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Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, is all about improving the volume and/or quality of traffic from search engines to a web site. SEO covers all aspects of coding, link building, PPC, use of keywords, and more that can give your site or business prominence in search engines like Google, MSN, Yahoo, and others.

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What is a local search engine?

Local Search Engine means a location-based search engine, mainly country-based domains. Such as,, etc.

Local search engines help to promote local business. It measures the GPS distance with the user and providing more finest search engine results. It works basically using Google My Business and customer GPS locations

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How do you get dofollow links for seo?

If you want get do follow links for seo. You can submit your website below submissions.

1) Directory submissions

2) Article Submissions

3) Social Bookmarkings

4) Image Submissions

5) QA Submissions

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How do you increase traffic to your website for free?

This is the best method I have ever seen

Why don't you build your own affiliate store and make money from many product without put the link one by one in social media and....

It's a perfect tool for you to start a business! Start your own business easily to earn billions of dollars in a year! It provides a set of tools that you can use to maximize your marketing reach and overall revenue from Affiliate sites.

Websites like AliExpress - banggood - amazon - eBay and many others offer affiliate tools to sell their products. And those tools can only be used in

If you include products from all the world's top retailing sites on your website, you can have a complete store with different categories to suit all tastes and needs

Add https:// before this link👉👇

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What are 2 disadvantages to using a search engine?

some are many disadvantages, hard to test, slow search, slow seo, hard to target.
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What is a speciality search engine?

सर्च इंजन एक डायरेक्टरी की तरह होता है जहाँ हम अपनी कोई भी query सर्च करते हैं और हमे अपने query से related answer मिलते हैं| इन्टरनेट की दुनिया मे गूगल और Bing दो सबसे बड़े सर्च इंजन हैं और सबसे ज्यादा लोग Google पर ही अपनी query सर्च करते हैं| इसलिए हम भी यहाँ पर गूगल की ही बात करेंगे| For example: हम गूगल पर सर्च करते हैं SEO क्या है, तो हमे गूगल के फर्स्ट पेज पर लगभग दस अलग-अलग links देखने को मिलते हैं जो basically अलग-अलग ब्लॉग के आर्टिकल होते हैं जिन्होंने SEO के बारे पोस्ट लिखा होता है | गूगल पर जो ये links हमे जिस पेज पर दिखते हैं उस पेज को SERP (सर्च इंजन रिजल्ट पेज) कहा जाता है |

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What is a good free people search?

Here are some of the web's best free people search engines:

Try this, you may be able to find a free search somewhere but that one will get you started. You can type their name into a search engine but that hardly ever gets information like addresses. You can obtain a lot of information, particularly age and city of residence, by using and == == You can try some free classified ad sites if you can't find them listed you can post an ad to let them know you are looking for them (missed connections) (not classified ad it is a US people search) There are public places with this information. Try whitepages [dot] com for instance - I found a long lost friend and sent a snail mail letter, and eventually received a reply. There are several options:-

1. you can search by person's name

2. you can search by email id

3. you can search with institution name (if you are in some social networking site like linkdIn then you can search using company name etc)

4. Some good sites to search are- orkut, yahoo,google Try - real-time people search tool. Search results include: email addresses, social networking profiles, telephone numbers, web links and news that relate to your search query.

refer to link below for free people search tools, sites and services

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How many results does Google show on each page?

Google shows 10 organic search results and 3 to 5 Adwords results on SERP page.

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How do you get rid of the page ms-search com?

Download and run firefox to protect your computer from future spyware attacks and pop ups which are coming in through internet explorer (Trojan downloaders, win32 ).Browser attacks aren't easy to spot because they piggyback on legitimate traffic that doesn't exhibit many obvious warning signs

1. Run Deckard's System Scanner (DSS)

2. Run the vundo and combo fix

3. Run Malwarebytes Anti-Malware

4. Run the anti spyware removal programs spybot

5 Run Superantispyware

6. Run a complete scan with free curing utility Dr.Web CureIt!

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How much is a ford 800 tractor worth?

Please take the time to read my complete answer fully. You won't be disappointed, and I promise you will learn a lot!

The 800 & 801 SERIES of Ford tractors were built with many different options.

**Including models: 820, 850, 860, 811, 821, 841, 851, 861, 871, 881. **

- Please understand, each different Model within the Series carried different options! **This is a CRITICAL thing to understand!**

Engines included several different fuel types, including: gasoline, LP gas (propane), and diesel.

The rear PTO (Power Take Off) options could be any of the following:

No PTO at all, the "standard" PTO (aka: non-live PTO), a "Live" PTO, or a fully "Independent" PTO.

- The "No" PTO option was typically found on the industrial or standard versions, and often had a front-end loader or setup as a T/L/B (tractor/loader/backhoe) associated with them.

- The "Standard" (non-live) PTO was typically found with the 4-speed transmission. This PTO required depressing the clutch to disengage the PTO, which in turn stopped forward or rearward motion at the same time. It also would stop the operation of the hydraulic pump, therefore making the 3-point hitch unable to lift until the clutch pedal was again released. Very commonly found on every Ford 9N, 2N, 8N, NAA (Jubilee), 600 with 4-spd., and 800 with 4-spd.

- The "Live" PTO (utilizing a 2-stage clutch) option was typically found with the 5-speed transmissions, and was more commonly found on the later 600/800 and 601/801 Series of tractors.

- The fully "Independent" PTO option was linked with the Select-O-Speed 10-speed transmissions.

Tractor could have a rear 3-point hitch (with or without).

