Dragons are legendary creatures which have huge reptilian bodies. Western dragons are depicted as fire-breathing, winged, evil creatures who have gold and jewels hidden. Eastern dragons are said to have body parts of many animals, no wings, and often are not fire-breathing.

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What are the age groups for dragons called?

Same as normal human years. Supposedly they live from 400 to around 90 thousand years or so, but since not a single one exists in a "modern" world, they don't have a certain type of name for their age.

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How do you unlock dragons den?

Firrst of all, you need to get to Blackthorn City. When you get there you will find that the Gym Leader, Clair, will not battle you unless you 'prove your worth.' She will tell you to go into Dragon's Den to go and have her father test you or something.

Congrats. You have now unlocked the Dragon's Den.

When you go into the Dragon's Den you will need to go to the big house. Go there and you will be asked questions. Answer in favour of being nice to Pokemon and they are not to be abused and so on.

If you get all five questions right, Clair will come and, upon learning that you passed the test, she will reveal that she herself has never passed it. She will then go back to her gym and you will be able to battle her.


What do you call someone who studies dragons?

They are called dragonologists, which are a type of cryptozoologist.

Greek and Roman Mythologies

Does a hydra dragon fly?

A Hydra, being a Greek word for "water serpent", does not fly. It is said to be gigantic, nine-headed: and to have blood/gall/venom that injures the Greek gods and goddesses.


Do dragons exist?

There are different opinions on the answer to this question. Some people believe they once existed, but most feel they are works of fantasy. Discovery Channel made a documentary style movie called Dragon's World: A Fantasy Made Real. This movie actually caused confusion in some people who thought this was a real documentary presented by Discovery with actual facts. However, this docudrama was made for entertainment purposes only. The scientists were played by actors. It was advertised as an "alternate history".

There has never been a confirmed case of a dragon remains being found. There have been claims, but they have been found as incorrect or fabricated thus far. There are still other ancient reptilian skeletons that have yet to be identified. Many dragon lovers still hold out hopes that these could be them.

Some people feel that the fact that dragons are known in the history of almost every area of the world in much more than a coincidence. There are Asian versions of dragons, which are wise and benevolent creatures. According to some European folklore, dragons were eating maidens and then being slayed by knights in retribution. There were American Indian tribes who had stories of fire breathing reptiles burning fields and flying away with buffalo. Dragons are depicted in ancient art from all over the world. Many of these societies had no contact with each other.

There are some that say there have been many fantastical creatures in this world. Some of these people believe that dragons, unicorns, and other creatures are highly intelligent and sensitive beings who are in hiding from humans and may come back some day. There are others that say there is no definite proof because they do not, and never have, existed.

Dragons have filled stories from the times of King Arthur and Saint George to modern times. They are in popular culture. Some best sellers of our time, Eragon and Harry Potter, are full of dragons.


How do fire dragons die?

Knock 'em over the head with a club, and put them in the freezer for 4-6 hours.(by water)


Why do dragon sleep during the day?

They're nocturnal.

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What is Hiccup's dragon's name?

Toothless, the Night Fury :)


What are dragon scared of?

Most dragons aren't scared of anything but if they find a beast way larger than themselves, they certainly won't try to eliminate it. Also most dragon hatchlings or "chicks" are afraid of the hydra for its preferred food as other dragons' children. If a hydra is VERY hungry, it will detach one of its many heads, which will turn into a chick for the hydra to eat.

I don't know who made that up, but it's not true. What a dragon is afraid of depends entirely on the dragon. All dragons are different, just like all of you humans are different.

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Why do most dragons have fangs?

Because they look cool.

Sure, that's the importance of a dragon's fangs... NOT! Sure, to a human, that may seem like the importance, but it's not. In truth, the importance of our fangs is to catch and hold prey.


What eats Dragons?



What is the dragons view of man?

Man is a nuisance and should possibly be disposed of if it cannot be Reasoned with.

whats your beef bro?

That's not how all dragons see humans. I, for one, see humans as fairly intelligent beings. Of course, most dragons are much smarter, but humans are relatively intelligent compared to most species in existence. My sister, on the other hand, sees humans as nothing but an easy target for prey and/or killing for fun.

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Can dragons fly?

Western dragons are capable of flight thanks to a mixture of powerful wing muscles and hollow bones (like a bird). Eastern dragons use psychic energy to allow flight.

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What does rishu means?


The word RISHU means to rise and is a very good name.

rishu "flame, heat"


How often is the Year of the Dragon?

Every 12 years (as there are 12 animals in the Chinese cycle).

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Is a dragon sq shield good?

My choice here would be the granite shield because it's cheap, almost as effective for melee, and awesome range defence. if you REALLY love the strength bonus, get the obsidian, duh. dragon square is not really necessary as the price doesn't pay for the slightly extra defence stats.

Prices: granite shield=33.9k

obby shield(Toktz-ket-xil)=26.6k

dragon sq. shield=307.6k

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Are dragons scared of mice?

Only when the mouse is bigger than the dragon.

There is however, no analog to the folk tale (false) that elephants are scared of mice. Dragons, being huge creatures, would probably not even notice mice.

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How do you get a neglected dragon on DragonCave?

Bombard the egg or hatchling with views in a short amount of time, generally add it to many click sites at one time.

To add to it, eggs turned neglected at the last minutes of life. Make sure that it doesn't receive views though; fog it first!

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Is there a technical term for a housefly that has no wings but is still alive?

Wounded might be a good term for a housefly that has no wings but is still alive.


What 9 animals are dragons made of?

mouse, apple, man, duck, eeg, opo, rabbit, cow, snake.

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Where is the nest in Knight of the Dragon?

Look around the edge of the island. You will see this hill with a cave. Go in

the cave and go to the dragon eggs. You are finally a dragon!


Why is a dragon called a dragon?

The word dragon comes from the Greek word δέρκομαιmeaning "I see clearly".

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What does a dragon vs tiger tattoo mean?

martial arts view on tiger vs dragon

According to Shaolin Martial Arts, the Tiger vs. the Dragon is the symbol of the line overcoming the circle and vice versa. The tiger fights in a straightforward attack bulldozing it's opponent. The dragon fights using circular flexible attacks. They are certainly worthy opponents :)

Both the tiger and dragon are old Buddhist symbols. They have come to be known as oppositional symbols - one reflecting a 'hard' style (attacking and unrelenting) form of martial arts, this is symbolized by the Tiger. Conversly, the 'soft' style is represented by the Dragon and is a form that embodies a defensive and more fluid 'circular-attack'. Thus, these symbols have come to be interpreted to represent (in the same way Yin/Yang represent) duality and balance attained through the balance of oppossing forces, etc., and are often used as symbols of this philosophy which is found in many Eastern cultures and practices. Many systems of study recognize a need for both 'hard' and 'soft' styles, therefore, many systems require training in both 'styles' in order to offer the student a balanced base of training and experience.

The Tiger versus the Dragon represents the balance of power.

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Where would you find a dragon that you ride on Skyrim?

The only ridable dragon appears at the end of the main quest mission 'The Fallen', and it is not any kind of steed, it simply does a cutscene to take you to a different area.


Is jack frost real?

Just like Santa if you believe he is than he is.


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