed etc.so when u play in a trainer it will be extra fun and note:u will also have to on the dragon amulet.

Dragon Fable

What does Geo do in dragonfable?

If you walk up to him you can add him as a pet

A bit like twilly.

Oh and also...

Geo is a crap pet.

Even twilly is better

oh and p.s., geo has an interesting secret...

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What is free air in the abdomen?

free air in the abdomen often a sign of a leak in the GI tract, trapping air between organs and the abdominal wall.

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What are good party members in dragonfable?

artix, ash dragonblade (maybe i not da) and tomix(he really good)

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Who is the Weakest player in Dragon Fable?

There is no weakest player, if you mean for PVP. Dragonfable's own forum contains a guide on easy to beat opponents.

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How do you become a savant?

well, of all the videos and documentarys ive seen, you could say.... you have to lower your IQ in order to become more intelligent or savant you might say.... then have some sort of accident and have brain damage that increase your brain in some areas you don't and we don't use.... so thar injure, actuallly help your brain to be more smart....


******* Answer #2*********

You can't BECOME a savant intentionally. Research has shown that the difference between a savant's brain and an average person's brain is the left anterior temporal lobe.

A scientist called Allan Snyder became intrigued with the ability shown by savants and posed the question that if these select few human beings could realize so much potential, is it possible that other, ordinary humans are also capable of such feats? He has worked with numerous savants and performed numerous tests.

He has found a test that actually induces savant-esque qualities in ordinary humans. I don't know much about it but I do know that the effects were fleeting.

If you want to find out more, Google "Allan Snyder" and I'm sure you'll find something.


Answer #3

Though this is not true savantism, you can train your mind to think of everything in math visually. Instead of thinking of one fourth as needing four of those to make a whole, actually imagine a 3-d object floating in space-time, and imagine empty space which represents the four of those objects to make a whole.

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How can you become belimec?

You can become belimec if you induce vomiting frequently to allow yourself to eat high calorie foods. This is done to control your weight. If you want to control your weight you should eat low calorie foods like fruits and vegetables. Bulemia can cause damage to your esophagus due to stomach acid damaging the lining of your esophagus.

Bulemia must be stopped immediately because it is a sign that you are eating foods that are too high in calories.

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What are orbs?

Real spirit orbs are very rarely seen, and emit a glow that's visible to the naked eye.

Contrary to popular belief, the "orbs" seen on digital photos and videos today are nothing more than dust particle artifacts caused by the way digital cameras process light information. They range from one or two to a lot. Somewhere someone got the notion that dust artifacts are spirit orbs, but that has since been debunked and disproven many times over.

As I said, real spirit orbs are rare - if you ever see one you'll know. Consider yourself fortunate and in rare company if you do.


to really answer your question, orbs are the premature stages of a ghost that appear just after the person dies, that is, if they to intend to stay on earth to complete an unfinished task. Soon after they are on earth as an orb for awhile, and gain enough energy, they become full bodied ghost.

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How can you get dragon coins in dragon fable?

You can get dragon coins by several different ways:

1.Ballyhoo occasionally gives free dragon coins in game.

2. Going to the AExtra's page and completing surveys and offers will result in free dragon coins. Follow this link: http://www.dragonfable.com/aextras/offers/default.asp

3. Become a DragonLord will get you dragon coins.

4. Buying dragon coins if you're a dragon lord, 2000 for $10.

5. If you have been a DragonLord for a long enough time, getting the Doom Knight upgrade will result in a bunch of dragon coins, 10,000 per upgrade. This will also get you one of the Doom Knight items, released in this order: Necrotic Sword of Doom, Doom Knight Helm, Doom Knight Cloak, and finally Doom Knight Class.
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