Tractor could have live rear hydraulic remotes (2 quick-connect hoses & couplers for operating a remote cylinder on, say, a transport disc or a transport style tow-behind rotary mower).

You would need to know which options your tractor has to accurately gauge its worth. Obviously, the more options it has, the MORE it's worth.

Live and Independent PTO's and any 3-point hitch is VERY desirable, and would boost the tractor's value considerably.

Additionally, Power Steering options on the later 800 & 801 series, as well as optional front end loaders will also jump a tractor's value significantly higher.

Also, the overall condition of the tractor is a major factor. Everything from the running and operating condition of the engine, clutch, and transmission, to the body (tinwork), brakes, and tires all play into the equation.

Check the below link to learn more about the Ford 800 & 801 series of tractors:

(You will likely have to Copy and Paste the link below, into your browser:)

**** As a generic baseline, and my observations... Current 2011 values put a Ford 800 series tractor, reasonably equipped with 5-spd, 3-pt hitch, and live PTO, in good operating condition around $2,000 to $3,500. ****

I've seen really ratty ones (including non-running ones) sell for as little as $800 to $1,800. Keep in mind, these all needed some sort of repair work done to them. Again, I repeat... Overall CONDITION plays a HUGE role in farm tractor values!

Additionally... you can get a better understanding of all older farm tractor values by going to farm equipment auctions, talking to dealerships, looking on-line, and watching eBay and other "live" auctions.

For example, I currently own a Ford 860 gas. She has good paint, very good rubber, 3-pt hitch, live PTO, and 5-spd tranny, that is easily worth around $2,500 -$3,000. More if I ever get around to restoring it.

I also own a Ford 871 gas. She has good paint, very good rubber, 3-pt hitch, independent PTO, 10-spd Select-O-Speed tranny, rear hydraulic remotes, power steering, and a fully-functional hydraulic FORD front-end loader... Basically the works.

Worth about $3,500-$4,500. More if I ever get around to restoring it.

Hope this is of help to everyone out there! ~ AJ

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Who is the maker of Google?

Google founded by larry page and Sergey brin in September 1998. while they are just a student of Ph.D. Google popular in 2004 after that no one competes for google as a search engine.
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Articles of Confederation

What is an article?

An article is a certain section of a written document.

In grammar, it can be one of the following words: a, an, the.

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When did Google become popular?


I think it was the year 2006 when 'google' became a verb in Oxford Dictionary.

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What does starred result in Google mean?

Well, You've bookmarked the site under the Google account you're currently logged in.

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How many searches are made on Google each day?

According to Google Official History & Com-score Statistic Verification.

Year Annual Number of Google Searches Average Searches Per Day 2011 1,722,071,000,000 4,717,000,000 2010 1,324,670,000,000 3,627,000,000 2009 953,700,000,000 2,610,000,000 2008 637,200,000,000 1,745,000,000 2007 438,000,000,000 1,200,000,000 2000 22,000,000,000 60,000,000 1998 3,600,000 *Googles official first year 9,800

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What is the mathematical definition of Google?

It's a googol, which is defined as 1 x 10100. In other words, it's one followed by 100 zeros.

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Can you link to your own website in an answer?

Generally, no, you should not link to your own website. Open forums like this one can easily be overrun by spammers if we are not careful. However, if your website genuinely provides valuable information for people who want to find the answer to a question, it may be appropriate to link to your site. These links go in the Related Links section. Please don't take offense if another contributor disagrees and removes your link. If you want to advertise for your own business, website, or cause, use your Bio Page. Commerical links are completely welcome there and they can be a great form of free advertising. See the Related Link on Bio Pages. Please do not post a question or answer that has to do with an advertisement.

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Why was Google made?

So There is a Easy way to find Information on the Internet!

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Has Google been sold to another company?

No that,s not true google still run by his owner Larry Page and Sergey Brin.

Toyota Camry
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Can a 1991 Toyota Camry 4D Sedan be converted into a undercover law enforcement cruiser and if so what needs to be done?

It's strictly a personal decision based on your likes-dislikes, your abilities and your WALLET. Anything is POSSIBLE. Go for it.

A front wheel drive Camry would be useless in a high speed pursuit. Note that there are no Camrys at the Indy 500,only rear wheel drives......

There were some 91 Camry that will build in an All-trac option. V-6 I believe. With a twin turbo there isn't a whole lot that would outrun you. But that is a serious open heart sugery to the vehicle. But ultimate sleeper. I have seen people get up to 400 horses out of that engine with the use of turbochargers. The v6 already came with 4 wheel disk brakes too. I don't think I would expect to be pulled over by an almost 20 year old car.

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What is deep link directory submission?

Well, deep Link Submission is designed to point your link directly to the specific web page of the website instead of just forwarding you to the index page. By submitting your internal web page or sub page you can get hundreds of back link and exposure through Deep Link Services.

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Why are kids not allowed to use Google at school?

Now a days the kids are very smart and they know each and every thing, but they don't have the ability to take the right decision as we have. May be they misuse those resources.

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Who established Google search engine?

Google began in January 1995 as a research project by Larry Page and Sergey Brin when they were both PhD students at Stanford University in California.

It's really been a great Invention.

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What is Black Google Mobile?

black google mobile searches with a black background that saves battery power, loads faster uses less bandwidth which saves money and reduces eye strain.

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Where does Google get all of its information?

Google just looks at a list of everything on the Internet, and looks at your search words, then compares it to everything on the web.

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What are the advantages of SEO?

It helps to get better rankings in search engine result pages (SERP). Better position in SERP leads to more impressions and clicks. Top position also helps to get significant increase in traffic to the website. SEO provides trackable and quantifiable results


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